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Not everyone can experience the love that a mother has for her children. It runs deep, hits rock bottom and still continues to carry on for the sake of her young, the special few that hold places in her heart filled with so much love that words cannot even begin to explain. She loves them with every part of her heart and soul, and would even go as far to die for them.
The proof in those words today has hit its crucial point, for a mother has finally gone far enough to give her life away for her children.
Whether or not her valiant effort to save them, a small clutch of three, perfect diamonds now shattered and ignored in the glow of their nest, tangled up in vines and flowers, all gone except for one. It lays abandoned, seemingly forgotten a mess of moss and mushrooms, their glow reflected into the shell of the precious egg to give a false idea of blue.
As for its mother and siblings, her small body lives in the crevices above, barely visible with only her tail hanging off the ledge, blood staining her white body. What remains of her eggs are cradled in their nest, surrounded by her corpse as if she loved them through each of their dying breaths.
What a tragedy, but at least their sibling is left to push on in their place, the confines of their shell only just beginning to give way beneath the pressure.

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