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[OPEN] Big wheel keeps on turnin' [BIRTHING]

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The day went fairly quiet. I made my way down from Rikyn's cave. I hadn't started working with Lena yet, choosing to re-familiarize myself with my home until my child was born. Today I had taken the trek up to the hot springs. I had reached them without too much trouble, and was soon submerging myself in the hot water, and my eyes closed, taking deep breaths of the mineral rich steam. I stayed here for some time actually, enjoying the heat and steam. It had in fact been a perfectly lazy day.

After I had my fill of soaking, I made my way to the grassy area by the lake and ate until I was full. After all, I was feeding for two. As I looked up, I noticed the sun going down. Getting a quick drink, I made my way back to Rikyn's cave. That's when all the issues decided to come into play.

It started with a few cramps, and then the feeling of liquid rushing between my legs. And then a full on panic. I knew what was happening. It had happened before. And last time I had been alone. I didn't want to be alone again. Rikyn... I needed to find him. I wasn't far from the cave. I only hoped he was there. Each step hurt, due to each contraction, and as I reached the cave I hoarsely called out for him. I wasn't going to make it to anywhere else. I needed to just stay here. With a groan of pain I laid myself down, trying to keep myself calm, and not exactly succeeding. I was already a sweaty mess, with tear stained cheeks, and a mind that kept going back to what happened to Vidar. It would kill me. And I closed my eyes and prayed to the gods, prayed that my child would be fine. I prayed with everything I had.


Once Rikyn posts and Gwyn is officially here people can post <3 Except for if Lena is brought requested <3

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