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[OPEN] Appeal to Reason || Protectors and Others!

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As of late, my mood hadn't been at its best. Try as I might, the thought of Tor and her well-being, wherever she may be, would often cloud my mind and shroud me in bitterness. I was not an absinthal creature, I never had been, but as time went on from her final departure I found myself slowly changing. Thoughts of my old home in Vallhea had often come to mind as well, and I tried only to dwell on those that were happy. Bran was gone, I knew, for I had seen his life be taken from him; but I had to stay strong in his memory, no matter this strange onslaught of memories.

My recent conversation with Kaj had brightened my mood greatly, however. We had spoken in depth of a method to get our Protectors more active, and find a way to get them out of their routine border patrols and warding of trespassers. I thoroughly enjoyed my daily morning jog about the borders, but even I had to admit that some days, it was simply a mundane task to look at the same trees and the same crevices marring the ground. So we had formulated something to get not only our warriors better fitted for their positions, but for our Acolytes as well.

Having just finished my daily patrol of the cliffsided land and deeming it all clear, I had ventured to the center most part of the land to call forth others of the Qian. Flying overhead was Suli, who had decided that she would make her own traveling accommodations today rather than tote along on my neckline. The little green had grown stronger since her hatching, and had grown more comfortable leaving my immediate presence to explore treetops and the rest of the landscape around her. I didn't mind, so long as she kept herself out of trouble. But as we neared an appropriate clearing to call forth such a meeting, she curled her wings and descended from the sky, landing gently on the crest of my neck and making herself quite at home in the thick of my mane.

I hoped Mirage would not mind me taking it upon myself to call this meeting, but if she or anyone else did, I would surely apologize a thousand times over. Drawing to a halt and lifting my head high, a deep call escapes my throat and rings out across the land, beckoning all who would hear me to come. It was not demanding nor urgent, but in it's depths were a grave importance.

And then, I waited for them to come, and only when they had begun to gather did I speak.

"Brothers, sisters; thank you for coming." My voice had fallen to it's normal calmness now, and my eyes seemed to be smiling as I gazed at those who had gathered. I wouldn't waste their time and so cut right in to explaining what myself and my fellow Wingleader had concocted. "As your Wingleaders, Kaj and I have come up with a system to break our Protectors from their normal routine into something different. Patrols will still be mandatory and top priority, of course. However..." At this, I paused briefly to look upon any Acolytes who had gathered, my chest swelling with pride at the youth who were already so eager to make their mark on the land they called home. Especially my own Laila and Luken.

Now, I looked back upon the group as a whole and continued where I had left of. "For those who are interested, each Acolyte Protector will be paired with an older, more experienced Protector. Each team will patrol their own section of the land, and if they should see anything, I ask that you report it to the appropriate authority figure immediately. Kaj and myself will check in with each team periodically to assure everything is going well, and once every month, teams will be switch around to assure our Acolytes are given the best opportunity to learn from our Protectors."

Another pause was given, and my bister eyes swept across the faces of those gathered, doing my best to gauge their reactions as well as their opinions on the matter. I was prepared to answer all that I could, for no idea was without loopholes, and I wanted to fill them quickly. "I haven't left out those who are not Protectors, though; if our members who hold a different rank or even those who are unranked are interested in joining this, then you are more than welcome to join and learn what it means to be a Protector. These skills can be useful for anybody. Now..."

Once more I paused, before voicing my final words; "Who is interested?"

[ooc - The "one month" switch between teams will equal to two IC threads between the teams. ^^ If anybody has any questions about any of this, please feel free to PM Brit or myself, or you're welcome to Skype me at 'camaroblues'.]


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