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Don't give up on me. My hope, my apathy.
You know it ain't easy, maintaining my belief that we are free

Solid hooves crunched on dry grass as the mare walked through the trees. Not a sound could be heard above the drone of heat that clung to her sides like a stifling blanket. Tallsun was always a miserable month, and she flicked her dun tail to keep the flies from irritating her sides. Though a generally ordinary looking mare, Ailith had one distinguishing feature: magenta eyes. The genetic abnormality was not one that she was overly fond of, preferring to blend in rather than stand out, but she supposed there could be worse things. Like horns. Unicorns were the source of evil in this world, and she hated them with a burning passion.

With a small huff, she snapped out of her own thoughts and continued inward in this new land. Ailith hoped that no unicorns lived here. She wanted a place to stay, but unicorns would make her life miserable. The dun shook her mane and looked around, squinting slightly in the afternoon sun. As far as she could tell, this forest was abandoned - or very old. She could not see signs of scuffles or life. Curious that such a place still existed. Though she loathed to draw attention to herself, she loathed this infernal, hot silence even more.

"Hello?" she called out gruffly. The forest echoed her call, and she waited, ears pricked to listen for a response. Nothing so far. With an impatient stomp of her hoof, she picked up a jog and picked her way through the trees.

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Sneaking away from his mother and his father was certainly becoming one of his favorite pastimes. It was so easy to slip away from them it was almost ridiculous. Sometimes he even thought that they just didn't care, but then they'd come looking for him and he'd get that look from his mother that would make him sulk. Still, it didn't keep him from sneaking away. It was just too much fun exploring and trying to find where everything was.

Somehow he'd ended up in a forest that he wasn't completely familiar with. Sometimes little sounds would startle him but he would remind himself that he wasn't a coward. He was a big strong colt that could take on anything. He puffed his chest out and held his head high as he trotted easily and gracefully between the trees and shrubs.


Vadim stopped and looked around until he saw who the call had come from. A cheeky grin found him and he crept forward quietly. The young colt watched the mare as she looked around, looking rather irritated by something. He stifled a giggle and took a breath. He made a sound similar to a growl, which he was proud of. He'd been working hard on imitating other animals and making spooky noises. The young colt growled once more. "WHO GOES THERE?!" He boomed as loudly as he could, hoping that he sounded scary and authorative.

It was going to be fun to mess with the mare if she fell for it.

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“Who indeed?”

The voice was spoken to the ear of the horned colt, the mare who spoke the sultry tones cloaked by a magic that obscured her form. So enraptured by the scene before him, and so well-crafted in the arts of behaving like no more than a silent, dark shadow, the obsidian belle had hopefully successfully snuck up on him. Yes, she had hoped to scare the wee colt, barely older than a newborn and yet so full of false bravery, pride and arrogance. A golden dragon flitted in the trees above, giving a loud squawk, before making a curious sound that a human would know sounded something like a chicken chirping. The queenly figurine was mocking the colt, chuckling in her draconic way, before gliding easily towards where her bonded stood, still cloaked by her mysterious magic.

That cloak fell away now, as the mare stepped forth from the copse of bushes, proffering the dun mare with curious eyes a respectful nod. The expression she wore could be described as guarded, indifferent – yet to pass judgement. The emotions behind the liquid gold eyes gave nothing away. Though her mane fell to the left, the metallic tattoo that was etched into her hide could be glimpsed as the sun’s rays made it iridescent and bright.

“Hello.” Even the single word was accented, though still the same language, simply from a land long since swallowed by the eternal midnight it was born in. “Might I ask the reason you tread upon the Threshold of Helovia this fine day?” Genuine curiosity was allowed to be conveyed in her words, innocent and politely relaying the query. Akaith kept an eye upon the colt, wondering what he would do, how he would retaliate on the devious mare’s trick. With that in mind, and knowing Akaith would alert her if the youngster did something particularly foolish, Mirage was able to focus her serene attention upon the mare before her, silently absorbing her appearance in, learning what she could from observation before testing the waters with further speech.

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