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Kahlua walked through the lands with a hollow look in her eyes. How long had it been since Antheia jumped from the ledge? A week? It seemed like so much longer. After the event she had gone to the Threshold in an attempt to clear her mind and cheer herself up, but the infinitely joyous mare could not even find happiness in the Threshold, where she loved meeting new horses. For the last few days she had simply been wandering the land, trying to figure out what to do with herself. She really wasn't prepared for such emotions as she was feeling right now, and had never been taught to deal with them.

Still, she was determined that she could not stay sad forever. She hated the way she felt right now, like nothing would ever be better. Something in the back of her mind told her it would, but she wasn't there yet. So, in an effort to reach that place, the mare decided to do something else. The Threshold had not worked, but she would try again. What else did she like? It did not take long to come to the answer. Crafting. So what could she make? She wasn't sure she had the fortitude or attention span to create anything massive, like the wall, at this point...

Slowly, the idea came to her. She loved her herd, after all. Could she provide them assistance in some way? Yes, she finally decided to herself. Perhaps there were some of the land that could use trinkets or toys. Besides, it would be a good way to meet more members of the herd, she decided. Perhaps they could pull her from her depression. Perhaps she could find some peace from the painful loss of her friend. Stopping in a relatively large clearing, Kahlua lifted her nose to the skies and whinnied. “Come, my friends. If I can make you something, then I will, if only you come to me.” She called loud enough for those nearby to hear, though her voice betrayed some of her sadness. She could not even force a smile to her face... but it would come soon enough, she hoped.

OOC| Basically, this is an open crafting thread since we have unlimited crafting this month as our prize. Kahlua will make small items for any herd member who wants one. Just be sure to respond by Oct. 30 so that I have time to post in reply by Oct. 31 when our unlimited crafting ends. Preferably post before then so I don't have to type out one huge mega post on the 31st and can space it out a little bit. Thanks! No posting order, feel free to have your character come and then leave if that's all you have time for.

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we are like birds of a feather
we are two hearts joined together
we will be forever as one
my brother under the sun </style>

Since the invasion just before the final rise of the sun, my border patrols had more than doubled. Though I was more confident in myself and the abilities of my warriors since the Lord of Fire had returned his light to us, I was still plagued with fear when night took over the lands at the end of the day. The threat of the Basin had always been there, I knew, yet I hadn't expected them to launch an attack on both the World's Edge and the Dragon's Throat when they had. What a fool I was.

Currently, Suli and I were busying ourselves with the task of remarking our borders. With every redwood and Douglas fir that caught my eye, I would scratch and rub against it, striking out at any downed logs to mark them with my hooves as I moved along. Suli, on the other hand, was content to stay amongst the lowest hanging limbs, reaching out with her clawed wings, and dragging herself along the branches. The sigh was comical in itself, but what I found more interesting was the sudden change in her whenever some unfortunate creature decided to scurry out from the brush. They would always catch the sharp violet eyes of the dragoness, and without fail, she would leap from her position and take off after them, either snatching the smallest of lemmings within her talons and crushing them, or carrying squirrels off to devour them just a short distance away. While I did feel somewhat bad for them, it was intriguing to watch the little green act on her instinct. I oftentimes forgot just how very different the two of us really were.

Just as I closed in on yet another fir, a call rang out, proposing that items were free to be crafted on this day. As embarrassing as it was for me to admit, I couldn't place a name nor a face to the voice until Suli lifted her head from her meal and rolled her eyes at me. "Spots, craft," her simple words rolled into my mind, and within seconds, I was able to remember; it was Kahlua, our newly appointed Glazier. "Come, Suli," I spoke up, "Let us go meet her. And fetch your skins, for I have an idea." With that, I started in the direction her voice had come from while Suli took to the skies without complaint, but not without her half-eaten squirrel carcass in tow.

Entering the clearing where Kahlua stood, I dipped my head in greeting to her, but when I lifted my bister gaze to her own cerulean, I was admittedly startled. This was not the face I had been expecting to see, for she had sounded proud, happy in her call just minutes ago, but looking into her eyes, I could see they were riddled in pain. Even I, a seasoned warrior who often shoved his own emotions aside, could see that. Had this not been our first proper meeting of one another, I might have immediately questioned her about it, but I would have to do so another time, and not in front of the rest of the herd.

"Kahlua; I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure before. Congratulations on your promotion to Glazier; I am Destrier." Almost as if on cue, Suli joined us, coming in from above with several pelts held within her claws and a couple more held between her teeth. Flying over us, she dropped the collection upon the ground before descending to my withers. I couldn't help but chuckle softly. "And, this is Suli," I introduced the little green, before I turned my gaze back onto Kahlua. I hoped that my requests weren't too much for the new Glazier, I didn't want to come off as greedy; but this could help the Edge not only with the wall, but in times to come. "If you are able, I would like to have the mechanics of a harness constructed, and if it isn't too much to ask, I would also like to request a glass plow so that I may help forge a path for our wall to be built."

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Had it been any other day, the mare would have waited with impatient dancing or swaying, eager to meet friends and prove to them that she could be useful. Unfortunately for her, this was not any other day. The sorrow of her friend's death so fresh in her mind kept her rather still. It was probably for the best. The terrible heat that was plaguing the land made any movement an energy sapping endeavor. Luckily, she did not have to wait long. A black stallion appeared before her, and the blue eyed mare watched him with curiosity and interest. Had she been of clearer mind, she might have remembered him, as she was rather good at remembering faces. She had seen him once before, when the monstrous fire creature had crawled out from the depths of the Heart. But, be it her depression now or her pure terror then, Kahlua never even thought of having seen him before.

As he lowered his head, she did the same out of kindness and respect. She did not know his name or rank, he could really be anyone. Congratulations on your promotion, he began, and the kind words helped a little. The very corner of her lip tilted up into the gentle beginnings of a smile. It was pride. She had yearned so long for this power- both at her prior home and here at Helovia. Having finally attained it, the painted mare couldn't help but feel accomplished at the recognition. Repeating the stallion's name several times in her head, as was her habit, Kahlua then watched as the green dragon descended from above. Skittish as she was of most perceived dangers, she was finding living among dragons to be more normal than she ever would have. With the constant flights of Suli, Akaith and others above the land, it was hard not to get used to them. “She is beautiful,” she complimented, looking to the dragon as she spoke. “It is a pleasure to meet you both.”

As she fell silent and the stallion began his request, Kahlua listened with rapt attention. Just being in the company of another was giving her some relief from her constant and dwelling thoughts. She was a social mare, a real butterfly, and she drew strength and energy from the company of others. At the end of his two requests, Kahlua said nothing. Not because she was displeased, but rather because she was confused. Furrowing her brow and looking to the ground, Kahlua tried to imagine a harness and figure out exactly what he meant by mechanics. If kind, the poor girl was not very smart. Figuring she could not work with the hides that the lovely Suli had brought, Kahlua could only come to the conclusion that he meant connection pieces and bars to hold him to the plow he had requested.

“Of course,” she said finally, looking up at the stallion. “I would be happy to help.” His mention of the wall was a prod within her. She felt that she should have started the structure already, but she needed more time. Still, if he was willing to help, she must give him the tools he needed. Though she wanted to talk more to him, she also wanted to please him. Because it was easier for her to imagine, the girl began with the plow. Thinking it up thoroughly in her head, she closed her eyes for a moment then asked the mists to do her bidding. Like they had every time she asked before, they bent to her bidding and began to swirl into solidity. Slowly and mechanically, the object grew, pointed ends settled on the ground and an attachment bar with two slip-lock buckles at the other end. When it was built, the mare felt somewhat tired, but pleased with the thing.

Then the harness returned to her mind. Trying to get a clear picture of the object was still troubling her and, unsure of exactly what he wanted, she snorted in frustration. It was not at him, but rather at her inability to find and grasp onto a mental image. When she finally grasped onto the object enough that she could get a feel for it, the mare began work on two long bars to attack the harness to the plow. When they were done, she called upon the mists to form into a series of several buckles, loops, slip-lock buckles and D-rings. With several of each formed and settled into a pile before her, she looked again to the stallion. She hoped they would be enough. She could always make more as needed, of course. “I hope that these are to your liking,” she said finally, of the plow and rings. “Thank you for allowing me to work on them.” Finally, she found a soft smile creeping onto her face. The hard work she had put into the objects had given her some reprieve from her thoughts of death. At least for the moment, she was almost herself again.

OOC| Plow Inspiration, Harness Inspiration, Slip-Lock Buckle (just in case someone was confused about what those were)

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