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[OPEN] Marching On [Protectors, Acolytes]

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The wall was finished; finished! My muscles ached beyond anything they had felt in a long time, for I had long since grown unused to dragging anything behind me since my days in Vallhea. But the physical ache I felt held no bars on the mental elation I had experienced when the announcement had been made. Our herd was a nearly untouchable fortress, for our wall stood higher than any who called this place home and encompassed the Edge almost entirely, but that did not mean we were one-hundred percent out of danger.

After Mirage's suggestion to rally our Protectors and organize a mass patrol, I had given a nod of my head and departed without much more than a promise that I would do just that. Suli had followed, albeit hesitant to leave the Lady's golden companion behind. Together, we made haste to a more central area of the Edge, for I did not want to disturb our slumbering Glazier and wished for everyone to hear my call. Drawing to a stop in a fair clearing of trees, I called upon my Protectors, wishing them to come forth and present themselves, hopefully in a timely manner.

When they had arrived, I gave a single nod of my head to show my appreciation for their coming, but my expression was more tense than it usually was. Though I was deeply proud and ecstatic to have our wall finished, I was sorely disappointed in the lack of participation from the herd in its entirety. I understood that some simply couldn't help with the construction, whether due from age, injury, or what have you; but those were very few within the herd. "It's good to finally see your faces," came my voice, hardly betraying the grit of my disappointment as I looked across to each face present. Deep down, I wasn't sure I should be so upset with them, but for now I would simply focus on Mirage's request and think on it at a later time.

"If none of you have traveled beyond the borders lately, then you will notice that our wall is now intact. In order to assure that there are no points of weakness within it, I would like for you all to form into pairs of two. I ask that two pairs head for the northern end, and two pairs for the southern. Should anything seem out of the norm, then I wish for you to seek either myself, Kaj, or Kahlua out so that we may see to it."



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