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It was done.

The politics of the Edge were about to change. It had been needed for a while. They had won the war that they had started.. They had survived to live another day.

Though time seemed to have stopped for the WeyrLeader, the herd continued on. The DragonHeart needed time to heal, to grieve, she needed to ensure that her actions weren't for naught. The conversation with Deimos had left her with a chill - was it his magic, or the promise he made? Already time had lapsed - she had secured the safety of their herd for TallSun, and now, she didn't know what would happen. She had promised the Reaper another meeting, and she would be having it - it would be a lie to say she wasn't afraid of what she would be told. Declarations of war? Promises of more murder, more torture, more terror pressed upon them?

They had their wall now, they were safe - at least from ground-dwelling threats. Those with wings could still fly over, or access the cliffside of the land. The dragonmare knew she would need to ensure patrols continued along the coastlines - they could not grow complacent behind their wall, they could not become too falsely comfortable.

And now, she had appointed another to share the load of leading - and he had accepted that appointment. She wondered how the herd would take it.. Thor had approached her many moons ago, expressing his discomfort in the position. Mirage had always thought he held it well, but she understood how he felt - she felt it herself. And so he had stepped down from the leadership.

Was it only natural for her to turn to one she had asked before, one who deserved it, but only needed time to realise that himself? His absence that came so soon after her request had ruffled feathers - her brothers were more than happy to let her know of their disapproval - but he had returned, and then he had laid himself and his dragon's life on the line for the herd in the war they had just fought. As always, he had challenged her ideals, her methods, had made her question herself - but all for the ultimate good. That was what she needed, a partner, a colleague, not just another follower who would bend so easily to her will.

So the mare stood, a shadow upon the clearing that existed near the edge of the cliff, the salty breeze in her mane, the misty forest of her home stretching before her, the sea stretching out for miles behind her. It was night time around her - the bracelet upon her foreleg allowed for the dawn to be seen in the eastern corner of their home, but there the Sun seemed to halt, as the crescent moon shone down upon the Queen of the Edge, with her midnight flowers blooding across the dark tapestry of the night sky above her. A golden dragon danced on the misty breezes above her, and together, they called to their herd. The Qian, that ideal she forged with her beloved Vikram, that belief, that hope which had become so real and grand, so much greater and more powerful then she could have ever imagined, were to gather before her now.

"My family.. Please come, meet your fellows."

It was a gentle call, one that was carried upon the very breeze, the mists of the realm. It penetrated ever corner, every nook and cranny, and from it, came forth the shapes and souls of those she called her kin. She was shamed that she did not know them all by name, but welcomed them all the same, with a smile and inclination of her tiara.

"Thank you, my kin, for standing before me this day." With a hint of a devious smirk she called it a day, knowing full well that no day could truly exist so long as she, or anyone, wore the trinket blessed by the Goddess herself. "I have asked you here to speak of many things. Firstly, I must apologise for there are those of you I have not met, though you still call me your WeyrLeader - I am Mirage the DragonHeart, and this is my bonded, Akaith." The little queen swooped low about her bonded then, introduing herself in a flourish of leathery wings and gleaming golden scales. "There is much and more to speak of.

"Thor the GentleHeart once shared my rank, however he has requested to stand aside, for his own reasons. He is still, and always will be, a welcome member of my family."
Mirage did not forsake him his want to step away from leadership - how many times had she herself thought to do the same? "In his wake, I have asked Lace, the SilverThorn, to take his place by my side." He was a well known soul in the Edge, his face was probably more familiar to the herd than her own shadowy façade. She wondered if there would be any who would voice dislike of her decision - they were welcome to discuss it, to challenge it even - she had faith enough in her herd that all could be resolves sensibly, however.

"Please, my kin, speak to us now, so that we might address any concerns you harbour for the wellbeing of our grand herd." The DragonHeart bowed her head as she invited any and all who would call themselves a member of this herd to speak - all were allowed a voice here, all would be heard and considered, and hopefully resolved. She would allow them to direct the flow of the gathering, rather then simply offer them some words to consider. It was high time she listened more to others.
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At long last, the DragonHeart called. It was Alanna who heard her first, the hellhound's hearing being much more sensitive than her bonded. But as the sun rose in the eastern corner, Aaron saw the cresent moon hanging closer to the cliffs. Hadn't he and Kimber just spoke there? Guess they would all be heading back there again along with the rest of the herd. He stood, looking around to see if his sisters were rising too. They were, each taking her own sweet time. Well this time, the young paint was not going to wait around.

Together with his bonded, they moved towards the cliff. What was this meeting going to entail? Was she finally announing what he had already learned? Would he, after his absence and Kahlua's apointment to the Glazier rank, still be a Glazier too? He had not felt the magic leave him, but he had also not dared to call upon it just yet... He did not what to know what it felt like to not have his magic answer him.

As the pair arrived, they moved forward almost in unison. They were the first to arrive, something Aaron had not been ready for. He merely nodded, waiting as more came. Alanna alerted him as each of his sisters arrived, but did not alert if Kimber and Kaiden had... He hoped if they did come, they would come stand close... He could use her support.

Aaron was not surprised to hear that Thor had stepped down. He had not been seen in a while, and never really did seem happy as a leader. To hear Lace named offically as a new leader was also not a shock, as he had been with Lace and a few others when a stranger had asked to reside here... What was his name again? Ah well, it didn't really matter now. Things were changing, as always... Would they ever stop?

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My brother and Alanna moved, so did I. I had already been awake, just not ready to rise and face the dawn just yet. I had been watching Alanna, wishing I had a companion like my brother. The only difference was, I wasn't sure I wanted a hellhound.... There were other kinds that would bond with equines like me. But this all didn't matter now. Our WeyrLeader called us, and we needed to respond. My brother and Alanna were already up and moving, and I was not about to be to far behind them.

I did wonder what our leader had to say. I had not seen much of the lady Smoke, the one I hoped would be my mentor in the arts of healing. After all, if I was going to be a Moon Doctor one day I needed to know it all. Aaron said she had been the healer back in Isilme before Daddy had been... I really hoped she would get to teach me too. It wouldn't be long an I would be trying to take that title for myself, I could only hope to be as good as my Daddy had been.

I moved to stand near my brother, but not to close. Alanna knew I was there, that was all that mattered. If Aaron needed me, I was close enough to be there in a few steps, but far enough awy to show I was fine to stand on my own. I listened quietly as our Lady spoke, smiling as the stallion Lace was named a leader. He deserved it, no matter if anyone else thought he did. I looked around curiously, wondering how many new faces there were.. How many new names I needed to learn...


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Much had changed since her arrival here within the edge, from the wall being built with the help of her one very talented friend Kahlua to the coming and going of many herd members that she had yet to know. Being rather socially challenged she regretted that she had not managed to become acquainted with more of her new herd, well family as many others called it. It had been the kind words of Destrier that had persuaded her here in the first place but in the past weeks she had not seen him around all that often. To her he was a familiar face and one that she used to remind her that the world did contain kindness when her memories wavered her thoughts. All to often she found herself reliving the torture and the pain associated with her past, she was doubting that she would ever manage to find relief to soothe her consciousness.

When a member of the upper rankings called to the rest of the herd she knew that she must go to see what was going on. Despite her hesitance at being a part of the social meeting it was something that she needed to do, something that would help her overcome her fears. Setting her shoulders in her attempt to mimic confidence she set out towards the clearing where others would be gathering. Mirage, she had noted that name in passing but she was one that she still had not met so this would be informative at the very least. Two others had arrived before her so she moved off to the side of them unsure of who the pair was, obviously a part of the family so she made note of them in her memory for future reference. Casting a glance towards Mirage who stood before them all she couldn't help but feel slightly comforted by her authority.

Thor was yet another soul she had heard of but not met so the news came with little meaning to her but when Lace was mentioned she immediately recalled her recent encounter with him. Few words had been exchanged in their given situation but he seemed like he would be well suited for the job of standing beside Mirage. Gazing around she watched for any others that she might recognize as others began to appear from the depths of the edge. Recent discussion with her other friend Alysanne about duties to the herd had gotten her attention directed towards the job that she wished to take upon. Once the meeting was concluded she would have to speak to either Lace or Mirage about how to go about learning her selected task. Hopefully they would accept her and not reject her believing her incapable of rising to the responsibility. She needed something to hold on to and maybe the duty would serve to occupy her time and her mind, it was worth the try.

NOTES: Brisa would like to learn the craft of healing and work towards becoming a moondoctor if possible :)

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As I rounded the southeastern borders of the World's Edge, a call could be heard upon the winds, stealing both my and Suli's attention away. Hardly halting in my steps, I merely turned my back to the glass wall I had been patrolling beside and made my way towards the sound of our Queen. Having attended several meetings in my time here, I hadn't been able to help but notice that the little mare's tone didn't sound quite as jovial as usual. A frown marred my face, and instantly I wondered what news would be shared with us. Had there been more death? Sickness? Political matters the lot of us were unaware of?

'Stop,' came Suli's snappish voice, effectively pulling me out my thoughts and bringing my attention to her alone for a moment. If she was truly upset by my thoughts, then the sorrow she failed to hide in her own eyes betrayed her words. 'Queen be okay. All well,' she said in way of comforting me then, and try as I might, I was unable to stop the corners of my mouth from turning up in the smallest of grins. Suli may or may not be right, but I was thankful nonetheless for her efforts to soothe me. No one else would.

"I'm sorry," were the only words I offered in response, for there was no time to waste in getting to the meeting. Turning my gaze back to the path ahead and picking my feet up, I moved into a ground-covering canter, the Orangemoon breeze tousling and throwing my mane every which way as I manuevered the thick foliage of my home.

Some had arrived before me, though it was hardly surprising. The sight of a pale mare brought a gentle smile to my face; I could remember bringing her here from the Threshold, and while she had been terrified of most everything that moved back then, I had seen her own kindred soul in those first few days and considered her friend. I could only hope that she had settled in and made more friends during her time here, and had grown more comfortable in her own skin. Aaron was present, too, as was the young Sakura, and I offered the siblings both a look of acknowledgement as I approached and made to stand beside Brisa. A brief extention of my muzzle was offered to her in way of greeting, and I was certain that Suli would have given her own greeting, but the little green remembered their first meeting well and kept her perch on a flimsy branch not far to my right. Her attention was on Akaith, after all. The Queen's own golden companion had always been an infatuation of Suli's, and I imagined that her feelings towards Akaith were akin to the ones I held towards Mirage; complete, and utter respect.

When Mirage began to speak, I remained quiet and took in every word she spoke. First, an apology for her absence. I had wondered where the little mare had wandered off to, if she was alright and what had happened, but it was not been my business to know. Next, she spoke of Thor's resignation to the throne. He had been a gentle leader, and while his role had been short, he'd played it well and I would miss looking upon him as Weyrleader. It seemed as though Lace, the grullo I had spoken with nearly a year ago, I stepped in to take his place. I knew little of the other stallion, but if Mirage could intrust him with the role of a leader, then I did, too. Wherever the grullo stood, I cast him a congratulatory smile and a slow, respectful nod of my head.

At the Queen's closing question, I couldn't stand to keep quiet. "What of the issue with the Basin?" I chimed in, completely unaware of the lady's meeting with Lord Deimos. The question was one that had been eating away at my mind as of late, one that needed to be answered, and I was certain I wasn't the only one wondering. "Our wall will help to ensure our safety, but it does not bring total protection."


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She was... Lost.

Romani heard the call from where she stood, but remained stationary, her head poised low so that her muzzle brushed the strands of yellowing grass. Obligation required her to go... But her pathetic sense of self-worth caused her to stay. Something inside of the once fiery warrior had gone out; a flame long doused with the realization that nothing was the same. That she wasn't the same. Her heart was torn and troubled, like a small raft tossed to the mercy of waves in a storm... She wondered if any hope of salvation would come to it.

'Roma... Mirage-Queen calls for us.'

Crisp azure eyes glance to the right, to meet young Kasai's worried ice-blue orbs. The young tigress can feel the pain inside her bonded, and it hurts something awful... Yet there is nothing that she can do aside from be there when the days are too terrible, and when the nightmares are worse.

Since Romani's return to the Edge and the fight between she and Xanthos, the once stalwart warrior had become aloof, distant, and uncertain. The Haflinger remained on her own, away from the other members of the herd, watching the general going-ons and the construction of the glass wall with distaste and bitterness. What would a wall achieve? Would it only alienate them from the rest of Helovia? A choked breath escapes her, a soft buffet of wind against Kasai's downy fur. What has she become?

Yes, my sweet... I know.

With heavy steps and an equally heavy heart, the Haflinger turns and begins her slow walk to the meeting. Her eyes are downcast, and as they approach the others of the herd, Romani's heart beats just a bit faster with trepidation. Would Xanthos be there? Or would he not show? To see him would bring her more pain, and Romani was uncertain if she could survive much more.

As horse and tiger arrive at the meeting, Romani remained in the back of the crowd, allowing others to push her aside to get closer to their queen. Azure eyes raise but for a moment to seek out the form of their beloved WeyrLeader, and Romani wonders if Mirage questions what she has become. So many debts the Protector owes her Queen, yet what has she done to repay them? The threat of an invasion and she hadn't been there to protect them, stolen away by the unicorn from the Basin as she was...

Lace the SilverThorn is announced to have become their King, and Romani wishes him the best of luck. Her eyes skim the crowd, recognizing none but strangers. Aaron and Destrier were perhaps the only ones she recognized among the crowd of nameless faces... And perhaps that was for the best.

Another soul to disappoint. I'm sorry.

Over and over the question reared its ugly head in her mind; should she stay? Romani was a gypsy. She thrived on freedom, on exploration, on traveling as one with the wind... And yet a sturdy warrior is all that she had been since arriving to Helovia. Her body was here, sworn to service to protect the Edge, yet her heart sung for the lost hills of the Foothills. Never in her life had she ever been so bloody torn...

"My Queen," Romani had been unaware that she was even speaking until the words had left her traitorous lips, "My King..." Here, she dips her head in a respectful gesture to Lace, but focuses completely on Mirage with the words she speaks next. It was the DragonHeart who took her in when she lost the Foothills as a home... It was Mirage who deserved to hear what she was about to say. "I have served you as well as I could, and I owe you more debts than I can repay, but I fear... I fear the title of Protector would better suit one with more heart and mettle than what I posses." A soft breath leaves her, and at her side, young Kasai shifts from paw to paw, a pinched expression on the feline's face. Tears gather in the gypsy's eyes, but she resolutely does not let them fall.

"I must take my leave, Queen Mirage, King Lace... Perhaps one day I will return, when my heart and soul are at peace. Please understand."

... Please forgive me.

[ooc: Romani will be leaving the Edge, but hopefully on good terms. She needs time away to sort through her little problems.]

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The call of his queen roused him from a fitful sleep, the boy becoming a man blinking the half daze from his eyes to begin his short walk to where the sound had ushered from. He arrived into the circle of mostly strangers apprehensively, bruises still bulging from where the black mare had maimed him in his savage assault on her, and the marks of the other winged bitch who’d come to save her, as well. It hadn’t all been him though, had it? He’d wanted to walk away. That was the last thing he remembered before he woke up in the midst of all that chaos with the other wench who’d arrived, poking her nose into he and Ricochet’s business like she had any right at all.

Why was he so ruffled by this second mare saving the other he had fully meant to obliterate? Perhaps because he was upset that he had not been the one to save her to begin with.

Shaking his head to clear it of it’s repeating thoughts, he focuses in on the black mare as she makes her announcements, his eyes lingering on the pendant from which the night seemed to endlessly bloom. At least he always knew when Mirage was around the Edge – at some point, the day had ceased to arrive with her, as if the Moon herself had pinned a cloak of stars on the dragon woman’s shoulders and sent her out to guard the World’s Edge with her blessing.

It made him jealous. But his love of the woman was not tarnished in this ugly emotion – it was the shame he felt, answering her call, arriving to stand in her circle of innocent do-gooders with the marks of his sin still laced all across his flesh.

He had not known of this Thor, and so he was not moved by his loss. The mention of the spider web stallion, however, brought to mind a face, and it was one that was whole, without wings or a horn; despite the sickness he felt with himself and these very ideals, his heart swelled to know that he had picked a place led by two horses who had been chosen by dragons. Perhaps it was comfort that etched itself into his heart then, to know that the lessons of Nieque could prove true at least in the government of his chosen home.

His eyes flitted towards the black stallion who spoke next, a man with a green bonded (smaller than Niddy, but weren’t most?) who had been at the building of the wall with a glass plow. He made mention of the unicorns to the north, a group which interested the boy quite heavily – they were, to say the least, the definition of the perfect enemy. A band of unicorns who thought that all should wear horns?

He nearly scoffed. Let them try to glue one onto his head. He’d kick them into the sea.

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The notion of the entire herd gathering sent shivers up the grey dove's spine - she was not the best with busy social situations, and was even less confident now she knew just how anti-unicorn some members of the Edge were. She could only pray her sire came too, so they could stand together and avoid the searching gazes that would no doubt be sent their way. For now she was alone, and was understandably wary as she approached the call of her queen at a reluctant trot.

To make matters worse, she was the first unicorn to arrive - all around her were the hornless, their dragons by their sides. Vicious brutes, the lot of them; it was certainly safe to assume that Nyx neither trusted nor liked dragons, and gave them a wide berth. She kept her head low as she ambled into the meeting, ears turned forwards to listen to the queen's words whilst trying to keep as low a profile as possible. She was not afraid of attack - no, she was a competent, if nervous, warrior - but she loathed the idea of being judged for the sword atop her skull, and feared being chased from the place she had begun to call home. She had not chosen to be born horned, nor had she chosen to share a species with the unicorns who attacked the Edge. It was simply sheer bad luck that she and Nato had joined Helovia so soon after an invasion, when tensions were high and unicorns were public enemy number one.

She decided it better to break her silence, to introduce herself and prove she was one of them, not a spy sent from the enemy herd; she lifted her frozen gaze, allowing it to drift to the black mare and her golden bonded. "Hello, miss Mirage, miss Akaith. Uh, or is it mister Akaith?" Oh shit. Did dragons even have genders? In the silver woman's eyes, they were universally 'it'. What a way to make a good first impression, emasculating the queen's male dragon, or insulting it by implying it had balls if it didn't. "I'm Nyx - Lace brought me." She shifted uncomfortably, wide gaze darting warily around.

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He stood still and observant of the lands before him. They hand't been here long, and he really hadn't left his daughter alone for long. His thoughts were halted when a call drifted gently along the breeze and aloft into his lobes. Mirage He breathed quietly, and turned his head into the direction of her call. Masculine muscles rippled as cannons shifted and began to thunder across the forest floor. Weaving and leaping through the fallen pine, the beast rushed to her call. He had never been to this part of the Edge, but now the air was changing. The overwhelming scent of salt and others filled his nostrils. He slowly eased his pace, as he came to the edge of the woods, to a clearing. The shadows were etched in moonlit outlines as he cautiously emerged from the trees. Iron spiral leveled to the moon as his obsidian form neared the growing group.

He had not recognized any of these equine; nor their dragons. Snorting heavily, to catch his breath from his long run he rested his eyes upon the queen; Mirage. It was her, the old friend from the Forest of the Eclipse. He could only wonder what she would say to him now; or would she even remember? Time would tell as he neared, resting his eyes upon Nyx as she seemed a little worried and uneasy. Proudly, he took his place next to her- muzzle extending and nudging against her withers softly; assuring her there was nothing to be afraid of so long as he was here.

He caught the Queens speech from the treeline; as he heard Lace had been appointed to King; a smirk crossed his lips. A since of pride flooded his veins to know his friend had finally become leader of his own home. Turning to Mirage his crimson eyes gave a once over to her ink bodice. "My Queen." So nice to see you again. He could have said, but for now he remained silent. And with a bow of his head, holding it for a moment, before looking to her and once again raising his head. Her kingdom was lovely; and how he longed to rule again, to taste that power of leadership over your herd. But with his age; it wouldn't be easy anymore.

As an obsidian stallion spoke of the wall not protecting them entirely, Nato couldn't help but grin. Had he no idea what lurks outside those walls? The war and famine- the struggle to live every day; without death on your hips. The unicorn rolled his eyes and turned away and gazed over the edge and to the rolling ocean. It's salt breeze brushing through his mane and ink filled tail. He took a deep breath, taking in the fresh breeze of the ocean, before speaking to the black stag. "No place, is ever truly safe-" He turned and looked at the stallion with a hidden smile. "It's not only the lands that can protect the herd; but the members themselves." He spoke plainly, to everyone. He meant no harm by it. He had ruled before, and he understood what it took to manage the well being of the herd. They had a glass wall - a good diversion. The Woodlands had nothing; just well primed protectors to warn off danger.

[ooc: Nato would like to become a protector (if Possible)]

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They came.

How many times had they gathered now? Too many to count, and on each of those occasions, how many changes had she sprung upon them? How many times had she asked her herd to do more, to try harder, to not give up hope? Enough, apparently, for here they all still stood, alive, strong, united.

Or were they?

The arrival of the little palomino guard surprised her - or rather, the departure of the mare. The DragonHeart approached her, extending a dark muzzle to the golden girl, whickering lowly.

"Romani," she began, reflecting on the time when she first accepted the mare, who had stood in Xanthos' embrace within her woods, frightened and outcast, seeking a home to protect once more. "I will try to understand.. But please reconsider. Please ask anything you will of me to help you." Could the DragonHeart handle another leaving her? How many had left her in the past, how many had she allowed to leave?

How many more had she welcomed home again? Could she welcome back another?

Would Romani ever come back to her?

"There are always other positions, other things to busy yourself with in the herd." Crafting, information gathering, healing, or even as a citizen… Mirage would welcome Romani's presence, if only Romani would stay.

The dark, painted unicorn to arrived surprised her. Vague recollections from what felt like a lifetime ago tickled her memory. Mirage's time at the Path had been interrupted by tragedies and war - she had searched for any who still lingered from there for years afterwards, with her family, and found nothing but death and destruction. But he.. He was from there. Whether he had been friend or foe back then hardly mattered - how had he found his way here? Calling her his Queen?

"Nato," she said, the name happening upon her suddenly - even then, she was unsure if she was correct. He answered the query posed to them all by Destrier aptly enough, but naturally, none of them knew the full story.

"The Basin is aware of our want for peace. We hold none of their prisoners any more. Lace and I will confer with the Basin again soon, to ensure there is a continued understanding." The DragonHeart spoke quietly, not boastful nor even particularly proud of the manner she had secured their safety. "The wall will help us - as you know, WingLead Destrier, I still want at least two guards patrolling either side, both the northern and southern border, as well as patrols of the cliffside rim. As proven by those who aided the Basin in their most recent invasion attempt, those who might seek to take our home from us do not always only possess horns.

"We are a herd of equality and understanding - I know it can be hard to let go of stereotypes when in the past all we have known is attacks from horned fiends hailing from the north - that does not mean that every unicorn from the north is an enemy. We must remember, that our only enemies are those who seek to take from us that which we hold dear - our lives, our homes and our strength as a family."
Nato's words had lingered at the back of her mind - she wondered if it held a silent meaning, a hidden warning. No place is ever truly safe, but they would do their darnedest to stay alive regardless.
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The call was heard and the girl obliged, making her way towards the sound. Before she left her little slice of heaven, she gathered up the glass dragon she had made for the herd and placed it into her basket, carrying them both with her to the meeting. Unfortunately, as she grew closer, she found that what had been a bright and sunny day was becoming dark and dreary. The moon began to snow in the sky, instead of the sun, and Kahlua shuddered to think that the world would fall into infinite darkness the way it had so many months prior. However, the sun seemed to hover still at the edge of the sky, making Kahlua curious but at least keeping her brave enough to finish finding the rest of the herd that had been called to order.

As she arrived, she looked around to see who had come. She found several familiar faces but one in particular caught her fancy- Dragomir. With a smile on her face she trotted over and stopped beside him, setting down her basket and reaching out to try and touch her nose to his neck. It was a friendly motion, nothing more, and after that she contented herself to stand silently and listen to the various speeches going on around her. They were talking about the wall- her wall. They were mentioned the Basin. Somebody was leaving, though Kahlua regretfully found that she did not even know the girl.

Then finally she found her own turn to speak. She did not feel shy amongst the group. She knew so many of them from her useless gallivanting around the forest anyways. Besides, they had entrusted their safety to her, asked her to build a wall for them. What could possibly be nerve-wracking about speaking in front of them now?

“Please, friends, if you find problems with the wall let me know. I will fix them as soon as I can. As for the Basin, and the rest of our friends around us... For those who do not know, I made a statue for each herd. I have made a delivery to the Throat and to the Basin, with many thanks to the warriors who protected me along the way. I will be delivering to the Foothills with the close of this meeting. I think it is helping our relations with them!” Perhaps she was a little naïve to think so, but she was young and eager. “If any of you are ever in need of anything to be made please find me or-” she cut off suddenly, and looked to Mirage. “I would like Aaron to work as Glazier at my side,” she asked them, perhaps a bit forward, but with a respectful nod of her head. Her and Aaron had come to an easy understanding despite their initial dislike of one another. She was eager to have someone to share the burdens of Glazier-dom with.

Then the girl fell silent, reaching down to the rather large dragon statue that was in her basket, eyes searching for Dragomir's own, asking for help in lifting the thing out of the basket. If he would oblige, she would carry it forward to Mirage, setting it before her and allowing all of the herd to see what she had made. Once that mission was accomplished, if by Dragomir's aid or some other's, the girl looked eagerly towards two horses. One- Mirage, to see if she approved. Two- Aaron, hoping he was happy with her request. Of course, a thankful nudge was not forgotten for the one who had helped her out either.

Dragon statue: Reference But made of glass, of course. Has eyes made of two plum colored stones. Doesn't do anything, just pretty. The tallest portion of the statue would just about touch Kahlua's belly if she stood over it.
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Evangeline was quiet as she joined the gathering of individuals at Mirage's request, her ears pointed toward the dark mare as she soaked in her words. She felt a bit of comfort in hearing Mirage's words of equality and understanding. Truth be told, she had been feeling a bit out of place and wondering if she had made the right decision after witnessing Lace's aggression toward a unicorn after only her first couple of days in the herd. She had been disgusted with his declaration that unicorns were unwelcome and had felt an immense amount of sorrow for the young unicorn mare that had happened upon them and heard Lace's words.

The orange mare stood in silence and listened as her new herd mates spoke and addressed whatever issues were going on. Being a newcomer she did not feel it was her place to voice any opinion of Mirage's choice to lead with her. She had only seen Lace at his worst, she assumed, and would not make an opinion of him based only on that.

"Lady Mirage." Sh e spoke up, her emerald gaze seeking the midnight form of her new leader. "We are Evangeline and Tallis," the dragon trilled as his name was spoken, "Lace, Kahlua, and Brisa brought us here from the Threshold a few short days ago. As of not I have nothing to offer you, but I would like to offer my services in the form of diplomacy."


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He has returned from the Aurora Basin in one piece, a feat that he had not entirely expected to accomplish. But here he stands, guarding over his lady as they graze on the sparse orangemoon grasses of the Edge. He cannot complain, for though they are no longer treated to the lush emerald terra that graces their home in the spring and summer, it is still a good deal better than other places in Helovia. He knows this, having traveled far and wide for a while before finding himself at home in the World's Edge, before finding that his heart lay with the petite, fearful mare named Resplendence. He thought that he had acquired a traveler's soul, before he had found her, but ever since their arrival here, he had felt as though he had come home.

He missed Th'orqui, of course, and his family, much more so than he had ever thought he would. Of course, there were certain faces that he missed more than others: his mother, and his nursemaid, and his sister Nasreen, and his brother Erigor, who had accompanied him to this land only to disappear. That loss was perhaps the worst, as they had lived through the horror of the rebellion only to lose one another on the other side. They had never been particularly close, but it had still been his last link to his homeland. Still, as they say, time heals all wounds, and as he basks in the sunlight as a cool breeze licks along his folded wings, stirring his banner and disturbing his charming little marmoset from her slumber, he fully comprehends how wonderful his life is here.

A gentle call disturbs their peace, and he lifts his head, a few blades of grass still poking out from between his lips. He chews, then swallows. "Mirage calls, my lady," he informs the fragile mare whom he has come to love so dearly, and then he begins to walk. He makes his way through the trees, walking purposefully but without hurry, for if there is anything he has come to know of Mirage it is of her kindness and her love for her family. She would attempt to wait until they were all there, and though he did not want to be the one to make her wait, he doubted they would be the last to arrive. His assumption is correct, for as they come to stand in the small group gathered before their leader, he notices a few more stragglers arriving.

Mirage begins to speak then, and as he has very little knowledge of those within the herd, he remains largely silent. He does not know Thor, nor does he know Lace, and so the change in leadership is met with only a mental shrug. These things do happen, after all. He was taught of such things growing up, being the king-to-be. Some just weren't meant to rule, and that did not make them weak. He listened as the meeting moved on, none seeming to find any fault with this new appointment. They spoke of the Basin, and he took note of Kahlua's words if only because he knew her and had been with her during the delivery. To hear Aaron officially promoted to Glazier made him smile, and he glanced at the painted steed as though to catch his eye in congratulations.

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It took me a while to gather my brood. If anyone would have projected that I, someday, would have a brood, I would have laughed in their face until my sides split and I could no longer breathe. And yet here I am, taking a head count and cursing under my breath when it comes up short- white brat, black brat, but the orange one has wandered off, vanishing into the heavy mist as she seemed to manage every time I closed my eyes. "Tandavi!" It irritates me, the heavy exhaustion I can hear in my voice, the weary age and resignation that bow my spine and only fuel my wrath. I mutter, "I'm too old for this," and Kali chirps an uninvited agreement. Brat. I can feel the equivalent of a grin through our bond, and don't give her the benefit of looking back to where she and Natraj rest upon my back. No, I trudge on and glare into the mist, looking for my daughter in an exercise in futility. She'll show up when she shows up; I just hope it's sooner rather than later.

Problem child. Just like her fathers. Kali laughs.

I don't really hear them, the faceless mass of bodies that makes up my herd. Have I ever really listened, ever really seen? These shapes that resemble horses, do I really know any of them? Do I care? I hang back as foreign scents paint the air thick with colors and tales, unfamiliar to me as mine no doubt is to them. There are fewer than I expected, the gathered swarm that worships my little sister, the bleeding hearts who think she's theirs. I thought our masses were more plentiful, our army more mighty- but I have been wrong before. Maybe there are more like me, lurkers on the outskirts who haven't shown their face. Who don't find the idea of large gatherings appealing. The possibility is not so unlikely, is it?

And yet somehow, my daughter has not gained my irrational displeasure when exposed to those who are not our kin. In fact, sometimes I wonder if she's displeased by anything. Or pleased, or angered, or phased at all. My brat appears as easily as she vanished, a flicker of flame from the gathered mist; I see her only because Natraj leapt from his place on my back, padding on those insanely tiny feet to where my firewraith stands, an implacable force in the shadow of her aunt, still smaller than my little sister but growing quickly, growing tall. I feel an irrational twinge of jealousy - Does she love her aunt more than she loves me? - and bat it away as an annoying fly, almost laughing at my own addled mind. Tandavi's proximity to her aunt represents nothing but her need to be close to others, a need I cannot fulfill- have never fulfilled. I should not read into it, should not let my mind wander. It should make me smile.

It does.
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It took me a little while to get going, after all I had still been asleep. I could hear my twin and brother ahead of me, and wondered where my winged sister Azale was. The more I was around her, the more she became the only winged one I trusted. When it came to ones with horns, I did not trust them at all. It was going to be interesting going to this meeting. I knew the herd was mixed, it had been mixed as long as I had been alive. I hung to the back, unsure if there would be any here that I could trust. I weaved in and out of the trees with ease, it was becoming more natural to use my ears to know where I was going than my useless eyes.

As I got close I could hear Mirage speaking. Where had our great leader been when my mother and father were murdered? No where, not till after the fact. Sakura had told me she was there when she saw Dad's body. Well I was done. The Qian was not my family. My brother and sisters were my family... Maybe Kimber and her strange bonded were an extended family, and her family of course... But other than that I trusted no one. It was time I stepped up and took a stand. Romani is not the only one to be taking leave. I spoke with a tone far beyond my age, but it had a harsh tone to it. I am also taking my leave, to explore on my own. I was not going to say that I did not feel like they were my family... I figured that would hurt my brother and twin to much. They both seemed to be loyal to the Qian, as far as I knew.


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Although Alysanne’s future in this herd felt a little more uncertain every day – she barely hesitated a heartbeat upon following the call. If everything were to go as she hoped, and she found herself here again, she wanted to know as many faces as she could – she wanted to be a part of this herd. Her time spent here had been nothing but wonderful, at peace with the knowledge that she had friends both in the herd and outside – wherever those dark twins might have wandered this time.

She knew now, after speaking with Mikey and making plans, that they would leave soon. There would be some matters to attend to first – such as saying goodbye to Kahlua. That was of the utmost importance to her, she could not even imagine slipping out of here without so much as a goodbye. She had grown rather fond of the cheery black-and-white mare.

Apart from Kahlua, Brisa and Mikey (who was with her) – the meeting was a sea of unknown faces. Intimidating, of course, but exciting as well. This was the herd she had heard about, the peace-loving Qian, and she looked forward to learning all of their names. The painted Pegasus joins the group with her friend at her side, and looks to those around her with a bright smile.

It would seem that most were long-standing members, as few introduced themselves. She focused on committing those that did speak to her memory – hoping that she would get the chance to speak and know them sometime.

And again, the pain of the realization how excited she felt about being a part of this herd – but knowing she would have to leave.

A little uncertain whether it was alright for her to speak up, Alysanne thought it would be rude not to at least introduce herself. Though she was nervous, her emerald eyes were warm with a smile and the tremble in her voice smoothed itself out after a few words. She was, after all, quite fond of groups. “It’s wonderful to finally meet you, Mirage and Lace – and everyone, really.” It was a little strange, addressing the 'leaders' but also trying to resist the urge to walk around and meet each and everyone that was here. There was a time and a place for that (hopefully!). And though she did not recognize the King’s name – she remembered well the praise that Kahlua had spoke of Mirage the DragonHeart. “My name’s Alysanne - Kahlua invited me to join the herd recently and though I’m not sure I have much to offer I’d like to help out in whatever way I can.”

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She had been resting with Quilyan as of late. After all, a lot had happened recently and she just wished that she would be able to rest and find her footing again. There is a soft sound, but she cannot figure out exactly what it is. The voice is familiar and calming, though - so she doesn't worry. And, when Quil notifies her that is it Mirage calling she instantly files in behind Quilyan to the meeting.

Her audits perk up at the sound of the mention of the leaders changing from Thor to Lace. And then, Kahlua is there. She sidles up between Kahlua and Quil while listening to the words as they fall from her mouth. The painted mare speaks of Aaron joining her as Glaizer as well. A few were announcing their time to leave. And then, some said their hello in their welcoming of their joining. And, the speech of peace from Mirage gives Res a small warmth in her stomach.

She peers around for Smoke, and when her eyes do not catch the mare's form she cannot help but to feel the warmth dissipate from her gut. Things just... weren't right. Cautiously, she speaks up, her voice soft and barely heard at first. "Madam, Mirage... I have started a herb garden, and Kahlua has gifted me with a box to keep herbs in. All the herbs serve a different purpose, so if someone would like a herb come to me first. I planted a few poisonous ones in case there was something trying to hurt our family again..." She paused, taking in a breath and allowing her voice to ring a little louder. "I would also appreciate it if the Glaziers, and anyone else, would mind helping me in building a greenhouse of sorts for the garden, as well as expanding the area of it so that we can grow more than a handful of herbs at a time..." Another pause, and then a quieter voice. "And if anyone else would wish to learn a bit more about herbs and how to identify as well as use them please don't hesitate to ask - I don't mind helping..."

As she finished speaking, she allowed her body to shrink back a little, glass bracelet catching a glint of light as her lock pendant clinked against her earth amulet. She wanted to serve, to make sure the family here was not hurt. She assumed this would be one of the first ways to go about doing it...

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Paladin came forth at Mirage's call, but his heart did not come with him. The battle with his son on these very grounds had left him in shadows. Old rituals and respect for her leadership were the only reasons why the weary warrior made his appearance, as disheveled and grizzled as it was. In his old age, the stallion had grown a rather impressive charcoal and silvery beard. Though is body was still strong, he lacked the detailed musculature of his youth, and he knew that the natural way of things was quickly catching up with him. Soon, he would not be fit to be called a Protector any longer.

And what had he left behind? A son who defied every purpose of his life since he had fled the wicked ways of his father? Two mercenaries for daughters? Fighting without though to love and life but to profit? What legacy was this? Perhaps that is why he looked so aged and so broken as he emerged, twigs and leaves stuck in his mane, the scars on his body somehow more prominent. The side of his face and neck that was scarred from Gossamer's dragon had faded to white, gnarled scars that marred his already disturbing appearance.

The Moonlit Tides, covered in shades, still called to him like a siren. Perhaps that would be his heaven, his Elysium at the end of his life. He could only hope so.

Too many dragons. The stallion stood at the edges of the land, leery of their wicked faces and sharp talons. One of them he recognized though from a long time ago, Evangeline. The chestnut mare had been the one to call Validino's heart from his position as warrior in the Tides, and the stallion smiled a little bitterly. How had that worked out for her? He shouldn't be so cruel, but it was getting harder and harder to suppress the stallion he used to be before he ran away from Dorngarrow.

New faces caught his attention for a moment, and his crimson eyes looked over them with suspicious scrutiny. Wasn't it his job to be suspicious? To be judgmental? To protect the herd?

Mirage's words about the Basin wanting peace reached his ears, and he frowned. His brother had died in that war, and for what? He felt pure hatred for the first time in a very long time toward the residents of the north, and that hatred was indiscriminate. Yes, he knew it was irrational, but he didn't give a damn.

"I doubt my sister would be interested in diplomacy," he said finally, his normally charismatic tones deepened with age and depression. Would they know Psyche was his half-sister? That they were cut from the same cloth? Raised by the same hooves? Now, he thought, we be a good time to explain just why he knew of their hearts. Paladin shifted, expression set grimly. "We come from a land whose hatred runs deeper than a petty desire to claim land," he grunted. "My father... our father... called for the eradication of all other kinds. Compromise, peace... none of those exist, only lies to prepare for the next attack."

Paladin looked to Mirage. "I know because I was one of them, a warrior for that cause. A long time ago. The same racism exists here, carried like a plague from the very thoughts of my siblings - Giselle, Psyche, and... Donovan." The black dun's expression grew suddenly very hard.

"Do not let them fool you into thinking they are suddenly benevolent after a single defeat. If I were them, I would be biding my time and hardening my armies for the next battle."

The stallion cast a glance in the crowd before falling silent, standing as a pillar of strength, a wise elder of knowledge, keen to continue learning from his failures that piled behind him like the bodies of his enemies. Too many of those skeletons were pegasus.

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Nasreen approached the gathering shyly. Kahlua had said they would be here. A meeting with the queen herself, the mare repeated to herself in wonderment. What would she be like?

She could hear voices ahead—the meeting had already begun. The mare quickened her pace slightly, only relaxing when she heard others moving through the woods alongside her. Nasreen was a fairly confident girl, but she had no desire to make an entrance on this occasion—not when she was about to meet the ruler of this gods-blessed land.

She was nervous. What would she say to such a queen? Nasreen had barely been here for a fortnight, but she had seen how prosperous this land was. Specially favored by the moon goddess, they said. Where she came from, those the gods had honored with their visits were few and far between. Here, it seemed, magic was common and sightings of the gods were special, but much more frequent. Surely the queen, most powerful in this land, not only had the favor of the gods, but had met them, likely on more than one occasion. So what did she, a fallen princess wandering in strange lands, have to say to such a creature?

At the same time, a flurry of excitement stirred in her veins. In a gathering this large, surely someone had heard of Thor’qui. She’d be on her way home in no time.

But for now, there were pleasantries to take care of. She had arrived. Lightly, she slipped into the fringe at the edge of the crowd. Pricking her ears, she watched what the others were doing. One by one, they seemed to be stepping forward, introducing themselves (or, for those she gathered had already met her, greeting the queen). Though she could not see the queen herself, gradually, Nasreen learned that her name was Mirage, and that the king was called Lace. Slowly, the crowd pressed her forward, until suddenly, it was her turn. Mirage stood before her on the cliffs, silhouetted against the sea.

Nasreen gasped softly. The queen was black as midnight, but she gleamed silver in the moonlight—and gold in the glow of a huge dragon. A large stone glowed around her neck, reminiscent of Kahlua’s talisman, but much more magnificent—a gift from the gods, no doubt. Rendered speechless (both by awe, and fear of the dragon), Nasreen stumbled forward. “I…I’m Nasreen, your majesty,” she managed to choke out, after what seemed like forever. “If it pleases you, I would like to stay here.” Nasreen bowed low, copper wings pressed to her sides, backing into the crowd.

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Blood boils beneath his veins, teeth clench and grind like boulders, anger simmers like lava in his entire being. The incident with Lace is like a sharp smear of acid across his mind, and he cannot rid himself of it. Words would be exchanged should Lace ever speak to him in such a manner again. Or perhaps even blows. Kaj was not a fucking dog to be talked down to, and if Lace was fucking around with Mirage, then Kaj would spit at their feet and leave. He would not be ruled by hormones and lust. He had not taken Mirage to be the type to be spat in the face, like when Lace had left so suddenly, nor had he expected her to be a weak mistress when she'd greeted him with open arms and the title he'd left with when he'd pranced back into the borders. Kaj knew little else aside from Lace's constant change of rank, his abandonment and betrayal, and his back ached from the knife that had been planted there with a cheeky grin and a foul word of departure. Kaj despised foul bastards like Lace and Tor. You never abandoned your family. You must be torn from them kicking and screaming, or chased away from them like an intruder before you ever thought of leaving them. If you could so easily sever ties with the brethren you had lived with, bled with, slept with...they were never your family in the first place.

When Mirage's call rang across the mists, Kaj sharply turned on hoof and strode towards it with electric rage in his eyes. Even his respites to the giving tree and the marble caves had not dwindled his anger. Something hot and flinty was in his veins, something he'd felt since he'd encountered the giving tree, but not a thing he had yet to discover or put a name to. Despite his attempt to slow down, cool his head while waiting, it did nothing but make him late to a meeting he dreaded being at in the first place. Deep inside, he knew this was make it or break it, and he had a feeling he would be the one struck down tonight. In the end he had been right to dread it, for Mirage spat poisonous words dripped in honey, and Kaj could only conceal his voice until she attempted to placate Nato.

"Do not lie to him!" He yells out, if only to cut across the other voices. He stands in the back, an imposing, massive presence. His veins jump about like shockwaves, but it goes unnoticed in his anger, his disbelief. "Equality! You put upon the throne a brute who has left us, stabbed us from behind, only to come back pleading for forgiveness! You give him back his title as kin of the mists, and then grant him a crown upon his head! The Dragonheart of a few seasons past did not react in such a way to Tor!" Rage envelopes him like a red shawl, and his eyes lock with his Weyrleader. Striding forward like a cougar he is slow and lean, and his body ripples, scarred by the foe he encountered to earn his title. And what had Lace done to earn his?!

"But a few moons ago, your precious Lace displayed his true colors as a violent racist! Ask Kahlua, Evangeline, whomever you must if you refuse to believe me when I have never spoken ill of anyone before. He had his dragon swoop upon a defenseless babe of a companion, intimidated and blatantly threatened someone who had not crossed the borders, and instead was intrigued by our defenses! Even if he had been a threat, the fellow made it clear, in a respectful manner in regards to how he was being treated, that he did not want anything more than to marvel over something we, as well, are proud of!" Overhead clouds gather, the mists are whipped up, and his mane starts to stand on end in his anger. Across his flesh tiny sparks appear, but his eyes are locked on those of Mirage, everything else fades away, and he cannot focus on anything more than his anger. Kaj was always a level-headed brute. He rarely if ever raised his voice, unless he deigned it necessary, and he was kindly to every soul that crossed his path. This was unlike him, true, but he knew it was him to the core.

"I do not believe you, Mirage. I cannot. You set on the throne a blatant racist, one who has shown to be such in the eyes of three who stand before you, one who goes against the wishes of the Qian. You crown him when his position was forever changing, given up by him repeatedly. Where has he been, then? Why has he not been involved until now, why does he not stand by us as the GentleHeart did? Why did he abandon us, if he is so loyal to us? If he is such a good soul, why did he not show it when it mattered, when it dealt with a passerby who could have influenced all our treaties? Tell me this!" The storm is released, and he is the conductor to an electrical strike that pours seemingly from nowhere, his entire body alight with blue-white light that flares all around him. Only at the last second does he contain it, frightened by the sudden appearance of magic he didn't even know he had, wanting to protect his brethren from any side effects. His heart is racing. Backing away he shakes his head, wanting desperately for his eyes to run in terror from Kahlua, to Resplendence, to Quilyan and Destrier. Oh by the Gods, he's ruined everything by opening a mouth normally forever sewn shut. Everyone always wondered why he was such a quiet soul. It was because it all bottled up eventually, each glass holding a different emotion, and when it became too full it burst like a bomb with shrapnel tucked inside. With more positive emotions, it was a good thing; rapture, joy, love. With negative emotions- anger, injustice, sorrow- it was a devastating blow.

Was he going to lose all the family he had, because of this? His voice wanted to shake but it came out clear, if defeated.

"I do not know why you crown someone so unfit, DragonHeart. But my loyalty is only to you. I will never bend knee nor head for someone who is a traitor in my eyes." He swallows around the lump in his throat, but it doesn't disperse. In fact it seems to clot up further, persisting, choking him in his own despair. "Punish me as you see fit. If we are supposedly equal in this land of ours, I will speak what I feel is true in my heart and mind. If my loyalty lying with only one crown displeases you...I cannot comfort or reassure you in any way." Eyes go dead, stormclouds disappear as if they had never been, and he steps back as far as he can from the crowd, pale coat blending with the mists, waiting for the anvil to fall.


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