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As Sohalia budged her way through, Gaucho was filled with a sense of dread. Amazing how women can that. Here, in the middle of a catastrophe, where loved ones were missing or possibly zombified, Gaucho's biggest fear was whatever caused the normally docile and quiet mare to so boisterously push her way in.

Not good Gaucho thought to Mara, who only mentally cringed in response.

As Soh drew near, Gaucho's emotionless features contorted into confusion, wondering what could have sent the white mare into such a state. He recognized that all were not as battle-hardened as himself and Midas but...They had a plan. They had gotten everyone here safely hadn't they? Gaucho was putting together a defense to seek out and protect, and to hopefully combat whatever this evil was. Didn't she understand that? Didn't she-


Gaucho's line of thought immediately halted, as his dark ears pinned against his skull. His daughter - she...she wasn't with Soh? Anger bubbled to the surface as the harmless flames licking his mane and wings began to grow slightly as his emotion increased. Sohalia was her mother! It was the mare's duty to look after the children, and she barges in here questioning him ? His anger at Sohalia's mismanagement of their child was balanced with a worry for the filly's well-being. Perhaps she had made it in and was simply...wandering with other children? Gaucho knew better than to get his hopes up, and merely shook his head sternly once; No.

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