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[OPEN] Come into the light [NS MYTHICAL COMPANION]

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Does your heart cringe, and croon, and cry?
Do you wish for another by your side?
Can you care for another, until it dies?
For that is what I offer.

A lifelong bond to an intelligent soul,
In richness and in health, to have and hold.
To love, and praise, and teach, and mould;
For that is what I offer.

To gather round, but please don't push,
Into your hearts, I shall take a look.
To gift those deserving, and not the crooks,
For this is my only offer.

This is a (plain) Non Specific Mythical Companion drop (Kitsune, Boggart, Hellhound, Cerndyr). Please post below if you have had one of those four on your wishlist for more than a month. Please include a link to your wishlist, as well as any previous (companion) refusals.

This drop will close in 72 hours.

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 Have you ever noticed how every hurricane gets its name from a girl like this?
You're gonna wish you had a storm warning; you're gonna wish you had a sign.

I certainly can't imagine where Ru is. She looked cool when she stormed out of the Foothills, that I simply had to try. Only, when I stormed out, I got to the borders and had no idea where to go. Shouldn't....shouldn't a prince await my arrival? So that we can gallop off under the stars together? Instead, I merely walked. Can you imagine! I think I'm even starting to develop muscles. Pretty soon I'm going to look like a boy and then no one will love me.

This is all Ru's fault. Why...why couldn't she have just told me first. It isn't my fault that she was upset, or slighted, or felt ignored or whatever. It wasn't like she told me. At least...I don't remember her telling me. She probably told that stupid tiger friend of hers.

Two words: So. Gross.

Anyways, here I am, in Gods know where. We had played together in the heart when we were younger, and I guess I thought maybe I would find her here - NOT THAT I'M LOOKING OF COURSE. know, if I did, that would be fine.

As long as she apologized.

And wasn't prettier than me. It had been months since we had seen each other, so who knows. Maybe she grew into her spindly legs and big eyes. Ha. Big eyes - that made me smile. Ru's big'ol different color eyes. Freak. Loser...Stupid..Ru....And all at once, I missed her. FINE. I've been missing her, I just...I dunno. Why did she have to go off and...y' stuff without me.

I feel fairly glum now as I move through the heart, taking care not to kick any dust or debris onto my immaculate coat. It's gotten quite light as I've aged - you can still tell I'm a palomino like mama, only I'm suuuper light, and maybe a little bit more pink than yellow. And I guess today isn't all bad, my hair is looking faaaaaaaabulous if I do say so myself.

You know what? Screw Ru. I can adventure and be cool on my own. Hmmph. With a hair flip, I march towards what looks like a big hole in the ground. "Whaaaat?" I murmer to myself, as I creep towards the edge. Down below, I can see what look to be diamonds. Diamonds! Just covering the walls! I should run home and tell mama - we could mine them and ... and make jewelery and stuff. For a moment, I'm lost picturing myself dripping with diamonds. Maybe before going back to the Foothills, I'll just...just have a little look around?

[Insert the poem thing]

I hear a voice. At least...I think I do? I'm not really sure, but I feel like there were words. Maybe it's a queen! Or a fairy! Maybe it needs help, and I'll get some sort of prize! Oh man, I'm sure that's what it is! Happily, I run towards the sound, thoughts of wonders and gifts filling my young mind.

Wishlist. Raeden would like a Cerndyr. No previous refusals.

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She had never set her heart on a companion. Dragons scared her, as anything with teeth big enough to rip flesh really wasn't something she wanted in her life. But she had seen that most residents of Helovia had some sort of pet, and the greedy part of her wanted to find out what it was like. D'artagnan's hellhound had drawn her attention, beastly and terrifying that it was, and the silver mare had felt desire pool in her heart. She was endlessly curious, and knew a companion could give her the protection and friendship she sought in this land of strangers. It wasn't her life's wish, but it would certainly be nice.

She moved at a steady trot through the caverns, having long since grown used to the pressing darkness after the incident with the blue orb. But there was something in the distance - a glowing light, something that drew the iron woman's attention. She altered her path, lengthening her strides and listening to the steady drumbeat of her blackened hooves upon the cave floor. Her tail lashed against her thighs as she moved closer to the glowing room, ears pivoting as she heard a strange song resounding in her head. What was it with these caves and things getting in her head? Still, like a moth to a flame Nyx moved towards the sound, somehow knowing that she wanted what was being offered. 'A lifelong bond to an intelligent soul, in richness and in health, to have and hold.' Intelligent soul? She frowned, having never considered that the beasts others bonded to were any more than dumb animals. Perhaps she had been wrong all this time - if anything, it made her all the more determined to discover what all the fuss was about.

She entered the glowing room, looking around warily. She wasn't the first, noticing a unicorn also in attendance. She paid little attention to the other, so focused was she on the song in her head. Instead she walked closer, looking around for any sort of glowing orb that might be the key to the whole puzzle. Finding nothing, the steel soldier frowned, ears flicking idly atop her head as she stood in the centre of the queer room. It seemed as though whatever consciousness that resided her was going to examine her heart to see if she was worthy - she hoped it would find her adequate. ""

[ Companion: Hellhound | Superspeed ]


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Other characters have permission to use magic/violence against Nyx at any time.

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We Talked
Together Sharpening a Knife
Like Killing Partners for a Life
Hey, We can Hide the Bodies on the Ride Home
Since arriving in this strange place with Abishia, Rhiannon had found a strange sense of peace welling within this place. Through the Heart, they had found the strange dip in the hole, as though the Earth itself had given way... But instead of a simple hole in the ground that lead to nothing but dirt, that hole had opened up into the most marvelous of structures that Rhiannon's dual-colored eyes had ever seen.

"Don't have caves like this back home..." She mumbled to herself, eyes flicking left and right as she sauntered through the dimly lit areas. "We should, though; the Basin would be hella'lot more fun with them. I wonder how long it would take to make somethin' like this..."

The brindled youth had taken to exploring the twists and turns of the odd caves with little motivation, but her mind had been swirling with strange thoughts. She was a mighty unicorn from he Basin, loyal to Illynx and the Plague, daughter of Crowley the Weaver and Arah the Ice Queen... And yet she had come here, with an equine. A lowly equine... But Abishia was nothing like what her father had instilled within her.

"Equines are scum," Crowley had told her once during her younger days, telling her facts that, in his opinion, would keep her alive and pure, "The lowest of the low." As a youngling, Nonnie had expected to meet a hornless creature and see some strange, twisting abomination like the creatures that ran amuck in the above world... And yet Abi had been nothing of the sort. Abishia, while hornless, yearned for a horn of her own, and strangely enough, Rhiannon found herself pondering ways that she could get Abi a horn. Then, they could both go to the Basin, yes?

"Maybe the Gods could get her a horn, then no one would know she was just an equine." Nonnie paused, then scowled. "It makes more sense in my head..." She muttered to herself, gold and silver eyes glancing downwards at the change of terrain. Instead of meeting stone, her hooves seemed to squish down upon soft moss, and the glow of the new room she had entered felt warm upon her back. It was blue, and that caused Nonnie to smile. Blue was her favorite color, as it reminded her of the Aurora Borealis, which had shone on many nights, including the one of her birth.

It was as she entered the room that something echoed inside of her head, a strange and enigmatic poem of sorts, causing her to freeze mid-step and her horned crown snapping upwards. "Who's there?" She asked, swallowing thickly and stamping her right hoof... And yet she was alone. Well, not entirely. Two other creatures with horns on their brows were with her in this strange, glowing room, but it didn't sound like either of them.

Rhiannon gave a snort. This shit was getting weird.

[ooc: Nonnie will be seeking a Hellhound : Energy Drain, as listed here on her Wishlist. No previous refusals.]

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My brother had sent me here while he went out to look for my other sisters. It was safe here of something, but why I did not know. Safe from those who had become infected with something... What if my sisters were already infected? Could I use my magic to sooth them long enough for a cure to be found? I sure hoped so. I wanted to help any who were sick. Why else was I an acolyte nurse. But sad part is I have much to learn.

The days since my twin sister left the herd had passed slowly. It was strange not to have someone to look after... It also made the hole in my heart that Momma and Daddy's deaths had created that much bigger. I wanted to help. I wanted to protect those left behind more than anything. It was then I heard the voice. It was almost song like, and my ears perked to listen to it. Quickly I began to move towards the sound. It was quickly clear I was not the only one wanting to see where the voice was coming from. Three others, all unicorns had arrived before me. In fear I stopped short for a moment, carefully sniffing the air. I could smell the scent of the Basin, but I could also smell the wilds and my own herd too.

I moved to stand close to the one who smelled like the Edge. After all, surely she was the safe one to be around. In silence we all waited to see if more would arrive.... And who would be choosen to have a special bond for the rest of thier life... I could only pray that it would this time be me... So long, since birth I had wanted to be bonded like many others within the herd. My brother even had a bonded. Alanna... So beautiful. I saw how thier bond helped him with Momma's death... Maybe a hellhound or that beautiful cerndyr would help me?


Wishlist: Hellhound | Acid or Cerndyr | Lamplight (will leave up to RE choice if she is picked)
Previous Denials -
Who can sail when the winds won't blow
Last Breath of a Survivor
Squabbling Squabs


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Further exploration of the caves developed over time as Ampere grew accustomed to the thought of staying her longer term. Of course she'd be aiding the warrior group to assist with fighting back as much as possible, which she also hoped meant a lot of time spent above ground. A strange thing to be hoping for in a time like this, surely, but she knew she'd grow restless before most anyone else being cooper up down here. Especially being cooped up with the likes of Oxy.
Thankfully there were plenty of attractive stallions around to distract her, but nothing beat flying or fighting, not even sex.

Grazing in the room full of glowing mushrooms, which had dismayed her at first until she found the lichen strangely tasteful, Ampere heard much the same voice as everyone else. Lifting her head she traveled deeper into the cavern, picking at food as she went - she remembered too well the near death experience of starving to death last winter when the sun went into hiding. She would not have that happening again, especially not if she would be fighting, not that she was fully sold on the idea of being able to defeat darkness anyway, but better than turning into bones down here.

Traveling carefully through the caverns, somewhat cautious being underground, Ampere came across the several horses already beginning to gather. It didn't take long for her ti piece this event together, and at once she felt the usual rage budding in her chest. "Even now you all seek to chain a life? Unbelievable!"

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Congratulations to Raeden. Just as a note, Emily - Sakura's name was entered three times, not 4. You were not refused in Last Breath of a Survivor. Your total refusals (for next drop) are now 3.

See them arrive, though they don't know why.
See them ponder, peek, and pry.
Seem them hope that what's in side
will be to them, I offer.

But only one shall now become two,
one will win, and four will lose.
Would you like to know, who it is I choose?
To whom this orb, I offer?

A bright light fills the cave, emanating slowly, glowing, growing. It sparkles, twists and shines, slowly solidifying into a white hot core. It takes shape, a gangly thing with budding horns. Faint markings trail and glow against a white coat, as the light that has created it is drawn into the being, giving it life. The first breath of air fills its young lungs, as it stumbles towards the unicorn, seeking comfort, and a friend.

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 Have you ever noticed how every hurricane gets its name from a girl like this?
You're gonna wish you had a storm warning; you're gonna wish you had a sign.

I hope I don't look nervous, I mean...I don't exactly know what I'm doing here. I just...thought I heard something. The others...did they hear it too? I don't say anything though - and I hope they don't think I'm dumb, or mute or anything I just...

For once, I don't know what to say. I just really wish Ru was here.

A darker mare comes, and she seems pissed. I don't understand what she's talking about - chaining a life? What does that mean? I think about saying something - maybe like, What the hell do you know about it - , but that's far too vulgar. Princesses don't speak that way - although I can't think of what a princess would say in a situation like this...probably because they would know what's going on. I definitely don't.

I wish Ru was here.

The light that fills the cavern is blinding, and I squint so as not to miss anything. I don't want to turn away and seem like a baby but...I mean, what if we're all in danger here or something and- and-

That voice again. I swear I hear it now. At least the light isn't so bright anymore.

I realize that it wasn't a light, it was a creature. A little...deer-thing. It's beautiful actually, even if it does look sort of young, and awkward. It's fur is light - like mine - and there are faint markings over it. It''s beautiful. Suddenly I've never wanted anything so much in my life, as I did then - to touch it's fur, and see if it was as soft as it looked. To explore the caves with this little have someone. Ru had that stupid tiger (wwww!), while I was still all alone.

Maybe I wouldn't be alone now?

The creature stumbles towards me, and all thoughts of princes, and princesses are suddenly gone. There's only the two of us. I gasp - very un-ladylike I suppose, but I don't care. Not right now - maybe not ever again. All I want is for it to like me...

I drop down to my knees - I don't think i've ever done that before, certainly never on such a dirty floor. But like I said, I don't care. I would jump in mud and cover myself in grass stains if that's what it took to get this creature near to me.

"I'm Raeden" I whisper as it nears, lowering my horned brow down. "Let's be friends. Best friends. I'll have you - and you'll have me and...we'll never be alone."

I'll never be alone.

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The voice becomes a light, or is the light, Ampere can't be sure, but it's freaky as shit either way. Not one prone to being religious, although she knew well the power of magic, and for that she was cautious. It did not take long for the glow, bright as it was Ampere was forced to lower her gaze, trying to blink through her lashes to watch, to become a figure.

A small, young deer like one she saw a while ago walked towards the pale colored filly. It was evident that the thing was a creature sealing a bond with the filly, though Ampere had never known a companion to bond except in those moments following its hatching. Rather than an orb the young thing stood, and it confounded Ampere. What drove this creature, who by all rights could survive on its own, to willingly enslave its soul to a horse's?

Evangeline's words echoed in her ears from that day in the forest. She was right, Ampere did not know everything about companions and their mysterious bonds, especially not after this. That doesn't make them right though, Ampere whispered to herself, her conviction remaining strong.

"Hey," she called over to Raeden as the girl reached out to her companion, as in awe as anyone ever is when their soul becomes two. It was a beautiful thing, Ampere had to admit, too bad the nature of their kind often soiled it. "Treat it well, you've got more than yourself to worry about now, so don't be selfish," Ampere left as a warning before stepping and turning to walk away.

The girl was lucky, Ampere was considering kicking her ass if it was an orb she could have taken. Now the bond was sealed however, there was nothing she could do. Besides, she needed her energy for the wraiths, and Oxy.

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