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       By the time Evangeline made it to the Sanctuary she was ready to collapse. Her sides were heaving and lathered thickly with sweat. The last time she had run so far so fast was when the shades had finally taken over Isilme. She had stayed as the PPG's shield, defending everyone who tried to escape until she was forced to leave, herself. The memory was painful and was a very bitter pill that she was forced to swallow again. She hadn't realized that she was crying as she wound her way through the underground passage that Tallis had led her to until she hiccuped. Was Resplendence following? Kaj? Anyone from the Edge? She didn't know because she hadn't looked back again since seeing the darkness out of fear that she would freeze in place again and Tallis would set fire to her to get her moving again.

      "Where are we, Tallis?" She whispered to the dragon. "What's happening. Gods, what's happening out there?" As he had flown over Tallis had seen one of the monsters attacking a young girl of black and gold. The image of the monster filled Evangeline's head and her blood turned to ice once more. "No..." Her voice sounded choked with panic. "No, Tallis. No! Not again! Wasn't once enough?!"

       Breathing became difficult and the mare soon realized that she was hyperventilating. She shoved her head down toward the ground and forced herself to breathe evenly, but fear was very real and tangible. "What can we do?" Her voice sounded weak and defeated as she questioned the dragon, who finally went to his bonded to console her by rubbing his face against her cheek. "We stay strong." He answered. "All will be okay, you will see." There was no way the dragon could be certain, but if it calmed his bonded he would lie and feign certainty.


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and i'd tell that i miss you but i'm sure it doesn't matter at all
A wagon. Aaron had made a wagon for her herb box. And, with the strength of the warriors of the Edge her box had been lifted into it after it was hooked to Des's back. Resplendence had gone and began to pull specific herbs from her box at this time. Any herbs that were a source of energy were pulled from it's depths and placed in Kahlua's basket. She knew the mare would have no problem with her using this, especially not if it was for the safety of her herd. So the mare shuffled her feet and looked over the herd members who had showed up.

Again, she asked that all were to be careful. Her voice was trembling, the strength only there in spirit - not in the lines of her petite frame. She was not strong. She was not intelligent - not the levels of a leader, barely enough to keep herself alive - but she would die for her family. If it meant she had to jump in front of someone far more worthy of the gift of life then she would do it. Quil would forgive her... right? He would understand she had done it for them.

Cautiously, she shook the thought from her cranium before calling for each and every one of them to follow the bird, pushing a few out of the Edge's borders as they hesitated. One thing yanked at her. She couldn't find Kahlua. Had she been hurt? She wasn't sure, but it wasn't safe to stay lingering. The mare was probably off gathering new recruits again, she'd find her way down here. She'd have to.

So they took off at a canter, a quick pace traveling after the last burning beacon of hope for the herd. As her herdmates became tired she offered them a herb or two and continued to push them forward. She could understand, after all, her limbs were burning too. Sweat was coating her pelt again. Her sides were heaving. It was an aching pain as she pushed herself harder than she had before. But, it was a necessity. Evangeline was near the head of the group, her frame galloping after the fire in the sky.

How long was the travel? How many had stumbled across the terrain as they fought to keep moving during the night? How many would actually reach where we were headed.

But as we came closer and closer to the heart Res could feel her heart constricting and her jaw clenching. The monster is in there. She could feel the fear and she blinks a few times, her steps faltering. No. No. Kaj and Quil killed it. It's gone... She was trying to reassure herself. She was trying to make herself feel better. If the Throat said it was safe then she was going to have to believe them. The huge golden shrine rested at the opening of the cave, and she watched as Eva and some members of the herd as they began to head down into the depths of the cave that was flashing my skull with images of the dark creature.

She can't keep dwelling on it though. Not when she hears voices. And so, she asks for the herb box to be placed near the burning wall, so that it will always be lit up for her to search through. Her eyes lock on the magma and all that is around her and she shudders. She had called them all here and it would all work. It was going to have to, or no one would listen to her again.

So the mare pulls up her last bit of strength, her frame trembling as she moves toward the head of the cave, in front of the mass of people she called her family. Fina has begun to float atop Res's withers, trying to explain that they have reached the location with a few quiet caws that echoed throughout the cave's tunnels. "Are we here?" She asks to the phoenix, finding some form of strange comfort in the flames that brush heat against her pelt without touching. Again, she is given a nod by the bird, a gentle brush of heat to cheek, and then the bird has taken off to the sky again back off to Midas to let him know that the Edge had reached the Sanctuary in what seemed to be one piece. "The Throat is here, my sisters and brothers." Resplendence tries to explain, the strength gone from her voice completely as she stands before them, trying to possess the courage that Mirage had said she had. "We should be safe, for the time being. I'm not sure what is happening, but panicking will not help - it will cause more injuries. Should anyone need herbs for minor injuries sustained please come towards me in a line I'll try and give you something for whatever is ailing you. We will get through this... Together... Understand?" She said, frame trembling as she inched in closer to her herb box before flipping the lid open.

Her eyes had seen Eva having a panic attack as they had come in, and so she snagged some catnip from her box and headed over towards the mare who was probably just as frightened as the claybank was on the inside. She placed a mouthful in front of the mare and delicately nudged her shoulder. "Take some... it'll ease the anxiety..." she whispered, offering an explanation before heading back towards her herb box and beginning to pile the left over herbs from the basket into the box.

Would they really be safe?

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Look at Res. Trying to be all strong because Mirage said she knew she was. And inside she's like "I'M GOING TO DIE. I CAN'T DO THIS. WHY DID SHE THINK I WAS STRONG ;-;"

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Words couldn't describe the heavy sadness that had settled deep within my heart. Many of our herd mates weren't accounted for, including our beloved Weyrleader, Mirage, and countless other faces I had come to love and was sworn to protect; Smoke, Kahlua, Romani, and so many more were nowhere to be found. Even my own children, fiery Luken and brave Laila, were missing, as they had been for nearly a year now. It tore my heart to pieces to imagine what might have befallen them all, and though I'd grown used to casting away my worries and assuring myself that all was well, I knew it was foolish to continue to do so any longer.

Something sinister had come to Helovia, and I must be ready to face the loss that was sure to come with it.

I'd somehow managed to pull myself together when Resplendence had called to those who would hear her, and was quick to suggest the idea of a wagon being crafted in order to bring the nurse's herbal box along the journey. In a world that had sudden turned itself upside-down, it could prove invaluable in our travels. Aaron had crafted it in impressive time, and I had been elected myself to pull it. It was a duty I'd carried out numerous times back in Vallhea, one that I had thoroughly enjoyed back then, except this time I would not have Bran's cheerful banter behind me nor Riven's teasing remarks to everything that came from my boy's mouth.

The bittersweet moment lasted until Suli had finished tying off the hides around my chest and girth appropriately, as tightly as she was able, and then the herd was off, following the fiery bird of legend. Oh, how Bran would have loved to have seen such a thing...

The journey was long and arduous, and despite the herd's efforts to keep at a steady pace for the entirety of it, it seemed we all began to succumb to aches and pains at some point. Where I once kept at a high-kneed trot with my head held high, providing encouragement to any who needed it, I now walked on old aching knees and sore frogs, head held even with my withers. Needless to say, I was beyond thankful for the iron shoes nailed into my front feet, gifted to me nearly a month ago from the grand tree in the thistle meadow. I had often donned the man-made contraptions years ago, and had almost forgotten the comfort they provided over long distances.

Over grand hills, across shallow streams, across the open prairie and down muddy slopes we had gone, each obstacle testing all of our waning strength. It was with practiced skill and careful placement that I pulled the wagon, assuring that the box within it would never come sliding or bouncing out, but even that grew in difficulty with every new hill we faced. My hide was damp and frothed beneath the harness, sweat slicking my neck, flanks and barrel. Never did I stop, however, for I was their Wingleader after all; now more than ever I could not falter, and I would never stop until I crumpled dead in my tracks.

Eventually we had made it to a place I recalled with startling clarity. Here, in the Heart of Helovia, I had fought alongside friends and foes alike against a creature of the netherworld that had threatened to destroy us all. We had ended it in a single night, but this strange, shifting darkness was something else, another story entirely. There were others here already, gone and disappeared through the wide hole hidden in the grasses; how long had it been here, I wondered? It wasn't a question I dwelled on for long, for I need to watch my step as I descended the slippery slope that declined beneath the earth.

My knees screamed at the effort to keep not only myself but the wagon upright as well, hooves begging for purchase but only sliding to and fro as the weight of the wagon and box both pushed my forward. When I had reached the bottom of it and found my feet on stony ground, iron shoes clacking loudly against it, the wagon thumped somewhat harshly against the abrupt change in ground. Terror filled me shortly, but it was Suli's words within my mind that calmed me, assuring me that both wagon and box were well.

At Resplendence's request, I pulled the wagon close to the fiery, warm wall and kept it held still as it was unloaded and set upon the ground. Only after I had pulled the wagon to the side and out of the way did Suli assist in undoing the soaked harness, tossing it into the now empty wagon and allowing my skin to breath. For a moment I simply stood, taking in the untouched air of the cave and replenishing my lungs before my mind turned back to that of the herd. Resplendence was already at work passing out herbs to those that needed them, and the smallest of smiles pulled back at my tired face. She had changed so much since I'd first seen her.

"Is everyone alright?" I questioned once I thought everyone had filtered into the cave, worried eyes sweeping over every soul in hopes that I would see no bleeding gashes nor gasping, exhausted colts.



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have you seen that girl?

A gentle few steps, hesitant.

She is unsure, afraid. She wants to find Nato, to walk in his shadow, knowing he could protect her. He tried to protect Kahlua.. mind wanders as the sweet honey coated tone of the mare appeared in her head. Delicate lobes lay flat as she sees the scene replay in her head, happening to her as she walks in the hoofsteps of a dark stallion, and a dun mare. She can feel the creature on her back squirm in its nest of moss, knowing it must be feeling her emotions. Sorry, young one. She murmurs through her head, wondering if the dark little bundle could hear her or if she was simply talking to herself.

She follows a newly worn path into a hollow in the earth. Flattening her ears, the girl makes her way down the steep slope, following after her herd mates. She sees two mares and the dark stallion she had followed behind. He is thickly built, muscular, and coated in a blanket of coal. Her stained orbs flicker to the dun mare, who is offering catnip to calm the panic stricken palomino. Waltzing forward, the girl examines her, frowning. She was panicked, likely by the recent turn of events. She watches the dun return to a box, the girl following curiously. As she gazes into the box of herbs, her heart skips and a blaring white light swallows her vision.
She bustles around, panicked. She swears, staring at her supplies. She found that she was low on catnip and chamomille. She shakes her head, turning to her apprentice, a small colt with piercing red orbs. "Take someone else to find some catnip, chamomille and if you could snag a few juniper berries, that'd be swell." Turning away from the buckskin, she swiftly glides over her stock, grabbing cloves, witch hazel and aloe, neatly placing them in her sack before running out of her pantry. In the main room, burned soldiers are gathered, groaning over their wounds. The damage was horrific for some, while others got off lucky. She finds the horses with the worst damage, her first patient a stallion whose left portion of the face was burned beyond repair. She finds herself shoving what emotions she has away, trying not to let her personal feelings intervene between her work. Finding the little bowl of aloe, she generously applies it to the stallion's wounds, listening to him grunt as she presses it to his face. "Apologies." She murmurs, grabbing the leaf wrap from her sack and wrapping them around his face with the help of one of her nurse's Vinculum, she is able to wrap it around the studs' face. "Visit me if the pain worsens." She sends him on his way, letting a nurse lead him out of the crowded room. She would surely find that dark stud again...
And she did. What he had done to her was something she could never forget. It caused her such pain and suffering, she wanted to find the bastard and destroy him.

Blinking rapidly, the girl finds herself staring awkwardly at the mare's herbs. She carries her gaze to the mare herself, noticing she is missing an ear. A defect. She whispers to herself, sudden images of sickly foals with missing limbs, lost senses and defects. These images fade, leaving a fresh imprint of fear in her mind. "May... may I learn from you? You seem to know your way around herbs, as I once did." She whispers these last few words, ears teetering. "Maybe you can teach me your ways in medicine and the ways to heal?" Vaguely she sees a bubbling, brewing liquid in a dark pot, steaming. It's color changes as some herb is tossed in, hues go from green to teal. Potions? She questions these memories, wondering if she had actually brewed potions in her living time. "Oh.. I'm Ayelet.." She glances nervously at the dun mare, eyes darting about. Her attention falls from the equine before her to the wriggling bundle on her back. He clicked his beak, flapping his ugly little appendages. He was obviously hungry, but what could she feed him?

the one with the fragile laugh and killer smile?

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The world is quiet, and he flies.

He flies through the darkness, far above the craggy recesses that hide the world's monsters, though he fears that they can reach him even here, far above the surface of the earth; besides, everything he cares about lies below, under the threat of the creeping, seeping darkness. If he could fight it all off, he would - of course he would, but he cannot. He is not a warrior - he hasn't the discipline or the training to excel in that field. No, he has taken to the skies as a lookout, a scout of sorts. He is well-versed in the art of flirtation and persuasion, having traded in secrets for much of his young life, and though this task is not nearly the same, it requires a similar shifty turn of mind. This game requires him to stay one step ahead, but unlike the games of his childhood - indeed, unlike the games of his adulthood - failure means the death of those he holds dear.

Zarina clings to his banner, her fur standing on end. He feels her fear through the bond, and though she is but a miniature monkey, she longs to find the bad thing and kill it, if only so she can get her beauty rest again. He tries to soothe her, but her discontent is catching, and he finds that his words of comfort are empty. If she were not connected to his mind, he might be able to persuade her to calm, but she knows that he lies when he tells her she is safe. The truth is, he doesn't know if any of them are, and it makes him uneasy. He wishes once more for a clear enemy, for even he who avoids outright battle would prefer that to this. Below, the little herd is led by his little mare, and though his heart swells with pride in how far she has come, he is afraid. Is he close enough to protect her if something jumps from the shadows? Is he far enough to keep a lookout?

Finally, at long last, they reach a cavernous opening that seems to be providing shelter for many Helovians. The prince is not pleased, having visited this cave not long before and encountering a monster that had sucked the happiness from their very minds. But I won, he thinks, forcing himself to think brave thoughts. It does not make him feel any better. As the last of their caravan picks their way into the cave, he folds his wing and falls, carefully navigating through the opening of the cave and finding a place to land. He picks his way over to their group, silent as a shadow, and comes to rest beside Resplendence, who seems to have managed to hold onto at least a shred of sanity despite her obvious terror. If anyone else has spoken, he has arrived too late to catch their words; he offers his own to his princess, leaning to brush his muzzle against her forehead, as if to remind himself that she is, in fact, real.

"We're safe here," he tells her, but even he can hear the doubt.

"Talk talk talk."
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quote quote
Mirage is gone.

He is numb, knowing that. He flies, trying to take his mind off it, but he cannot. His Lady has disappeared into the darkness that eats them all, that spawns insidious creatures of oozing flesh and wicked deeds. She is gone. The one mistress he had sworn fealty to, the one leader he had cherished and willingly followed, would not be returning. It was better than holding minuscule hope that she would return. From the skies he watched the caravan of his brethren, slow moving and burdened by the weight of the wagon Aaron had made. He was proud of Resplendence, for how she was handling the situation, but his heart was cold and shielded, unable to feel as he normally would have. The herd meeting was still fresh in his mind, and he wondered- was it his storm magic, making him feel that way? Magic seemed to influence the emotions of the Helovians here, but where he had come from, it was merely a tool. He had not been prepared for how it would influence him. A part of him was regretful for how he'd acted, towards Lace, but another part of him was not. He would have to talk to the stallion later, tell him how he really felt, try to mend things. Now was not a time for turmoil...especially now that he was promoted to WeyrLeader.

It still made his stomach drop through to his hooves, to think that. Mirage had left with only that trailing behind her, heading for the Shadowlands, and leaving him with a crown he'd never fill upon his head. Kaj could not match her grace, her ability to inspire loyalty, and he felt as if he fell flat in many aspects when it came to comparing his role to hers. WeyrLeader...was he truly deserving of the title, after how he had acted during the herd meeting? He wished to turn back time, speak his words with less passion and pent-up anger. He felt the fool now, for letting his emotions control him, when normally they lay dormant and uncared for. Flying was the only way he could escape from it, level his thoughts and calm his racing heart. He would never fill Mirage's shoes, but he had to try. He couldn't let his family fall like that, not under his rule. It was daunting, but he had to trust that Mirage had promoted him for some reason, even if it was merely spite...

Their departure had been waylaid, in his case, by Vikram. The gentle giant had told him, in hurried tones, that Semira and Kimber had followed Smoke and Zaffre away from Helovia and the plague that was upon them, murmuring something about Smoke having a deathly fear from a previous experience. Moments after Vikram had departed, Zaffre had appeared to perch upon his shoulder and trill at him softly. They had left him, for safety, but Kaj knew Vikram would keep them safe even at the cost of his life. He had been unable to help Destrier in the pulling of the wagon Aaron had created, and instead had resorted to patrolling the skies, carefully watching for any infected that tried to approach his traveling family. In the distance, also airborne, was Quilyan. Was his brother just as unnerved, to see the direction they were headed? Did he, too, remember the splatter of blood upon those cave walls, the screams of Kahlua and Resplendence echoing through the desolate caverns?

Kaj found he did not fear the demon they'd encountered. No, he feared losing his family, any of his flock that tripped and stumbled wearily towards the caves they held such hope in. Would it be worth it?

Kaj circled uneasily above them, a familiar hawk as they one-by-one entered the hole in the ground. Only when the last of them was safely inside did he fold his wings and drop, exhausted and sore form so many long nights of flight, to enter behind them. They were already speaking when he clambered into the hole, ducking his broad shoulders to accommodate the low-hanging ceiling. Resplendence was bold, in comparison, with how she spoke. Tired pride welled in his chest fondly, listening to the worries and woes of his flock. How could he possibly soothe them? Was it even within his power? Would they hear the hollowness of his words, and know he was lying to himself just as much as he lied to them? He ached so fiercely he merely wanted to lay down and sleep, but he could not. Would not, in fact, until he was assured that his family was well and safe.

"We should rest. Minds are not best when stressed and tired. I volunteer for the first watch, are there any who wish to join me?" He glanced around and his eyes fell on the mare, Ayelet, and heard her quiet plea towards Resplendence. "Perhaps you can help our Moon Doctor, we should find out of the Throat or Foothills healers have arrived. In this time of need, it may be best to share experiences with this unknown foe." Next he gazes at Destrier, moving forward to extend a wing to brush his flank, should he be well-received.

"Rest, friend. You have worked hard. When I am rested, be assured I will look for your young ones. We must leave no family behind." Aching shoulders rolled, and he groaned softly before turning to address them all. "For now, leadership changes will have to wait, when it comes to discussion. I know I may not be the best choice in your eyes, but I will do all I can while I hold Mirage's crown. I only ask that you keep faith." He murmured softly, before trailing off into quiet, wondering what he should do. How could he help them? Were the creatures even able to be defeated?

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come and watch over me like the pale moonlight

As the claybank mare began to pass out her herbs she heard other words fall from the Wingleader's mouth. It was the same question that was shaking at her soul, causing her to feel her heart pound against the chest cavity that it was located in. Her head was not completely there, at least not there in taking in all of her surroundings. She couldn't make herself do it. Not with the looming threat of those that were like the dark stag that might appear again. She was afraid if she looked too closely her mind would break and that she would be of absolutely no use to anyone. And, since she didn't see Smoke or Mirage in those which she had tried to gather after the phoenix, she was even more concerned that things were beginning to go horribly, horribly wrong.

Resplendence hadn't fully recognized the mare that had followed her from the palomino's side, and it was only when she saw the creation peering into her herb box that Res even snapped back to attention enough to see the oddities of the mare. She was glass. Instantly, Res feels her gut drop. Had Kahlua tried to replace her? Had Kahlua found a way to make a glass horse because Res hadn't been there for her enough? Was she going to be losing her best friend too? The shock bleeds off of her face quickly, though, as she sees the mare's rapidly blinking eyes, and concern floods into the lines of her face.

She speaks, the glass creation is stumbling over her words a little bit. But, she asks if she can learn from Res, asking if she can be taught about medicine and healing. Res nods her head as she hears the mare's name. Ayelet. She would commit this to memory. That much she knew. Res's voice doesn't fall from her lips, not yet at least. Quilyan is quickly covering the distance between the entrance and her side. His maw brushes against her forehead, moving some of her forelock to the side. He says that they are safe, but there is nothing but doubt in his voice. Quietly, she looks up toward her knight, fear shining in her eyes. Don't make promises you can't keep... She thinks as she looks over toward Kaj who is now looming at the end of the pack - a giant frame of comfort that she would willingly burrow into at any point. In fact, the idea of burrowing between both Quil and Kaj seemed very appealing at the moment. At least then she would have some semblance of safety in her mind that was becoming easily shattered.

Kaj is speaking then, saying that everyone should rest. But, when he volunteers for first watch Res is instantly moving forward to try and get to his side. I'm not losing you because you're going to be an idiot and try and play hero when you aren't fit! She thinks to herself, but the next words from his mouth have Res freezing halfway there. Moon Doctor? But Smoke wasn't here. "But. I-. Smoke." She fumbles over her words as he speaks to Destrier, rolling his shoulders and then groaning a little it. Kaj had been given Mirage's crown. Mirage had left them. It was with that simple statement that the dun's heart shattered. Her family was falling apart before her eyes. She is moving over quickly to Kaj's side now, not paying attention to the throbbing of her own hooves from the distance she had needed to travel.

She does not ask Kaj before she starts prodding around. Her maw inspecting his wings and moving his feathers. "Don't be stupid." She warns him, the groan that had left his mouth earlier concerning her. If it was more than just physical exhaustion she could lose someone else. She wasn't about to let that happen. "Stay." Her voice was strong, at first, but as she allowed "Please, Kaj." to fall from her lips it was much weaker, much more afraid for his safety. She's sliding between the horses and back to her box, grabbing a couple of herbs for the joints. And, then she returned to his side and shoved them at him. Her eyes staring intently at him. She will not lose him for him trying to play hero.

Dropping them down at his feet she pushes them closer before saying, "Take them. They'll help your stiff joints." She said, before dropping her voice. "I will do my best to fill the place of Smoke, if you mean to tell me that she is gone as well. Kaj... it's all falling apart..." her voice breaks, and it is all she has in her to not break down and start to cry. Only a few seconds of a deep breath and she looks back over to Ayelet, "I'd love to give you what knowledge I can if you'd help in return..."'

Res's eyes shifted between Quil and Destrier, both would need something as well. But Des had needed to drag the wagon with him. Again, she shuffles through her herb box and pulls out a different joint reliever than the one before. "You too. Eat them." she said as she dropped them at his feet, her ear pinning a little as she held her maw in a straight line.

She was not about to lose anyone else.
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