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He recognized the surroundings, and yet traversing the ashen plain felt like walking across the surface of the moon - that's how foreign it looked. Normally there'd be a light burning steadily to his right, a red glow from the bellybutton of the world to serve as a marker of where he were. Not tonight. Something had put a lid on the soothing sound of magma bubbling and stirring in the background, snuffed out the light and turned the once so familiar region into a pit of darkness.

Not even during the Endless night had existence been so black. Even then there had been a fire burning in the Heart, even then had there been trees shedding a soft glow upon the familiar trails, a sign to the mortals that hope still could be found. This time... Had the gods truly abandoned them now, or was this truly the end that had come upon them?

Lace wandered across the ash-covered ground, steering clear of the general direction where the crater should be; he had no desire to fall into it again, nor would the warmth do much to soothe him. Frostfall had arrived and snow fell in the north, the waters had turned icy cold and yet - all of this would have been perfectly fine if only he could find his herd.

Tense and wary as he roamed the dark wasteland, a sound of footfalls followed by a dark shadow stirring close by made the grullo come to a sudden halt. Holding his breath as he peered through the gloom, a sense of panic came over him. He didn't know why, and with fear clouding judgment and reason he wasn't going to pause to think things over. Instead, giving in to an instinct that told him to defend himself against this shadowy creature, he reached into his mind and tapped into the stream of fire that flowed through his blood.

A heartbeat; that was all the time it took for the grullo to summon the orb of light and send it flying towards the creature. Another heartbeat had him struggling to maintain control over the sun as he tried to shove it as close to the monstrosity he was sure to be faced with, ensuring that his weapon wouldn't implode on him like it had so many times before. Then, with a deafening sound that made him deaf and set spots of light dancing across the field of vision, Lace detonated the sun and recoiled as searing fire scattered across a large area, sure to burn anyone within 20 feet of it.

As the flames expanded outwards the stallion began to move, fully aware that even a direct hit from his magic wouldn't be enough to take down this demon from his mind. Blind to anything but his own fears and deaf to both real and imagined words he charged in, approaching at a gallop with head outstretched and teeth bared to bite at any available body part, hoping against hope that he would be able to face this beast head on - he'd always preferred to fight that way.

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Summary: Threw a miniature sun at Destrier and made it explode, then charged in hoping to attack from the front, aiming to bite anything he can reach - most likely the nose.

Fajira is not present now but will come in later. :)

For @[Destrier].
800 words max, 3 posts + closing defense, No time limits. Judged spar, IC. Magic and Companions allowed.

Setting: Helovia's Heart during SWP Helovia's Darkest Hour. Night, no moon or wind, ground is flat and sandy, hot and dry.

Stats & Rolls

Dim vales- and shadowy floods-
And cloudy-looking woods,
Whose forms we can't discover
For the tears that drip all over!
Huge moons there wax and wane-
Again- again- again-
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Beneath the moonless night, I cursed softly the patron Goddess of the Edge.

Tonight I continued my guard of the entryway, head held high and ears flickering at the slightest of noises. Suli had accompanied me as always, and though she had offered to go off in search of kindling to begin a small fire to illuminate the area, my answer came with a shake of my head. The idea was a comforting one, to be able to see the nose in front of my face, but the light could quite possibly attract the very wraiths I hoped I wouldn't have to face so near to our sanctuary. So we patrolled on, straining our eyes against the dark, nothing but the sound of the little green's wings cutting through the air above me to fill the void of silence.

For many years before I had come to Helovia, I'd spent my nights watching over the small village of Vallhea, much as I was doing now. I'd not been alone, however, and throughout all the humid summer nights, the frigid winter chill, and frequent rains of the mountains which the village was settled in, it had been Bran who comforted me. With him, the night was nothing to fear, and now more than ever I yearned for the gentle tug of a bit in my mouth, the squeeze of legs to guide me forward and deeper into the darkness, but most of all, I longed for his voice. Even Suli, Lord knew I loved the little green with all my heart, couldn't replace the void in my heart left behind on the battlefield so long ago.

The boy's voice echoed in the back of my mind, and as much of a comfort as I knew it would be, I shoved it away. Relying solely on hearing, I couldn't afford the distraction, especially when the lives of those in the caves below could be at stake. I made to exhale a heavy breath, but a rustling of grass several yards off caused it to hitch and I grew still. From above came a deep, hallowed growl from Suli; and then, without another warning, a great flame burst from the darkness toward us.

Eyes rolled white as I whirled on my feet, turning tail as my legs clambered to move far more quickly than they were made to. From behind I could feel the intense heat against my hide, and I was certain it would catch me and cover me in nasty boils and acute pain just as Smoke's dragon had done; but as the ball exploded with a deafening noise that sent my ears flat against my head, I felt no pain. For a brief moment my eyes burned and golden dots swirled about my vision from the intensity of the light, but as it faded, so did my fear of being consumed in flames.

Rounding left to face where the flame had come from, my hooves dug into the soft clay, threatening for a moment to slide from beneath me before I caught myself. Through the darkness I couldn't see who was attacking me, but the sound of fast approaching hoofbeats didn't let me consider that this might be nothing more than a confused soldier thinking me a wraith.

Charging forward, I dropped my head and tucked my chin close to the neck. From above, Suli flew not far above me, but she withheld her flames until there was more distance. When the sound of my foe's hoofbeats sounded as though they'd be upon me in another second, I launched my shoulder to the left in a half buck just as I heard teeth snap together in what I supposed was a failed attack, and hoped that I might be able to throw the other off balance or simply dissuade them from further attack.
Though a warrior I was, if there was a way to keep from it and this stranger submitted, then I would not fight.


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Summary: Turns and flees from fireball, turns back around and charges head-on, throws weight through left shoulder towards Lace.


You may attack and use magic on Des at any time for any reason.

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