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[OPEN] REBIRTH :: Herd Meeting - Return to the Edge!

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It is time to return.

Collecting one another had been difficult at best. So overjoyed were they to be free from the soil, to return to the lands above that they actually knew, they were like a flock of birds bursting into the sky. Overall, crazy, eager, and widespread. But celebration was to be continued in other places, in the boundaries where they would always return. Some had left, and may not return. Kaj did not condemn them for this. He knew hearts called stronger, sometimes. Aaron had taught him that. He'd had to learn that Helovia was not his homeland, and beneath the shallows of the earth, that lesson had been imprinted well. The loss of Aaron's siblings was just as hard on the Storm Bringer as the painted son. Reminding him that family was stronger than any bond he could imagine, and reinforcing the feelings of pain at the death of his sister. But it was a time for joy, for celebration.

It was time to go back home to the Edge.

As he moved he collected them, nudging them with soft golden lips, brushing the length of his wings across their flanks. He was their shepherd, guiding them from the darkness of the hole they had emerged from, lighting their way back to the mists of the home they belonged to. Soft murmurs followed him, urging them on. He would not forget the friends he made in the depths of the Sanctuary, and he doubted they would either. Perhaps this was the way to heal, to smooth the rifts between the herds. Friendships had been struck in those darkened caves, and herds had been meaningless in the face of kinship and brotherhood. He prayed to the Goddess above that this would mean a change for good.

The wall was collapsed in many portions, he noted as he began to walk into the forested sections of the borders. They were glowing faint blue in the afternoon sunlight, a reminder of what it used to be. A reminder to Kaj of the explosive day between Lace, himself, and Torleik. But times had changed. They had to change. He only hoped he was strong enough to keep the motion going. If the Moon Goddess found him worthy, then he would do his best. It was all he could promise to himself, and to his people. Hopefully that would be enough.

It was wrong to him, to take the mantle where Mirage always stood for meetings. This was a new version of the World's Edge. They could not continue to live in the past. The Queen of Night had spoken, had told them that they could not live in Mirage's shadow, and Kaj would not make the mistake of ignoring that advice. So today, he bypassed that familiar gathering point, and stood before one of the old rocky springs. It bubbled cheerily, familiar and beautiful. The green pastures stretch out around him, the natural spring flowing down the hill to where everyone would stand, and he gave a wistful smile. Home at last, he wanted to scream to the skies, but he knew today was for other things. It was time to welcome everyone back to the World's Edge.

Raising his wings high, he stretched them skyward, relishing that he could finally do so, could feel the wind moving between each individual feather. Clearing his throat he called out, feeling stronger, more alive, than he had ever been before. They were picking up the pieces. Soon, life would be moving forward once more. "Children of the Edge, it is time to return home! We have much to discuss, my brethren!" And he smiled, and he breathed in the salty air, deep into his lungs. Kahlua would be beside him, and together, they would welcome back the children of the World's Edge with open hearts and wiser minds.

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The girl had celebrated, danced, wandered, chatted and delayed. She had entered the caves, exited them, went to the Veins of the Gods and came back. She had traversed the land, cursed the snow, smiled and laughed, and so many other activities. What she had not done was return to the Edge. She had thought about it- she had wanted to, dreamed of it, hoped for this day to come and yet... when it had finally come, she couldn't bring herself to do it.

She wasn't really sure why it was such a hard trip to make. After all, she was queen of the land now, wasn't she supposed to want to be there? And yet, there many reasons keeping her away. Perhaps first and foremost was that she was scared- frightened to her very bones. After all, the Edge was where she had been attacked and turned into a monster. If she returned there, would her monster be there as well, awaiting her return? But there were other reasons too. What if this was all a dream- what if she went home and Mirage was there to pat her head, call her Glazier and send her on her way? Or what if it had been taken over in their absence, hoarded by some monstrous being that deemed himself king of the land?

Then there was also the wall to contend with. She could hardly think of it as anything other than a prison wall now. Lace had trapped her in, albeit not on purpose, but she had been trapped nevertheless, trying to escape and being unable. And how could she walk the land, proclaiming peace to all if she was queen of a land where they kept others out with a glassy facade? She had been so proud of the thing, she had tired over it for a month, pouring her heart and soul into every inch of that stupid structure and now? Now she just wished it had never been built.

But regardless of walls or monsters, Mirage and dreams, she couldn't stay away forever. She had to go home- and so home, she finally went. It gave her sick pleasure to see that the wall was broken down in many places, not nearly as glorious as it once had been. And so instead of being angry at it, instead of screaming and kicking what she had originally imaged to be an intact structure, she laughed. She laughed, and she galloped, and she bounced, and she threw her head back. The wall had fallen.

And as she galloped through one of the many new holes in the barrier, she caught sight of an unmistakeable creature in the distance. “Kaj!” she called out brilliantly, slowing to a canter, trot and then walk as she came up alongside him, body somewhat damp from her exertion and sorely missing the fires that no longer burned here. But... and then her, daft as she was, suddenly realized- this was no dream. If the fires were gone then Mirage was gone. And though her heart lamented the loss of the Dragon Queen it rejoiced in her reality. This was her Edge, Kaj was her King and together the Stormbringer and Sunshower would bring their heard through any weather that faced them.

So when he passed by Mirage's old pulpit, the Sunshower did not question his actions or do anything other than give the place a passing glance. Her king would guide her in all matters, this included. And when he halted, spread his wings to the heaven, Kahlua threw her head up and whinnied, her voice overlaying with his words, calling their herd back to their home. Home... It was nice to be able to say the word again.
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The light was too bright, the mists too white, the wind much too cool and clear as it made the swirling fog dance and twist beneath gnarled branches and twisting trunks. Pearly light seeped down through evergreen canopies to caress blackened scales and thin, gaunt features, glistening wet with water dripping in beads from every sharp angle. Like a creature from the depths it had ascended from the ocean, clambered and crawled up the steep walls along the narrow path once found by the son of a king - a different king, in a different time. Now it slipped through the forest on silent feet, claws gripping around rocks and roots, scaling fallen trunks ad traversing the rise and fall of the landscape with all the practiced ease of one who belonged there.

It was tired. Elation had long since left the beast and with it went the erratic eruption of power, forced out by a mind too elated by creation and destruction, too ecstatic to consider the toll demanded for such pleasure.
There is a price to pay for everything.
The voice in its mind was dry and to the point, almost thoughtful in its quiet observation. It made the beast toss the neck in agitation, restless and annoyed; thoughts were painful, feelings were painful. It hated the pain, it hated the fear and the weakness and the guilt and shame that came along every time such notions surfaced. It much preferred the elation of destruction, the exhilarating sensation of pushing the body to its limits and feel it break, the wonderful, nauseating taste of blood as it gushed between jagged teeth, ran down the throat and splattered down scrawny underweight legs in rivulets and streams...

The beast had done things the thinking part would never have even considered. It had run until the legs broke and slaughtered packs of beautifully tainted creatures for the pleasure of the kill. It had laughed as it tore flesh from bone, burning the ground in blinding explosions that left nothing but ash and dust in its wake, destroying any living thing around. It had forced the children of nature itself to grow and expand beyond their limits, conjured saplings and shrubs into fantastic shapes.. only to laugh in deranged mirth as they succumbed to the fury of flames again, and again, and again...
It had even brought them to the very edge of this cliff and tumbled over the rand, testing the diminished, frail wings protruding from bony shoulders - just in case they might be able to carry it. They didn't. Instead the dreaded monster, the beast, the wraith had felt its bony container break against the rocks far below, its skin tearing and peeling off as it was thrashed against sharp edges. It had drowned a thousand times and been brought back again by this amazingly durable body that just kept repairing itself, endlessly...

and on the bottom of the ocean, glittering in the dull glow of moonlight sifting down through the foam and bubbles - nesting ever so comfortably atop a slimy rock overgrown with seaweed - it had found a crown.

It rested snugly atop the scaly poll now, whole and glittering as light played over the obsidian surface. It was heavy, the weight like lead pressing down upon the skull - yet for some reason the beast felt that it was appropriate. A heavy black crown for the black-skinned ruler of the world, as thorny and prickly as itself. Something about it made a foreign sensation awaken within; a feeling like vines constricting around the chest, glass shards piercing a bleeding heart and the ache of unshed tears heavy in the throat... But those were sensations that belonged to the Other, the thinker, the existence that sat like a prickling silver thorn at the back of the mind - watching, waiting, commenting dryly on things as it searched for an opportunity to take over.

It stirred as the sound of voices came drifting on the wind. The beast immediately reacted, long, sticky tendrils of drool leaking from jaws too wide as it surged forward; silent as a shadow, a wild creature stalking through the forest that left trails of death and disease in its wake. It came upon the speakers much too quickly and hid behind a thicket as it watched, quivering nose sniffing the air greedily for the scent of flesh. The hunger was always there, always present - never sating no matter how much it gorged on red meat, on salty blood and bodily fluids. It ate and ate and kept starving to death, a slow wasting that deflated muscle and turned the once beautiful creature into something gaunt, malnourished, thin and pathetic. It wished to devour, and the sight of a Flesher moving through the forest was too much to resist...

Yet even as it gathered the waning strength to pounce another critter came running and spoke words with a voice so bright and cheerful that it sounded like sunlight through raindrops a summer day, and the Other within screamed out a 'NO' so violent and loud and powerful that the beast recoiled, cowering and hesitating where it lay hidden, unseen by the flame-colored Flesher. It struggled against this sudden interruption, fighting need and fear and hunger and pain - but the Thinker, the other, the existence was unyielding.

This intrusion... it shouldn't happen. It wasn't right. Unable to contain itself or endure the contact, the awareness of this other side that felt joy upon seeing the two animals reunite in front of it... it was too much. With a vicious snarl and movements so brusque and sharp that they rattled the entire copse of young evergreens the hellish creature spun around and ran off, tail whipping and lashing as it went; in its wake were trees left blackened and bruised, clawed and scraped.

It was a telltale sign that the world was not yet safe. It was not yet completely healed, and though the sun shone brighter and the wind felt cooler than before, not even the lands of the gods were completely safe.

As the beast ran a droplet of water fell from the glass grown and landed at the corner of a yellow eye. Stinging and salty it rested against the bulging orb for a moment, before slowly rolling down a torn, bruised, emaciated cheek... like a tear, shed by whatever part of the creature once known as Lace that still remained as he fled to save family and friends from... himself.

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He falls out of the hole and into the sky, his wings flaring to life and stroking, hard, pulling him upward into the clear blue sphere. It is a quick climb to clear the treetops, and though he longs to ascend into the clouds, he holds back, knowing that he cannot leave his family behind. He found many things in the caverns, and met many new faces that offered many new names; but most importantly, he had found himself. For so long, he had wandered, and though he knew that his place was at his lady's side, he had yet to find the precise place where he fit in their family. Now he knows. He smiles, the breeze created by his momentum brushing away the single, happy tear that escapes, never to be seen again.

But Zarina feels his excitement, his glee, and as she pulls herself into a precarious position atop his poll, she croons softly in his ear. Home, she thinks, the word imbued with the emotions that she cannot find the words for, and he laughs. Their time in the caves had been too long, too claustrophobic; but finally, finally, he can again stretch his wings and fly. He circles, ensuring that he can still see those of his family that he has taken it upon himself to guard, and this process continues until they reach the confines of the wall.

He is sad to see that Kahlua's hard work has suffered from the darkness, but somehow he cannot bring himself to be upset on this glorious day. He touches down in their old meeting place, but no one is there; he turns and follows the recent trail that Kaj has left until he comes upon the stallion. It makes sense - it is a new day, a new dawn for the Edge, and it would seem that Kaj wants to show everyone that he does not intend to go back to the way things were. The deposed prince trots up to his brother-in-arms, noting Kahlua beside them. They are his king and queen, but they are more than just that - they are his friends. He has arrived too late to see Lace's departure.

"Brother," he greets Kaj, warmth in his vocals. The Stormbringer looks well, and he reaches out to bump noses with the steed, should Kaj accept the gesture. Turning to the Queen, he nods regally, bending a knee - a gesture from his homeland meant to offer respect to a monarch. Once upon a time, he would have received the bow; but that was no more. "And Kahlua. You are as lovely as ever, Your Majesty." He lifts himself from the bow to stand squarely once more. His violet gaze roams between the pair. "I am yours to command." He steps back, waiting, for more will be on their way.

"Talk talk talk."

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It had been too long. Many a day too long since Cheveyo had felt anything other than the hard, unforgiving rock beneath her hooves and the stiff, cool air that wound it's way through the intricate set of caverns that the population of Helovia had been thriving in for the past season or two. But today. Today was the day that they would be free again, a cure had been found for whatever horrid disease it was that was eating their loved ones and turning them into horrible wraiths. A shudder of disgust washed over the mare's fire and ice pelt as she made a quick and graceful exit from the caverns, thanking gods she hadn't been knocked in the head by one of her feathered cousins with they eruption from the grounds below.
Rolling her shoulders the lady warrior began her forward movement, allowing her ivory dipped limbs to stretch out and beat the snow covered earth with a ferocity that she hadn't felt in a long time. The burning sensation in her muscles was exhilarting, and Cheveyo almost didn't care about the fact that Mother Earth was covered in the chilling snow rather than being sunny and beautiful as she was so hoping it would be. As she ran her mind drifted over the happenings in the caverns, she had become a bit more social than what she had been before being trapped like some kind of prey animal. But some may say she had been forced into sociability with the close proximity of everyone, the painted warrior wasn't sure what it was going to be like being free of their cages.
Then there was Note. The stallion confused Cheveyo to the max, the feelings she carried for him were mind blowing and she wasn't sure what to do with them or what their next step was. Would the slowly growing relationship of theirs dwindle and die as the freedom seeped into the veins? Or would it flourish and bloom as Birdsong came along? Either way, he was now a dear friend and it would pain her to not see his emerald pools and flaming wings ever again. The oh-so familiar scent of her old stomping grounds brought the mare out of her daze as her gallop slowed into a canter and then even a trot. Something inside of her screamed and kicked and begged her to go over the boarder once more into the Foothills that she had grown to love. But then even stronger was the desire to keep going, keep her forward motion until she reached the destination she had in mind. The Edge.
Cheveyo cursed herself for taking the long way around, knowing that by the time she got there everyone would be there and she would then take her place hidden away in the shadows of the rest of the herd and life would go on as it had in the Foothills. Snorting harshly the painted mare put her old life behind her, the movement out of the caverns was a rebirth for her...she would find someway to mix business and pleasure evenly into her life.
Before she knew it the high walls of the Edge came into sight and a gentle smile spread across her pallid features, this is what she had been waiting on. Home. Slowing to a trot the lady warrior made her way through one of the openings into the land just behind the frame of a white and gold pegasus who seemed to know where he was going. A light gasp slipped from her kissers as her orchid pools took in the beauty of the land around her, snow covered and shimmering with the natural beauty and grace of mother nature. Flicking her long flaxen tail against her damp sweaty sides the mare's mind felt at peace. This was where she was meant to be she could tell.
Cheveyo knew that the herds had new leaders, new rules, new ranks, new magic, new everything. But she hadn't heard much about these new rulers other than what she had heard being whispered about them in the caverns. The Sunshower and the Stormbringer were their titles, interesting enough to say the least, and they were known to be kind and just creatures in the lands of Helovia so as the two toned pegasus in front of her came to a halt Cheveyo's orchid pools reached forward to land on the couple that stood tall and proud before them. The black and white paint was stunning with her pale orbs and the glow around her that just oozed with peace and happiness, she had to be the Sunshower. Standing beside her with his feathered appendages stretched high into the sky was a stallion she had met once before in her meeting with the painted stallion, Aaron. She couldn't quite remember his calling though, so Stormbringer it would be until she knew more.
Allowing the painted stallion to finish speaking, Cheveyo tucked her new bit of knowledge away into the cavities of her mind the Queen's name was Kahlula a beautiful sing-songy name to fit a mare like her. Bowing low the warrior spoke, her tones soft and gentle after finally being used regularly again. "I am Cheveyo your Majesties." Returning to her full height she offered a soft smile, "I too, am yours to command." It felt strange telling someone who wasn't Apollo that she was theirs to command, but at the same time the words rang out so very naturally.

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I heard a loud voice from where I stand. Something about the brethren of the World's Edge. This place seems so oddly familiar, but have I ever been here? I then here a lighter voice say 'Kaj'. Is that the name of the owner of that loud and strong voice? Slowly, as more horses pour into the area, I find out that the mare that said 'Kaj', is Kahlua. These two are referred to as majesties. Does that even make sense?

I canter towards the mini-herd, my egg held softly in my curled up wings, threatening to fall and making me slow to a walk. So, I walk towards the mini-herd. These horses are beautiful and seem healthy, for the most part. Where they locked up in a cave like all the horses of helovia were? Of course, I wasn't because I was a wraith... Instead of that cave shenanigans, I was out getting a stud. The wraith hormones made me lusty (and maybe downright horny). I doubt I am pregnant though, for my sides haven't swelled yet. I halt next to the painted mare who claims to be Cheveyo. Once she finishes, I begin.

"Your woods are beautiful. Kahlua and Kaj, is it?" A smile glides over my face and my creepy eyes seem less creepy overall today. Perhaps I am comfortable in my skin now? This pair of horses seem to be very well liked. Does that mean they are a fine choice in leader? I am willing to shed blood to make sure they can stay as leader. Not challenging them, for that is disrespectful and I am a total newbie to fighting. Maybe I can ask if we can have a spar?

That'd be fun!

"My friend, Aly, wanted to show me this place. She said I would love it... and I do." I will not invite myself by saying "Can I join?". That isn't me. I have impeccable manners that I intend to keep, but am I good enough for this herd? Yes, I'm pleasant to be around (at least I think so...) and I'll do things in the herd, but I'm a terrible fighter and a worse spy. What else is left for me? Oracle. I could be the wise one, oracle, stroyteller for this herd, but that spot is probably already taken.

Looks like I'll just have to go for something else.

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It felt so good to be above ground – she couldn’t wait for spring to break through the winter and see life return. For now, though, the news that it was safe to return to the surface had been enough. The first place she wanted to go was going to be the last place she had been – the Edge. She needed to know whether it was still standing, whether there was anyone else there yet. Walking in this time – she carefully navigated the ruins of the great glass wall. She felt saddened by the sight, knowing all of the work that went into it. She was able to explore deeper into the herd before she heard a call, summoning the members of the Edge. Feeling a surge of energy, she picked up the pace and made her way towards the gathering crowd.

Alysanne was not proud of the way she hesitated when she spotted Aurelia in the meeting, standing next to a chestnut paint that she did not recognize. The last time she had seen the young mare… well, she did not like to think about that day. But if she didn’t think Kahlua was responsible for her actions when she was infected (and she truly, honestly didn’t), it wouldn’t be fair for her to treat Aurelia any differently, would it? So despite the slight trembling that made her next few steps falter, she found her way to the group and a place on the other side of the gold and white mare.

Hearing her name mentioned only furthered her belief that what occurred here upon her return was out of character. “It’s good to see you here.” She commented in a soft whisper, reaching out to nudge Aurelia on her golden-dappled neck with a smile. And then emerald eyes shifted to the pair that had called them here.

She looked with pride at Kahlua, the news of her rise to Queen something that Alysanne thought to be nothing short of wonderful. She was going to do great! They had not known each other for very long, perhaps, but the cheery mare had quickly found her way into Alysanne’s heart – and there was no doubt that she loved this herd so much. “Congratulations to you both. It’s so good to be home!” Bright eyes turned to the stallion beside Kahlua, introducing herself. “I’m Alysanne, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” She hoped that without worrying thoughts after her son, she might finally get to know more of those that considered this place home. Already, though she knew some of the faces she recalled few of the names, and of those so far gathered only Kahlua and Aurelia had ever shared a conversation with her.

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The brightness of the outside world was intense compared to the dull darkness she had come to know as their temporary home for the last number of weeks. Bowing her head against the sun she found herself walking back towards where she had once called home hoping that it might still be there. If it wasn't she wasn't sure where that would leave her but she had to at least go and see for herself what had become of the Edge. Things had changed since the last time the sun had shone above them some of it was still unknown such as the full extent of the creatures attacking them or her own magic ability. So far she had only managed to create it the one time and that had not exactly been by choice or at least not conscious choice. This was something she would have to experiment with to see if she could figure out how it worked and what it could do.

Amazed could not quite describe her feelings when the broken remains of the glass wall came into view before her. She had actually set out to go somewhere and found the place she desired! There was always a first for everything and it was about time she managed to find her way home. Her happiness slowly simmered before fading as a group of equine gathered around as if for a purpose. She had forgotten how uncomfortable she felt walking into a group where she knew very few of them. Biting the bullet she took a breath and headed over towards the others to see what was going on. As she drew closer she spotted both Kahlua and Alysanne who brightened her spirits considerably. As she listened quietly she managed to pick up that Kahlua had somehow managed to score the role as queen, for which she was estatic for her. Already she knew that she would make a great queen for the rest of the herd, as for the new king she had no idea who he even was so her opinion was left to be decided.

Looking around there were a few faces she recognized from before the whole underground experience but the others made her feel a little out of place and uneasy. It seems that with everything that had happened there were no longer alliances where there had been previously. What would that mean for the days to come?

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What was it that drew us to follow one another into the seasons, to mix and mingle within the sands of time interlacing bloodline and heritage, birthing leaders and making up gods to cascade our lives with precise order. Every moment of every hour fading to the past as we dance into the present dreaming of the future always hoping for a better tomorrow, every breath stretched as though it could be our last. Maybe it was tradition to follow suit of our elders, to grasp hold of that conflicting power of authority over other lives and to mend them into your own desires. Minions, slaves to this realm of hierarchy and cursed disciples yearning for that sweet release of victory, to slay in the name of the greater good- to defy the lesser evil of the world.

Maybe it was then, when the darkness had been banished and the kings would wash their polished daggers of blood to be burdened no longer by its daunting force. But there would still be reason, that underlying threat that the world would never be at piece. That our foes would once again arise from the ashes from which they have burned and return to the land of the living, but not as they once were. They had become us, their evil morphing into forms of lies and deception; cascading a war between kingdoms who have just begun to rise itself from the depths of the endless plague that breathed its infection upon the lands.

The air was not quite right, the hint of danger laced within its cool winter grasp. Perhaps it was just the illusion state of mind that leads one to believe that the darkness was still around us, lying dormant beneath the surface of the glittering earth. It was there in our jumbled thoughts, hidden in our minds bursting from our chest with every cautious step we’ve made outside our comfort zone. And here they stood now, within a kingdom of shattered walls, glass shards puncture the sky as the moisture seeps across its broken surface. Worlds edge, it wasn’t home- but he lived within it’s save defenses for a short time.

With the summoning call that echoed through the heavens, drawing them in like ants to a picnic feast, we had come- all hopeful and confused. A chilling cry boomed within the distant timbers, its haunting shrill entrapped within the mind as pace continued, forcing the crimson eyed knight deeper into salvation. In hopes these demons were truly gone from their lives, so that he would not have to put one under the ground again. He had seen the look of the death lord, and wanted nothing more to do with the rotten slime. Within the warmth of the meadow, the distant sea fluttering its salty shores; the aroma dancing upon the crisp breeze and entangling within thick fiber locks as they bounced upon his crest.

They were there, huddled round; scared perhaps, many questions lingering in their minds and upon their tongues. But the quarter-masters were not the faces he had expected to see. Where was the mistress of the moon, Mirage? And what had become of her previously announced king, and his friend- Lace? Instead they gather around Kaj, Kahlua- their former residents yet to arrive. It was a shame, really. As his tongue was laced with venom for them in the time of darkness, they were not there to aid those taken by darkness; they were not there to give direction.

Oculars also noticed something else; there were no unicorns standing within this group. Abundance of Pegasus and Equine yet none of them yielded weapons. Motioning forward, he glanced upon Kahlua, thankful to see her alive and well. Their last meeting, had been their standoff with a demon, and she had become infected causing him to flee with the others within the glass walls of the edge. His gaze then fell upon Kaj, the winged warrior who had shown within the first hours of his arrival within the Edge. Although their meeting was short lived, he held nothing against the mysterious Pegasus.

Even then, where were they in the times of hardship? Ever since the shadows had casted darkness throughout the lands, the herd was scattered, some probably even dead and still missing within the winter mists. Naturally, the obsidian beast found this very unacceptable and wanted to know why all so suddenly they were expected to turn to these two for guidance.

His advancement slowed, hooves beating upon precious grass as he glanced around to the party at hand. "Kaj- Kahlua." He breathed, doing his best to catch his breath from the very harsh journey to return home. He addressed no one else, and stood off to the side distanced from the others. It was awkward to be the only unicorn within the group- whom he understood had acquired a hate for them for past attacks within the herd. There was so much work to be done, to rebuild- to premaster alliances if any were able to be mended. The questions in everyone’s eyes beamed of the same radiance. What now?

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Kahlua has returned to the Edge, so it is only natural that Nasreen follows. She is not right on her heels—as much as Nasreen loves the company of her friend, the sky beckons, and she has missed it. So, she alternately soars into the playground of snow-heavy clouds above and trots along behind her leader below, slowly making her way towards the sea.

Just outside the border, a sudden snowstorm hits, and for the next few hours she loses sight of the black and white mare. She waits out the furiously falling flakes under the shelter of a tree, untroubled: the wall is nearby; she saw it from above. When the squall lets up, Nasreen emerges once more, lofting into the sky and rejoicing in her freedom. Even the chill cannot get her down today—she is free from the dark earth, and that is all that matters!

It is only a matter of time before she sees the gathering below. Kahlua stands amongst them, beside a group mainly comprised of…pegasi? Nasreen strains her eyes, hoping and praying that yes! He is there! She has spotted the familiar coat of her brother, and her joy is nearly complete. Shivers of anticipation ripple across her skin; she cannot wait a moment longer for their reunion. “Quilly!” she shrieks, plummeting towards the earth. In a minute, she is tumbling clumsily into the brambles (as per usual), but she doesn’t care. Nasreen barrels towards her brother, all affection. “I’m so glad you’re all right! I was so worried and scared below ground! Those caves were the most awful—” Quite suddenly, she realizes that there are more than a few others in this group…and many of the faces surrounding her are unfamiliar. She recognizes the pretty mare with golden dapples, and the unicorn stallion. While she cannot remember their names, the mare, she recalls, greeted her when she first came to Helovia. The unicorn was there on the night of the attack. Subconsciously, Nasreen shudders slightly at the unpleasant memory, willing herself not to think about how she flew within a mile of the very spot not an hour ago.

“H-hello,” she says shyly to the rest of the group, mildly embarrassed. “I’m Nasreen.” She ducks her head towards the male pegasus beside Kahlua, wondering curiously if he is some sort of authority figure. By her brother’s respectful stance, she guesses yes, and she bobs her head cautiously in his general direction, taking a step towards Quil. She is still unsure about male pegasi, but surely nothing bad will happen to her with Quilly and Kahlua here. “Your honor…?”
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They had all gathered to move again, and Dragomir had followed behind the masses, in the tail end of the myriad faces of his herd. He was not naturally made to fit into groups, really, and while he didn’t feel any particular kinship with many of the individuals he called his neighbors, he did feel a deep respect for the land the Moon Goddess provided her people, and the women who had come to rule it.

He was still unaware that the Dragon Heart was gone, a fact that will sadden him once he arrives to the meeting, but her replacement is so suitable that he will be unable to dwell on it for too long. For now, he simply follows in tow, waiting to hear the words of consolation slip from the lips of his black matron, the woman who had guided him with only words on a path more lined with gold than steel lipped razors.

The forest is sad, he notes as they arrive to it, the once proud and gleaming wall broken and deteriorated as if they had been gone for many years rather than a single season. He gazes on it sadly as they trek past it, no thoughts given to the fact that the man who stands in the clearing is unknown to him, and that it is Kahlua alongside him rather than his queen he has come to know.

He comes to the observation in time, and looks quietly on the scene with a mental inquiry as to the meaning and implications of this change as he listens to the words travel from mouth to mouth. From what he understood of Mirage, her absence meant only one thing: she was gone. He hoped it was under fair means, that she had simply slipped into the darkness and escaped a fate terrible as that of the unicorn creatures he had met – even if it meant she had abandoned them. He could bare no thoughts on terrible things happening to the ebony queen who had been, as far as he was concerned, a fine and hard to replace ruler and consulate for heavy thoughts.

One of the new rulers, it would seem, has wings; it draws a sense of ire into the heart of the young man that is unbidden, the pegasus’ rise to status breaking a rule he had set for himself long ago.

He does not wish to follow one who is not of equine heritage, and he doesn’t know Kaj beyond his appearance to judge his worthiness. At least, he thinks to himself, he stands alongside the finest equine woman to walk to the kingdom aside from the Dragon Heart herself. She is as beautiful as he remembers her being on their first meeting, a gleaming figurine of ivory on pitch that holds his eyes despite his secondary thoughts to see who all has made it home alive.

It only makes her more desirable, and he feels his heart ache as his looks upon her, the rise of fluttering in his guts that he has almost grown accustomed to, perhaps even enjoys in some way.

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N o t e

The caves were becoming increasingly suffocating with each day. It was time for him to get out of the caverns. Even though dangers still lurked in the world above, he could not keep wandering the same spaces each and everyday, flight completely prohibited by lack of space. For a pegasus, residing in the caverns was absolute hell.
So, despite whatever monsters were waiting for him above, Note slipped from the caves. He spread his wings and took to the sky, Sabel securely positioned atop his withers, claws entangled with his mane. He didn't know where to go at first. He knew where he couldn't go.
The Dragons Throat. Within that particular herd lay Gaucho and Sohalia and whatever spawn they were likely to have created in his absence. That was too awkward to even consider. Note's one and only home was no longer a safe haven and never would be for him again.
The stallion decided to fly north, the opposite direction of his former herdlands. To his memory, three other herds lay in this direction: The Edge, The Basin, and The Foothills. He had never even laid eyes of any of them, though he knew the Basin was ridden with racist unicorns out for the extermination of Pegasi and equines alike. He thought they were a sad waste of space and to be avoided at all costs.
The Foothills or The Edge. The wind could determine it for him. Note flew, enjoying the sound of wind whistling through his feathers until a jumbled group of individuals atop a massive cliff-like area caught his eye. They had to be the infamous herd of the World's Edge.
The dusty bay landed a few meters from them, watching their interactions carefully until he recognized a couple of familiar faces. The first: Cheveyo. The second: Aurelia. He wasn't immensely fond of the latter mare, but the first...she was special. His feelings for her were unrivaled. It seemed the painted mare's hooves led her to the Edge as well. Fate, destiny perhaps that they ended up in the same place. Whatever it was, it made him want to call the Edge home.
The group was centered around two individuals: Kaj and Kahula. The Queen and King from the looks of it. They seemed noble, certainly fit to lead. Note took tentative steps forward until he was a few feet behind Cheveyo, Sabel offering her a mew of greeting.
"Kaj, Kahula," Note began, addressing the leaders, "I'm Note. I'd like to join your herd as well."
Note's gaze held nothing but loyalty for the King and Queen as the words fell from his ashen lips. This was a choice he was not likely to regret.

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"The thought made Note's heart ache, but that's what love is. You don't care if the other person hates you or rejects you or anything of the sort because you just want to see them be happy."
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The afternoon sunlight glinted off of Tallis' scales as he floated through the air several yards in front of his bonded. He had been, for several minutes, chirping and trilling a very happy song now that he wasn't confined to the underground caves. "It feels good, doesn't it Tallis?" The orange mare asked as her emerald gaze lifted to the dragon who began to preform a series of aerial acrobatics as an answer to her question. She laughed quietly and moved her pace to a canter as she headed toward the land that had been her home for a short time before the darkness had swooped in and claimed everything as its own.

The treeline that she remembered as the outskirt of the Edges loomed ahead and Tallis took it upon himself to enter alone and scout it out to make sure that it was safe for his bonded to enter. As was everywhere else he'd scouted he found it to be quiet and deserted. "Empty." He said and was turning to fly back to Evangeline when he heard voices. The dragon turned again and flew deeper into the Edge until he found a group of horses that seemed to be growing very slowly. "Herd's here." He informed Evangeline. "All safe. Hurry up, meeting." The dragon turned and headed back toward the treeline to meet Evangeline and guide her to the meeting.

Her hooves thundered against the ground as she moved into a gallop that brought her careening into the treeline. She slowed as Tallis met her and she followed the dragon until she came upon the group of horses, some she knew and some she didn't. Whether or not many of them had been in the herd before she was unsure because the herd had been so big and she had been so new. She did know Kaj and Kahlua and so she nodded her head to them as she came to a stand. Over her head Tallis continued to circle the group that had gathered. He trilled as he swooped down once to brush the tip of a wing against Kahlua's side should she remain standing where she was and a second time to grab and tug gently at Kaj's mane with a clawed hand.

His wings beat against the air as he came to hover over Evangeline's back and finally land. "Kaj, Kahlua." She nodded to them again and once she was still Tallis climbed his way up her neck and rested his head between her ears while he waited for the meeting to commence.


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By far they were not the last to arrive, nor where they the first. The duo had trailed along behind Kaj, the new King. So eager to return to the Edge... Aaron had to admit, he returned because the Qian was all he had left. He had failed his mother, his sisters. Everyone that held a blood tie to him was dead... Minus Adele at least... But even she did not remember him and had sliped away at the Threshold before he could try to help her remember. "All will be okay. Alanna's voice was soothing to the painted stud. She semed to be the only steadfast thing in his life. Always here, always protecting...

If only they had been there to protect his sisters.

But they had not. The only hope the pair had was that thier children made it. That they knew of Helovia.... How could he be a father if he couldn't even keep his sisters alive? What was Kimber going to think? Was Kimber even still alive? "No think like that." Alanna's voice was clear in hid mind. "If she not back, you mate with another. Aren't getting younger." He snorted sat her next words. No. He was Kimber's and only her's. It had always been that way.

Fianlly we entered the Edge. The great wall of glass had fallen in many places. It was cracked and broken, much like he was. He would need to speak to Kaj about repairs.. That is if he was still a Glazier. At long last the herd came into sight. Very few faces were the same, which was a good and bad thing. What happened to those who had fled the Edge? Were they too gone, much like Mirage? Only time would tell as the once Glazier made his appearence.


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She moved with swift steps. Her mind haunted with images of being forced to leave her family all for magic. No. She couldn't bring herself to do it. So she wouldn't do it. When they were finally settled again she would go and ask the goddess to switch the magics, to have one more suitable for her wishes. But, the nagging voice in her mind wouldn't allow her to abandon the Edge - not when they needed her most. Anything could go wrong when she wasn't there, and she felt as though something would the second she left. So she wouldn't do it. She couldn't do it.

Mind is torn, but body is well-kept. Her herb box would be moved back later, it was almost empty anyways so it wasn't as if there was much left to steal. Zarina had braided an intricate basket out of her hair after Resplendence had found the egg, and so the awe-inspiring crystal type egg was carefully tucked in it.

She felt late, though. Awfully late. There was already a large crowd of members - both new and old - circled around Kahlua and Kaj. It was great, her two friends (the ones she swore would be together if Res had any say in it) were the leaders of this family. It would work. It would all work.

She slid by the familiar faces, offering small bumps to shoulders as she worked her way over to Quilyan's side. A tiny nudge against his haunch and he lifted his wing to allow her to slide underneath, the crystal safely pressed against his feathers on her left. Her bodice pressed up against his left side. He pulls her just a little bit tighter before pressing his maw to her forehead for a moment as she allowed her orbs to fall shut. "Love you, my Prince."

Just a few more moments of happiness, of protection. She relishes them, for it has felt like eternity since she has just stood there and pressed up against her knight - no her prince. But, as she opens her eyes she looks back up toward Kaj and Kahlua and gives them a gentle smile. "You both look well. I'm glad..." she says before trailing off at the sound of something cracking. Instantly, Res is stumbling backwards and Quil is raising his wing to allow her full-sight of the egg.

Instantly she starts to panic - ever the mare full of nerves at the sign of anything possible wrong.The egg is breaking. Is it supposed to break? What is happening?! She jumped, her eyes widening as she looks back to Quil. "It's breaking! I didn't do it. I didn't knock it around! Is this supposed to be happening?!" she says, words jumbling together as she runs through the multitude of questions that is in her skull.

But the panic doesn't last too long. No. Instead there is a cawing as a young red dragon with some feathering claws his way out of the shell. Delicately, the little baby clings onto her hair and kicks at the crystal of the shell, trying to move it out of its little basket with eyes narrowing in protest. Carefully, Res snags the crystals and drops them out of her hair before allowing the little creature to curl up inside of it. "... It hatched? I... is he mine?" Resplendence whispered as the little creature smacked her neck in disapproval. Apparently so...

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Slowly they come to him, trailing in with a variety of expressions upon their faces. They have suffered, and the darkness lingers in the eyes of some, but the joy of freedom is present in the faces of nearly all his kin as they stand before him. There is an explosion of movement among the trees, a flash of grullo hide that disappears in a flash, and Kaj's stomach lurches high into his throat. Lace. But as he takes a step forward, prepared to pursue, others push forward to bow to him. It feels wrong, but he recalls the words the Night Queen spoke. He cannot rule in Mirage's shadow. Bright blues turn to find Kahlua, a slow smile melting on his face, and he knows that for now he must lead. She looks stunning beside him, perhaps a little tentative, but glowing with all the light her name possesses. He cannot leave her to the altar alone, not when he knows she is still trying to find the niche she will come to occupy in time. But at the soonest moment he shall find his sickened brother, will cure him. A King he may be, but even he had been a peasant once, and Lace would not be forgotten in favor of duties. It is tucked away, passionate and distracting, for a later moment. For now, he cannot run from his brethren, no matter how hard it tears at him to know he is abandoning his brother in doing so.

It is Quilyan who approaches first, with ease, and Kaj's smile comes simple and contentedly. Quilyan and he are bound in far more than a similar love for one mare- the painted prince had been there to console him when he had been driven to reckless anger over the racism that had unfairly permeated the Edge. "Welcome home, brother," he greeted softly, head tipping respectfully to his friend. As Quilyan reaches forward Kaj reciprocates, breathing in the familiar scent of his brother-in-arms as their muzzles touch. Parting, he reaches forward in hopes of teasingly giving a nudge of Quilyan's cheek, wanting a moment of hidden lightheartedness before the others arrive. It is then that the prince turns to Kahlua, and Kaj smiles upon the two of them before becoming aware of the new travelers coming closer. The mare is Cheveyo, he recalls, and he nods his head regally to her to show that she has not been forgotten. Quilyan steps back and Kaj reigns his wings back to his sides, shifting his shoulders tall and proud, gazing down at those who pay their respects with a kindly smile.

There is so much to listen to, and even more to say, but the Stormbringer is a patient creature and lets it wash over him like the waves beating the ivory cliffs of their home. It still tastes sweet, saying it. Home. First he turns to Cheveyo, who had spoken first, and dips his head as she offers herself to the Edge. "You will be welcomed here, Cheveyo." A twinkle of amusement enters his eyes as a gold-inlayed youth speaks up, clearly in awe over the Edge, gushing over her love of it. "Yes, the woods of the Edge are quite stunning, thank you for your compliment. For you, and all those unknowing," he directs this to those whose faces he cannot recall, eyes sweeping across the crowd, "I am Kaj. This is Kahlua. We are King and Queen of the World's Edge. For those who have returned, we welcome you home." It is said warmly towards the fall of his lyrics, a clear sign of gratitude towards those who have followed the mists back home even after the darkness stripped all alliance from their coats.

"You, too, are welcome to stay within our borders. On conditions that will soon be laid clear, youngling," he warned softly, a message to all who hear his deep vocals. She is nameless, has not offered forth anything for him to call her by, and so she is youngling to him. He means no offense by it, and regards her with clear azures that transfer such a message. And speaking of Alysanne...a smile is offered to her as his gaze moves across her, happy to see her back home. He does not know her on a personal level, but she is of kind heart, and he knows Resplendence will be glad to have her back in the ranks. More come in silence, until Nato ventures to say their names, bringing Kaj's eyes to the unicorn. Kaj levels his head respectfully towards the old warrior, rising after an appropriate amount of time. "It is a joy to have you back, Nato," he commented simply. Nato would understand. Kaj had never been one for lengthy speeches in the norm, though he had certainly gone on tangents befitting a loose-tongued foal. Had they all not done so?

All is disrupted by the joyful squealing of a youth, though she looks old enough to Kaj to be on her own, huddling close to Quilyan as if Kaj is sizing her up for a meal. Amusing, but exasperating. "It is unnecessary to call me such a title, miss Nasreen. I am Kaj the Storm Bringer, King of the Edge. Not your honor." Smile lifts his lips into a half-smirk, amused by her actions, and idly reaches a feather to caress Kahlua's flank should she allow him such a touch. It's almost thoughtless, to reach for her, to know she is safe beside him, healed and happy where he can protect her. Attention is grabbed by Aaron, not feeling obligated to answer them all, for he feels uncomfortable speaking so boldly, and these are Kahlua's followers as well. Kaj knows how much she will enjoy speaking with them, so he leaves Note's request to her and tries to catch Aaron's eyes.

There is hope, in him, to mend what he has broken with the painted son. Kaj knows better than any the loss of a sister too young to be taken, and hopes he can prove to be a better man than he has proven to the fire wielding stag. Resplendence comes next, approaching them in the quiet manner she holds, and Kaj slowly takes his eyes from Aaron to keep her in his vision. However her greeting is cut short by the hatching of her draconic companion, which Kaj raises a brow at, shocked that it chose such a public place to hatch. It was a mild disturbance at best, but the reptile seems content, and as long as Resplendence is happy then Kaj does not mind the interruption. In fact, another dragon is at play with his locks, bringing forth a chuckle deep as thunder and a smile towards both Evangeline and Tallis both. With all of them gathered, and no others forthcoming, he clears his throat and nudges Kahlua gently, signalling that he is ready to begin.

"Children of the Edge, bearers of the Night Queen's blessing. We have returned home." Lyrics ring across the opening, silencing chatter as it echoes softly through the trees, drawing them in to him. It is time to become a family once more. It is time to weave the bonds of decisive measures that will protect them in the coming seasons. "Those who have bore this mark before, you may notice the mantle has changed. We cannot live in the DragonHeart's shadow, the Queen herself has forbade it. It is a new dawn for us all. We are free from the confines we have suffered in for so long, and now, we must come together and share our strength to heal once more." Words come to him without real thought, weaving through them like wind currents, whispering into ears and begging attention to be brought to him.

"We are the remains of the Qian. We have policies that will not be broken. Should you have qualms with these laws, you are welcome to depart. This is a land of equality. Racism is a severe crime, with varying punishments, the most common perhaps being banishment from these lands." A foreleg strikes hard against the earth, eyes hard with seriousness to emphasize this statement. Gaze sweeps slowly across all those gathered, daring an objection. "You are not required to pay patronage to our Goddess, but respect the fact that she has given us this home. Respect your brethren, and those they worship."

Speaking of. That reminded him of something. "As such we are family. No matter what disputes you may have, when the time calls for battle and sacrifice, you fight for your family. Loyalty is held in high regard in these lands. As of now, there are no alliances held, negative nor positive. But love is not able to be confined. If you wish to have foals, we encourage this, for new life is always held as a celebration." A smile pulled at his lips. Foals were a weakness for the Stormbringer, he could not help the happiness that warmed him to imagine them running about in spring and summer. It would truly feel like home, then.

"Your Queen and I have discussed how we will establish ranks. The Edge is no foreigner to invasion. We will be placing all those vying for Captain in one arena to battle in the fashion that an invasion would conjure. The two who remain will be crowned your Captains. If you would like to participate in this tournament, I urge you to speak now." Silence fell for a few long moments, awaiting any voices that called forth eagerly or hesitantly in any degree, hoping there would be any at all. They were few in number now, but many were still lost in the lands of Helovia, and their homecomings would be welcomed. Then his eyes fell to Quilyan and he smiled, stepping forward.

"Quilyan, advance." The Stormbringer awaited for his command to be obeyed, smiling and lifting his wings, the flight feathers of his left wing extending to behold the painted stud as if on display. "You have served the Edge loyally, faithfully, for many seasons. Your efforts have not been overlooked, brother. We ask you know, as your King and Queen, will you rule as our Specter? Will you defend our families from those hoping to steal them in the thick of night, and exact revenge on those who succeed? The position is yours to take, brother."

The very first promotion. Kaj smiled at the lad before him. They were finally moving forward.

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Home: the World’s Edge. That is what Nato had called this place. I followed him through the thick forest wordlessly, probing my own imagination far too intently to provide much conversation. It has always seemed to me that woods welcomed silence. I think about many things: home, trees, frostfall, seasons… Unicorns. The possibility that the world I had always thought infinite might have an actual physical limit – and that I might soon see it for myself. My wings appreciate the break, and they rest heavily over my back.

The arbor grows thinner as the trees distance themselves from one another. The air smells livelier, I think. Finally, there is nothing more overhead: just meadowlands rolling their undulating course onwards, dotted with pockets of water. Downhill, many equines congregate closely together. I hang back to watch, letting Nato approach his family unencumbered by me. What a delightfully eclectic crowd! They blend together in a blur of colors and wings and bodies unlike any I have ever seen; all of them with their own rich history to share. I wait as long as I can stand. Finally, Nato settles into the crowd, and my cheerful trot lifts me over the foreign terrain.

I hover uncertainly at the perimeter of the congregation, my ears twitching. I hear two words over and over: Kaj and Kahlua. A golden pegasus stands at the forefront of the group beside a pinto horse, and the golden one begins to speak at length, taking ownership of the meeting.

His words clarify very little for me. Night Queen, DragonHeart, Qian, Goddess… I try to absorb as much as I can, holding back the flood of questions brewing in my mind. This doesn’t seem like the time. Racism strikes me as such an odd idea. Why would you hate anyone who can share with you a perspective that you would otherwise never know? Why would you ever want to limit yourself that way? The gist of the conversation flows towards new beginnings, and I decide that feels appropriate enough. I am beginning anew here, too. Maybe this herd’s new roots shall sustain my own growth. I would like that.

I remain silent at the call for a Captain. I am unpracticed in the art of fighting: I didn’t grow up with the other colts who rough-housed for hours on end, and because of that I never seem to have that natural instinct for the art of combat.

Another horse is called out as Specter – I have no idea what that might even entail. I feel like I am interrupting something important, but I know I can’t simply lurk as a trespassing stranger for long. I step closer to the group and clear my throat before speaking up towards Kaj and Kahlua and everyone else, “Greetings. I’ve been led here by your own Nato. The only armor I can provide you is that of my mind, but I would happily offer it if you would accept it. I am Pampero.” I am Pampero and I have about eight hundred questions that I would like to ask. Let me stay and learn their answers.
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As Lace- or what should have been Lace- burst through the trees, Kahlua shuddered and she was glad to have Kaj by her side, to look to, to lean on as he ran away. He was what she needed. Still, despite her hesitations about Lace, despite the anger she had at him for causing her so much trouble with Kaj and her own self, Kahlua felt for him. She had been a monster, she knew what it was like to feel that way, and so just as the first of the herd began to arrive, she murmured to Kaj with a sad look in her eyes. “We should find him,” her voice barely audible except to Kaj, but Quilyan's approach was enough to bring a smile back to her face. Now was her time to shine.

So the girl became a queen, brilliant, energetic, bouncing and joyous. “Quilyan,” she laughed all through his name as he addressed her. Her majesty. She was hardly worthy, and yet the slightly vain side of her reveled in the words. But her attention was not to be kept for long. As Kaj took care of the politics, welcoming new faces into the herd, Kahlua practically exploded from her position as Aly and Brisa arrived. Somehow, she managed to stay planted in place, but her voice chirped lovingly. “You made it, my friends, welcome home. I'm so glad you're here!” The Edge just wouldn't have been home without them.

“Nasreen!” she cried them with surprise and wonder. She had missed the girl with whom she had struck such easy friendship and was glad to see she was still here. In all, it killed the paint to have to stand here before them instead of bounding between them, but if Kaj could remain composed, as he always seemed to, she would try her very best. For him. It was therefore as if he read her mind as his wing brushed against her and she reached to the side with her nose, to touch him with her nose along the neck, lingering just a moment too long, all the while unaware of why.

But her nose pulled away when Dragomir arrived, nodding to him deeply, smile glowing, saying nothing to him for now, since she had quite a surprise in store for him later. But to Note she found words, voice bouncy as ever. “The Edge is your home then, as long as you strive for peace. That is all we ask.” She did not question that he knew their names, surely the word would have spread by now. As for Eva, the day was too happy for Kahlua to give the girl the odd look she might have deserved, given the pair's strained beginnings. “Welcome back,” she said and it seemed that perhaps Eva was feeling the joy too, for her dragon swept his wing across her back in greeting. Her laughter was infectious as she threw her head up. Joy to Lady Moon for giving them this gift.

Even Resplendence seemed to be exuding joy, and the egg that she had found while they were together hatched, much to Kahlua's surprise. But it was a perfect metaphor, new life for all, though totally lost on Kahlua. A nudge from Kahlua drew her prying eyes away from the Fallen Angel, though, and the paint stood a little taller as Kaj began to run through the information he wished to divulge.

He was brilliant, a word smith, and as he spoke she hummed softly, happy that they had the same ideals, that their rules and laws had come so easily into place. Her humming only stopped for a moment as the pair waited for volunteers for the warrior's tournament- a true tournament this time. And when he was done and finished, she stepped forward, bowing her head to Quilyan in honor of her service, before finding her words. “Your mind is welcome in our happy home,” she offered to Pampero, not noticing his hesitation, his subtle hints. But she was happy to have him nevertheless, as if she could be anything else.

“Our crafters will be lead by Aaron, who has always been faithful to the Edge, but also,” her blue eyes went searching for Dragomir's, “Dragomir, who has always been helpful.” She never even questioned whether or not he had delivered the gift she had made for Shadow, clearly having forgotten that she was owed the palm leaves. “Of course our healers will be Resplendence and Alysanne, find them friends, if ever you are hurt.” Never as eloquent as Kaj, Kahlua appointed rather than asked, but it was all part of her charm. She was so sure of her friends, that this was what they wanted.

“Just remember, my friends, that we aim for peace. Strangers are friends until proven otherwise, and you are all encouraged to spread the idea of peace, if it pleases you.” A deep breath ended her words and she looked to them all, nickering contentedly that their home should be repopulated. The Edge was reborn.

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The king shares a moment of peace with the painted stallion, for which Quilyan is grateful. He smiles, then retreats to the small half-circle forming around the new monarchs, all the while contemplating why it was that he could be so close to this stallion, while he had not managed to be so with his own brothers. You and he more alike, Zarina whispers in his mind, and he nods to himself. Though he had loved his brothers, they had not shared many interests. He wonders now if they ever resented him, for being the heir when he had done nothing to earn his place.

Others arrive. Some are familiar, and some are not. He watches them come, standing with his weight balanced easily and his wings tucked to his side. Though he fears the danger is not over - after all, it is far too soon to forget the damage done by the darkness - he is relaxed at this moment, happy. It is so wonderful to be happy. A shriek from above draws his attention; surprise registers on his maw and he starts, wings flaring aggressively. But then Nasreen barrels into him clumsily, babbling affectionately about her own experiences in the caves. He relaxes once more, settling with a cheerful grin as his sister realizes that she is not alone. She hides in his banner, and he chuckles, reaching for the crest of her neck gently with his teeth, trying to tug her up for a proper greeting. "It's 'Your Majesty,' Reeni," he corrects her softly, his eyes laughing. Had her lessons from home truly gone so astray that she could not remember how to properly address her monarchs?

Well, she had been young when the Anarchists came. It is not her fault.

But Kaj is unbothered, brushing it off lightly. The deposed prince begins to worry, craning his neck for a sight of his princess. Then she is there, nuzzling her way under his wing, which he lifts for her without thinking. Her gentle voice reaches his auds and he grins at her, overjoyed by her words. Every time she tells him she loves him, it is just as thrilling as the first time. "As I love you, my princess." He murmurs it softly in her ear, just for her, their own private reunion even among the numbers gathering. Moments pass, words are exchanged - and then Resplendence begins to panic, all because her egg begins to crack. He barely has time to get out reassurances - "Steady, my lady, it is only hatching -" before a dragon falls out. He smiles, nods to her as though to say, See? before he realizes - a dragon fell out.

He stares at her.

Zarina stares at her.

It would be a dragon, his companion grumbles, watching the newly hatched creature crawl into its nest. The prince sighed softly, raising an eyebrow. As long as the hatchling does not get between him and his lady, he had no real preference as to what it was. "I would say he has chosen you, my lady," he says reassuringly, smiling into Resplendence's eyes. "He is quite lovely." And then the meeting is underway, Kaj stepping forward to gain the attention of his kingdom. Quilyan looks to him, auds pricked to catch his words, knowing that this moment was when he would prove himself to those gathered, those who questioned his authority and longed for the DragonHeart to return. His eyes urge the Stormbringer on, offer support for when he might need it.

But it seems that the herd has already accepted the stallion, for his speech proceeds without a hitch. He speaks of the future, of new life - Quilyan glances sidelong at Resplendence as Kaj speaks of foals, wondering for the first time if he might make a good father. And then the talk spirals into rankings and captains. The prince has no desire to be a fighter - he hasn't the training for it, not coming into Helovia as the heir to a throne. They hadn't wanted him to get hurt, so he had been trained only in the basics of combat. Perhaps if there had been anything but peace before the Anarchists, he would have gotten more training - but there was no war, no need for a soldier-prince, and so he had become much more well-versed in the trade of secrets.

His name surprises him, but he steps forward nonetheless. For one accustomed to ruling, he had not expected to be placed in a position of power. He does not want it - that is not to say that he wants to turn it down, gods no! - but he had not asked for or desired it, and somehow that makes it all the sweeter. He swallows, his mouth dry, but he bows deeply nonetheless, curling a foreleg under his chest and arching his nape gracefully. "My liege," he says formally, his soft tenor carrying across the gathered ensemble. "It would be my honor to serve our family in such a way. I pledge my life for yours," he tells the King and Queen, his words ringing with a time-honored promise from his land. "And," he adds, rising and looking to the herd, "for all of yours." He nods deeply, and steps back, his throat tight with pride and emotion. Zarina chirps shyly, stroking his nape with a small hand, as though to tell him he spoke well.

He listens to more appointments with pride, watching his brethren step into the titles given to them. He is particularly pleased when Resplendence's name is called; it would seem they are to serve together, as council for their friends and monarchs. He whispers congratulations in her ear, careful to be quiet lest he disturb the meeting.

It is a new day, and he is one of its heralds.

"Talk talk talk."

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Nasreen nods respectfully at the king’s reply, noting his name. However, in a moment she is distracted by the arrival of a mare…Res…? Res-something, she thinks, remembering that she was a friend of Kahlua’s. And apparently a friend of her brother’s as well. Res-what’s-her-name has snuggled under her brother’s wing, turning his attention to her. A flash of jealousy surges through her veins; she has only just been reunited with her only family member to be seen since leaving Th’orqui, and here he is, fawning over this lady. Nasreen huffs pettily, but her irritated sigh is lost in the commotion that—of course!—Res-something has created. Quilly’s attention isn’t enough, is it? She doesn’t bother to look over, but from the sound of it, something has hatched, and that something somehow belongs to what’s-her-face. It’s killing her not to look, but she won’t give the mare the satisfaction.

Finally, finally Kaj calls the herd to order once again. To her surprise and pleasure, he calls up her brother. Nasreen puffs with pride as Quilly is bestowed with the honor of ‘specter’ (whatever that is—it sounds good to Nasreen, anyway). Temporary their time here may be, it is good that Quilly is a leader. He will need to be one in Th’orqui. She beams at his eloquent acceptance speech, basking in his glow. Yes, this is the brother she remembers.

He closes graciously, pledging his service, and a small chirp from his withers catches her attention. A small creature rides atop her brother, and Nasreen blinks, curious and delighted. “Quilly,” she murmurs, “Who is this?”

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