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I huffed about, my legs growing weak underneath my overgrown womb. Why had this happened? Why had I been so stupid to get pregnant with a child that I would never have the time to take care of? I was so stupid, without thinking before I acted. But I loved him. He was my mate; my everything. I would make the King of my world happy, for it was his child, born of royal aspects. I would give birth to this child, even if it meant leaving my own soul to die.

I carried on, and after a while, I thought I could actually make it, to a cozy warm birthing bed. But my legs flailed about underneath me and I finally gave out. I struggled to redeem myself, but I could not, it was like the gravity of Earth was pushing all its weight against me, so I gave up, letting my frame lay there in the snow. As soon as I felt the jolt of pain flow through my wary bones, I knew what happening. I was giving birth! But this was not right. This was bad. I was giving birth too early, in the middle of the frozen seasons and it wasn’t good at all. The foal would shiver to death, its poor little fragile body freezing until it couldn’t move to gain its first steps. I had to stop myself.

I tried to get to my feet, but my body was still nailed to the Earth’s surface and there was no chance that I was getting up anytime soon. Yes, I was giving birth to a foal in the middle of winter! Curse my bad luck. If the foal was weak, it would not live, and if it did not live – what would my King say? Would he ask me what had happened to my womb? Why had it decreased in size, and I still bring no foal home? Would he be upset if I told him that the little body inside that I had carried around long enough, had pasted in the dead of winter?

My womb was becoming painful and now the warm blood stained the once-cleansed snow. I heaved and I heaved, and when I thought about giving up, I felt relief as a little thud came from behind my rump. I let my frame lay still in the snow for a moment, my weak legs unable to lift my body up. But when I finally was able to gain my stance, I almost fell back down in astonishment. Nothing was wrong with the foal, but one thing. She had a horn. We were royal, equines. How the fuck did I have a horned foal?! Something is messed up. It must just be a birth defect, seeing as she was born early. But… THE FUCK?! I don’t even know what to do with this thing.

I couldn’t just leave her there, so I picked her up by the neck (I’d seen wolves do it, why can’t I?) once I had cleaned her and took her to a cozy cave. I didn’t know what would become of her, and I didn’t really care. I would have to tell the King that it was a mistake, I was too weak and the wolves got a hold of the foal. But I have no scratches… Well, I’ll take care of that on my way back.

I took off at dead speed to the empire, leaving the filly behind to defend herself.

[This is just Fawna's mother giving birth, but the next posts will be Fawna. c: @[Parelia]]

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The snow crunches lightly under steady cream hooves as she strode through the entrance to Helovia searching for lost souls to bring to her, home. She snorted that place was not a home, a home was were her family was. Shaking her head slightly angry Parelia kept on moving. The snow was thin under all of these trees, but it was still to much for her taste. The dainty cremello painted Pegasus would have to do something about her living arrangements, but the this tore at her heart. Her loyalties were torn, her love would remain with her heart, Ciceron. 'I cannot stand to live with those insane bastards. But what will happen if I leave Ciceron?' The thought he would abandon his feelings for her scared the poor mare. Dropping her head slowly she sighed deeply her sides heaving as her deep lunges pushed the air away from her. Parelia had been hoping the large dappled stud would become her mate, and bless her with a foal. Hormones pounded through the mare, almost begging for a foal.

While living in the caves she had been around several foals, and her motherly instincts had been driving her insane. She had even felt what she figured was the beginnings of lactating while around all the hungry scared foals. Hell she could still feel a heaviness in her utter, painful and swollen. Once again she heaved a sigh, figuring the swelling would eventually fade and bring her relief, but until then she would leave a slight trail of fluid behind her. A loud screech from her back made the gentle hearted mare pause and bend her neck. A fluffy white chick clutched at her back with sharp talons, her skin was slowly toughening to accommodate her soul-mate's clutch. Penna's sharp beak opened again letting out another screech, titling her head curiously she watched him with honey orbs.

The were not able to speak together yet, but she could feel he was telling her to check around them. His sharp beak snapped together as if telling her to hurry it up. She turned her head back around drawing in the scents around her. Dainty ears pricked as the sickly smell of blood reached her nose. Ever muscle in her thin frame told her to run away, but a voice in her head told her to investigate. 'Maybe someone needs help.' Once again she moved forward quicker now, Penna clutching tightly to her withers. She could feel the scabs opening back up and warm fluid trickling down her side. Her tail flipped in slight aggravation as she slowed to a quick walk.

It wasn't long until she came upon the source of the smell. She lowered her head carefully sniffing before gazing around for the horse who had left this, instead she found a trail where something had been drug. Cautiously she followed the path dished face lowered, her eyes up and bright. The trail ended at a cave. She paused for only a second before pushing her chiseled features into the warmer cave. A gasp of shock shook through her body as she gazed down at a beautiful buckskin filly. Parelia's gaze softened instantly as she look in the newborn, a single curving horn protruded against her head. Her soft warm voice swam towards the filly, "Where is your mother sweetheart? I am Parelia, do not fret I am here to help." Velvety soft lips lowered to nuzzle the filly.

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