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[OPEN] Blue Banners of the North [ AURORA BASIN]

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You approach the tall, well-crafted blue tent of the Aurora Basin. Banners wave in the wind, and long, tall timbers provide ample relief from the sun. The tent, large enough to contain most of the herd, is open for all, a thick fire burning in the center.

The herd leaders and ranked members have control over this area! Please refer to your leaders as to how this shall be set up and how Basiners will behave! Leads, please feel free to PM rules to the "Random Event" account that you want your subjects to follow while on Sky Island.

While traveling, wandering, and perusing the newest Sky Island, please keep these rules in mind. Failure to do so will result in consequences.

* Only unicorns are permitted into the herd of Aurora Basin. Newcomers may be recruited by any current member of the herd, but will require the approval of a Tier 2 or above member before acceptance.

* Recruiting Outcast Unicorns while on the Sky Island is encouraged.

* The Time God is the patron god of Aurora Basin. He is to be respected, though it is not required that members revere him. During this plot, pay mind to the other Gods as well.

* Trespassers within Basin tents are to be treated according to the following guidelines:
- Unicorns are to be treated with respect unless they show signs of aggression.
- Equines and pegasi will not be permitted or tolerated. If they refuse to leave, please find a Tier 2 or above member, instead of acting on aggression.
- Should an intruder insist upon speaking with a lead, they reserve the right to do so, regardless of race.
- Should the individual in question hail from World's Edge, they are to be allowed temporary entry with a chaperone.

*All members of the herd are to be treated with respect and considered family, regardless of differing opinions and beliefs.

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The clouds had bridged her ascension to the curious floating island, her son on a nearby, magical elevator and her griffon lounged across her platinum plated shoulders with her feline tail twitching in drowsy serenity. The Lady and the boy prince feel little trepidation as they move upwards, Rikyn drawing his inner strength from the calm demeanor of his dam, and the golden bitch herself enthralled with the magical wonder of it all and the promise that it was safe – why else would it hover above the sacred stones of the Gods?

They took their first steps onto the flying island with wonder writ into each of their faces, the Lady turning her golden eyes to find her son’s matching their intensity, and both had set off at an easy lope down the seemingly old paths that were etched into this strange place. Illynx wonders, as she looks upon the gaily decorated cherry trees and the endless fields of bountiful green, if they have come upon the home of the Gods, the place from which they have watched over their children for eons.

Rikyn only feels amazement with each new step, finding the glorious, fresh smell of the air here delightful and the sound of the birds even more so, no ponderous thoughts as to why or how drifting through his mind that only sees the here and now and finds it beautiful and perfect. He barely manages to follow the path of his dam as she sweeps towards some place that beckons to her heart, knowing that if he is separated from her here, the punishment he receives from her later will be highly unpleasant and undesirable.

Before too long, the hills and vales ease into a flat landscape which houses multiple tents of vibrant shades. Illynx instantly notes each as a tent of the various herds below and moves towards the blue to investigate it further; her son takes longer in the realization, only understanding what the tents are as they make their way through the gap in the fabric that comprises their own.

The golden woman takes in a deep breath of air to find that she is the first of her kin to find the clearing and the tents therein, though the outside air tastes of the other lands – it does not surprise her. The unicorns of the Basin rarely exit the confines of their mountain, for it provides all they need – where as the less dedicated and refined communities outside the snow palace tend to wander as the most primitive and ancient of equinites all about the face of the land, finding no true satisfaction in their own homes.

"We gonna go tell the others?" the brown tinted, black colt alongside her asks, and she tilts her gaze from the hearty flames in the center of the structure back to him with slight admonishment of his poor grammar writ into its expression. "We find out why it is all here, first," she says with some lilt to her tones to suggest she finds him foolish in this moment, drawing his ears to either side of his head in shame before he disguises it by casting his eyes out of the tent and following their path into the sunlight.

"And how are we going to do that? Ask rocks?" he replies smartly once he’s sure the cloth separates him from her shock magic and he’s well out of her horn’s strike range. His mother snorts angrily from within the tent and stalks out after him with her ears pinned to her head, glaring at him with her nostrils narrow and vicious. "I’ll ask whoever I find," she snaps, her smile growing on her face swiftly and etched with mocking, "you’ll stay here with Kyst."

At the mention of her name, the little cat creature rouses and stretches along the Lady’s back, her pale eyes flickering out towards the son of her master with an intentness; while young, she thrived in pleasing Illynx and was well capable of causing quite a bit of hurt with her talons, claws and teeth – not to mention the emotional bond between woman and griffon allowed Kyst to call a warning from great distances and send the mare back to deal with her son if he tried to disobey. Mewling sweetly and rubbing the length of her body along the arch of the Lady’s neck, Kyst gives her keeper a gentle departing nip on her dark mane before bounding down into the grasses of the magic island, strutting over to sit alongside the prince with a smug expression.

"Whatever," Rikyn mumbles, looking down at the griffon with a dislike that was tinged also with love (while Kyst did his mother’s bidding, the griffon was good to him) as the Gilded Blade leaves him in the shadow of the tent with her companion. He whispers down to the griffon as soon as he’s sure his dam can’t hear him. "We don’t need her anyway, do we?"

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It feels as though the pit of her stomach falls away as her and her pale companion are lifted on seemingly weightless clouds. She watches the blues and white fluff-parts meld and twirl away as they are carried up and up and up. Mist spackles her alabaster face and she closes her white lashes over dark brown eyes. She inhales deeply, jutting her chest outward and head upright. It smells beautiful – it feels beautiful. A lightness waves through her blood, muscles and bones. Sunlight reflects off of her polished looking horn that spirals north from the center of her forehead. Finally the cloud floor begins to descend upon the lush Sky Island, the fresh air curling around her like a blanket. As they get closer Phrixus launches off of her withers with glee, calling out loudly; his shrill hollers mixing with the peaceful sound of falling waters.

It lands and dissipates, her bird not far but out of sight, exploring. She peers in his direction with a smile, but soon finds herself a distraction, delicious grass. She rips at the green shoots vigorously at first, feeling starved as of late from spending all of her time in the snow drifts of the high North country. After a while she is quite satisfied and moves on to explore the suspended isle.

The silvery mare hears stirring in the trees just around the corner to where she is looking around, poking various vegetation patches and scanning the landscape for any other Basinians. The commotion gains her focus, “Phrixus?” She calls out through her mind, and he return to her shoulder moments later. The commotion remains and she cannot help but poke her head around the bend of trees. She see’s Rikyn, Illynx’s son and her bonded whom Tangere does not know the name of. “Hello!” the painted unicorn cheerfully chimes to the child, who may or may not even recognize her. “I am Tangere, I know who you are,” She chuckles as she moves in closer; her white raven companion perching on a low lying branch to watch, keeping cautiously away from the griffin. “You’re Rikyn!” She boasts another plume of laughter, swishing her tail wildly from side to side even though there are hardly any insects to bother her rump.

She slips her eyes from side to side, looking around quickly and then back to the colt. “Where is your mother, by the way?” She jokes, knowing she cannot be far and surely the griffin is capable of making sure the young prince doesn’t find himself in too much trouble.


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I’m sulking quite thoroughly when a friendly, female voice lifts my eyes from the griffon at my hooves who playfully swats my own when it arcs by her in our game we’ve been playing since momma left us. Kyst can’t talk, but that hasn’t stopped me from talking to her and taking in her blinks and stares as replies to my words; that someone is here who can actually respond to me is a delightful turn of events and I greet her with a smile though I don’t know her name or recognize her from any of momma’s personal conversations. She had been at the herd meeting, I knew that much, and so I instantly put faith that a friend rather than a foe approached me, my lion’s tail curling about my side and knocking the griffon in the head in passing on accident.

The cat creature hisses a noise of displeasure and sinks her claws into my leg.

"Ouch!" I nearly shout in surprise, face surly and the urge to kick the creature restrained by two things: one, momma would surely beat the daylights out of me, and two, this woman didn’t need to think I was a barbaric child who kicked young companions that were not mine. Thankfully for both of us, something distracts Kyst over in the nearby trees and she prowls closer to it and further away from me – allowing me to turn my attentions more fully on the grey and snow toned mare who approaches.

She says her name is Tangere and that she knows who I am already, drawing my eyes wide with surprise that my name is known to those I have never met or shared it with, my smile bright in the realization that I was not even a year old and already had a blooming reputation. She laughs, her tail swishing through the air with audible wooshes of noise and dispersed air, and I almost return the sound, so easy and light is her own delight.

"Everyone knows me," I say regally, my slender neck arching, though I know its not true; I hope my ability to cover the lie is good enough to disguise it from her. I couldn’t think of anything better to say in response as she’d taken the natural reply for first meetings – my name – and used it already.

She looks around her as if she wants to find something, turning her eyes back to me once she finds nothing and speaking, once again, with the light quirks of humor to her tones. An ear falls back at the initial mention of momma, wondering if she doesn’t really want to talk to me at all and is just here looking for my dam, but I think – key word being think, of course – that she mostly means it as a jibe towards the fact that I was mostly alone, but for Kyst.

I look over my shoulder at the griffon tucked low in the grass, her banded tail swaying behind her neatly folded wing tips and her eyes trained on something in the trees, then back to Tangere with a slight wonder as to what the stupid cat creature is staring at. "She went to ask others what this place is," I explain, now looking out towards the direction she’d departed from with a faltering expression that says I don’t really know where she is (suddenly scary now that I have actively thought of it – what if she didn’t come home? What if Tangere decided to eat me?), "been gone about a half hour or so. I don’t think she’ll be gone long. The island didn’t look too very big from down on the ground…"

It’s more me trying to ease my worries than anything else, and I realize as much as my words trail off and I refocus my young eyes on the mare before me. "How do you know her?" I ask, smiling wryly as I realize she knows her because she is her Lady – and further clarify, "you act like she’s closer to you than just your leader. Are you a soldier, too?" I remember that mother had told me she was once a soldier and then a corporal of the Basin and the Plague, working her way up alongside my nefarious Aunt Psyche until she had earned her current place. It only made sense to begin there, in the past of my dam, to find where she might know this woman – but its also possible that their relationship is newer than that, and that I have just given away things about my mother she may not have wanted her to know. I don’t see why it would really matter, other than maybe mom’s insane need to be better than everyone all the time, and so I feel little guilt over the matter – mostly just shame, because I’d failed to thoroughly think through my words before speaking them, something that would definitely have earned me a hard stare and smack from the woman who was teaching me to use my tongue as a weapon.
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