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Upon leaving you, I wander aimlessly. I have no home to return to for patrols, nor a place to settle in for the night. I'm always moving, never taking a moment to stop and take a breath. I don't let myself relax for a moment and take in my surroundings. I'm always up and about, dancing around on cloven hooves to the rhythm of my heart. Wherever it wanted me to go, I would go with Teppei bundled up within my mane or held in a moss ball that's gripped between my teeth.

So here I stand, gazing out across the world from a perch within the heavens, my curly locks drifting in the wind and my green eyes sweep over the land. My bushy tail shakes as I turn round, stooping down to gaze at Teppei who is sleeping silently with his little maw gaping, a paw held over his face. I smile down upon him, remembering what you had said before, that they grow up fast. ‘Twas true, as I see now Teppei has grown larger in the past few months. My heart swells just thinking about the day when Teppei will have grown up, leaving me with just fragments of memories of times like this. Standing beside the little fuzzy cub with the wind gently playing with his fur, brushing my curly locks over my eyes I find peace. But it is not peace I want. I haven’t felt the rush of adrenaline or the heart racing excitement of sparring in so long, I’ve begun to miss it.

A toss of my head signals my hooves to rise, my mouth gaping and letting loose a loud call to any who are out there. "Fight me!" I call, listening to my heavily accented words echo through the valley around me, the wind sweeping away the two words and leaving me standing in silence. I shift my weight, glancing around. Maybe the only reason I’m getting myself beaten up is so that I can go running back to you, and we can have another silly little conversation with cute, innocent compliments that have hidden meanings you are oblivious to. Sometimes it hurt knowing you were probably off cuddling up with Ktulu, or maybe just wandering the Edge thinking about Ktulu and the future children you two will have together somehow. Something inside bubbles and brews, I can’t tell if its envy or anger, hatred or pain. I stand, red body painted across a canvas of greys and deep blues, faded gold dancing at my hooves. Small drops of rain begin to find their way down to earth from the clouds, signalling the storm that approaches. I turn to tend to Teppei, bundling him up in a little moss tent so that he will remain warm and dry for a bit. The rain comes harder now, and the cold water sends shivers down my spine as it collides with my skin.

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- this is a normal spar, so 3 attack posts each and one closing defense.
locket is currently on top of a hill in the fields just before a storm so its kinda wet and dark atop the hill.
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An impending storm forces both horse and kit up the hill at a faster pace, their fur already coated in rain that had fallen before. Orangemoon was well on its way in and was making itself known. Sacre often liked the rain, however, he liked to watch it from undercover and smell its wild scent. Not be drenched it it from head to toe and forced to wander like a drowned rat. There was something about the way the water ran down his legs that made him uncomfortable, like he just wanted to rub himself against a tree to get rid of it. Inari would shake now and then, catching his dark friend off guard who would snort loudly and throw a mucky look the young foxes way. The kit simply ignored him and carried on the business of running up the tiring path, hoping there would be some kind of shelter at the top. As they get higher and eventually reach the top, Sacre could have sworn the rain began to hammer down harder.

However, the matter of finding shelter wasn't going to be easy, the two quickly found out. Instead of finding a nice warm looking tree to keep the rain from their backs, they heard a challenge cry out across the area and a stallion of bright orange stood atop a hill. Sacre stared at him bewildered. Who wanted to fight when a storm was coming?! An idiot?! As he neared the curly maned male he noticed the dark horn for the first time and the way in which the white marked him, like a pandas face. His lower half appeared to be sooty, but that could've just been the rain. Sacre, along with Inari, continued walking towards the stallion until he stood upon the same hill and they were, hopefully, face to face.

At first, the colt wanted to say "are you mad?!" But held his tongue. A part of his mind cast back to the Dragons Throat meeting and the talk of tournaments to select the head of warriors. Then he remembered his own lack of skill and blank fight history. He wanted to be strong enough to protect Roux and yet he lacked the basic attribute; physical skill. His brain might be marching on ahead with its curious nature and love of meddling, but his body was lagging behind badly. He was a lanky two year old who wasn't going to develop a fighting kind of muscle if he didn't practise.

Cerulean eyes sought those of the curly maned challenger and he did his best to swallow away his fear. Inari had noted the bundle tucked away neatly out of the rain and his little beady gaze became a quite a bit more interested when he noticed it was a baby panda. Just like Cera's, but monochrome in colour! Whilst the kit marvelled over his discovery, Sacre was beginning to find the words to address the strange stallion who had blared out his intent not so long ago. "I'll fight you" he accepted, his voice remaining steady, but his gaze betrayed a little of his apprehension. Hoping that this acceptance was the correct way to address his physical worries and not a fatal mistake.

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Since the fighting has not yet begun, per the new rules, please indicate if this spar is on an unlimited timeline or not. Thank you!

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unlimited timeline is fine with me, @[Locket]?

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