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Fiore watched the pretty pink bud that clung to a magnificent tree, awaiting the right time to spread its wings and show all its magnificent flowery glory. There was something about these trees that was rather fascinating to the youthful soldier and it was at that time that he realised he was probably spending too much time staring at foliage. Blue eyes cast themselves downwards and he snorted a mixture of exasperation and amusement at the floor. How had life come to this? Staring at pretty trees on a floating island. Mother always had high expectations of him and she surely would've been mortified to see him now, admiring the shrubs. Perhaps he should've asked Kahlua if he could've have become a gardener instead! He might've got to work with the pretty pink dun girl with one ear too!

For a few minutes the stallion seriously regretted his life choices.

With a sigh and his self moan over, Fiore made his way back to the Worlds Edge camp with eager steps. There was a task he needed to complete! He scoffed down a clump of grass, leaving only a single stalk in his mouth on which he chewed all the way back to camp. The seasons had changed and the Captains would surely want their warriors to remain rather strong and burly. Or at least, the mares did (or he hoped!) Many warriors strived to better themselves in battle as a form of art, but Fiore simply wanted handsome scars and drool worthy muscles to impress the girls.

Buxom dreams filling his mind, he called out the name of the warrior whom he was to engage this season. "My fellow Sergeant!" Destrier and his little green friend. It was no news that Fiore stuck out like a sore thumb, a warrior out of his depth, whom had somehow risen higher than surely he deserved. There was nothing remotely amazing about him, no special add on and even his height was a poor effort. Yet, Fiore battled on. A coward won no heart of a lady.

The soldier moves with purpose through the camp and to a forest clearing where the sun shone down and spots of Orangemoon rain began to blot his fur. He wondered if Destrier would hear his call, the brute might not even be on the island at all?! In which case Fiore considered taking the cloud taxi back home to find his elusive ass and drag him back for a punch up. Perhaps that would be too clingy he comically thought to himself. If his fellow man at arms was not here, the paint would leave it for another day, he didn't know how busy the guy was after all.

He waited patiently, surveying the dark clouds that had just floated over him.

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