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“Little Bird, I think we can agree you truly have no purpose here,” Déodat said stepping forward a sneer written across his face. “And I also believe you’ve realized that the boldness you prize yourself on has brought you naught but trouble.” It was more than plausible that Deimos was writhing in rage at more than just the Pegasus but the audacity of the Corporal. At his side Odette snarled and began to step nearer and nearer toward Aurelia. “I’m tired of lowly beings like you waltzing toward my home as if you are worthy of it. You waste my time with your idle blathering. It’s time you learn your place.”

”Strike?” Odette asked through their bond. Déodat pondered on whether to finally sick his bloodthirsty hound upon the mare. No, they would wait. They would watch and see what this mare would do as he stepped even closer hoping to place himself face to face with his opponent. He curled back his lip and sought to lock eyes with the golden mare, to let her see the rage pumping through his body. He wanted to sense her fear and watch her tremble. He assumed this mare was simply talk and had no bite to match her words.

“I challenge you to a fight Little Bird. Win and you can walk a free woman, lose and you’re mine,” Déodat’s voice oozed spite and it was almost mocking. Already idea circulated through his mind of the uses of a thrall. Surely there was labor that could be done by the little bird.

While he spoke, Odette aimed to stand at the mare’s back and she growled loudly. As she circled the mare she snapped out her jaws to bite at the open air, aiming to intimidate rather than injure. The gentle hound had faded into a predator in the game that lay afoot.

[ @[Aurelia]
Déodat is challenging Aurelia for her freedom. Continuation of this thread.

Magic and companions allowed
Setting: The entrance to the Basin. Cold winter day.

First attack goes to Aurelia if you'd like.]

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She hadn't come with a purpose, but she had thought one up as the chestnut challenged her. "I do have a reason." she stated calmly after he stated that her boldness had gotten her into trouble. "I came looking for Mauja." It was the first unicorn that came into mind, plus she'd be rather thrilled to see the dotted stallion once more. After all, she claimed she loved him. The stallion was/is the only horse to not hate Aurelia-- Yet he was nowhere. He was a thing of the past, something she has learnt from. Africa was no longer a friend. Aly's friendship was lost when the FireQueen had attacked Kahlua. Destry, her so-called-mate, had vanished. She was truly alone in this world. No one's words could make her feel otherwise. Every Helovian she met proved her point further. She was not even a personality anymore, just something to be sold, traded, beat-up. She was a slave growing up, and she was surely about to become one again if she lost the fight.

That's another issue: fighting. Why was it so hard for her to fight? Sure, she may not have been physically fit. Not to mention, this stallion had to have been twice her weight. Hollow pegasus vs. solid unicorn? This would end horribly. "I am no fighter.. This should be obvious." Just as obvious as the stallion being a well-oiled killing machine.

Her only weapon was her fire and will. Considering her will to be free was rather depleted, fire was all that was left. She stood as still as the metal machines. She thought about the varios says she could attack or evade. Should she flee? Forfeit? She didn't want to forfeit, but she knew it would be worse if she actually fought. The idea of being impaled by a sharp horn was enough to send shivers down her spine. She knew what she would do. Her plan was a scary one, but she'd end up lifeless otherwise. "I don't want to fight, and you won't make me." She spoke with defiance, her fear had vanished. She would allow them to imprison her. She'd been imprisoned before... It wasn't too bad. What would the unicorns make her do that the crazies didn't? She isn't strong enough to lift, she isn't a good sleuth, nor is she a good wise one. She would be useless, and they would toss her out soon enough.

Ooc: she forfeits, knowing she'll get into more trouble if she fights.

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Aurelia forfeits and becomes a prisoner of the Basin

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