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"Speech 'Wonderings' Words: 462 OOC: Daemyn is dressed like a black zombie Caucasian Shepherd dog. His normal hair has been painted black covering the brown and spots. He has large pieces of hair here and there(that will fall off) that are black and long like a dogs, where there is not hair, his face(forhead and both jaw bones), right ribs, left hid quarter(flank to croup), right part of his chest, are painted to look like blood and bone. You can see painted tendons, veins, muscles, and bones. On his face you can see sharp dog teeth painted on him. He has fake blood and drool painted around his mouth. On his forehead you can see where it looks like the bone has been cracked and you can see brian. @[Illynx] Attacks: 1 of 2 Closing Defense: 0 of 1

The zombie weredog, horse allowed his large body to stumble to the meeting place trying his best to snarl and growl in his scariest voice. He wanted to freak out his opponent as well as beat them up. It was lucky that his wounds were all healed and not painful. He would be able to move freely. He allowed his face to go slack so his zombie painted face would look blank, and causing the painted dog teeth to look as if the mouth was snarling defiantly. This was going to be fun, he could look like the creature on his necklace(which he had taken off), and he would get to beat someone to a bulb. He was probably a lot more excited about this than he really should have been. 'Oh well, how often did you get to dress up like this and fight?!' Half moaning half howling the mutilated looking beast pressed forward until a pretty bay and gold dipped mare came into view.

He froze confused for a second by her horn, then he chalked it up to her own costume. Letting out the meanest and creepiest how he could muster the stallion ran at her full tilt. Not wanting to come flesh to horn with her he swerved right at just the last second, attempting to slam into her side. She was almost as tall as himself, but not quite as much so they must be evenly matched. Snarling angrily he attempted to push her as hard as he could hoping to tip her over. If he succeed he would half rear and attempt to throw his weight down upon her ribs. His is attack failed however, he would spin as quickly as possible and throw his rear hooves into her, hoping to his her neck, shoulder, or ribs.

Retreat was the next best move leaping, or running(depending on if she hit the ground) he pelted away before pivoting at high speeds and turning to face her again. How many chances would he have to do some major damage, before her fake horn caught him, and how sharp was the damn thing? Howling again, his lilac eyes never leaving her chest, where he could see all of her moments a lot easier. He jumped forward again darting here and there trying his best to confuse her before she would retaliate. His black colored body and extra long black hair, along with the paint, did not hinder his movements at all as he hurtled towards the mare. Snarling once more he lunged trying to bite at her throat. Keeping his head flat against his black skull, trying to keep them safe from teeth. Anger pounded through his body as he attempted to bite and tear at her tender flesh.

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