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I cannot say why I have decided that sinking my horn into another's flesh is an exciting recreational activity for me to participate in, but hey, if other people are going to do it then why can't I? I'm certainly not a warrior, but that doesn't stop me from charging towards my opponent with expensive silks billowing out behind me. If anything, the battle to come is just a poor excuse for a catwalk, and I’m only here to showcase my Gypsy heritage with the garments that I wear. The gold holding the rich cloth together is dazzling with the sun rays shining down on it, and as much as I want to appreciate the beauty of it I have little time to waste; when one is so small in comparison to another, one must take advantage of every opportunity. With the sun almost at its peak before me the only thing I have going my way (other than being blinded by the massive orb whenever I look up, which is just great) is that the metal of my costume might blind the stallion that I am racing towards. I certainly have enough of the reflective material on me, so why shouldn't my plan work?

Taking extra care not to drag the luxurious purple tendrils through the little creek, I make a massive bound over the water and land on the other side of it with a thud. I look back to check over my costume while my legs are still moving, and a thundercloud of disappointment dampens my mood when I see that I've ruined the silk. The ethereal (and imaginary) mass of particles hovering above me turns into something far more dangerous as I snap my head back around to face the dappled beast. My exasperated cry of, "Oh for the Gods' sake!" transforms into some more monstrous as the bulk of my fury is released in a cry of outrage. "YOU MADE ME GET IT WET, MOTHERFUCKER!" Needless to say, I quite suddenly have a reason for being here. “YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!”

With fresh earnestness amongst my intentions of stabbing the hulking man wherever I can reach him, I press onwards in the efforts of closing the gap between us. At first it is that big fat rump of his that I want to press my horn into, but upon closer inspection I decide that that is probably not a good idea; one kick from a monster as big as him and I’ll no longer care about the state of my attire. I redirect my flying legs so that I can try to aim my dagger at his chest, meaning to stain the tip of my horn a much bloodier color than the violet it already is. My ears pin down against the whistle of the wind and my dark locks fly back to mingle with the air, but my agile legs – wanderer’s legs – do nothing less than carry me onwards in my assault.

While the rest of my body prepares itself for the bloodshed sure to come, my molten pools take in the stag’s exterior, seeking out some sort of injury to exploit but admiring his figure instead. Even as I charge towards him in an attempt at skewering him from the front, I can’t help but to be attracted to the shimmer of the light on his hide, or the way that his muscles move beneath his coat. As much as I hate the man for raining on my parade -- and as little as I can see him with the blinding sun behind his form -- he really is quite the model. Maybe if you had not made me ruin my clothes than I’d look at you out of lust, and not of vehemence.

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{WC: 636|Attack: 1/2|Closing: 0/1 @[Jakar]

Costume: She is wearing Gypsy robes! They're made of thin silk, almost transparent, and they are purple in color. An almost weightless train of the fabric follow behind her when she walks, writhing about her in the wind almost as if they are tails. More billows of fabric hang about her neck, covering her breast in a scarf-like fashion and pinning at her shoulders with large gold clasps. The ends of the chest piece hang down her sides, also writhing in the wind whenever she moves. Four strips of gold attach to the clasps on both of her shoulders, forming stiff arcs around her chest that are far enough away from her body so that they do not restrict her movements.

Summary: Grimmrot charges towards Jakar from the other side of the creek, leaping over it and thus getting her costume wet, which angers her to the point that she gallops towards him with her horn aimed at his chest. Finds him rather handsome even when she wants to kill him. ;D}

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This was foolishness, the whole lot of it. The idea of dressing up like some kind of character in order to go battle some opponent I had never met before was insanity, but at the same time it sounded so interesting and I had to make at least some kind of appearance. Dark rimmed ears flicked around on my skull as I impatiently awaited the arrival of my partner for this dance, the feeling of the silky fabric of the turban on my head was strange and eventually I just forced my ears to settled against my scalp so I would no longer be distracted by the fabric. The light breeze blowing through the arena in which I stood, restlessly shifting my weight from hoof to hoof as I waited, was enough distraction with the way it caused the light fabric resting on my thickly muscled shoulders to roll and billow with the slightest gust of air...I didn't need something rubbing against my ears too.
The mare's screams fill the air as my sky blue gaze is drawn to her athletic form that is also draped in robes of purple that work quite well on her already attractive looks. "YOU MADE ME GET IT WET, MOTHERFUCKER! YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!” My eyes widened slightly as I wondered what it was I had done to piss this mare off so badly, it seemed I was going to be known for my poor track record with the ladies it this kept up. First Sno and now this black and white beauty. A snort blew forcefully out of my sooty nostrils as I watched the beauty leap into action, her long, fit limbs stretching out while her skull lowered just enough so the sharp weapon protruding from her forehead would be able to pierce through some part of my flesh.
Curses flashed through my mind as the distraction of the mare's beauty was quickly swiped away by my impeding doom. My skull tossed into the air as I side stepped to the right just in time for the mare's horn to miss my muscular chest and rather pierce through the sheer black and red fabric of my costume, straight into the flesh of my left shoulder. A scream of pain and rage tore from my chest as ivories bared and my thick neck pulled in to angle my jaws to hold onto the top of my attacker's neck. My left knee jabbed upwards in hopes to find purchase along the mare's right thigh or shoulder as she moved past me, the movement causing the already bleeding wound to gush and pain to shoot through my shoulder once again cause profanities to slip off of my vocal chords. I was furious that the creature had caused my blood to spill onto the tall grass we stood on, but at the same time I was intrigued if not slightly turned on by her bravery and willingness to fight. Maybe after this foolishness was over I would find her and see how well she excelled in other fields, it wasn't like the varnished beauty I came here for was giving me the attention I desired.

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Attaks;; 1.2 0.0
Injuries;; 1. Grim's horn missed his chest, but rather pierced his shoulder through the black and red fabric, which was also torn in the process. The cut is fairly wide and deep, will make movements painful for the rest of the spar and a few days afterwards. Bleeding moderate to heavily
Summary;; He is dressed up like Jafar from Aladdin, a black and red turban sits between his ears just far enough back that it doesn't interfere with his horn. Around his chest and withers rests a black and red chiffon sash that billows in the wind, it is connected together by a thin black band that allows for proper movement. As Grim's horn went into his shoulder he bent his head down to attempt to latch onto the top of her neck and brought his left knee up in hopes of hitting on her right thigh/shoulder which caused the wound inflicted by her horn to bleed even more.

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