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My what big teeth you have Grandma [Graveyard - Dragomir]

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Just A Picture To Burn

There is something oddly different about today. For one, I woke up in this absolutely beautiful outfit that I have no idea where it has come from. Around my chest and down over my back and belly is a red dress with a white apron tied tightly to me. Over my ears and neck is a short red cape. Surely I can't be any cuter than I am now! There are holes in the dress that allow my wings to move freely.

For what ever reason, I decide to head to the island in the sky. Maybe I can jump off of it and practice my landings some more. I will learn to be graceful in the skies very soon. After all, at two years old this is ridiculous to be stuck on the ground. My trip of course is short since I live in the Throat.

When I arrive, I am suddenly distracted by the goings on around the island. The urge to fight is strong. I need to be strong after all if I am to one day impress Cera, or any stallion really. Being pretty isn't all that.... But then again, I am naturally pretty thanks to my Momma passing down her ability to avoid dirt.

That's when I see him. A strong looking stallion who is not from my herd. Maybe I can practice fighting with him? I am stupid and childish in my actions, as I do not know how to fight or even where to begin. So I begin the best way I can. I push myself forward, legs churning up the distance between us. I aim for his middle, warning to shove him with my body to the ground. Let the fun begin!

"Sed interdum rutrum urna, sed pellentesque sapien tempor in."

Word Count: 290
Attack: Amani charges forward, aiming to knock Dragomir over.
Costume: Amani is dressed like Little Red Riding Hood

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