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Seeing Spots. [Graveyard Champ vs. Archibald]

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My costume had since changed in this ridiculous game, deciding on something that was something slightly more comfortable than my previous attire. I ditched the multiple chains that had adorned my neck for a simple cow bell that echoed in the surrounding pyramid environment. Black and white paint blotches covered my body, and four pink balloons had been loosely filled and were now tied together underneath my belly to represent a rather misshapen udder. ’Damn things.’ I thought to myself as I swayed my hips in an attempt to get more comfortable. Balloons riding up into one’s crotch were not the most welcome feeling in the world. Having readjusted myself, I took a quick look around. It was tempting to get distracted by the various treasures that piled up along the walls, but I had to remind myself to stay focused. Having made it through the first battle against a damned fire-possessing crossbreed, my confidence level was now at it’s peak.

My dark gaze darted towards my opponent, lips pulling down into a scowl as I sized him up while ignoring his costume. It was what was underneath the attire that was important, and it was almost impossible to not feel my confidence shake as I eyed the behemoth. Even in the dim light of the reflected sunlight, it was rather easy to spot the giant. A plain stallion, I was thankful that this brute was at least grounded. This draft may have is monstrous size towards his advantage, but this meant that my agility and speed would surpass him, as well as having my own personal weapon donning my crown. Quick in and out jabs would be my best advantage as I formulated my plans of attack. Get in, do as much damage as possible, and get out. I made a mental note for myself to keep my legs and head as far from his hooves as I could manage, not wanting to even imagine the sorts of injuries he could deal with them.

A noise caught my attention behind the giant, chocolate gaze widening as a mysterious being began to rise from the tomb. Auds pinned back with disgust as the mummy clambered out in a wobbly mess, gauze unraveling and dripping with a number of creepy crawlies that could send shivers down anyone’s spine. With a scowl I had to hope that we could get this over with quickly, and to get away from the mummy as soon as possible. Perhaps I could use the mummy to my advantage?

Focusing on the task at hand, I reared up while giving off a fierce cry to announce the start of this ridiculous battle. The bell around my neck jangled about, it’s ring echoing off the walls to mock me. My balloon udder was a sight to behold as it bounced around. As soon as my hooves touched the ground, I kicked off into a full charge towards the beast. Leading with my horns pointed towards the stallion’s left shoulder, it appeared as though I was going to run a straight line directly into him. However, as I neared the beast I adjusted the degree of my path ever so slightly, pivoting with my horn still aiming to slice into his flesh.

If I were to miss, I hoped that the slight adjustment in my path was enough to at least ram my right shoulder into him, relying on the beast to move a little slower than myself. With any luck, perhaps I could get the giant to back into the mummy? There was nothing like tangling him up in the unwinding gauze to trip up those massive hooves to up the chances of my success. Otherwise, I hoped to feel that abrupt jolt that would course through my body if the multiple points of my horns could tear into his muscle and sinew. How what a wonderful image that would be, to picture his blood dripping down my horns and feeling the warmth of the fluid flow down my muzzle. I was high on the fantasy, the thrill, the rush of potentially defeating another. Oh yes, may the god’s let this be a delicious success!

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Archibald had never been in a place like this, and the dampness of the tomb and the air it held made his ears want to slam down and pin against his nape. But they could not, they were placed in a mask that resembled the likeness of a bat. It was black, and it seemed to match everything else that adorned the Dauntless' attire. Attached around his heartgirth was a gold utility belt, and attached to that belt was a flowing, ebony cape. Upon his forelegs were boots, on the outsides jutting with sharp prongs. It seemed fitting for his character, a bringer of justice, but it only made him feel uncomfortable--just as uncomfortable as this tomb. There was no fear within the beast, but he did not want to be confined here any longer. There was something dangerous about it, and Archibald did not want to stick around to figure it out. Nor did Loretta. The malamute was dipped in the darkest ink of black, looking like a wolf rather than the dog she was, and a simple laced black mask was tied around her head. There is evil here. She noted, sending Archibald an image of the darkness of the caves which had been a sanctuary to all of Helovia mere months ago.

The sound behind him caught his attention before the presence of the other stallion, and Archibald turned to look at the mummy rising from his coffin. The smell was putrid and Archibald's nostrils wrinkled and Loretta snarled, the pair showing distance for the creature together. The snarling must have caught the creature's attention, for it snapped its head around towards them. A piercing cry left its mouth before an arm reached up and swung towards the Dauntless. A scorpion flew through the air and landed on Archibald's thick neck. The scorpion stung him hard and Archibald suddenly thrashed, the pain overwhelming the area of his burn scar. The right side of his neck throbbed dangerously and Archibald closed his gold eyes, tossing his head. A quick, shuttering scream of pain left his mouth before the scorpion dropped from his neck to the floor. Archibald continued to thrash, his mind jumbled and only focussing on his pain. This was something different, something he had never experienced before. This was not the pain from a bite or a kick, not the feel of fire licking across his skin. No, this was poison, and Archibald never wanted part in it again. In his thrashing, the dark beast stomped down his hooves, smashing the unlucky scorpion and sending the creature to its grave.

Archibald! Loretta screamed through their bond. Though she was concerned about the pain the surged through her bondmate, she was even more concerned about the battle cry that left the muzzle of the unicorn racing towards them. The Dauntless shook his head several more times before, what felt like it took forever, the pain subsided enough for Archibald to open his eyes and look towards his new attacker. Still mildly disoriented from the sting, Archibald narrowed his eyes. With a deep, sickening snarl Loretta leapt into battle. From the back of her mind silver tendrils of her magic sprang forth. As she attempted to drown the other stallion in infancy, she ran towards his right side. At the last moment she leapt, hoping to aim her bite on the unicorn's neck. She kept mind to stay clear of his horn and his hooves, knowing all-too well the dangerousness they held. The bitch's only intent was to slow the stallion down and give Archibald time to react and recover from the sting. It seemed successful. Archibald tossed his head one last time, surging his body away from the oncoming stallion. Slamming a hoof to the ground, Archibald ignited the arena in a series of powerful tremors. The horn missed its mark, and Archibald pivoted his hips in an attempt to get parallel with the unicorn. Shifting his weight forward, Archibald kicked out with his left rear leg. He aimed a kick towards where he thought the stallion's head would be, attempting to jar the boy and send him fleeting with an injury to his head or mouth.

In the small amount of focused time Archibald had to see the stallion he determined that the boy was smaller than him. Smaller meant quicker movements, and Archibald knew he would need to keep his opponent close if he wanted to defeat him quickly and with little effort. Truly, all Archibald wanted to do was knock this opponent away and, perhaps, use him as the distraction that was needed for Archibald to reach the surface of Helovia once more.

[PC: 1/2 | WC: 779 | Tremors use: 1/2 | Loretta uses her magic to try and turn Pan into a foal mentally, while aiming to bite the right side of his neck. Archibald uses his tremor magic (:: [Magic: Earth (U) | can create earth tremors with a stomp of the hooves that unbalances and disorients the opponent] :: [Restrictions | Can only be used twice in battle, with the tremors lasting up to a full post; the tremors are strong and should cause severe disorientation]) and bucks in an attempt to kick Pan in the head.

Archibald is dressed as Batman. He has a gold girth that is a utility belt. On Archi's chest there is a painted grey bat symbol, and Archi is also wearing a large Batman mask. Attached to his girth/utility belt is a long black cape. On his front legs Archi is wearing black boots that have three black, metal prongs that are sharp. They are Batman's arm-thingies. Reference this photo: here | Loretta is Catwoman. She is painted black with a simple black mask. Reference this photo: here]

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