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Her endeavors had finally led her here, and Ms. Jack Frost was moving to the next round.

This time, however, she wasn’t joining the party without a more proper costume. First, she finds herself a nice little clay bowl, not far from where she was. The grey clay would be a perfect color! Next, she takes the sharp edge of a branch, and docks her tail. She cringes as she sees the hair fall to the ground, but its only fitting that her tail matches her already short mane. Next, she finds some sparkly rocks again and crushes them up. Wasting no time, she rolls in it to become one hunk of sparkly ball. Now, she was starting to look like a cyborg! However, no cyborg is complete without proper details! Dipping her nose in some blackish clay, she draws along her legs, chest, and barrel to give her the most futuristic markings she can manage. To finish off this one of a kind costume, she fastens the eye patch over her left eye; its not like she needed it anyway! Now was time to move onward toward the next place of battle, and soon enough she knew exactly where she was going.

A large building loomed above her; its outdoor details were flashy. Signs sparkled and promised payouts of disproportionate amounts, human-like creatures dressed in all sorts of raunchy costumes. She sure hoped these were not the opponents she was here to face.

Becoming a little uneasy with herself, Elsa slides through the large double doors that lead into the casino. As soon as she steps in, the smell of smoke chokes her. The smell is so thick, and the smoke lies like a blanket across her lungs. She wheezes a few times, but after a couple more steps in, she has become accustomed to the thick smell. Large, foreign mechanical machines are lined up in rows like a jail cell. Some scream out loudly, grabbing her attention. However, the deeper she moves into this place, the more spread these machines get.

Her pace is painstakingly slow; she can only imagine what lurks within these cramped rows. However, out in front of her, she can see that it thins out into an open area. This is no doubt where her secret opponent is waiting.

Elsa, however, is not intent on showing herself. Creeping behind the last row of slot machines before the open area, Elsa tries to peer between the gaps to see whom she is fighting. There, on an open, bright pedestal stands the one she is looking for. Jakar (his name unknown to her) is a bay unicorn, and Elsa noted to keep away from the long, piercing weapon. From the looks of his build, he is lean and tall, no doubt hiding some compact muscle away. This looks like a time for a sneak attack!

Her magic had become a crutch to her since her accident, but in this case, it was a very sneaky move. From below Jakar, she hoped to summon an ice spike up from underneath his front right hoof. If anything, he wouldn’t know she was there betwixt all the smoke and lights, and he would have one hell of a foot ache.

He, however, was not the only problem. A few rows away, opposite of Elsa, stood a human. In his hand he held a large, zapping object. Elsa mewed a little, unable to keep her fear under wraps. Maybe this game was out for more than a little fun; maybe these mysterious event planners wanted blood. Her blood pulsed, as her mind churned to think of what to do next. All she knew was that there was no way in hell she wanted to stick around in these cramped rows.

[630 Words :: 1/2 Attacks @[Jakar]]
[Elsa is dressed as a cyborg! She is colored grey with black accent markings, and is sparkly if under light. Her mane and tail are both docked.

Elsa attempts to spike his foot while hiding between the rows closet to Jakar.]
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