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WE DON'T NEED NO WATER [Graveyard Champ Roskuld x Voodoo]

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“Pa, please.”



“Go to your mortal room.”


“Roskuld, why do you want this costume.”

“I was born to wear it!”

“You were born for other reasons.”


“Now, there.”

“Pa, pleeaaaase, you made me the other costume!”

That one was classy. I’m not sure how to denominate this one.”


“That’s enough shouting.”


“Of course.”

“Pa, will you just--guh, it won’t even affect you!

“Other than having progeny running around foolishly doing foolish things, no, I don’t think it’ll reflect upon me adversely.”

“But I do that anyway, so...I mean...”

“……Fair point.”

“So you’ll do it?”

“*sigh* Fine, then.”



....But then I got there and I realized that it probably wasn’t the best idea. Don’t get it twisted, though, I was still fly as fuck (I was really feeling that mask, man) but the…atmosphere certainly wasn’t what I was envisioning. This was a lot…stranger, way more packed and tighter than the quietish place we were supposed to fight in at first. Also, the jacket I had been wearing originally had been giving me good vibes, y’know? The kind of vibes that just make you wanna smile at your neighbor ‘n shit, and make you feel like the world’s your onion (oyster?) and there ain’t nothing that can get you down.

This mask? And I guess the coat, too, and the hairdo, and these bitchin' goggles. It…wasn’t making me feel that much different than how I usually feel. Well, actually, I lied, it did make me a little more springy and wired, like the spark in my bones had magnified 10 times and I was ready to flip. But my speech was the same and my ideas weren’t any different, and right then I was getting the idea in my head that Hey, maybe I should really get in a fight. Which wasn’t smart but whatever.

I tried to be civil, I did! No foolin’. Cross-my-heart, hope-to-die. But this place was packed with strange people doing strange things and getting riled up over nothing, and it was hard trying not to get caught up in their hype. It kinda exploded at one point, erupting in all kinds of shouts and curses and fists flying everywhere man, it was great! Er, no, it was pretty terrible. Especially when something crashed into my right ass cheek.

Seriously though—it sorta hurt. It didn’t help that glass erupted everywhere and there was this sticky, smelly liquid splashed all over my ass and my brand-new costume. Now that pissed me off—that, and the fiercely sharp, stinging pain that was starting to lance through my leg and hip. Actually, ow, jeez it was starting to hurt even more as the seconds ticked by, like this pain-flower was slowly blooming within my glute until ooh owwie jee-wow this bitch is smarting. Agh. Shat.

So at that point I’m pissed, right, and I whirled my limpin’ ass around screaming “HEY!” at the first person I saw, someone red and black and skinny and obviously guilty. The adrenaline was rushing and I fired off bolt of light-biz from my horn without a second thought—and just like that, I was in the brawl.



Costume: Roskuld is dressed as Static Shock

Summary: Is hit with a lite beer bottle on the right side of her ass; will leave a large, angry bruise. Whirls around, spots Voodoo in the crowd, mistakes him for the attacker, and fires off a blast of lightening at him

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