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something sinister [Graveyard Champ vs. Bellona]

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They are in a forest, the girl and her brother think. At least it must be a forest: there is no other explanation for it- but it is a forest unlike any they have seen before. Instead of trees, there is a cavern of wood, a cave with straight edges and square cavities inside. Yet it stands independent, as though a tree- Or maybe a hill, the brother suggests. He stays near her side, peering curiously around, tails raised high and over-sized ears eager for sound. Wood hill. She frowns.

Forest or hill, she does not like this place. It reeks of musk and the long-lost dead, of mildew and sorrow and something sinister, macabre. It is strange, unknown and sets her teeth on edge; and so she lingers close to the flickering light, avoiding shadows and breathing deep, seeking to soothe her troubled nerves. She is glad for her costume, for it makes her feel brave. Though her chain mail is only fabric and her armor only paper, though she has replaced the horn of steel with a simpler metal helmet which holds at its center her glowing moonstone; though there is no true weight to the boots on her hooves, and though her entire costume is simple, homespun, cardboard and crochet, the girl takes courage and calls herself Knight, Banisher of Darkness and Dispeller of Fear.

Then a stall door bangs, and she shies away in alarm.

Her challenger is here, a pegasus she finds some vague familiarity in. The woman is taller, older, and stronger than the last contestant Tandavi faced. Black eyes watch the other mare, nostrils flaring to catch her scent- again no magic invades the mind, and the girl is left unsettled, questioning her values. She has promised herself all fights shall be fair, that she shall not wield power another cannot hold; but here, in this moment, she wavers in her resolve, aches for the comfort and strength of fire. If she could tap her magic, she thinks, she would burn this place down, free herself from the oppressive wood cave and walk away from this monstrous hole. She would illuminate every corner of the room, chasing away shadows and ghosts and liberating herself from the tendrils of terror which stroked so beguilingly at the edge of her mind. If she had magic...

Stop putting off, Natraj barks in her mind. Wanna get out. He is sitting beneath a lantern, growling at something with his hackles raised. Whatever it is, she cannot see it, and based on his unease, she does not want to.

The sooner they get out of here, the better.

Without warning the girl lunges, tightly wound muscles springing toward her foe. She will hurry, she thinks, to escape this place; hurry because she must free Natraj, rescue him from the terrors which she is sure haunt these very walls. A plan forms swiftly, to rear up and strike the pegasus' right, to aim for a shoulder and keep the other mare between herself and that door. Grey hooves raise dust as they strike the strange ground, her body moving toward the other, her muscles working to close the space.

Before she can strike, though, something happens.

Cold brushes against the girl's flank, and from the corner of her eye she sees a haunted face. Eyes without sockets stare from the twisted visage of something long dead; Tandavi gasps a strangled cry, hind legs pivoting to escape the beast, turning her body perpendicular to the walls as her rump swings to the right. The ghost vanishes quickly, though the cold of it remains, a physical imprint of the horrible glare. She realizes, then, that she has lost her advantage in this attack, that the only damage she could have done was accidentally hitting the pegasus with her ass.


Grey hooves scramble to find purchase while her mind scrambles to find sense; in a frenzied attempt to rescue herself, the girl strikes blindly with cardboard-booted hinds, bucking and flailing and hoping at least to keep her opponent at bay. It is desperate, and stupid, but she does not care. There are things far more alarming here than a pegasus mare with brightly colored wings.

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[ Tandavi is dressed as a knight, Natraj as her squire. She only got a very light ghost touch, so no freezing up yet. I didn't know if you were gonna use Mictla, so I didn't mention him yet. Do you want to be tagged? ]

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