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The Monkeys His Uncle? [Graveyard vs Daemyn]

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A hollow, eerie noise clunked through the exhibit as the Doctor plodded his way in, the sound of his rather large hooves echoing throughout the home that belonged to the most mischievous of creatures. Monkeys. Wonderful! The Mender could smell them in every intake of air and it made his lips curl in distaste. It wasn’t that he had any opinion on them either way; they just always seemed to be a smelly, creepy kind of animal. This tournament he’d stupidly signed up for was getting more and more bizarre by the minute, but when he made it into the room full of tools his mood changed noticeably at the devices that littered the table. The drills, the needles they filled his mind with wonderful thoughts of screaming patients and experimenting, it was like someone had laid them here for his exact use. He was the plague doctor and here were his tools. Marvellous!

It was not all amazingly convenient, however, and d’Artagnan’s gaze sharply turned to the sound of a nearby monkey, an angry one at that. Had one escaped? Was he now trapped in somewhere with a raging primate?! The shade let out a series of violent curses that fell from his lips in well-practised ease as he despaired over the absurd situation he had now found himself in. There was also the matter of his opponent, the tournament went on after all and if he could draw anything from this then it was the fact that his adversary was caught in the same, shit situation. With a look of urgency, the Doctor cast about the room before he quickly grabbed a needle gingerly in his mouth and shoved it into his bag. It looked like a room for experimenting after all; perhaps the needle might come in handy when trying to tame a damn angry monkey.

The lights flicker, another distraction he could do without as his eyes automatically squinted through the strobe like lighting. Hugging him tightly is his red stained doctors coat that is strapped on around his chest and by his leather bag. A look d’Artagnan thought he quite suited. He had no time to stop and admire himself, however, as time moved swiftly on and the shade was looking for a quick victory in order to get away from the primate he was suddenly sharing an exhibit with.

Hooves clattered against the hard floor as he switched into a short-coupled canter and looked for his target. The monkey escapee that he prayed to the heavens that he wouldn’t run into and be forced into such a strange fight was troubling his normally sharp mind. How on earth did he fight something with fingers?! That thing could pick stuff up, with its paws?! Or whatever it was they were. They certainly weren’t hooves after all. Fighting two opponents was one thing, but fighting a horse and a monkey was entirely ludicrous! His mind was caught between two potential fights as his mismatched eyes locked onto his four-legged target and a small smile crept onto his sadistic lips. It was a privilege when fighting two opponents that one should have the advantage of two minds and the shade briefly switched his gaze to the bounding hound whose body lit up red in the flickering room. Aramis, his canine weapon. Perhaps when the time came the hell born cur would be better suited to challenging the loose monkey to a dual. For now, however, they launched their attack on the equine heathen.

d’Artagnan remained in his short striding canter, unsure of the surface of the floor underneath him and aimed for a quick slash of his sharp glass horns down the left side of the young stallion’s neck. Meanwhile, Aramis was making a speedy dash the male’s right back hock with teeth hoping to latch around, ripping into flesh and bone.

[W/C: 645 | 1/2 | graveyard championship vs Daemyn
Costume: d’Artagnan is in his same costume from round 1, which is a white doctors coat covered in fake blood stains.

Recap: d’Artagnan aims to slash his horn down the left side of Daemyn’s neck whilst Aramis tries to bite his right back hock.]

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"Speech 'Wonderings' Words: 720 OOC: Daemyn is dressed like a black zombie Caucasian Shepherd dog. His normal hair has been painted black covering the brown and spots. He has large pieces of hair here and there(that will fall off) that are black and long like a dogs, where there is not hair, his face(foerhead and both jaw bones), right ribs, left hid quarter(flank to croup), right part of his chest, are painted to look like blood and bone. You can see painted tendons, veins, muscles, and bones. On his face you can see sharp dog teeth painted on him. He has fake blood and drool painted around his mouth. On his forehead you can see where it looks like the bone has been cracked and you can see brain. @[d’Artagnan] Attacks: 1 of 2 Recap: d'Artagnan sliced the whole side of his neck ending before his shoulder and Aramis's teeth tore into his left hock, but not doing to much damage. The monkey bruised his back slightly and bite his right shoulder leaving massive holes. The monkey then grabbed his tail causing him to spin to throw the thing off. On the attack Daemyn isn't sure how d'Artagnan is standing so he is only aiming for him in general, because he is dizzy. He is trying to slam his hooves down on him. Then he runs to the right trying to grab his flank and tear it, but holding on as he runs past.
Clip clop clip clop. The echoing sound of black hooves made eerie by the dark surroundings. The concrete was unyielding, yet steadying, as the muscular man trotted through the odd enclosure. Excitement bubbled within his heart as lilac eyes flicked to and fro searching for his unknown appointment. This was really his chance to shine, maybe he would really be able to make something of himself here in this creepy place. Even around his chipper thoughts the stallion's costume helped him fit right into this dank smelly place. His normal silver bay and speckled pelt had been painted black. The paint was absent on his face(forehead and both jaw bones), right ribs, left hid quarter(flank to croup), and the right part of his chest, which were painted to look like blood and bone. You can see tendons, veins, muscles, and bones painted upon his hide. On his muzzle you can see sharp dog teeth painted to look as if he is snarling. He has fake blood and drool painted around his mouth. On his forehead you can see where it looks like the bone has been cracked and you can see his brain. Around the paintings you can see what looks like tufts of long dog hair protruding from his skin. He had chosen this get up in the hopes of being able to scare the pants off of whoever he was about to fight.

The zombie dog froze for a moment as the sudden scream of some unseen creature sent a shiver down his spine. Quivering the stallion went to move forward again only to halt once more. For a terrifyingly wild moment that his brain was turning against itself tricking him, it might have even been magic. As soon as he thought it the lights evened out, and after a few seconds they flickered again. Sighing in relive he trotted into a large room and came face to face with his opponent.

Determination gripped his heart even as he realized that it was to late for him to move out of the larger stallion's. Pain seared his side as the dual glass horns sliced neatly through his tender young flesh. As blood welled and dripped from his thick neck; rage erupted like a volcano through his body forcing himself into action. As the dog thing went for his legs the beast attempted to kick it away, but not before the beast snapped down upon his tender legs. Growling in frustration as the blood dripped from his neck and leg, the beast was just about to turn towards the larger bay and his canine when something terrible happened.

It dropped like a shadow from the ceiling landing with a hard THUD against his back, teeth snapping shut on his powerful right shoulder. Squealing in pain the stallion tried his best to buck the creature off. The bite stung worse than anything he had ever felt before, as if someone had pored a bottle of hydrogen peroxide deep within the puncture wounds. In all his bucking he hoped the rival was within reach his sharp hooves, but that would be asking to much, right? The monkey slipped form his back, tumbling down his rump, and grabbed onto his tail screaming it's own anger. Pivoting fast enough to put a reining horse to shame he threw the beast away, but it was pissed as it slapped into the wall. Slamming on the breaks, thanks to his Quarter horse blood, he ran at the glass horned male. He was hopping to catch him off guard, since the little rodeo he had just gone through had probably been funny. His heavily muscled body was throbbing already, but he had to go on. He HAD to win. Once he was close enough he reared high before trying to slam his hooves down onto any part of the male. Daemyn wasn't for sure how the stallion was standing, since had just been spinning in circles, just where his attacker was. Lilac eyes were opened wide; the whites showing his rage. As his hooves finally hit the ground, after hopefully hitting the bay; he ran to his right, thanking his linage for the speed and agility he possessed. Teeth flashed towards the bay's flank as he rushed past trying their best to grab and rip flesh.

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