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Tests can be fun (ArchibaldxDaemyn spar)

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"Speech 'Wonderings' Words: 546 Setting: Large clearing a very thin layer of powdery snow is on the ground mild footing, the trees are in a ten foot radius around the clearing, no large rocks
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OOC: This is a spar and Time is going to teach me and test Daemyn lol @[Archibald]
The meeting had been interesting. So many things had come into light when his leaders had addressed the herd. He had found out evil twisted things had going on in Helovia, and nobody seemed to know what was behind them. Were the gods angry with the whole of Helovia, or was there something even worse at work here? The thought of worms burrowing under his skin made his flanks quiver. Kahlua had been so strong to deal with such a horrific and demonic happening. Besides finding out about all of this and volunteering to help by visiting herds and anything else he could do; he had found out some horses had wings large enough to carry them through the skies. And all top of all of these odd and scary things, he had been promoted. He was made a Sergeant, he was just below the Captain rank now. His muscular body swelled with pride at the thought of being blessed with such a high rank. Smiling he gazed around the clearing he had come across after the meeting. The grass was covered in a thin layer of white sparkling snow, not even an inch deep, but enough to make footing difficult. The icicle covered evergreens that circled the clearing were about teen feet apart, plenty of room for the spar he knew was coming.

His massive black commander had demanded a spar after the meeting, which was fine by him. Luckily all of his wounds from being mauled by the old herd had healed. He was determined to prove himself to the largest horse he had yet to meet. Shivering to warm himself the stallion stretched his body out warming his muscles, this was his first and last chance to make a good first impression. He had to prove that he was fit to hold the rank directly under the black and white beast. Gazing around he waited silently for his appearance, careful to stand directly in the middle of the clearing. Daemyn hopped the beast would not go easy on him, and from the lack of emotion that he had used to demand this spar, he was sure he would not.

He knew this would not be an easy fight and he relished the thought. It had been a long time since he had a good spar to test himself and the others around him. He would be sure to make it a habit that way he would get to know his soldiers as well. It was his duty as well to learn everyone's strengths and weaknesses. He didn't want to be invaded and not know which of his soldiers would need his help, and which could hold their own. The strong stallion also knew that the beast's size would be a large advantage, even if it did slow the stallion down. If he got him pinned or down at all, he would be screwed to say the least. Maybe his Quarter horse blood would help him, if he could move faster than him he might be able to grab his leg and cripple him enough to be able to get him down. Other than that he would just have to try his hardest to win, or at least show he could hold his own.

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come on like a bloodstained hurricane

The sun was beginning to set over the World's Edge's forest and cover the foggy, wintry wonderland as a place of mystery and darkness. Archibald and his companion moved freely among the trees, skillfully staying upright despite the slick, wet snow beneath their feet. This place was oh, so much like the Mystic Woodlands that, at times, it brought Archibald back to his foal-hood. He remembered training with his mother and brothers among the ancient, towering trees. He learned how to defeat opponents and evade opponents in the woodlands, and he had also learned how to kill. He was born in darkness, molded by its endless caress, and he would never leave the darkness. It was not only his ally, but it was his being. Archibald was a dark knight, a warlord, a king among men, and would forever stand as such. His prowess in battle was ferocious and calculated, an entity to be envied by all and taught to few. His experience brought him here, now, as a beacon of leadership and skill signaling out to this new warrior in his army. Daemyn may have been promoted to Sergeant by their leaders, but Archibald was still the end-all-be-all as Captain, and it was his job to test this fledgling--in his eyes--before him.

Stepping between two dominating oaks, Archibald and Loretta appeared from the darkness. The clearing was well-lit, thus far, by the red and orange hues of a Frostfall sunset. The Dauntless nodded his greeting to the smaller stallion, making his way out towards him. "Loretta desires to use her muscles, but I understand that you do not have companion. It is your choice if she stays or not, and your choice also dictates whether I use my magic today or not." Archibald's ears flicked some, a black tail waving simply against his hocks. Golden eyes stared down at Daemyn's purple eyes, resembling the eyes of his dear friend Lakota. His body, however, did not resemble her's. Instead, this spotted boy was thick and powerful, on stout legs with a gentle curve that solidified in Archibald's mind his power for quick evasions. In a way, the Sergeant below him reminded the Dauntless of Ricochet, an adversary and enemy that had dug his own grave in the golden eyes of the once-Chief. Archibald had run the Incendiary out of the Foothills on several occasions, and would do so again should the need arise, but Archibald knew he did not need to treat Daemyn with the same ferocity and malice.

He would need to keep him close, surely, as he did all of his smaller opponents; but, this place that Daemyn had chosen was unforgiving. The snow, though powdery, was wet and slick. The attempt to run would prove futile, the Dauntless decided, and he wondered for a moment if Daemyn would be inexperienced enough to attempt this tactic. The scars that littered his pelt showed the kingly Captain that the boy had some experience, but whether those scars were trophies or disgraces. Snorting some, Archibald pinned his ears against his inky mane and narrowed his bright eyes. His stoic face showed his preparation for this battle, as well as the arching of his neck and the coiling of his muscles that followed. Turning to the left some, Archibald rotted a half circle around the spotted boy, his eyes never leaving his small but thick frame, before giving another snort that was a sure sign to the boy for him to begin.

Loretta, crouching some to lower her center of gravity, danced the opposite way of Archibald, her hackles raising and her lips peeling away from their resting position to display her slightly-yellowed, dangerous trap of teeth. She moved slightly further away from the equine pair, towards the trees, waiting for her commands. Should she be commanded to leave, the bitch would slip away into the forest, for it was incredibly challenging to control herself when she watched her bondmate fight without her.

[WC: 662 | PC: 0/3 | You did not specify a time of day, so I am setting this spar at sunset. | Good luck, Par! Have Daemyn attack in the next post, please.]

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"Speech 'Wonderings' Words: 546 @[Archibald] Attacks: 1 of 3 Recap: Daemyn waits until Archibald has moved around him, then he swings right keping his foot planted. As he spins he lowers his head and tries to bite Archi's right knee. Then he tries his best to throw his right foreleg up and swipe it down Archi's chest. Then he uses the slick snow to slide himself to the right and tries to figure out what to do next.
OOC: I've never had such a size difference in a fight so it's difficult for me lol. I'm super excited for this learning experience lol! It doesn't help I've only done a few spars before, like 3 and one I wanted to lose XP
The spotted stallion watched the rainbow of colors as the sun set. He drew strength from the lowering sun soaking up the last bit of warmth it had to offer before this fight. If he didn't make at least a little impression on this beast of a black stud he would dishonor himself and his family. Snorting as he sicced himself up he waited silently. Daemyn did not have to wait long for Archibald to show up. Dipping his own head low to show his respect he smiled boldly into those bright yellow eyes. Ears pricked picking up every word that his opponent had to offer. The silver bay thought for a moment as his eyes fell upon the red fluffy dog. He had a soft spot for dogs, his necklace proved that. Thunder rumbled from his chest, "I think it would be unfair to make her sit out, and to ask you to hold back; not every adversary would be so kind." Making the choice had been logical, but probably not the smartest. Shrugging well muscled shoulders he allowed the rage of battle to fill his smaller form.

Lilac eyes took in the black's short shoulder and hip proving he had been right in thinking the male would be slow to move. 'I can't get pinned or I'll be done.'
The strike had to be fast, had to be clean. Calling upon his Quarter horse breeding the stallion spun to the right, hopping going the other way would throw him off. He kept his refined head lowered before, lashing out with alabaster teeth he tried to snap shut on Archibald's stout knee. His best bet was to slow him down even more. Excitement and rage roared through his heart. Even with his muscle ripped frame he knew there was no shoving him over. Was it lucky or not that he was so much smaller? Arching his neck back up the spotted threw out a sharp striped right hoof trying to slice Archibald's chest. This was not going to be an easy fight. Even with all the notches in his fighter's belt, he had never come across such a powerful and capable male.

Once his foot landed firmly on the slick ground he tried to use the slippery ground and slide to the right a foot or two, by throwing his weight that way. Maybe that would give him just enough space. Daemyn hopped that the huge male would rear, hoped he would throw his body up, give him the chance. Teeth mashed together as he tried his best to think ahead, as well as the present.

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