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The Warrior is Dead...

Where snow begins to bleed into the rough foliage, a stain appears. At first the snow appears merely muddy, as if someone farther up the path had danced through. But, should your gaze continue upwards, you would notice that the colour becomes more saturated. A lifeless body is the cause. A number of faint zebra markings interrupt the bloody wounds, as well as a thick dorsal stripe. Her wounds are ragged, as if the edges of her skin have been scraped with sand paper. Indeed, mixed within her wounds as well as the surrounding snow are dashed of sand. Once a warrior, Ailith of the Foothills has completed her final battle.

And lost.

I. The second clue, revealed from the death of AILITH is SAND.

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No sooner had Fig parted ways with the ivory-masked creature in the thick of the snow-slick forest, than she came across another (still more startling), partly buried by snow; seemingly preserved there, right where she had fallen. Perhaps her being there to uncover yet another death – a second murder she mused presently and grimly – was just a simple coincidence, but as the wind howled through the naked, rattling tree tops and the faint, melancholy caw of that raven drowned into the distance, the young Lignea felt a sickening chill crawl beneath her skin.

It seemed the crime was not isolated to Sky Island alone.

Sodden, sullied leg hair trailed the swing of her enormous hooves as Fig slowly ventured closer, holding her breath, praying to the beloved Gods of Prim’sylva that the dark, motionless shadow before was perhaps only a felled tree, a rotten log, succumbed to the violence of mid-winter’s grip. It was not though, and the harrowing scene began to blur as tears again melted across her cringing green eyes. Her path skirted the fouled snow carefully, respectfully, and she came to stand near enough to observe the lifeless form of the dark, beautifully marked mare.

Like the scene she had witnessed previously, this one was morbid, macabre, and Fig felt a sudden wave of disgust towards the races of this land. She did not allow herself to stew in the soup of confusion however, and quickly thought of the many who had crossed paths with her already – most friendly, forthcoming and warm. The young peaceful Lignea knew not to tar the whole of Helovia with the brush responsible for this still evolving crime. “They are so wild,” she thought softly, sighing and glancing towards the sand blended vaguely through her blood and sprayed across the sand surrounding. “... feral.” The top of her long matted black tail swished agitatedly, though the length of it barely moved where it lay sprawled along the wet snow behind.

Fig began to back awkwardly from the body then, it was news to report to the friends she had met atop the island – the group who seemed to have been so mutually affected.

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Kahlua played in the snow with her dragon, flitting across the World’s Edge like a child princess instead of an elderly queen. She liked the snow well enough, but it would be just as well when it was gone. At least there was a fire or two to keep the Edge citizens warm now, thanks to Eva’s good thinking and Thor’s brawn. Suddenly, however, as she romped and chased after the little Blue that had enticed her into a game, Kahlua began to feel strange. It was like the earth was calling her southeast for some reason that she could not understand. And try though she might to resist it, she could not.

Her body turned to smoke, and suddenly she was running across Helovia against her will, faster than her flesh and blood limbs could ever have carried her.

She arrived in the deep wood, not out of breath at all, and as she returned to her solid form, she could only gasp in horror at what she saw. Another dead body, this one different but still very much the same. Blood and mud everywhere, horror and evil permeating the air around. Kahlua did not know what had happened here, could not possibly know, but she knew what she had to do… at least she knew what she should do. No matter how she tried, though, she could do nothing else but cringe at the thought that she had to approach. Luckily, the little blue was there for her. Floating above, he surveyed the scene and sent her only an image of some isolated sand laying on the snow. That was enough.

Turning, the queen began to run, dodging through trees, dashing through the snow, hurrying to get home as fast as she could. Resplendence, Nayati and Jahzara needed to know this. They had to figure this out… soon.

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The forest had been defiled once more, Ktulu thought as she stared down at the ground. The signs of a struggle were evident and as she followed she knew in her gut that at the end of the trail would be a body. Whether or not it was the attacker or the one being attacked would be unknown. The Constrictor's expression was grim as the body came into view, her expression unchanging even as recognition jostled her mind. "Ailith." She remembered the mare from the invasion of the Foothills. If her memory served her correctly she had chosen to join the Grey when the Foothills had fallen to them. Ktulu had never taken the time to get to know the mare personally, but she had been a warrior to her very core. "Who did you fall to?"

Ktulu moved closer, her crimson eyes inspecting the wounds littered across the deceased mare's body is if she were a healer. It was merely the gut churning instinct that this was a murder that was related the the pegasus on the island. 'What's that?' Eytan nosed at the wounds and Ktulu's eyes widened a fraction. "Sand." She murmured. Her gaze met Eytan's and the mare frowned as she lifted her head. "Come Eytan, we must inform Archibald and the others of what we've found." The grizzly rumbled his agreement and together they turned, leaving the bloody body and battle behind them.

'You think...?' Eytan's question trailed to nothingness and he glanced up at his bonded, taking note of the hardness in her eyes and the way she clenched her jaw. "Yes." Came her answer several moments later. "I do think so."

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Slowly drifting, drifting away, wave after wave

Sparks flew around her, chased by the wind into various directions as she flew. Mostly they trailed off behind her, fizzing out into non existence after mere moments of leaving her body, but some weaved back and forth around her, snaking down by her hooves or dancing across her eyes (annoyingly so). The wonderment at them had faded somewhat as she adjusted to this new phenomenon, but they were still new enough that at times they caught her by surprise, or made it difficult to sleep while lighting up the dark. They definitely made it impossible to sneak, but luckily she didn't plan on stealing anything any time soon.

She'd flown out here to get some more exercise training in again. She thought the trees of the forest would offer some nice agility work, being forced to maneuver around them. She did this for a time, alternating between running and flying, pretending in a slightly girlish way that the endless array of sparks on her were a foe of some sort. Only when she was nearly exhausted and giddy because of it, did she notice the scene that had drawn others here. Back on her wings she happened to glance down and see the body.

Another? was her first thought, and anxiously she dropped into a dive, landing in a shower of electricity near the fallen warrior, like a neon sign falling off a bar. For a moment she stood there, glowing, dancing despite the tightness in her eyes and the stillness of her steps. It was not the first body she had seen, but she had not seen many, and the scene cause her chest to tighten. Was this a mortal doing, or the same force that took the first, the one with the black hair? Was this, or the previous, or any of it connected to the island, the Sun God's warning, the worms and the dead fish?

As curious as she was anxious Ampere stepped forward, quiet as she analyzed the poor felled being. It was like nothing Ampere had ever seen; the wounds were so raw and torn, nothing like the clean blow of a horn or a hoof or teeth that she knew of. Is that, sand? she thought, peering closer before realizing she was hovering just over the body. She pulled back, murmuring under her breath before preparing to take flight and give this latest update to her compatriots.
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I found myself wandering once more, aimlessly making my way through the lands of Helovia while the thoughts in my head began to grow jumbled. There was so many different options, the amount of creatures with dark hair that walked these lands was uncountable and I wasn't ready to stand there and waste my time counting each and every single one of them. A gust of steam blew from my dark paper thins, only lasting a few moments in the cold air before it became just as invisible as the rest of the air particles around me while I wandered through the thick snow that blanketed the world around me.
Today I was set to explore the Deep Forest, a place that I hoped would be less covered in the cold, half-frozen rain than the rest of the lands. Somewhere I could hopefully dry off a little and enjoy some peace and quiet before venturing out into the world of others once more. But it seemed that fate would be dealing me a different hand today, one much more macabre and much less peaceful than I had originally planned as the snow turned dark before my tanned hooves.
At first the sudden change was easily written off as mud that had been dug up from the earth that rested beneath the blanket of snow where it was preparing for Birdsong, but as I continued moving towards the treeline the dark smear began to grow brighter, taking on the shade of a cardinal or a robin's belly and no longer ignorable. A snort blasted from my body as emeralds locked in on the smear that lead ahead of me, I couldn't help the curiosity that was beginning to flicker in the depths of my mind. Something about these murders just seemed off, as if it was some unnatural force that was destroying the lives of these poor creatures, but the only clue thus far lead everyone to believe that it was one of our own doing the deed.
It didn't take long before I found myself among a crowd of other makeshift detectives, the torn body of yet another stranger sprawled out before the lot of us. Her body torn apart by some unknown force, everything seemed to point that she was murdered in this very location. Other than the trail of blood that had lead us all here, and the sand that upon further inspection was ground into her lacerations and strewn across the snow around her. Dark rimmed ears flicked back against my skull as I turned away from the crowd, content with what I had seen. Now it was time to find Midas and the horned mare, Sialia so I could tell them of the next findings and see what their thoughts on the newest murder were.

Team Midas;;

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Well at least it was warmer here. Shaking the gold shivers against a cool breeze that attempts to taunt him to otherwise. Taking the southern path down to Throat the gold had hoped to avoid the bare cold meadows. Once more he hoped to think more about whatever was beginning to happening to him without having another freak moment. The flies still sounded about his ears much to the golden’s annoyance. What’s worse the dryness on his top lip, top of his mouth, and tenderness in his hooves had progressed for full blisters. It was worse than the flies, for if the golden was going to die, go damnit he wanted to look good doing it. Thankfully the only ones visible on his lips were still just small bumps. Shaking his head for the thousandth time the golden echoes a long sigh. Inhaling deeply, there comes along with the cold air several curious scents.

First were numerous other creatures who were gathering ahead, but second, and even more curious was that old familiar scent of bitter crimson. Harks pin back and the gold slows his trot to but a slow walk. Horses were quickly coming and going ahead, but there was one thing lying still upon the floor of the forest, and it most certainly was not moving. Shaking about the flies again, the gold waits for a moment in the shadows till a space is made for him. Finding an opening the gold slips in to see the damage the fallen has taken. Something most certainly was not right about this though. Was this the fate that awaited this golden with his fly tortured mind? God he hoped not, this dead creature looked terrible.

Spanish head delicately lowers and sniffs about the fallen creature. The poor equine had certainly put up a fight, but most certainly had lost. Her scent ever so faint, and he could find nothing but just catch a jungle and clear water. The falls. Maybe of those crazies had finally turned on each other? The gold wanted to laugh at the notion of a mad tea party gone wrong, but even he knew this was not the place. Still as he looked over the girl’s wounds a curious feature was found. They were rough, and jagged, and laced like powdered sugar, with sand. Earth eyes become clouded with thought as the gold lifts his head back and away. Death, the gold was finding out, was common in Helovia, but this was darker. A growl lifts the gold’s lips as once again his shakes his head trying as he might to get the flies away, pissed off at the interrupting yet another thought. Snorting with finality the gold slips away from the group and continues on his path. This world of theirs was getting darker and stranger, dying or not, the gold began to recognize the need for allies with strengths different than his own. As he moved through the forest to the Throat the gold pondered a little side trip to the floating isle to see if he just might find some of them.


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A lifeless face that you'll soon forget

Another death in this damn forest. Another one she knew. Ophelia walked onto the scene, smelling that all too familiar scent of putrefaction and blood. The memories washed over her like an ice cold chill, and she stepped onto a scene full of faces, some familiar and some not. She tilted her ears back as she caught sight of her sister, coming along side her twin and frowning.


Ophelia glanced at Ktulu in shock, stunning that their warrior of the Grey was here, dead. She had been so strong! She had fought so hard and so independently. What had this world come to that yet another had fallen victim to whatever demon had claimed this life? The edges of her wounds were ragged, and as her eyes swept over another familiar body, she saw sand. Black hair and now sand.

Was this someone from the Throat? Or someone from the Endless Blue? Someone from the Throat would be more easily caught, but the beach went on for miles and miles. Wouldn't that be the ideal place for a killer to hide? Ophelia would have to go there then, explore the shores and discover any secrets along the blue tides. This had to stop. Out of compassion for a the warrior, who had fought for her not so long ago, Ophelia reached around and grabbed a single, white snow flower and placed it on her body.

She did not have the skills or the power to burn her like she deserved, and Torleik was busy discovering more with his little griffin. This was all she could offer.

"Rest in peace, noble warrior," she murmured softly. "You have made this land proud."

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The little fire child knew that she had to solve this murder. She had to be the one to solve this murder. Okay, well, her team, but it was her responsibility to lead them, especially since the sun god had give her this task. He had told her to use the light to find this killer, and so that is what she would do. Staring at the bodies was not easy though, and she had to admit to herself that all of this death made her all the more aware of her own fragility. Even though she was a demi-god, she was not perfect, and she was the smallest of them all.

Aithniel had flown around Helovia, because she knew how to fly now, and she discovered another gathering in the first. The child landed awkwardly and trotted in, ash tumbling from her wings like apocalyptic rain. With her molten, silver eyes she surveyed the scene, seeing Thranduil there and a few others. One white mare even gave a flower to the fallen one. Did she know who this was? Maybe she could be useful...

The fire child winced and examined the dead body through squinted eyes. No wings. No horn. Just a normal equine - no connection there. Her wounds were like before, jagged and ripped, and she too looked like she had fought hard. All in the wounds and around her body was sand, dusted lightly, but sand. Wasn't sand everywhere? The Dragon's Throat had awful, icky sand, and she hated that place. Maybe it was one of those who greeted her, Erebos and Rikyn that one time? She wanted to talk to them too.

From overhearing the conversation, she knew that this was Ailith, a warrior. Maybe that was enough for now. She took her leave swiftly, returning home to make sure that she could tell Adelric and Erebos what was going on.

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So with all this weird shit going on lately... she is a THOUSAND times more cranky than she was yesterday. It started with the buzzing, then the bites... and now it seems something is inside of her. It makes her skin crawl, and she hasn't slept in she doesn't know how many days. However, she has a duty she must uphold. Ever since that one thing was found dead now everyone is dead. Figures, Helovia doesn't keep its "homey" feel unless something is rotting, dead or close to death.

Twitching, uncomfortable, and just straight up grumpy, she follows the scent of death to yet another... SURPRISE: dead body. She grumbles, sniffing around the thing. This is the reason she doesn't go outside or have friends. The mare on the other hand, looks like she's having just a slightly shittier day. Her wounds seem to be ragged and oddly cut. Almost like she was blasted in the face with sand. Great, maybe the gods are planning death by sand or something. At least she doesn't recognize the body.

Taking one more final look, she grumbles. If this is all she has to worry about reporting, she'll be fine. However, if she finds one more rotting carcass, she might just lose it. The buzzing inside of her picks up again, and she kicks out in agitation. There better be some damned prize for finding the murder... otherwise... she can't even comprehend what she'll do. Although she can guarantee no one would want to stick around to see that explosion of emotions.

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        The air smells cold. Caneo walks slowly, blood sluggish in his veins. If he hoped to find reprieve under the shaded boughs, he was mistaken; he feels only cold, and more cold. Winter gnaws on his narrow limbs without mercy. He thinks of Tandavi, surrounded by her entourage of golden sparks, and wonders if they keep her warm as well as bright. He will ask, when he finds the chance. His body keeps insisting this cold thing is all a fluke, an accident. The warm will come again. It must.

        Something on the air distracts him from his wonderings. It creeps up on him: a strange smell, muted by the cold, but one he knows. Caneo’s ears come up; the long strings underneath his skin pull taut. Blood on the path – dark, congealing over the strange white cover of frost. His nerves light up and begin a nervous dance beneath his skin. He follows the trail anyway, recalling the other dead mare, and her crumpled wings.

        There is a second, here.

        This one is naked: no horn, no wings. She lies quietly under the trees, her body torn, the wounds jagged, violent memories of whatever occurred. But she has been dead a while now, Caneo thinks. Her body looks cold, stiff in the grip of that long sleep. Slowly, his skinny neck stretches out. He blinks down at the corpse, though little remorse flickers in the wide mirrors of his eyes. Will anyone remember her? They are all forgotten, in time.

        His tail flicks as his thoughts move on to something else. Could it be the same killer, a rampant murderer toiling across Helovia? Should the silver boy be concerned? He blinks and peers into the shadows and the snow all around him. This winter seems a much more certain killer, but he returns his attention to the corpse all the same. Tandavi will be unhappy with this, and the other boy – they will have things to say. Caneo nods.

        Before he leaves, he fixes every trace of this scene in his memory. They were both girls – maybe that’s important. Different species, though. Black hair in the mouth of the first, and now, embedded in the wounds of this second... sand? Caneo shivers, and for perhaps the first time in his life, misses the blazing eye of the sun. It feels distant now. He sighs, and without a word of remorse – with little more than bare acknowledgement – he turns away.

        There is nothing more to be done for her. Maybe there are things to be done elsewhere.


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It had been sometime since Sacre had been to the Deep Forest. The place almost seemed to reflect his inner emotion and, so, was fitting in a way. This woodland had seen strife at its most dire, so much so that even the streams that ran through it were a strange red hue. The first snow had fallen and it reminded the colt of days living in the mountains under the protection of the Aurora Basin. Those days had been wild and fun, spent discovering and play fighting alongside his twin brother Roux. With the new absence of his mother and after not seeing his family in such a long time, Sacre felt a new tug on his heartstrings for those memories. Today he really did miss life in the Basin.

He pushed on, however, intent on braving each day with his life choices. It wasn’t like he had it so bad. There were others in his life that had made an impact, like Sikeax and Tandavi. The two he shared a herd with now. He had felt the taste of responsibility and failed miserably at it, but experience was his end product. The boy had learnt a lot in a short time and for that he was grateful. Maybe next time he would rise to the task and make better use of himself for the benefit of his family, the herd.

Along with Inari, Sacre continued his thoughtful walk until he stumbled upon a gathering all huddled around yet another corpse. With sick gazes, the boy and his fox ambled over to stand near the fallen equine and they closed their eyes to be silent for a moment. When finally they opened, Sacre looked over her bodice with a frown. Her wounds were strange, they weren’t clean cut, and more ragged like she had been in a fight and woven into the gashes were grains of sand. Black hairs and sand, Sacre almost suspected himself! The world was all-awry.

Having seen enough, boy and fox made their way away from the disturbing scene with the conversation around him bringing up one name; Ailith.

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All the talk of death and darkness seemed to have the entire land on high alert for some unknown threat to strike. Everywhere he turned someone else spoke of the first body that had been found disturbingly mutilated on the floating island above the veins. All the renditions of the story changed from person to person but still the darkness was clear. Whoever had committed this forbidden act of torture needed to be stopped and sooner rather than later. The warrior in him could sense the looming danger slowly filling the land but for right now he was at a loss of what to do about it.

Word had quickly spread like wildfire when the second body had been found and feeling the need to see what happened for himself that was exactly what they were doing. A fresh pair of eyes could make a whole world of difference but would he really want to see what lay ahead? Dread was slowly creeping over him leaving cold in the place of the warmth that normally coated his entire being. Kiara to seemed restless with the tension and uncertainty of the previous events. What would this mean for their home? Already many strange occurances had threatened everyone's safety and each time they had barely managed to fight back. What would happen next and would anyone survive to tell the tale?

The stench of blood filled his nostrils the moment they broke through the treeline of the Deep Forest. Immediately all his senses jumped to high alert as his silver eyes scanned the landscape for the dread he knew was right in front of them. The blood trail and gathering of others made the grizzly scene easy to locate but he doubted he could had been prepared for what he found. Inhaling sharply the shock chilled his blood as the victim turned out to be one of their Falls comrades. Did Midas know of these events? Sensing the urgency he gathered as much information as possible from the scene before heading for home. Ailith... I will find the monster who did this and make them pay.

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So, I suppose you could say that I've found myself in a rather strange position from normal. Forming a group with other beings, and not all of them my.. type. Dröm seemed so soft spoken, and Pompeii, well... I thought I was bad. She turns me onto a particularly murderous streak. Panzram.. well.. he's the only cock of the bunch, isn't he? An unlikely band of crimestoppers we make, but there you have it. Now we've dispersed, looking for more clues for whomever this murderer is. Though the whispers of murder in Helovia spread like wildfire, the first clue was lost upon us. We tried to find out what it was but were too late. Now we play catch up.

My path has taken me to the deep forest, and the footsteps and voices of others bring me near to... oh it is. A dead body. This is not just a clue, this is another murder victim! I start to salivate ever-so-slightly. I ignore the others that are there - they don't mean anything to me. The body is that of a mare unrecognizable to me. But as I approach, I see that she had jagged wounds, and sand coats them and is dusted over her. How strange.... I take note of her appearance, then trot off. I spread my wings and take flight, leaving the forest to find my crimestopping 'friends'. The wind is cold and the warmth that my wings provided my body is stripped from me, but going on the ground would take much too long. The others must hear of this, and soon! Perhaps they will know who it is.

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The pair moved in tandem, their noses bringing them to the group of horses. The desire for meat hung heavily on the yearling's tongue and the incessant buzz of the flies grew louder and louder as his steps quickened. As much as he tried, there was nothing him nor Gwyneverre could do to rid his mind of the buzz and his body of the constant, aching feeling of the small, black insects crawling all over his hide. His dragon's mind was just as flooded with the annoyance as the dark prince's was, and no amount of shaking her thorned crown could rid the noise. And so, in their pursuit and after their meeting with Reginald. Ode, and Jorogumo, the pair no longer tried to rid themselves of the sensation.

Pushing past the boundaries, the draft mutt and his reptile queen made their way past the sides of the gathered to stay down with oddly colored eyes at the mangled body. The stentch of decay and death did not wrinkle the boy's nose, did not make him turn his face away in disgust. Rather the opposite, his mouth began to water at the the thought of devouring this fallen equine, right here, in the presence of all of the grown horses around him. Would anyone try to stop him in his deed? Surely not with a glistening, white dragon on his back that spewed deadly white flame. Flicking his tail harshly against his hocks, the white legged boy examined the body further. This was not like what Reginald had described to him in regards to the pegasus. No, this was a different murder, though perhaps made by the same culprit.

Black hair and sand, the two largest aspects of this mystery that stuck within Abraham's mind. Desert. Gwyneverre gave lightly, tilting her head some as her fiery eyes landed on the body of a familiar entity. She sprung from the boy's back and her mind fired with many different emotions, and Abraham knew instantly what she had found. Turning on his hind, the dual-horned hybrid looked upon the pristine white body of the mare he had met seasons ago in the dark caves--where she had protected him from an intruder--and her silver dragon. Gwyn trilled loudly, the rest of the world and any concern falling from her mind. Her pupils were large, making her iris' appear as a small, orange ring around the very edge of her eye. The younger white glided circles around Tinek, cooing to him in a way any infatuated female dragon would do.

She has lost her mind. Again. Ophelia--what has happened?" The youngster looked into the eyes of the white mare, his own odd eyes looking without emotion into her odd eyes. He was nearly as tall as her now, his body thick with muscle and far different from the younger colt she had protected in the caves. Abraham did not need her protection, now, for he was his own hurricane of power. Blinking, a familiar scent drifted into his nose, and he turned to look at the darker figure that Ophelia placed herself by. She smelled heavily of his father, and instantly the dark boy's body grew hot. He did not smell his mother on her anywhere, and Abraham's nostrils wrinkled in distaste. What had the Dauntless gotten himself into, now?

Sons of Anarchy: Abraham, Reginald, Ode, Jorogumo.

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Holy water cannot help you now
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He is still unsure of how he came to be teamed up with two mares and a stallion he's never met before to solve a murder involving individuals he's never met. He is only seeking a moment of solitude away from his very strange new team when he finds the signs of a battle. Vlasi already has her multiple heads lowered and is sniffing at it. '...blood' She says, making the young stallion frown. He thinks that they should probably turn and leave because injured creatures are often quite dangerous, but he can feel Vlasi's curiosity and it subconsciously influences him. She runs ahead of him and he follows and together they find the body of an equine mare.

Vadim stares at the body for only a few seconds before he lifts his head to look at the others that have already gathered around. He spots his older sister Ophelia and tries to meet her gaze, but there is already another male vying for her attention, so he looks away. There is no one from his team present so he sighs and steps closer to have a better look. At first he thinks that there is little out of the ordinary about the corpse .... aside from it being a murdered corpse. He frowns and snorts, head tilting as he looks at the gashes that cover her body and that's when he sees the sand. His mind immediately drifts to the Dragon's Throat and he wonders if they harbor a murderer.

"Lets go, Vlasi." He says to his companion through their mental bond. The three-headed pup barks and is nipping at his heels as he leaves the scene to find this mismatched group and try to tell them about what he'd found. If anything he could use his magic to recreate the scene.

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The multicolored bitch had disappeared. How. Fucking. Reliable. Thing was, Varath couldn't really say he was angry because the one who'd replaced her? She looked familiar. She had the markings of family. Phantom, her name was, and Varath wanted some moments alone with her to press for information. He'd learn what he wanted to know, one way or another. As it was, he was keeping alert to spot anything that might be useful for their little quadriped quadrangle of warped justice, and wasn't that nice? It seemed he'd found something.

He didn't notice the blood at first because, fucking hell, Vadim was standing right there. A tightness gripped his chest and Varath's eyes narrowed, looking at his sibling. Vadim. Where have you been? The separation from his brother was...not a pleasant feeling, but there was little he could do about it now. His eyes flicked down to see the blood, and followed it to its source. Another dead body. She looked strong, like she put up a fight. The wounds weren't more than one sense. Death having little impact on him, the young stallion moved close and inspected the wounds, sniffing to see if he could note anything else of importance.

No particular scent. Only sand in the wounds, and ragged wound beds. Interesting. So black hair, and sand. A frown painted his scarred face. Dragon's Throat was the main suspect so far, or perhaps World's Edge. Eyes meeting his brother's for just a moment, Varath quickly left, saying nothing to anyone present. He listened, and absorbed that this was Ailith, and she was dead, with sand in her jagged wounds.

Excellent. He would report this to his brethren - and sister - in arms in this whole shadowy situation. They would be pleased to know of his discoveries.

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The forest swells to bloated limits at the cacophony of voices, varied in every way as they cry outwards to the cold air. Their strength draws her forth out of curiosity, wanting to know what has exactly brought them altogether here. Her needs are not left untended when they're all there, scents probably roaring in feriosity while she can't read their essences and signatures: the infection that left her sickened in her own self in agony and loathe, played out in exile where she cannot be seen and infect the others as she seems to have done in the past, has taken her nose to an useless state. Once sniffling, it is quiet and nothing more than an ornament among
In their mass, she tries to single out the faces and bodies she might of known the past, or knows the names of now. One of the foals that she had met with Cera and Sacre is there, Sacre as well, including a few faces loyal to the Throat. Tense knots unravel within her core at their presences, stepping forth to greet them amist strangers.
What they say isn't translated in her head, simply passed off as background noise. She lacks an idea that there is a reason to gather all the souls here, but as she weaves and occasionally bumps into the bodies, offering apologies each time, to reach her childhood friend, does she really see what has retrieved them.
There, surrounded by her fellow Helovians, is an unknown corpse, laid about the foliage like a blanket.
The knot returns and only worsens itself while plagued with the remembrance of Amara, decaying and screaming to her, threatening her death by the hands of her own best friend. Desperately, she wants, needs to escape the sight.
Instead, her cool is tried to be kept though the whites of pretty sky blue eyes lie through her teeth as she steps forth to view death in the theatre they have created for it. Seeing it up close, this close, the idea is more frightening than she has ever believed it to be. Becoming an immovable shell without a meaning other than to rot before the eyes of others and be at the mercy of those who might choose to reap the rewards of an abandoned casket the soul once strived within, it leads shivers down her spine and turns her hairs on end. This is going to be her some day, no matter what she may do it about it. She's going to die, and there's nothing that will change the fate ahead of her.
Facing her fears, she steps forward, and turns her attention to study the cadaver spread before her. Upon further inspection, sand that even coats her own coat from being brought up by the winds, sprinkles itself over the female's shell. Hauntingly, her mind already goes to her home, and with that, she can't stand the feeling of strangers surrounding her(regardless that her friend is there with her, though no words are exchanged between the pair), the amber girl flees, stepping away slowly while mentally, she struggles to hold herself from bolting away with phobias in tow.

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