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Death existed as a constant theme in Onni's life. The end of her home, the invasion of the dead, the loss of her mentor, the absence of light in her soul... Death and rebirth.

Yet, murder?
Murder was an entirely different prospect.

The idea of death lingered around her mind like a small shadow, but the thought of purposeful killing chilled the blood in her veins. Even the warmth radiating from the fibers of her coat was not enough to still the fluttering of her heart, for the Sun Physician was afraid. The possibility that someone she knew could fall victim, or, worse yet, could be the perpetrator at large. To steal the life of another, what would it take?

Onni stands reflectively near the Oasis's calm waters, under the deepening winter sky. Soon, the Sun would sink below the horizon. Only the glowing pallid light of the Holy flames would carry them through until morning. The mare's shining golden figure would be another, dim candle by comparison. Lyhty, also contemplative, worries that the night might bring unwelcomed visitors... in this dangerous time where a murderer ran rampant around Helovia.

However, the painted girl is rather unafraid. Her heart worries for others, rather than her own pile of flesh and bone. Would it be possible to stop the mad man who stole the light from the eyes of others? Would she be able to put an end? A heavy sigh escapes her lips.

Likely not alone.


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Although Ampere had been paroling nearly non-stop since her return to the sands, more out of necessity than any sense of duty, it seemed to be the only thing that she did now. Now that dark forces were confirmed.

Ampere had abstained from the floating island since her last visit there with Gau- him. She hadn't even wanted to go that time either, but she had to take a stand one way or another and it seemed imperative that it be on that levitating soil. Now however she had no further intentions of exploring its misleading meadows. Something was wrong in Helovia - proof enough with the warning from Cera, Ghost, and Ophelia. Now a murder deserving of godly curiosity upon that very island? If that wasn't a cue to avoid it Ampere didn't know what was.

Still, some didn't, which was the only way she knew anything about the death. News traveled fast, especially when it was dark.

So Ampere was on patrol, although she hadn't the faintest clue what she was looking for. Despite the cool winds that her body cut through, she still felt an internal fire of unrest. She had always been the offensive type. Circling borders of dirt was not her ideal plan.

Blue eyes flashed over a darkening sky as Ampere thought, shaking her head irritably. She was getting nowhere going in circles, literally. Deciding to tuck in for the night, that a bit of sleep might curb the edges of her nerves, Ampere landed among the waters of the Oasis. It was not surprising to see another at the water's edge, still Ampere tossed a gaze to the painted girl, curious. She remembered her from the meeting, their new doctor, and apparently a friend of many here.
"''Lo" Ampere called out casually as she stepped up to take a drink. The cold bite of the frost touched water burned in its own way as it slide down her throat. Pulling back, water droplets running down her chin, Ampere faintly turned her head towards Onni. She seemed, troubled. "It seems you've heard the news too then?" Ampere didn't want to assume, everyone had their own troubles, but the news was buzzing like a fresh batch of flies around everyone. As a Physician, perhaps Onni fretted over other bodies, other wounds she might have to heal, just as Ampere worried over who else she might have to protect, or defend against.

Well, less who and more what in Ampere's opinion.

Ampere leaned down to take another sip, ruminating on the strangeness of all the recent events, and the unfairness of them too. Was peace ever a reasonable expectation for this land? "Sorry, I don't think we've met," the Mother of Companions turned more fully towards the painted girl, only meaning to give some short conversation before heading to roost. She supposed she should at least meet someone as prominent as this girl in her own herd. "I'm Ampere."


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