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dark and thin [ graveyard vs Caneo ]

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Of all the places she has been, this is the strangest, the most foreign and wrong. Firechild looks, then clenches her eyes. One, two, three, four... she counts up to ten and they open again, but the scene is still incomprehensible and it hurts her to think. Instead of the gentle slope of desert dunes, sand rises around her in pillars and blocks, straight edges broken into ledges and steps. They're yellow in color, some shade of taupe, something not unknown to nature yet so very wrong. She paws at the ground and a square falls away, vanishes into smaller cubes which float on the surface of the rest of the world and leaves a gap the length of her head... she snorts and shies away from the hole, careful not to break more of the world. Tandavi resolves not to examine any of it too closely. The very idea makes her mind spin.

To the south and behind her, a river cuts the scene, filled with something like water she has no desire to touch. To the east, a dune, though the word 'dune' seems wrong- too soft, to contoured, for the strange angled mound. To the north and before her she sees nothing but black; and finally, to her west the dark form of a building blots out the horizon, the details of it lost to the gloom of the night.

It's nighttime, of course, and it's raining to boot, uncanny blue cubes which hit the ground and disappear, leaving no trace of themselves in the earth. Wind picks up when she least expects, the only real thing in an unreal place; she shivers beneath it but yearns for its touch, for the smooth roundness of it, so very distinct from the angles of this world. Her costume protects her from most of the wet, though its semi-firm bulk hinders her motion. Her entire body is covered in 'plates' of forest green 'armor' made from flexible rubber and strips of black cloth. Even her face is encased in a mask, a strange dome-shaped thing with a visor of gold. Tail and mane are tucked into the garb; only bi-colored ears peer into the night, lonely and exposed on the top of her crown. At her side hovers an axe of iron and wood, somehow controlled by the force of her mind. Her opponent, she notes, is similarly garbed- his form is obscured, unrecognizable, a misshapen silhouette she eyes through the rain.

And they are not alone.

Firechild's amulet arcs a thin semicircle of pale light before the bulk of her quivering form, but it isn't substantial, not quite enough to illuminate the shadowy figures who loom in the distance and threaten to approach. Above the sound of the pouring rain, groans can be heard, and Sun God knows what else. Both ears take turns seeking the periphery, both eyes shift quickly between shadows and foes- she cannot decide what is more alarming, the opponent she faces who smells of flesh and blood, or the monsters who sulk in the depths of this world.

But in the end, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that she survives this fight, and manages to find her way back to friends and home. Every tendon of her body strains with anxious energy and nervous strength. She does not want to break this world, but she needs to do something, to make the first strike.

She throws the axe just as an arrow glances off her right flank, leaving a tear in her costume and a bruise on her hip.

The scream which escapes her is echoed by the whistle of movement as the weapon she caries flies toward the boy, arcing toward his right- or where his right was, or maybe just where it seemed. She follows it, spurred on by anger and fear, but her body approaches from his left as she tries to encase him in the flurry of her assault, to corner him between weapon and girl. Behind her she can hear the sound of the skeleton archer as he raises his bow and lets another arrow loose, this one mercifully whizzing past her left ear. Desperately her teeth reach out in an attempt to lay a distracted bite on her adversary's stifle. The wound on her flank is too minor to hinder the girl's attack, though as she shies from the stallion and pivots to the right she feels a twinge and frowns at the pain. Hind legs kick out to cover her tracks, though they rise lower than she would have liked; her armor prevents an efficient attack, just as it hampers her ability to swiftly get away. She will have to stay and face down this foe.

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Tandavi is completely covered by her rubber and cloth Masterchief costume. They are in a Minecraft desert biome with a forest not far to the north. She throws her axe at Caneo (I think that's how it works idk) and attacks his other side, trying to bite his stifle and kicking out as she pivots away. A skeleton archer is very close by, one arrow barely hit Tavi and another went past her ear.
Permission from Kae to semi describe Caneo's costume
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