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The princess has paced along the shattered wall day by day, sick with worry. Where is Quilyan? The question haunts her without end, and even as the seasons ease into the warm embrace of summer, the girl feels the chill of dread constantly. The murders are not far from her mind, and though she cannot bring herself to fear the worst…what if…? No. It can’t be true.

In the time that her brother has been absent, her anger has softened against him. Perhaps he is not the infallible idol to her that he once was, but since her encounter with Resplendence in the Deep Forest, Nasreen has realized that he is still family--and she cannot bear to lose him again. Not here, not like this. The memory of their quarrel swirls in her mind, and she feels her stomach twist. She does not want her last memory of Quil to be his pained face or his stiff greeting on the occasion of their single encounter since. All she wants is her brother back, safe.

The trees ahead of her part, and the wall seems to drop off into nothingness. Pausing at the cliffs, Nasreen stares out to the sea. Is it time that she leaves the Edge and looks for him once more? She has not heard word of another death for weeks, but their patron goddess had assured her that the murders would continue, and the fear had eventually grown too great for the girl to sally forth from the safe cocoon of her temporary home on a regular basis. At least here, she believed, they were under the protection of the goddess’ watchful eye.

But still…despite the murders, Nasreen cannot forget the accusations that she had hurled at her brothers hooves nearly a year ago. He hadn’t come looking for her, she’d screamed. And while the thought still leaves a vaguely bitter taste in her mouth, she knows that she cannot do the same to him. She has ruminated upon this idea for days, turning it over in her mind as she paces, and in this quiet moment, she reaches her decision. Hurling herself over the side of the cliff, the painted mare spreads her wings and circles back toward land. She will find him, even if it means leaving the safety of the Edge.

I know this wasn’t planned, but I’d love for her to know he’s back!


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He returned only a few days ago, but his sister has remained on his mind. He knows that of all of them, she has the most right to anger over his absence. Not only had he received word of their father (albeit untrue), but he had left without warning, without telling her what he had heard. Particularly after their last meeting, he does not particularly relish the thought of finding her, only to her her tell him that she no longer wishes to associate with a liar. But he knows now what he has never known before: family is paramount, of higher importance than anything and everything else. He has mended his relationship with Resplendence, and she will be his family now - she and any children they may have - but it will not be the same unless Nasreen forgives him, too.

And so he sets out to find her, Zarina perched carelessly on his poll. She has been quite easy to get along with since their return, primarily because her bonded has actually been listening to her, for once. It has taken her almost two years to train him properly, and it has taken him far too long to learn, but it seems that he is finally beginning to understand that she really does know what's best for him. In this particular instance, she has urged him to seek out Nasreen. -You need her,- Zarina told him the day before, -and she you.- He had agreed, much to the marmoset's surprise, and so here they are, searching the mists.

"Nasreen!" he calls out. And then he sees her. "Nasreen," he repeats, closer now. Then he pauses, shuffling back and forth, as though unsure how to proceed. He wants to sweep her into an embrace, to apologize and ask her forgiveness, to warn her not to fall for the same trap he had been drawn into - but will she even stand to listen? Or will she simply run away, leave him trailing in the dust, full of unspoken promises and unrequited affection? She is his sister, and he loves her - but will she return the favor?

"more words."

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