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[OPEN] evil amongst us [Mandatory Herd Meeting]

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She hadn’t been trying to ignore the issues plaguing her herd, nor had she been trying to keep her family in the dark, but there was more at stake than just her emotions in this matter. The Lady Moon had admitted to committing terrible deeds, to abducting Gaucho and making him the most infamous murderer Helovia had ever known. And then, just to top it all off, the Lady Moon had been banished to the Edge itself. The problem was not that Kahlua did not have words- it was much more primal than that. She didn’t even have ideas. She had spoken to Res, asked what she should do- all the questions, and no answers. How could they live here? What were they supposed to do? Was it safe to stay in the forest with her? So many questions, and only one answer- they couldn’t live here any longer. But, they had decided, there was nowhere to go. Only the Edge. They couldn’t invade, not their friends. They only had themselves.

Then, there was the matter that she and Kaj were not on the best of terms. She hadn’t really had much time to talk to him, considering that they had spent their last moments together fighting about her pregnancy- a pregnancy, which she had been very forthright in letting everyone know, she was none too pleased about. Still, when Father Earth had approached her, there had been no way to say no. Regardless, her interpersonal relationship with Kaj aside, she had to inform her herd. She could not wait any longer.

Waddling her way, ever-so-slowly, to the rock that served as the meeting point for the herd, Kahlua whinnied out and sent Khan out to caw and crow about the forest until they had gathered everyone that they could. Still, even when all that had arrived that would, the queen hardly knew how to start. “My friends, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I have to.” A deep breath, a heavy sigh. “The murderer that has been plaguing Helovia has been discovered. Gaucho is the murderer- but he was not acting of his own accord and you are not to blame him. He was being possessed by… by…” She took another deep breath, to steady her nerves. “The Goddess of the Moon. She has been banished to the Edge by her brothers. Be cautious, my friends. We do not know how she may act.” With a frown, she cast her eyes downward. Normally at this time she would look to Kaj, to let him know she should go next. She dare not meet his eye now, there was still too much hurt.

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Mandatory herd meeting
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The Dauntless and his bonded did not take much to stir to life. Their patrol was cut short, however, but Kahlua's call. The mountain of a stallion moved towards her, breaking the treeline before any other of their herd mates. Golden eyes moved to Kahlua, taking in her swollen sides, before he gave her a simple nod. She is with child. Loretta commented, trotting at Archibald's heels. I see. He gave simply, taking his post on Kahlua's left side. He let his shoulder touch her's, a sign of support and comfort meant only for the queen. Loretta reclined onto her haunches, her tail curling delicately around her white paws. She panted gently, watching as her equine partner's subjects rolled in to their queen's call.

The behemoth waited, tail gently swatting flies behind him, as Kahlua spoke. His face was emotionless, void of anything but his general hard and stoic expression. His eyes danced, however, in the crowd, looking for Ktulu and Lakota and Apollo. He had much to tell them. There was too much to discuss with his family, his Grey, his partners in life, and he needed to see them soon. He moved his eyes then to search for Romani. He needed to meet with her, too. It was time, indeed. Clearing his throat, Archibald spoke simply and calmly to his herd. "I have been lifted to stand alongside Kaj and Kahlua as King. Fear not, both your faithful leaders stay as such. Our triumvirate is strong." He moved his eyes across the crowd, waiting for reactions, but his own face still stayed still and stoney.

Archibald waited a moment, letting silence spill over the crowd once more before he continued with his thoughts. "Warriors, this Tallsun your training will be raised. I expect constant patrols on our borders, and spars to increase your skill in battle. Those who know of the Moon Goddess' deeds also know of her whereabouts. While we may not be protecting her, we are protecting this herd. All those at the border will be treated with respect and fairness. Those intruding on our lands will be treated justly. Do not jeopardize your herd's safety. Do I make myself clear?" The king's voice was deep and florid, loud and understandable, and it was heavy with his authority and seriousness. No one would be endangered on his watch, and he would not let his warriors slack in this same mindset.

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Once I rose above the noise and confusion...

The king had perhaps never looked worse.

His hair was cropped short, revealing the thick corded muscle of his neck. He was aching and tired, having never sought a healer after his spar and subsequent fight with Resplendence. There had been little sleep since the murders had begun, and even less once the killer had been revealed. Only for Kahlua to shove her beautiful dagger into his chest and twist and twist and twist until he had broken, shattered starlight and jagged edges, before her. There had been no sleep to be found after that. He was haunted by the loss of Quilyan, Ink, Mirage, and Destrier. It seemed no matter what he attempted to do, whom he sought comfort in, that Kaj would somehow turn them against him. His family was falling apart around him, yet they stood unified and happy, distant from him. Each emotion was convoluted, and he was distraught. In his most delirious states of exhaustion, he contemplated leaving the Edge. Perhaps Gaucho would have him, what little Kaj could apparently offer. Archibald, after all, was a more than suitable replacement.

Kahlua's call drew him, and though his heart was reluctant his head was filled with clarity and understanding. Dragging himself away from shuffling the glass of the dilapidated wall into a less dangerous pile, Kaj began a tired, shuffling jog towards the echo of her voice. Khan's familiar cries rose in solitude above the din of the forest, dragging reluctant sleepers and soldiers from their ranks and ruminations to attend what was surely a meeting.

He arrived on Archibald's wake, quiet despite his massive frame, wishing he could simply not be there for one damnable meeting. He took his place beside the Dauntless, putting as much distance between he and Kahlua as he could manage. His feelings regarding her were still too dark, too harrowing. And there would be absolutely no privacy when it came to the meeting. There was no point in poking the bear that had taken residence between them, in that manner.

Voices rose, he the last to speak for once. Only when they had spoken all they needed did he call out, his voice low and soothing, but commanding.

"In this darkness, we cannot be weak." It echoed amongst those gathered, somber in ways the king despised to be. He continued on, eyes landing and piercing on those who would star in his furthered words. "Our Captain Cheveyo has gone missing. In her stead, I ask Ktulu to rise. Will you help lead our warriors once more?" The cherry mare was not hard to spot, and Kaj's pale blues landed upon her, a quiet sort of pleading in his eyes. He was tired of leaning back, faithfully thinking someone would catch him, only to go crashing down. Cheveyo, and all the tentative emotions he had held for her, had ruined what little trust he'd had.

"Brisa has taken the mantle of Glazier. I expect you all to treat her with the respect she deserves." Eyes alight on the pale maiden, and Kaj smiled encouragingly at her. He had faith in her abilities where she did not, and he would be the shoulder for her to lean on until she realized that she was more than capable of filling the role. "Resplendence has assumed the status of Moon Doctor once more with her return, as well." His eyes sought out the brindled mare, trying to keep his emotions in check for just a few more minutes. Then he could leave, wallow in his disgusting self pity and grief for a while longer. Until they called him back because they needed him for something.

"We must stand together, my brethren. We cannot let our hearts be closed to one another. Seek your kin, we will make it out of this storm together." Things he spoke with sincerity, and yet he could not himself believe the words. He felt as if he would be the one lost to that storm, left behind, until it had ripped him away into nothingness.

But they didn't need to see that. They didn't need to suspect. So instead, he put on a gentle smile, and wondered when he'd gotten so good at hiding as the Helovians did.


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News seems to spread wildly when there is something amiss for only hours after she had learned about the murderer and the moon goddesses betrayal did the summons come. Moving nervously to the call of their rulers she looked up only to see yet another new face standing amongst them. It had been her understanding that Kaj and Kahlua had been king and queen but now Archibald had also joined their ranks? Was it just her or was everything just becoming that much more confusing? Shuffling forward yet still off to the side as per her usual habit of trying to avoid being in the center of the masses she stood awaiting the rest of the Edge members to arrive. As each trickled in all in their own time the clearing soon began to fill to its maximum. Watching Kahlua from the corner of her eye she couldn't help but noticed the giant gap that existed between her and Kaj. What was going on there?

Well she would be left with her many questions as the meeting finally reached its start when Kahlua spoke for all to hear. Her words were disturbing to say the least for everything that she had already known seemed to just sound that much worse coming from someone else. Hadn't the Moon Goddess been the one they were supposed to look up to in their time of need? What now? Did they all become targets for her rage now that she had been banished to live amongst them? Thinking back to her latest acquired magic she felt even more unsettled about drawing from it. It was already darkness that concentrated its power would that not mean that something could go wrong now with all the pent up emotions the Goddess must be feeling?

Jumping nearly out of her skin when her son decided to join her by slinking up alongside her she tried to mask her concerns. This was not his problem to deal with and she was not going to burden him with the extent of the situation and the toll it was going to take on herself. Over the years she had somehow managed to develop ways of masking a large portion of her doubts and worries but not entirely. Alas it would have to be good enough. Icy eyes flickered back to the speakers as Kaj's voice entered the mix to portray his side of the latest events. The announcement of her promotion to Glazier surprised her stirring her own doubts into the mix but as his eyes found hers for that brief moment she couldn't help but remember his words of encouragement. The smallest of smiles touched his lips and she did her best to return the same gratitude and warmth with a smile of her own and a slight nod of her head in courtesy for his kindness.

" I will help in whatever needs to be done. Just tell me what to do and I will try my best." She commented aloud raising her head up so she might be heard for once.

Brisa talks

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Two sets of sharp ears pricked as Kahlua's whinny rang out calling them all forth. Parelia looked at her babies, "Well, lets go see what the family needs." Ilios nodded leaning down to try and nuzzle his sister before moving ahead of the small family. Parelia wanted to make sure her stunning gold trimmed filly was with them before following after Ilios. She tried to keep the girl in between them, still sure something was defiantly wrong with her baby. She loved her filly no matter what was or wasn't wrong with her. She was full of life and love, and so curious about everything. Pushing the troubling thoughts away she followed after her son making sure Areli was still tagging along.

It didn't take them long to reach the meeting place. Ilios strode right up to the front with Parelia stopping a little way behind him. She didn't want to be to far away in case something came up that she felt the need to comment on. Ilios's silver eyes pulled wide at the revelation the painted lady had made before turning astonished eyes to the hulking black and white stud. Archibald had been promoted, Gaucho was the killer, Cheveyo was missing, and Brisa had been promoted as well. Good and bad were all rolled into one. Honey eyes rolled over to her white friend smiling brightly at her. Parelia would have to make sure to congratulate her friend and talking about their roll together.

The golden and teal colt stepped forward head held high. "Queen Kahlua, King Kaj, and King Archibald, I realize this is dark times for our family, but isn't it also going to be hard on the Throat? I mean, our Goddess was the one to take control of him, but not everyone will be so understanding. We could reach out to them, make sure we all understand each other, and realize it wasn't the other's choice. We could also send someone to the other herds and explain our end to them too." Silver eyes flicked between his rulers before casting a nervous glance back at his mother. Parelia beamed proudly up at him. Her own voice took flight, "Do we know why she did what she did?" Lifting her ears forward carefully the mare waited for the answer. Murder was nothing to be taken lightly, even if the gods had taken a part in it. Looking closer at her Queen Parelia noticed her widening sides, and wondered who was the father. Perhaps Kaj was the father? Looking between them curiously she waited for answers.

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Daemyn had been catching a few rare moments of sleep when the blue dragon soared over his head cawing loudly. Curiously the silver haired stud gently picked up the stick he had the blue egg safely cradled in, before following the strong scent of his Queen on the hot air. Inhaling deeply he cantered smoothly thought the under growth searching for her wondering what was wrong. Lilac eyes caught sight of a small gathering forming around Kaj, Kahlua, and Archibald. Sighing in relieve the boy slowed to a walk before carefully making his way up to the front and side. Ears pricked carefully taking in every word that was spoken. He looked carefully at the white mare, Brisa he assumed, and the colt that spoke so boldly. He agreed readily with the young boy it would be best to try and explain their situation.

His own thunder rumbled forth, "Congratulations Archibald." Pausing the dipped his refined head in respect before continuing, "If you decide to send groups around, I volunteer to go anywhere. I will spar with anyone that wishes to and I will go on patrols as often as needed." Lifting his frame up tall he gazed around at everyone else watching them for reactions and dipping his head to everyone that caught his eye. It would be interesting to see if anyone else wanted to spar with him, and what ideas everyone else had. These were indeed very dark days, they all needed to be prepared and relaxed, ready for anything. 'I have to find a healer and see if they can give em something to help with the nightmares. Surely they know of something that might block them, so I can sleep soundly for once...' maybe he was hoping for to much. Taking a deep breath he turned back to listen and watch everyone else arriving.

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A slender (still malnourished) body, that continued to battle with darkness inside her own soul, approaches. By the time she had arrived there were few others formed around, though she stood far in the distance, barely even able to hear the words that came from their mouths. Though with keen ears she was able to make out the tones. There were forms she had seen before but one in particular she was rather fond of. Kaj.

She watched as her king stood proudly in his position, speaking just as the companions beside him did. With each speech that spilled from them all she gathered few details and most of this seemed not to be of her care. After all she had just arrived and due to her solitude she wasn't quite aware of most that seemed to be happening.

To her this was new, a gathering of all those within their land, to hear those that seemed to be on the higher level of the totem poll. Either way she stood far off, watching them all with little to no interest, rolling her golden eyes over each of them just to remember faces. As her eyes met Kaj's she lingered there, hoping he would notice so she could give a genuine smile in his direction, letting him know she was still here. Still here in the fight, in his home, waiting to prove herself worthy to all those that called this their place of residence. Though perhaps she would not be noticed by any, after all she did stand in the distance.

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it's what you feel but can't articulate outloud

Was it just Res, or was everything beginning to fall apart into weird, weird pieces? She was pretty sure it wasn't just her, but as her mane and tail shed maroon glitter upon the ground she still couldn't figure out just what was happening.

Still, it was Khan who pulled her from her canopy - a small bump in her belly was beginning to grow (not too large yet, so that everyone would know, but definitely noticeable for her weight and for Quilyan's caress). Her limbs carefully pulled themselves forward until she was at their normal meeting spot -hoping that Quilyan would also pull himself from the shadows and give notice of his return for all of her beloveds.

She stood near the front (and off to the side a little, facing the triad of leaders) once more, the position she had used to take gracefully was now hers once more. So, regardless of the fact that she didn't yet have someone to stand beside her she was (for the most part) at peace. A gentle glow began to radiate from the pool of glitter that was forming at her feet, though with the words that Kahlua gave they diminished. Her uneasiness quickly fluttered back to the surface as she recalled the conversation that she had had with Kahlua not too long ago. No. The world was definitely turning in a strange fashion.

It was Archibald who spoke next, a conversation with him just before she had run into Kahlua and after she had tried to train with Kaj. He addresses the warriors and says that the herd must increase their defenses. After all, they did not know what it was the Moon Goddess was going to do during her banishment. Then it was Kaj, and it was only once all of them spoke that she truly noticed the unease between the three of them (how Kah didn't start to look toward Kaj and Kaj almost avoided her gaze as well). What was going on?! And it looked as though Kahlua was also with child - her swollen hocks and the weight that she gained, the way that she stood even seemed to call towards pregnancy. Oh my! Were the two of them pregnant together! That was wonderful news! Just wonderful! Still, though, the concern lingered deep down in her soul, for the way that they were acting just was not okay.

She shook away the concern, telling herself that if she could get them to spare a moment she would check on them, for as soon as her name was called she gave a gentle bow of her head, mane and tail glowing once more as she fell completely at ease.

Alas, it didn't last too long, but she allowed for her voice to ring out (or ring out as loud as she could) as soon as a few others had their own turns to speak. "I ask that the nurses learn basic, first-aid herb knowledge during this time as well. Perhaps even a few poisons, if necessary. We aren't sure what is going to happen - and if for some reason we need our warriors, we will also need medics. The two are a pair, fighting will no doubt ensure injuries…" She breaks a little, glow completely gone (for she was never comfortable with public speaking) "Please, do not be afraid to come ask about the herbs. I will also start a teaching session soon, to go over those with multiple uses that grow right here for us and are in easy access… It would be helpful for those who aren't even in the medical field - to at least recognize some of the plants and use them till you can get to Alysanne or I…."

Hopefully the nurses would listen. Hopefully she would have people who were willing to learn. Because if she didn't have that… well then what did she have?

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He was just a ghost here.

Summer heat had thinned the Edge's mists until they were nothing but a thin memory swirling around his legs, echoes of something thicker, grander.. just like he was nothing but an echo of a memory. Once, this forest had been his, and he had strode through it with pride filling his heart, and visions filling his future. He had been at peace, content, even though his gaze had turned to distant horizons and he had mused on ways to conquer and enslave, but the way he remembered it, it had been more akin to daydreams to pass the time and less of an actual need.

Mauja had been the moon-touched King, and the world had made sense, and everything had been beautiful. The years since were the desolation left behind by a raging wildfire.

So it was with mixed feelings that he harkened to the gathering call. He had thus far managed to avoid everyone but Kahlua, much thanks to the wisdom of his owls, and frankly, he wanted it to remain that way—just him and her and the vast, misty forest. He was too fragile to meet others, too angry still. Bitterness would rise to mask the hurt, and he would bite before bitten, and nothing good would come of it.

But still, he was curious, and whether Kahlua had meant for it to happen or not, she had grasped the hilt of the blade that was Mauja, and held it in her delicate, soft hands. Until she either cast him aside, or he grew too restless, he was hers to command, and too loyal to abandon her now. No matter how happy she seemed, no matter how she sometimes glowed, he had begun to realize that her life was far from easy, and her existence far from perfect.

So he came drifting in with the mists, a ghost in his old home, something ethereal spilling out from a different timeline to haunt the present.

She stood side-by-side with a behemoth who had helped wrangle this very forest from him, and some other stallion he did not know. His mind searched through memories, found the name Kaj or somesuch, and figured that was him. And what was said was not news, but it was as he had known it would be: darkness seeped in the cracks of his glass heart, boiled in his blood until his mouth tasted bitter with defeat and bloodlust.

He hated them. He hated those who stood upon Kahlua's pedestal with her, hated them because they existed and they were not him, hated almost everyone gathered in the crowd, hated Ktulu and toyed with the idea of simply putting a stake through her heart here and now—he didn't want to care that Kahlua would never forgive him for brazenly murdering their new Captain but she was filth and unworthy of anything but a swift, silent end and a long, forgotten rest.

It burned in his mind.

He kept his mouth shut. Kept to the shadows, behind the trees, as much out of sight as he could.

He wasn't to be trusted, because his breath came in white puffs, and cold, sharp silver lined the darkened edges of his world.

He was a dethroned King back in his castle, and he was angry.
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It took her a lot longer to get going lately than usual and that did not help with her nerves - this wasn’t just a social call she was being beckoned with, there was going to be a meeting. She had been a poor excuse for a Moon Doctor lately, more focused on soothing the others around her than her duties, and showing up late for a meeting certainly was not something that she wanted to add to the list.

Hemlock perched in his usual spot between her ears, the black and white pegasus got herself moving and was lucky enough to get there in the nick of time. Instead of going front-and-center as per usual (all the better to admire her friends and grin encouragingly whenever she could) she moved to stand beside Brisa - greeting her warmly.

Some of the news she had heard - Arty had mentioned that Archibald had become king - but she was happy to hear that Kaj and Kahlua were still there as well. The rest… the news about the Moon Goddess was distressing. How could they stay here, how could they still call her home their home knowing what she had done? Besides, the idea of the Moon Goddess so close made Alysanne nervous - the unfinished quest forever dancing in the back of her mind. She was failing at what had been asked of her, failing to do the things that beautiful and dark mare wanted. But how could she? Looking at the group of gathered horses with her, her friends and family, she couldn’t even imagine a situation where she might hurt one of them.

Except for Miykael, but she was doing her best to avoid that hurt now, wasn’t she? The heavy weight around her sides was a testament to how far she was willing to go to avoid hurting her friend.

But there was good news as well! She whickered softly under her breath at the mention of Brisa’s promotion, leaning over to nudge her friend in congratulations. “You’re going to do an amazing job, my dear!” She managed to whisper without interrupting the meeting and then her attention returned to their leaders. Brisa wasn’t the only promotion - another Captain had been named and Resplendence! Oh it was wonderful news! The dun would be thrilled and Alysanne was feeling the same way on her behalf.

She made a note to volunteer to help Resplendence in any way she could, maybe lead a small group of lessons herself so that - if a large group were interested in learning some healing herbs - her friend wouldn’t be too overwhelmed. They could split up the herbs and maybe make it a bit easier to learn and teach!

But those were things they could talk about on their own, not in front of the entire group, and for now Alysanne found herself with nothing else to say.

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I was running through the forest when a piercing caw echoed around me. Dark eyes searched the terrain for the source until suddenly a blue colored dragon zoomed and whirled about me. Who's companion was this? Why was it flying about and being so boisterous? Was something wrong? Soon I noticed that the dragon seemed to be directing me in a certain direction and curiously I followed.

My ears pricked to and fro at the sounds of the forest. A frog's ribbet here, a bird's tweet there. The forest sure seemed to be alive today. But after some time, the sounds of the forest seemed to fade away and a soft murmur of voices began to grow – their sound curling and writhing to reach me. Was this were the dragon wanted me to go, to the voices? I turned around to look at the dragon, but to my surprise he had already gone. Probably to find others to bring here.

Cautiously my legs carried my body out of the line of trees and to my surprise there was a group forming in the opening. A meeting? I stayed closer to the edges of the group as the mare in the center spoke aloud. First she brought up the the topic of the murders and with a keen interest I listened. Gaucho was the murderer. I didn't know who this person was but I immediately began to feel some bitterness towards him until...the mare revealed that the Goddess had controlled him.

Everything seemed to stand still for a few minutes. Wasn't the Goddess the patron of this herd? could she have done this? Why would she have done this? Wasn't she supposed to look out for those below her and protect them. Despair began to fill me as I debated about what exactly I would do. If the Goddess was banished to the Edge then this place and those that lived within it weren't safe from whatever else she planned to do. What were we all to do?

I listened to the others speak. Warriors training would be increased. Certain people of whom I didn't entirely know were being promoted. But despite the little congratulations and happiness towards others the air was heavily laden with concern and confusion. Nobody seemed to know what to do about our situation. Even I took a while to think to myself as to what we may do. Then a golden colored mare spoke up about how it was hard on the Throat too and how we should reach out to the other herds. So the puppet was from the Throat huh?

“I couldn't agree more,” I step forward through the crowd until I was more in the center of the throng, “Now is not a time for the herds to remain to travel their separate ways. We need to stick together and help each other with whatever may be needed.”

Eyes took a swift glance at everybody that had gathered and then I continued, “We also need to show the other herds that even though our Goddess betrayed us all that we are not to be lumped together with her choice of actions and that we will remain strong despite the challenges that are thrown at us,” I paused again as I formed the words in my head before speaking them, “In regards to the safety of those within our borders, herd member or not, perhaps we should seek the help of the gods? Maybe they know of a way in which we could contain the Goddess to a specific part of the Edge. Or maybe they know of an object which we could use to contain her powers? I'm sure one of the Gods would be willing to help us protect our own.”

I stopped again but before I decided to remain silent and let the others stew over the proposed ideas I let out one more sentence, “After all, it wasn't us who decided to go about murdering innocent lives.”

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What is mine.

If I’d come to hear correctly, congratulations were in order for our newly appointed King. It had been news sorely received, but good news all the same. I was a mere shadow behind the mountain that was Archibald the Dauntless and I could honestly say that I respected him as a formidable leader, but the memory of my loss yet remained… it scorched my soul and left only smoldering ashes in its wake. I was just another simple man, better suited to follow in the path of greatness. Whatever success I’d managed to forge of my own volition had been engraved in the past, covered in flags of pale, white surrender.

The Edge was alive beneath me, her waves tumbling and crashing into the cliff, tugging at the recesses of my mind until finally engulfing me in her sweet, oceanic songs. The saltwater breeze carried up from the crags to cool the fire ignited within my heart and I closed my eyes against the gentle caress of home, the only place to ever have nurtured my weakness and strength all at once. The Edge had learned to love me when no one else could, but even the earth stood incapable of hiding the truth, harboring as many secrets as it did. After all, it had concealed the malevolence of our patron Lady, the Moon Goddess. Her magic had once been so pure, so… whimsical. But even Gods knew of evil and as we now knew, were compelled by mortal sin just as much as their disciples. We were a broken People still recovering from loss and heartache, and now we were again forced to face our fears and hide form the tears that threatened to overwhelm us all.

What kind of life had I returned to?


Despite the many times I’d seen tragedy, nothing seemed to compare to the ultimate betrayal served to us by the Goddess of the Moon. She had truly branded the Edge a most accursed land. She had doomed us, failed us, and now only emptiness remained where our hope once thrived.

From my thoughts I’d been moved to listen to a gentle tune upon the salty gale, a summons of our Queen. I’d known this day was coming in the wake of so much disaster, but I still wasn’t as prepared as I’d convinced myself I’d been. After all, the murderer that had been ravaging Helovia was presumably still at large and I now had to face my demons in the form of celebration, a celebration for the Dauntless.

As I turned away from the sea, I allowed her one last glance, one final farewell before the darkness of hearsay became reality... She spun and twirled back into the cliff behind me and at one point I thought I could hear the words good luck uttered from her murky depths. However, I knew that the sea was only a woman personified by my imagination… but it didn’t stop me from wishing otherwise.

Before finding my way to the meeting, I set off toward the forest in hopes of cutting through the shade and escaping the heat of the summer sun. However, a feminine scent drifted through the branches from the right, one I’d come to know all too well since returning home. It was a mixture of earth and wildflowers that clung to a heady intermingling of… Eva.

My approach was slow upon finding the Chestnut relaxing in the shade and I rumbled softly to her before smiling up at Tallis perched in a tree overhead. If I’d known the severity of the meeting, I would have rushed her to accompany me, but I didn’t and I had every intention of making our arrival a late one. Looking at Evangeline felt something akin to finding myself… she was my other half, even if she refused to admit it or acknowledge it. The curve of her neck reminded me of warmth and the green of her eyes, intelligence. The color of her mane made me picture the tall, meadow grasses in the fall and the soft slope of her lips caused my mind to pause and waver uncertainly as I looked at her. “There’s a herd meeting,” I stated gruffly, my voice hedged in desire. The sight of her did so many things to me, too many things that I wanted nothing more than to deny, forget.

Perhaps that was why I’d been forced to turn away and resume my own ascent toward the meeting. The longer I stood there, the longer I’d have to step closer, to run my muzzle over the heat of her skin… I couldn’t let my masculinity get the best of me now. I had to find a way to put her out of my head until I could think straight… if that were even something I could ever do again. Even after I’d reached the tree line and broken through the thicket and into the large meadow in which the herd stood waiting, talking, and debating in heated whispers, I couldn’t help but turn to make sure she’d followed- a ghostly vision of beauty that would haunt me in nights to come.

However, Evangeline would not be the only one to plague my dreams with distraction. The Moon Goddess had made sure of that much… Yet that only begged the question: What would we do from here?

Many faces that I’d come to know over the past few months were in attendance, as well as those I did not yet know. Kaj appeared to be quite out of sorts and Kahlua appeared to be fatigued with worry… The whole herd looked grim in the wake of truth and only more treachery and I could hardly find the strength to look them in the eyes. But that was not my job anymore… that was not my responsibility and instead of suffering beneath the weight of my own guilt, I turned to find the one source of fire left in my life. Draping my neck over Eva’s back felt natural and before I knew it, the worry and the shame and the anger all faded away into the sweet scent of her
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He could keep to the shadows, keep to the darkness, keep to the trees in his attempts to stay hidden but no amount of darkness and no shadow in the world could hide his stench. His name was written on the same page, on the same line as the murdering moon bitch and one day she would see them burn. She would stand over their blackened corpses and she would feel no remorse. As much as Ktulu wanted to hunt down Mauja in the shadows and drive her horn through his chest he was not important. The only important ones were standing together in front of the herd, Archibald, Kaj, and Kahlua.

The Constrictor listened as Archibald was announced as King and made his speech afterward. Kaj came next and he asked for her to rise to the position of Captain once more. Ktulu gave a nod of her head, though in her heart she did not want the position. She did not want anything in the Edge, but she had promised her loyalty to Archibald and she would stay until she could no longer handle living within the Edge's borders.

One after the other the herd spoke, denouncing the Moon Goddess' ways and claiming that they needed patrol their borders, or show that they did not condone the Goddess and her ways. None of it mattered to Ktulu, but then nothing at all seemed to matter since witnessing her son's murder. She had very little to say to anyone gathered and with the acceptance of her position as Captain she turned and walked away from the meeting to continue her mourning.


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Today was not like a normal day for Jahzara as she approached the designated area for the herd meeting, slowly passing through the small crowd to listen to what her leaders had to say. The hallucination of her best friend was nowhere to be seen, even in her minds eye, as she watched the Queen come forth with her announcements. An eerie, restless silence had fallen around her as she listened, her dial turned ever so slightly to better see the painted mare with her healthy right eye. The golden vixen was holding her breath when Kahlua said that the murderer had been discovered, anxious to know of the culprit as she had been working with Kahlua, Resplendence and Nayati as a team. She had only been able to offer so much help, her mind weakened every time she came across another lifeless corpse, a piece of her own heart withering away at the loss of a soul that she never even knew. The murders had been tearing at her already broken mind, clawing at her delicate emotions and running her ragged with the stress that she simply was not fully able to cope with. How the mare did not end up locked away in a blacked out haze of her mental state is a mystery.

When their God, their Moon Goddess, was announced as the murderer, the held breath was released in a sudden gasp. Jahzara's crown jerked back with disbelief, shaking her dished muzzle as though her denying the facts would be able to change the truth. How could that be possible? After all they had done for the World's Edge, all the wonders and good they had brought to not only bring peace, but to keep it? Why would their Goddess seek to destroy what they had worked so hard for, long before Jahzara had even joined the World's Edge? 'Do we mean nothing to her?' The thought crossed into her mind as tears began to well along her bottom lashes, imagining the dangers that the Moon Goddess must have put them in for destroying the lives of others. Jahzara quickly glanced around to the family that surrounded her, pleased to hear that no one wanted to place blame of the stallion, Gaucho. But, what were they to do now? How could they be safe? Suddenly, the golden girl was glad that she hadn't chosen a design for the purple marking that she was to be blessed with, the color of the goddess...

As the others spoke, one of her less common hallucinations appeared on her back, Archibald. No, no, not the new King of the World's Edge. The hallucination is not of the Dauntless on her back, get that image out of your mind you dirty fool! Archibald, or Archie, as he was called by Jahzara, was a small tropical bird that served as her adviser of sorts, though his voice often went ignored. This time however, the bird hopped up her neck to whisper his recommendations into her torn ear, the only give away that she was even having this moment was the flicking back of said ear. When silence had fallen, Jahzara took the figment's advice and stepped forward to speak. Her voice started out shaky and uncertain, never really having used her position has a higher rank before to interject her thoughts towards a very serious matter. Only once she continued did she find her confidence, if only temporary.

"If...If I may, I-I-I will v-volunteer to go to the... Aurora Basin to try and speak with their leads, and perhaps their sleuth as well. I wish to let them know that we are not condone the actions of the Goddess in hopes of reaffirming our peace with them, I also want to see if there is any way we can smooth things over after..." Her voice began to trail off as she glanced towards Thor, auds flicking back nervously as she remembered that he had taken on the challenge that was originally meant for their sneak, Cetan. Jahzara had long thought it foolish for Cetan to have targeted the spy of the Aurora Basin, and as a fellow sneak rank wanted to let him know that she did not approve and that she would be sure to better prepare their stealth ranks. It was all the golden mare had to offer, but as she realized what she had just proposed, a cold shudder ran down her spine. She was but a frail equine mare without an ounce of fight in her, how would the unicorn-only clan take her arrival? Nervously she flicked her flaxen tassle against her snowy, spotted flanks while glancing around with hopeful eyes that someone may volunteer to join her.


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It was neither in the hefty young Lignea’s nature or capacity to hurry to the meeting ground where obviously Kahlua the Sunshower was waiting. The winged serpent who accompanied the painted queen in recent times could be heard throughout the forest, cawing and croaking, and creating enough of a ruckus to stir peaceful ancestors from their rest, and it was not long at all until his glistening form discovered her basking in a glade, as well. Fig had learned enough about Helovians to understand that companions were often sent in such a fashion – presumably because many were flighted, far swifter than four legged equine variations, and also easy to manipulate. Though she respected the strange customs of the population she dwelt between, it pleased her none to know of their slave tactics.

Almost as soon as the dragon had been spotted, she had turned to pick an awkward path (round a bout in fact), back towards the assembly-ground.

The going was tough. Tallsun’s fury was relentless, far crueller than the seasons of Prim’sylva where forests diluted the sun’s potency and rain fell reliably. Sweat soaked her shaggy hide, hidden beneath layers of curtain-roots, and her lungs fought hard the humidity which choked her of breath. In recent weeks she often wondered if all of the territories in Helovia were so unkind; but the tree-girl knew too, that she had not the heart to abandon those who had accepted her so kindly into their midst. She reminded herself daily that it could so easily have been a desert dweller that plucked her from the borderland and that she was lucky Kahlua had come in their stead.

The trees around her, old and resilient, seemed to wilt beneath the awful heat. The sprawling branches of her own canopy danced to the rhythm of her stride, tangling often with the weary forest, and always she apologised and worked to free her bind without damage to either tree. After a good hour, more (but no less), Fig heard the hum of voices – a female voice – and she picked quickly Moon Goddess from the fluid stream of words. So too was another speaking as she pulled up behind the bulk of the standing bodies, a flaxen maned mare, and thickly furred ears twisted forward to listen.

They were speaking of a journey (or this soul was), and Fig mused quietly about the name – quite unfamiliar to her. She knew of the desert, Dragon’s Throat, thanks to the young lad Rhoa who lived there and also that a land lay nestled at the foot of the mountains somewhere north of the Threshold. Never though had she been made aware of the Aurora Basin. Perhaps, if she made her interest known when the time was proper, they might suggest she accompany the party – but Fig had not the confidence to interrupt their business; not when she had arrived in such poor time.

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L. A. T. E.
Of course I was late to the first herd meeting I would be attending. As soon at the call rang out, beckoning all of the herd members to the misty clearing in which the meeting would be held a pitiful whine came from the feathery spot between my shoulders. Barnabas made his discomfort and his hunger quite apparent while he bobbed his fluffy black mass back and forth between my shoulder blades making moving forward or moving at all pretty uncomfortable.
Finally he was fed, and content, the silence coming from the ball of fluff telling me that the hatchling was happily napping now that his stomach was full. Snorting softly I picked up the pace and cantered over to the clearing that I could hear a chorus of hooves carrying the bodies of the herd to the same place I was going. Good, so maybe the hungry hatchling hadn't made me late at all and it was simply an overreaction. A soft smile crept across my features as I continued onward glossy harks forward in case I missed the first few minutes of the meeting.
It appeared I had nothing to worry about for as I was stepping into the clearing the painted mare, Kahula (as I learned her name was), began speaking about how the goddess of these lands had been banished to live among us. Worry flickered momentarily through my slender frame, but all was forgotten as emeralds settled on the golden and white frame of the adorably clumsy Jahzara, a smile graced my sporty features as I pulled up along her good side offering a nod in greeting while the royals continued speaking. Names that I didn't know were being listed off as higher rankings, until it reached Resplendence and her rank of Moon Doctor. That was the only name that struck any kind of nerve because the kind doctor had brought me to these lands where I was able to be reunited with my mother. Emerald's searched around for my mother as the conversation continued, until they settled happily on her black and white form..for a moment I felt bad for not being there by her side, but Jahzara stepped up her soft voice sounding like a new bell through the mist and the fact I had chosen a friend over my family was forgotten.
"If...If I may, I-I-I will v-volunteer to go to the... Aurora Basin to try and speak with their leads, and perhaps their sleuth as well. I wish to let them know that we are not condone the actions of the Goddess in hopes of reaffirming our peace with them, I also want to see if there is any way we can smooth things over after..." Glossy harks flicked forward as emeralds fell upon the slightly smaller golden mare who's bravery was shining through as we stood here. It took a lot to stand up in front of a herd and offer to go on a mission, a lot more than I had honestly expected to see out of such an easy going mare. My skull bobbed up and down and I stepped forward so I was shoulder to shoulder with the arabian. "I would be willing to accompany Jahzara to the North."

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She has not been back long, but she feels the urge to integrate herself back into Edge life, and that means attending all meetings. She needs the gossip, after all, and as a budding warrior she knows she needs to keep her metaphorical finger on the pulse. Her limbs shift fluidly, hooves colliding with now-familiar ground as her white lion strolls beside her, poetry in motion as they move in conjunction with one another. Her breath comes steadily, a testament to stamina born of years of hard work, ebony tail flowing freely behind her as she approaches the crowd.

Because she comes from behind, from between the trees, she sees a shadowy figure lurking largely out of sight to the rest of the Edge residents; Mauja. How could she forget their conversations? She is rather fond of the spotted man, and quite surprised to see him here - he had struck her as a perennial outcast, a loner, not the sort to involve himself in herd life. "Fancy seeing you here," she whispers, voice intended for his ears only so as not to draw attention to him. If he's hiding back here, there must be a reason, and the storm queen does not wish to blow his cover.

Shooting the brooding beast a cheeky smile, the mare carries on forwards. Dominus slows, twining between her ankles as the duo halt near the back of the crowd, listening as the three leaders speak. Judging by their words, Nyx has missed something big, something life-changing for a lot of Edge residents. Archibald's words are naturally of the most interest to her, and already the silver soldier plans to spar as much as possible. Fighting with other Helovians is different, more intense, than duelling with those not afflicted by magic and companions, and she feels like she is only truly tested when utilising all the supernatural abilities possible. She stands in silence, though, ears pivoting to detect the multitude of voices in the crowd.

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Voices drifted in and out, a familiar buzz of noise that the mare followed silently, noting them in her memories while her own mind whirled internally. The news had been startling, a horrendous truth. The Moon Goddess was the murderer? She was the one behind it all? Why? What was the reason? Wasn't she supposed to be their protector? The young mare had felt the urge to shout aloud and ask but her voice was caught in her own throat, both afraid to let her doubt be heard and to hear the answer it would provoke. She had long been fickle in her faith towards these Gods of Helovia, but it seemed they had been telling the truth al along and now one was here, in their land, and armed to the teeth. Leeka could not name the terror that bred in her heart at that thought but she felt naked before it.

It was a serious matter at hand.

Leeka listened onward, heard others speak of more patrols and sparring practice for the warriors, a session on healing herds for the healers, volunteers for envoys to the other herds. Leeka silently vowed to attend it all. Knowledge was the best weapon she had against strife and right now everyone needed to be at his or her best. A line of defense was needed and she was going to be a part of it. She wouldn't lose another home to otherworldly powers again, not she had anything to say about it. " I will act as an envoy as well to anywhere necessary," She said, proudly raising her head, determination in her eyes. " Even to the Gods themselves." At that she paused, glancing about the crowd to gauge their reactions, surprised herself that she was speaking up. She had meant that in reply to a follow edger, the one who had spoken of asking the other gods for assistance. Still, there was something else she had to mention, something obvious that no one else had spoken of and bothered the young mare. " But what of our Seer? Isn't she the one that serves as a medium between the divine and us? Has she heard nothing from the Goddess? Can she not speak with her anymore? Is this not some misunderstanding?"

It was an honest question asked by an ignorant soul. If she had be there at the time of the reveal, when the Moon Goddess had been shown to be the source of it all and the vile, uncaring manner she had displayed toward the fallen mortals Leeka wouldn't have dared trying to defend the being. But alas, she had not and thus was left to wonder in her own innocent, confused thoughts.

" Talking."

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 i lit a fire that wouldn't go out.</style>

We arrive, late. We too, like it seems several others hang to the back. My eyes scan the growing crowd for faces Alanna and I will know. I will send her to them, they all know she and I are a pair. Alanna turns her gaze to me, waiting for direction. Not yet. Once the meeting is over. Seek out Res first... I felt horrible for leaving the girl when she so clearly needed a friend. I needed to make amends, as well as seek her medical advice.

It's as we listen to the now three leaders that my eye catch a glimpse of a frame I have not seen in these woods for years. In fact, I think the last place I had seen him was on the battlefield. My entire body stiffens. What the FUCK is he doing here!? I rage in my mind to Alanna. She turns, and her fur stands on end as she growls. Tucked to the back, was none other than the FrostHeart himself. I start to move toward him, to confront him. No. Alanna's voice stops me dead in my tracks. Must be here for reason. She whispers in my mind. She was right. Deep down I know this... But I want answers. We get them. Not now. I instead turn back to where I had been standing to listen to the rest of the meeting.

We would find him later, or one of the leads. Has so much changed while we were gone, that former enemies are now walking among our ranks?


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This was a great way to start off the day. Being late for the first damn meeting! He grumbled trying to figure out which way lead to the meeting place. All these trees made it next to impossible to tell one direction from another and when you couldn't see beneath the branches, well everything was just green. Ducking underneath yet another low hanging branch he glared back to Kiara who seemed to be having the greatest time watching her partner struggle to find their way. "You could be more help you know." He commented as he came to a stop only to see the same stupid tree as earlier. "Well since you asked.." She teased playfully, stretching casually before finally sauntering forward to lead the way.

Women, there was no working with them or without them. It took barely five minutes to arrive at the scene of the meeting once Kiara took the lead. Flustered yet still on time he looked around for Parelia before heading over to join them. Touching his muzzle to her neck affectionately he settled in beside her with Kiara perched on his back so she could observe everything herself.

The news was certainly troubling for everyone to hear with the murderer being caught and the moon goddess playing a part in it all. One would think that someone of goddess ranking would have more respect for her people but this was clearly not the case. Each of the leaders spoke before they turned to everyone for their thoughts and comments. Nodding along in agreement with the others as they spoke he couldn't help but chip in on the matter. "I agree that we must stick together and not turn our backs on anyone in need. Please tell me what needs done and I will be there to help." He called bowing his head to the leaders as he spoke. It was hard to know what needed to be done when he really did not know much about this place. Perhaps there was someone who could fill in the blanks for him so he might be of more use.

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