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It was just like the tales of olde; a great flood was to ravage the land, cleansing it of its impurities, shaping the land anew, and with it, washing away memories held dear. I would be the first to admit my fears of what was to happen to this land I had come to love so dearly, praying against all hope that friends and enemies alike would find safety upon the ship. More than anything, I hoped my children would find their way here and that I could see them again... But so far, I felt not even a glimmer of hope.

But there was the bigger to look at now, no matter how much it caused my heart to ache to abandon the sole thought of my children.

With Romani at my side, the fair, golden maiden that was to share a small section of the ship with me, I hurried towards the Edge. Suli's help would have been of most use, but she had remained at the ship, curled about the egg that held her newfound, unhatched brother, for he would not survive without the proper care and warmth. Through the thick forests I ran, leaping fallen logs, crashing through the thickest of ferns, and weaving through redwoods, I called out to my herdmates, anyone that was within earshot. "Brothers, sisters!" I bellowed, trusting that Romani would spread the word of the coming disaster in another part of our home. "There is a great flood coming; please, friends, you must hurry! Join me, and I will show you to safety!"


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By his side she ran. Sweat coated the mare's golden-red hide, matting hair and causing locks of ivory to cling to her neck and face in rivulets of white, but never once did the Haflinger falter. Due to her size it was difficult to keep up with the graceful Friesian, but somehow she managed, and as they returned to the Edge, the land they had both sworn to protect, Romani heaved in great lungfuls of air as Destrier beckoned any and all who might listen.

Like Suli, Kasai had remained behind within their quaint room upon the giant ship, keeping a watchful eye over both the little green dragon and the egg that Suli protected. The little green was more than capable of protecting herself, of course, but the tigress didn't want to risk any chances... Especially since they were practically surrounded by their enemies.

"He speaks the truth!" She called, adrenaline pushing her to speak, to shout, hoping to attract the attention of those who had not been present to hear the Earth God's announcements, "The God of the Earth has created us all a safe place to stay while the water floods the land. Please, everyone... Come with us!"

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It had been too long… too long since I’d seen his face, my brother, my friend- Destrier. I could recall the day we’d met. It was a pleasant day that had forged our kinship and nurtured our souls as a family. When had he returned? Where had I been? The questions were unending and yet I seemed to keep asking them despite already knowing the answer. However, trials of the past were to be forgotten in the wake of the upcoming flood, but I came. I abandoned my attempts to console my memories here in the Edge and instead desired to see them soothed by the hands of a man I’d only seen in my thoughts for too many years now.

However, at his side was a beautiful mare that I was glad to see recovered from her suffering some months ago. How had I missed so much? I grinned to both upon my approach and went to Sargent first. “It is so good to see brother! I can’t say that the circumstances are ideal, but I am all too happy to see that you are well,” I gushed. I resembled a child too long separated from his parents, but I cared little for appearances now. I’d been returned to my home, to my family… the least I could do was succumb to euphoria upon seeing them reunited.

After draping my thick neck over that of the dark Frisian, I turned to Romani in a similar fashion. “You look well my dear, but I’ll not keep you from your task. Lead the way my friends.”

That said, I took a moment to reminisce over the past, when the Edge had been a truly spectacular force of power. Slowly we were coming back together and I couldn’t be more… amazed.

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