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Yea. Um. Movement. She was huffing now. Completely exhausted after going all the way to the Edge and back. Her swollen frame was not agreeing with how much exercise she was participating in, and her once fractured limb was still complaining (especially with the extra weight upon her hide now). The Earth God instructs them now, to fill up their buckets with water, snow, or ice. She takes a staggering breath in, Valiance shifting the canopy fabric now upon her back, before she turns to Quil once more. "Stay close by the ship-thing?" she whispers, exhaustion carrying a small weight in her tone.

Worry had gotten the better of her, it really had. Now? Now she was realizing how stupid it was to attempt to trapeze all over Helovia to carry the news around. She huffed, slowly beginning the waddle toward the nearest (and rather large) body of water that was flowing rapidly with the bucket (a lovely bucket, she must admit, that the Earth God had created) in her mouth. Still, the glitter left a gentle trail behind her, being blown away not long after.

And, only once she reached the stream did she drop the bucket and let it float on top of the water. Another huff as she took in a deep breath, before pushing it down with one of her hooves (the water, thankfully, just high enough to cause it to cover the bucket and cause water to seep directly into it). However, she didn't exactly think about getting it out of the water. She clamps onto it with her jaw - but can just barely lift it without awkwardly starting to stumble forward. She lets out a nervous laugh. "Quil… could you help?" she asks, swallowing and knowing that if there is no other way she might have to get rid of some of the water to make it back toward the boat.

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The second task was easy enough, and the beautiful maiden had happily run to grab a bucket for Maitimo's sake, Rathunax grasping hers so that the shy stallion would not have to make the journey into the crowd for their items. With a smile that was more eyes and lashes than lips, due to the bucket impeding such an effort, Nayati ducked her head towards the stream the meadow offered. Especially once Rathunax sang out, cheerfully alerting her to the fact that her mother and Quilyan had apparently had the same thought. At least they would not be alone.

Turning and trotting towards the pair, flowers springing up behind her in her cheer and fairy baubles clinking happily in her locks, Nayati hoped to spread her joy to Maitimo and help him relax a bit. She knew his pain, knew it well, with an intimacy she did not like to recall. Vadim had made such a drastic difference in her life, it was exhilarating to know that though she still stuttered and feared, that she could overcome it when needed as well. Perhaps she could guide Maitimo out of his darkness as well.

At least, until she finally approached her mother, and saw the swollen sides that meant only one thing. Pregnancy. Nayati felt the world tilt and whirl beneath her, feeling as if the air had been jerked all at once from her lungs, leaving her clawing for it desperately. She whirled to a different part of the river, trying to keep herself from tears. This was supposed to be fun, she thought to herself. Rathunax gave a horrible, mournful cry from above. Nayati hurried to the water, dunking her bucket in and not daring to look at Maitimo. She just wanted to get this over and done with.

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Taking his own bucket within his jaws, Apollo found no reason to deny Father Earth's guiding advice. If the rains were to come and create a massive flood that would wipe Helovia's proverbial slate clean, then those who would be upon the massive boat would be required to have something to satisfy their thirst. Even though the Merciful feared water above all else, he was not one to so brazenly go against Father Earth's words, and so the overo stag took his bucket within his mouth and hurried to the nearest source of water.

"Come along, little brother," Apollo had said after placing the wooden pale down so that he could speak, "If it's water we must fetch, then water is what we will get."

Much to his surprise, he and Mesec weren't alone when they reached the nearest source of water. Resplendence, the goodly mare who he had befriended many moons ago, had seemed to have had the same idea and had ventured to this very water spot in order to fill her own bucket. Another youngster who Apollo didn't recognize was there, as well, but now was the time to focus on the task at hand. Shuffling towards the shoreline, hooves barely dipping into the clear liquid, Apollo dipped his head and plunged the bucket down into the water, doing his best to avoid submerging his muzzle into the water and with a mighty grunt, pulled the now-full wooden bucket from the depths of the water.

Heaving a breath, the stag backed up a few steps while doing his best not to slip, and lowered the bucket to the ground. Satisfied, he smirked... But then realized that Resplendence wasn't fairing well with her own full bucket. A look of concern crossed the stallion's features. "Miss Resplendence? Do you require assistance?"



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Archibald, his daughter, and the comrades (some not so much) that followed had accomplished their task of spreading the word of the flood and the boat. Now, Archibald moved with his daughter in the Thistle Meadow, a new task given to them. A bucket hung in Archibald's mouth. The handle easily rested in the spaces between his teeth where a bit would set itself, and it rocked back and forth gently, moved by his impressive gait. When he could hear the waters, he noticed familiar bodies in the distance. Happily, Loretta sprang forth, closing the distance between her bonded and their herdmates. Her amber eyes searched wildly for the blind kit--she had nearly stolen to adopt for herself--at Apollo's side. She whined for the black cat, yipping expectantly.

"Macaria, these are some of my herd members. The black one is Apollo, and he loved your mother nearly as much as Abraham and Reginald love you. The other, her name is Resplendence. She is a healer in my kingdom." Archibald's voice was somewhat muffled by the bucket hanging in his jaws, and as he sided Apollo, he set it down at Macaria's feet.


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There was no shortage of work to be done in order to help the Earth God out and Mesec welcomed the distraction happily, eager to have something to focus on. He wished for more time to speak to Apollo, thinking now that his old friend would have some helpful guidance, but perhaps there would be time after. Now, they were bid to fill the wooden buckets with water so they all might be able to drink. Grinning back at Apollo, an easy gesture in the kind stallion’s presence, Mesec nodded his agreement to the plan. “Lead the way!”

Already there was a good group of others that had gathered with the same intention, everyone dutifully carrying their buckets. Mesec recognized one of them, the gigantic former-general of the Foothills. The intensity of his presence had not lessened even a bit despite the fact that Mesec had grown a fair bit since the last time they crossed paths.

He nodded a hello, not wanting to interrupt the introductions, before moving past Apollo and a little farther down the river. “Hello there.” To the young, spotted mare in the water he offered this shy greeting, though he tried to get the volume up enough to be audible but the result was a crack in his voice at the end of ‘hello’. Moving carefully into the water, he joined her while Apollo offered to help a dun mare that was having some difficulty lifting her bucket once it was full.

Mesec couldn’t help but wonder if they would be rather heavy and awkward to carry around once they were full and hoped he too would not have to ask one of the others for assistance. It would be good, he thought, to be able to do this on his own. Carefully, tipping the bucket so that the lip went into the water first so that it could fill slowly, he did not rush to fill it up but rather tested the weight occasionally to make sure he could still lift it.

Now carrying the whole thing back to the boat without it splashing all over the place was quite another matter!

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A breath of fire was all that was needed to free the wagon from where it had been tied down by Kahlua. Suli had rejoined us upon our return, entrusting Kasai to keep watch of the egg and provide it with ample warmth while we worked on the next task given by the God of Earth. With her and Romani's help I was fitted with the harness of made of hide, and off we went, headed back towards the meadow where the ship awaited.

Coming to a stop at the stream, Suli took hold of one of the bucket's handles and lifted it from the wagon, placing it gently down alongside the stream. It was then that she cocked her head towards me in an inquisitive way and then gestured with it towards the golden mare. "Roma help? Too heavy." She inquired, to which I offered the dragoness a smile and looked to the warrior.

"Suli is wondering if you'll help her to lift the bucket into the wagon; it'll be a bit too heavy when it's full."

There is sound from down the stream, and pausing, I lifted my head to gaze further down and suddenly, a smile pulled across my lips. Resplendence was a refreshing face to see, and the formidable form of the Edge's newest King was also a relief to see. The others, however, I did not know, but it didn't matter; we were all here for the very same reason, and that was to ensure safety and survival during the coming flood. "Resplendence!" I called out, "Archibald!"

Once our two buckets had been filled and were secure, I pulled the wagon carefully closer to the gathered group and eased to a stop to ensure the least amount of water would be lost. Now, I could see clearly that the Moon Doctor was with child, huffing and puffing and looking anything but pleased at the task we were all faced with. I cast her a gentle, sympathetic smile, wishing there was time for a proper congratulations.

"I can carry the buckets to the ship," I offered, knowing the weight of them would be tiresome and uncomfortable between anybody's teeth, "And return if more is needed."


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Maitimo was grateful toward the mare as she delved into the crowd for his own bucket. Gradually he felt himself feeling almost at ease around the mare. Her flowers were enchanting and made her seem like some mystical maiden from the songs. Magic ran deep in this land it seemed. As they drew toward others his eyes rested upon Nayati as emotion took a hold of her. He felt fear wash over him as something seemed to change about the once gleeful maid. His eyes went to the mare with the swollen sides. Did she intend some kind of harm? His bunk mate charged into the water and he felt a mixture of terror and concern.

Slowly he began to step toward his partner, his eyes flickering back toward the other mare. Soon there were others gathering and Maitimo could feel the slightest bit of panic swelling up inside of him. “Yo-you need help?” He spoke as he drew closer toward Nayati.

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Returning to the Thistle Meadow, having fulfilled their task of searching for others who may no know of the oncoming rains that would flood Helovia, they were rarely given any time to rest before the God of the Earth had sent them on yet another errand. This one required far less running or huffing and puffing, which was fine with the golden-red Haflinger, but it would require quite a bit of muscle.

They were to take wooden buckets, which were fine little things crafted by the Earthen God, and fetch water or ice, and return to the gargantuan ship with them in tow. Easy enough... Especially with the wooden cart from the Edge that was strapped to Destrier's impressive musculature. Or, at least, it was easy in theory.

Following the Friesian to the stream, Romani pulled her own bucket free from the wagon and shuffled closer to the water, gripping the handle of the pale firmly within her teeth. Lowering her head, the mare dunked the bucket within the cool water and waited for it to fill before gritting her teeth and lifting the bucket up from the stream. Tiny rivulets cascaded down the sides of the wooden bucket, dripping back into the stream and splattering against the Haflinger's hooves as she lowered it onto the soft grass of the shore.

At Destrier's voice, Romani turned her head and listened, looking to the tiny green dragon as the ebony stallion spoke. Dark lips turned upwards and the mare laughed breathily. "Of course... Watch out, Suli, I don't wish to step on you." Moving closer to the little green dragon and her bucket, Romani lowered her head and lipped at the handle of the bucket until it was firmly within her maw, dunked it within the bubbling stream, and filled it just as she had done the first. With a soft grunt, the mare pulled it from the water and set it down beside her own bucket.

Tongue lolling in her mouth after releasing the pale, Romani's gaze followed that of Destrier's, and upon spotting two familiar shapes a few paces away, she smiled. Resplendence and Archibald were a welcome sight indeed, and the Haflinger was pleased that they were both actively seeking out water as well... But what truly caused her to pause and hesitate was the sight of a familiar, spotted filly... Save that Nayati wasn't a filly any longer. She had grown... And painfully so.

With the buckets secured, the bulky mare kept pace with the more athletic stallion as he pulled the cart behind him, and paused when Destrier came to a stop before the other Edge members. Warm azure depths looked at Resplendence, and it was with a warm ripple of satisfaction that she realized the Moon Doctor was with child. How marvelous! She wondered who the father was of her unborn babe, but wouldn't question it, at least not yet. After all, now was the time for work... Later she could congratulate the mare she had once recruited to the Foothills on her pregnancy, and hopefully, later, she could speak with Nayati... If the spotted princess would even speak to her.

"I can help lift some buckets," Romani offered warmly, smiling between Archibald, Resplendence, Nayati, and the others that she did not know. "If it's needed."

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After a thorough sweep of Dragon’s Throat, the two warriors had returned to the meadow what the gargantuan God still toiled at his craft. When he set the crown another task, Meg let out a huff of breath and tossed her dark head in frustration. They had just gathered everyone here and now he sent them off again. “If he plans of flooding Helovia you’d think he could get the water himself.” She muttered. It wasn’t the work she objected to, but Megaera was fast becoming frustrated with the pantheon of gods she had though infallible. What they chose to do or not to do, interfere or not interfere, had no pattern that she could see. They would let one of their own kill a slew of mortals and now another would risk all by flooding the land and hoping that everyone got word in time.

As the stallion had led their first mission, Meg took point for this one. “There’s a river just there” She told him, gesturing with her scarred nose toward the river that cut through the other side of the meadow. She moved forward then collecting her vessel for the ones being distributed, and throwing a glance behind to see if he followed, moved off towards the flowing water.

Arriving at the banks, it was clear that they were not the only ones to remain in the meadow for this task. Many she didn’t know were at the water’s edge, filling their buckets, but the sight of one monstrous warhorse had the feathers on her wings puffing up aggressively. She stared daggers at Archibald, but made no move toward him. Not now! Not now! You have a job to do! she reminded herself, but it was hard to forget the way he had howled for Gaucho’s blood in this very meadow. Meg new nothing of the stallion, not his name, or that pain he had felt at that confrontation, she only knew of a threat he had made on her Kahl. The filly with him she recognized, having seen her while patrolling Dragon’s Throat in recent weeks, and that helped calm her ire.

Gripping the handle firmly in her teeth, she plunged her bucket into the water with a splash and drew it up again when it was full to the brim. Full bucket swinging slightly, she looked around for her partner, hoping for any distraction, a reminder of the task at hand.

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Now that they have returned to the Meadow, Resplendence accepts that they will be staying as near to the ship as possible. He watches her worriedly, noticing the exhaustion that is beginning to creep into her bones. She is pregnant, by the gods! She can't go gallivanting across the land, however much she may want to. Even so, he knows that should she decide to do it anyway, he neither can nor will stop her. But they stay close now. He finds himself watching the crowds cautiously, no longer trusting the citizens of Helovia. They have proven themselves fickle and unjust far too often for his liking, and outside of their little herd, he knows few enough of them to offer them the benefit of the doubt.

When he turns around again, Resplendence has taken the bucket and toddled over to the stream. He curses under his breath and rushes forward, but not quickly enough to prevent her from trying to lift the filled bucket. "My love, don't -" he starts, but she is already releasing it, unable to carry such a heavy load. She pleads with him for help and he nudges her shoulder, taking a moment to swallow his fearful irritation. "My lady, you shouldn't do things like that," he scolds her gently one he has mastered his overzealous worrying. "Let me. Tell me what you want done, and I will do it - but please, don't overtire youself."

He smiles, brushing his maw across her cheek lovingly, hoping to soften any offense she may have taken from his words. Then he reaches for the bucket, grasps it in his teach, and lifts, leading the way to return the water to the ship.

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Oh, but one must’ve thought my eyes were going sore! They hadn’t stopped being so bugged out and wonder-filled since they fell upon the grandness of the boat that the God of Earth was building; there were just so many people about, so many horses and things happening around them, that it set my imagination and my excitement ablaze!

I settled my wide-eyed stare upon the horses that Father indicated. “Hello,” I said, shy and bubbly all at the same time to every face in turn, “Hello, hello!” Oh, Mother--I can’t say that the idea of living in Father’s kingdom didn’t scare me, even just a little. I loved the Throat, and living in Brother’s shadow, and gamboling about the sand-dunes and the Oasis--but, I confess, it did get a little hot at times…

Father set the bucket down before me, and I stumped toward it, bending my nose down to touch it and investigate before hesitantly knocking it into the stream. Then, my footing precarious and careful, I eased into the shallows and reached down to the now-submerged bucket, trying to draw it upwards. But, oh Mother! It was so heavy--I barely tried to lift it before my poor neck muscles gave out and it crashed back down to into the water.

“...oops,” I said, turning doleful eyes upwards toward Father.


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From the corner of her eye, as she struggled to figure out how to lift the bucket from the water, Res could see Nayati disappearing to a different part of the river. "Nayati!" she called out, happiness ringing her voice at seeing her young one - the child who had grown to be so brave. And then, there was Apollo, coming up alongside her. He asked if she needed assistance, though Quilyan got there first - chiding her for trying to do all of the work. She snorts, grasping the empty bucket that Quilyan had left before repeating the process, not letting it get as full this time, and then depositing it on the side of the river. "Apollo!" She breathes, giving a gentle smile - though her glitter was not glowing due to the fact that there were so many around she did not recognize. "Quilyan got it, though if you'd be pleasant enough to put this one in Destrier's cart I would be ever grateful," she said, moving in closer to him as Destrier pulled up with the wagon, and Romani, in tow. Archibald introducing the young child to Apollo and Resplendence and she offered a gentle smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Macaria."

Alas, it was a wonderful reunion. Romani and Destrier were back! Apollo and Nayati were here and Quilyan was at her side. It was lovely. "Oh, it's so nice to see that all of you are well!" she says, eyes flickering toward the pegasus mare that she did not quite recognize, hoping that with the massive number of other horses around her that this pegasus would not find need to come after them… to cause any kind of trouble….
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