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There really was nothing else that leapt to her mind when the subject of plants was brought up. Immediately, her eyes sought out the forms of her friends from the Edge and she expected them all to be thinking the same thing: “Res’ garden!” They simply had to do whatever they could to save as much as they could from the little piece of land their Moon Doctor had toiled over.

“The garden! Come on Mikey, back to the Edge!”

This time, for speed’s sake, Alysanne unfurled her large wings and took to the skies - a rather rocky take-off and it was followed by an equally rocky landing where she stumbled when she hit the ground much faster than she had planned. It had to have been at least a couple seasons since she had last used those appendages beyond the occasional stretch and they burned from the movement now - but, at least, they had arrived in the Edge in good time.

Trotting now, she led the way to the place she knew by heart.

Dozens of plant names bounced around her mind as she thought about what they should save. Would the trees be alright? What about the flowers? Or should they just focus on the herbs in the garden and thus those that were more important? “I wonder if Kahlua has her basket or if that wagon is still around so that we can bring as much as we can!” She mused out loud as she stood by the tilled earth, fully expecting others in the Edge to arrive any minute. “I really hope the flood doesn’t really wash everything away.” It would be such a shame to see everything washed clean after all the hard work that had been put into this place. Maybe it would just be a pretend flood!

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Kahlua and Khan knew, when talk of plants arose, that all of the Edge would be thinking the same thing- Res’ garden. The Moon Doctor had toiled so hard over it, planted and hoed and pruned and watered and carefully tended to every living thing within it. Of course, Kahlua couldn’t tell one plant from the next no matter how many times she tried to learn, but she figured that Res wouldn’t be able to save the whole thing on her own. Confirming with Brisa that they should go there, the queen bounded off in the other direction. All this walking was getting a little tiring, but I was good to help return her figure to her pre-foaling shape.

Coming up, conveniently, just as Aly started speaking aloud, Kahlua chimed in. “I gave my basket to Destrier to hold the egg that he found, but I saw him pulling it and the cart through the woods, so he should be here soon!” Smiling, she added, “Can I start with anything in the garden?” Waiting just long enough for instructions, the queen then began to gently dig up and pile like plants together, so that they could remain sorted once Destrier arrived with a cart in which to place them all.

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Lathered with sweat as I was, I was far from calling quits. Towing the buckets from the stream back to the ship had been easy enough, but traveling from the Edge to the meadow, then back again twice was rough on old bones. Yet still I kept my head high, knees snapping up high as I moved at a lengthy trot towards our beloved home, cart in tow. This time, the God had bestowed us a task to dig up what flora we were able, and immediately my mind drifted to the garden that our Moon Doctor had toiled tirelessly over for so long. We had all helped to move it when the darkness took over many seasons ago, and now, we were doing it all over again.

Up ahead I spied the familiar, painted forms of my Queen and Alysanne, a soft smile tugging at dark, scarred lips as I approached. "I am here," I called softly, and maneuvering the cart as best as I was able, trusting Romani and the others to help guide me backwards, I managed to get it backed up to the garden and braced myself to keep it held still. I had assured it was empty and clear, ready for the garden box to be hoisted up into it; but at the very front corner also sat a brilliant, red dragon's tongue, a flower that had caught my attention on the way back to the Edge. It had always been a favorite of Bran's, and with great, tender care I had dug it up to make the voyage with the rest of us.

Craning my neck to look back to the group, I gave a firm nod of my head. "I am ready when you all are."


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Lugging those buckets from the forest to the meadow had been a tiring process. It had been awhile since she had done too much with heavy lifting and she was outta shape. Most of her daily routines had her traveling from place to place so her stamina was there but not the strength. Tallsun weather also helped to make things all that much more enjoyable by causing them all to overheat while running around like maniacs. The Earth God had continued to pile on the tasks and this time had sent them scavenging for valuable plants that would not survive the flooding.

Having spent much time over the last year or so helping the healers tend to their garden, it was no wonder that this was the first place she headed. So much progress had been made this season with it and it would be a shame to see it destroyed. Making a beeline for home it wasn't long before she caught up with the rest of her friends who just happened to be thinking the same thing. Pausing for a moment to catch her breath and listen to what the others had in mind, she tried to figure out where to start. " Are we wanting to take everything?" She asked looking to Res for an answer.

There were so many plants here that could be of use to them but did they have enough time to gather them all? "What if we start with the ones that would be most useful to us and work our way out from there?" She added as a suggestion motioning to some of the most common remedies. Stuff like lavender, peppermint and other plants could be used for calming nervous travelers, herself included. Also remedies for pain and stomach upset could definitely come in handy. It was a welcome sight to see the cart getting put to use and helping them save precious time. Much more could fit into it than if they had to carry them individually.

Kahlua and Brisa

Brisa talks

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Quilyan said not to overtire herself. He said that whatever she wanted done, he would do. But still, she wanted to help she just hadn't quite taken into account how hard the work would be with this scorching heat that was surrounding them. Quilyan had taken one bucket back with the pair, the other one placed carefully in the wagon that Destrier was pulling. Alas, when they returned to before the Earth God he spoke of gathering some of the plants to save. Instantly, her mind raced. "My garden," she croaked, panic instantly hitting her orbs.

So she moved. She didn't wait for Quil to tell her it was too far (though she didn't doubt that she was going to end up getting a speech about this). No. She simply began to hobble forward at a very slow pace. And when she finally arrived at the Edge plenty of others had already arrived. Tears brimmed for her eyes as sweat lathered her coat (the heat, the walking, and the pregnancy a bit too much for her entire body to not react in such a way). "You guys… You came…" She breathes, tears of joy flickering across her orbs as she watches Kahlua start to dig like plants and organize them together as they united around the garden.

She inches off to the side, steps awkward with the extra weight, before she dipped her maw into the tiny pool of water located next to the garden and tried (desperately) to quench her thirst and give her just enough energy to make it back toward the meadow. "Let's gather about 4 of each, keeping roots in tact as much as possible. Grab pinecones - it'll help the pines grow back if they don’t survive… Needles too, from the trees, or acorns. Anything that isn't leaves that falls off of them grab - we can slowly grow them back with their seeds, even if it won't be the same…" Res explains, voice labored and dry from the exhaustion. It is Valiance who does most of the work now - trying to grab some of the uprooted plants that were previously excavated before placing them delicately in Destrier's wagon. Res just couldn't move anymore, her body lowering at the tree just outside the garden where her canopy used to hang, as she lets out a few huffed breaths. "I-I can answer questions. Just. Need to rest for a spell…" she explains, the glitter that is pooling around her frame giving off a gentle glow of bright pink in response to her comfort levels rising.

She had a family…

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I’d come to terms with the severity of the impending flood, but it hadn’t really struck home until stumbling upon my family in the Edge. Evangeline and I had come back from delivering our buckets when we’d discovered many from the Edge, frantic and unsure, near the Moon Doctor’s garden. I was hesitant to approach and interrupt their banter, but upon noticing Destrier with sweat-lathered flanks, I was quick to close the distance between us. The Sargent had clearly pulled Kahlua’s cart to and from the Meadow and it appeared that I’d come at the right time. My brother needed a break from the heat just as much as Resplendence did.

I had managed to catch the tail-end of her instructions and I was more than willing to help gather whatever she deemed important, but I had a few other things that needed tending before such chores. I rumbled softly to Resplendence before glancing back to Eva in hopes that she would also take heed to my words before turning my attention back to the Moon Doctor, “Please rest, there’s no need to exhaust yourself in the heat Resplendence. Evangeline will accompany you,” I stated evenly. I didn’t allow Eva the benefit of my gaze because I knew that she would only resent me for attempting to tell her what to do, but she and I both knew that someone had to take care of me once the day drew to an end…

After easing responsibility from Resplendence’s shoulders (and consequently Eva’s as well), I turned to Destrier with a small smile in hopes that he would allow my help. “I can cover this trip Brother…” I offered slowly while gesturing to the cart. “Rest a bit, we have quite the journey ahead of us.
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Oh, for the love of -

And off to the Edge they go, the prince growing more anxious with each step. He knows that she only wants to help, that she will not rest until she knows that her family is safe. He knows that with the threat of destruction, the preservation of her garden has become the top priority. He knows that she is trying to guard their future, precarious as it has become. But, gods, she is pregnant! Does she not realize how very fragile she is? Aren't mares supposed to be doted on and taken care of when they're pregnant? What if she makes herself ill, or falls over, or, or, whatever other bad things females do when they're with child?

His knowledge of childbearing is limited, to say the least. But he does know that some bad things can happen, even if he is a little fuzzy on the details.

He accompanies her to the Edge, watching on with concern as she immediately begins to drink her fill of water. His heart warms to see the group that has come to save her garden, pleased with her friends and family and that she had someone other than himself to care for her. Still, his worry is all-encompassing, and he takes a moment to bring attention to her plight. "My lady, you musn't tire yourself so. It can't be good for you or the foal. Lady Alysanne, my Queen, please, tell Resplendence that she must rest," he pleads with Alysanne and Kahlua, echoing Destrier's words. To Resplendence, he adds: "Don't move. Stay here. Please, let us." Then he goes to assist with the gathering.

"more words."
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Even though he didn't share Alysanne's closeness with many of their herdmates, he still thought of the herb garden above all else when the Earth God asked them to collect plants. The Edge's garden had been built and maintained over a lengthy period of time, or so he believes, and it would be such a shame to lose it now. So when Alysanne declared her chosen destination for this task, he agreed wholeheartedly.

"Of course!" he responds cheerfully and with a smile.

The black and white pegasus takes off then, no doubt flying to the Edge for the sake of time. He follows her without hesitation, launching himself skyward on huge white wings. His thoughts momentarily drift to his youngest daughter - gallivanting about with some... colt - and the distraction causes him to drift behind. Knowing where they were headed, however, was enough to ease his mind at having lost sight of Aly. She would get there, of that he had no doubt. And so would he. Miykael is a better navigator than Aly is anyway. So he soars on, heading directly for where he knew the garden to be.

He soars down to a fairly gentle and graceful landing and promptly pulls in alongside Alysanne. Many of the other herd members were already here and working to gather the plants. Kahlua was busy digging up plants and placing them together in groups, and Destrier had brought the Edge's wagon. Brisa, Resplendence, Thor, and Quilyan were there as well. With so many to help, surely they could get everything? With Resplendence's instruction, Miykael set off to pick up pinecones and acorns - creating a small pile of them tenderly in the wagon alongside the plants.

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It was natural that they would head back to the Edge after delivering the water the Earth God wanted. Evangeline allowed Thor to lead the way without much resistance on her part. The heat was beginning to get to her and she suspected it was the same for everyone else that was running around to complete the tasks the god set before them. As she and Thor both arrived in the Edge she took note of everyone scrambling to gather everything that Resplendence was telling them to. Eva took note of Replendence's appearance, at the swelling of her sides and the way Quilyan doted on her.

"She's pregnant." Eva murmured to Thor, trying to hide the longing in her voice. Thor had already begun speaking to the healer and delegated to Eva that she take care of her. For a split second Evangeline was tempted to tell Thor not to boss her around, but she shrugged it off and moved toward Resplendence. "Thor is right, you need to rest. Too much stress is not good for you ... or your child." She gave the healer a small smile. "Congratulations."

Evangeline sighed as Resplendence seemed to listen and rested while everyone busied themselves with gathering from her garden. She did not like standing idly by while everyone else work so she joined in, gathering pinecones and dropping them into the wagon that Destrier had brought.



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I had thought first of Res's garden, and it became clear I was not the only one. Alanna bounded along head of me as I looked for my partner. I hope she followed us at least. It does not take long for us to make our way over the broken wall. I knew where the garden was, as I had begun the greenhouse so long ago.

I am happy to see I was not the only one. My deep voice calls out to those who have already gathered. looks like we all had the same idea I move to stand beside Destrier. We are both built heavy, able to pull. It's then I see Thor as well. With the three of us, well moving the wagon would be easy. Don't stress Res. We will save as much as we can he offered the little mare a smile as Alanna began to move about to help gather the herbs, and maybe a few poisons should they be lurking in the garden as well.


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Quilyan was obviously exasperated with her. She was pushing herself in an attempt to do all that she could to save the lands. But, she didn't know exactly how to turn that desire off. She needed to make sure her family would be safe - it was all she had left!

Still, it was Thor who came to her first saying to rest, and since she was already on the ground she managed to nod a reply. He said that Evangeline would accompany her before he went off toward Destrier - offering the take the wagon this trip. Oh, how it filled her heart with joy to see just how well it was that the Edge worked together! And then it was Quil, telling her to stop tiring herself so. There is a gentle snort of annoyance as he turns towards Kahlua and Alysanne, begging for them to talk some kind of sense into her before ordering her to stay right there and not move. Valiance was still gathering the herbs that had been pulled from the ground and carefully depositing them in the wagon in order to speed up the work, and because of Valiance she at least didn't feel like she wasn't assisting at all. There is a huff of a "fine," to the two stags before Evangeline pulls up beside her, telling her that she needed to rest, that it wasn't good for her or child before offering a gentle smile and a congratulations. Res is almost beaming by this point, proud of her family for being so willing to help and care, and so happy for the child that was growing in her belly. "Thank you," she whispered in response to Eva before the golden mare moved off to assist in the gathering of pinecones.

Yet, another worried voice told her not to stress. This time, it came from Aaron - saying that the would save as much as they could. "Thank you, thank you all…" she said in response, Valiance also offering a few clicks of thanks as well.
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