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[OPEN] Save my soul...

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Again they returned to the meadow, and sweat leaked in snaking rivers through the thick, black coat hidden beneath blankets of root. “Laedere...” she breathed heavily and exhaustion prickled black and white stars behind her dead-weight lashes. “I am poorly suited to errands like these. I beg you, if we are given another, please let us not stray far from this spot.” The tree-girl’s thick knees trembled wearily, pushed to the brink, and her expression could no longer feign enthusiasm. Lignea – the Arborun among them – were fashioned by the Gods of Prim’sylva to dwell amid the oldest of the planet’s forests; whispering of times past with ancient timber humming ballads to both saplings and children alike - and preserving equilibrium, tranquillity.

As her strength wavered, not even the cycle of the burning sun could restore her and the glossy emerald foliage her body plant wore, began to wilt. Still, Laedere’s support seemed resilient and while energy faded, the foundations of a sturdy friendship seemed only to harden.

Fig followed the tide of horses as they moved to and from the God of the Earth (the ship now larger and grander, consequence of his labour), and they arrived finally to receive further news – new instruction – the rains would be enough to warrant retrieval of Helovia’s finest flora. A grim wave set over the tree-girl, though she smiled magnanimously to the deity she barely knew. How could any here make a decision of such magnitude...? Thoughts turned to their diet, the callous manner of which they shredded new growth for the sake of their gluttonous appetites. These creatures were Neanderthal!

For some time she dithered in place.

Panic unleased the floodgates holding back adrenaline, and the hormone surged like rapid wildfire through her core. As she came too – pulled from her fretful coma by the song of a thousand unchecked voices – her warm brown gaze glazed, overwhelmed and stricken by pitiless guilt. There was just no way possible for her to visit the furthest corners, to account for every tree, every shrub; the many grass races that cushioned trampling steps. A fathomless sigh erupted from tense lungs and she began to wander through the field in a helpless and hopeless state. “There is no way...” she began, visibly distressed. “This place... Helovia, it is far crueller than my heart can bear. The Gods, these creatures... how can I ever help them?” The words were intended neither for Laedere or the spirits of her homeland in particular – she had long come to terms with her isolation from their affect.

And then it dawned...

“My Soul Plant...” she part-choked.

Knees clicked audibly as she swivelled to face her pale winged friend. Still the population swarmed around them like bees to their queen, but this time Fig paid them no notice. “Laedere! However am I going to find it?!” She knew well the tales of old Prim’sylvan lore that told of Lignea - failed protectors – perishing with the life of their Soul Plant. Eyes danced between the lovely gaze of the Pegasus, but all they saw was terror in the situation unfolding. “Surely it is still too small to breathe through a flood – why else would His people be gathering cuttings...” A molten tear rolled from the corner of her closing eye.

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I teeter back with the bucket in my mouth. I decided that I better stay quiet. I know that Cheska didn't seem to like the outburst that occurred, and I felt horrible. My stomach turned at the thought of her hating me, so I remained quiet until we returned to the meadow. It felt like forever, but finally I had drug my bucket back. The God took it and put it wherever. All I can think is that the only people that can get my water is either me, Cheska, mommy, daddy or, dare I say, Shida. Other than that, they better be hands of my water. It took me a lot of muscle to drag back here.

In fact, my muscles ached very bad. I knew I couldn't take another long journey away from this task. Gingerly I looked toward her, before glancing down at my feet. "I'm sorry for being mean and starting stuff." My voice is quiet. I hate apologizing, but Cheska deserved it considering she did look like she was protecting me a little bit. I owe any guardian angels my apology. I kick the dirt in front of my hoof absentmindedly only to spot the Thistles. I love these things, they're so purple and pretty. I can't let them die in the flood like the God said, and it would give me a chance to rest! "Cheska can we get the purple flowers? They're really pretty and I don't want them to die." I turn and look out at the massive field of them. They're like a painting. It's so beautiful, not to mention, totally matches me. Well, at least I think. Im bad with making things look good.

Suddenly, I spot a mare that looks like a tree with her partner. She seems distressed or something. Trotting over, I look at her carefully. I may have been a little mean before to the unicorn and the white mare, but I can't not help those in need. I catch her say something about something being lost. "I can help you find it Tree Horse!" I exclaim. I don't know her name or anything, but she seems nice enough to not kill me upon first look. "What can I look for? Ill look while picking some of my favorite purple flowers." I'm at least trying to be helpful. Everyone was in such a rush over these tasks, so it was the least I could do to alleviate the pain of knowing a flood was coming. Right then I begin picking up the nearby thistles, got to get as much as I can!

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Ya'll ain't seeing the big picture. Like some assholes fuckin' warned a squirrel or five, but Da and I warned fuckin' everybody. Then some just like ... scooped up their stank ass water from the stream (fish poop anyone????) but Da and I got some glacier fresh legit as dick ice that was bound to stay cold the whole boat ride.

You want a margarita? I got your ice.

Now this. I can see people digging up like ... flowers and wanting to save some valentine bouquet bullshit. The fuck is this? You want to repopulate the world to look like a damn greeting card?

Little do I know that's precisely what my twin is doing, however it isn't her that draws me near, it's the big one.

The tree one.

If we're trying to repopulate the plants, what's better than a plant you can shove your dick into? And for once, I do mean that literally.

"Da!" I whisper, knocking him with my shoulder several times to get his attention, as I stare at the Lignea.

Holy fucking goldmine batman.

"Da. That's the plant we're bringing. No roots or anything. Fucker looks like she could repopulate a whole field."

I watch her for a moment, trying to gauge her speed and offensive strength, and let me tell you, she looks like she'd probably die of fright if I screamed loud enough.

This is going to be a piece of cake.

"Listen. I'mma distract them. You get the tree one. We can just like .. pull her to the boat. We aren't far. "

I look to Da for confirmation. "okayreadygo" I say all at once, running forward.

None of them know me (other than Auri) so ain't no body know about my explosion magic. Which is why, as I explode an entire tree I try to look as surprised as anyone else. "Oh no!!" I call loudly. If the explosion didn't get their attention, hopefully when I run towards it it was. "What if someone was hurt? A squirrel or something??? Please! Help me check!"

I wink obnoxiously at Da as I try and usher everyone towards my explosion.

Team Oxy/Shi the kidnappers just casually gathering our plants.

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So that last meeting got a little weird, and since you’d rather know what is reality and what is not at this point, you decide to just not eat any more of your locoweed plants. It sucks, because you start hurting again, and all kinds of random pains start weaseling their way back under your skin, but you can deal with it for a little while. It’s not too bad right now- it will get worse later, you’re sure.

Fortunately, T1 keeps you pretty distracted. She’s got mountains of energy- are you going to make it to the end of this adventure without her wearing you out entirely? Speaking of…

T1 knocks your shoulder a few times and you swing your head to follow her gaze. Tree horse? That’s kinda weird, but you can work wi- Oh. You’re taking it. Well… it’s certainly not the strangest thing that’s happened today. And anyways, if T1 says that’s what she wants, then that’s what she’ll get- one way or another. At least she comes prepared with a plan. Shrugging your acceptance and bobbing your head, you watch as she runs off in one direction and promptly explodes an entire tree.

Smirking in amusement (that’s your baby girl), you’re careful to avoid Thing 2 as you trot over to Fig. “Fighting just makes it worse,” you suggest, sounding a little bit too much like that creepy older guy who hangs around at the park and waits until little kids’ moms aren’t paying attention. But anyways, T1 did her part, so you guess you’ll do yours. Latching onto one of the low hanging branches of Fig's tree with your grimy teeth, you begin trying to pull her towards the boat, hoping your large stature and the unexpectedness of it all might give you an edge. For good measure, you go ahead and try to shoot her with your drug magic. If she’s tripping out of her mind, she might resist less.

Honestly, you really don’t think this is going to work out well, but if it amuses T1, it’s fine.

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Fig was not doing well, it was clear from the way that her limb trembled while she moved. "I humbly beseech thee to forgive mine transgressions. Mineself hath not quite realized just how cumbersome ye's tree might be upon ye spine." But, she dared not to push the tree-mare as she stood there, swaying in what little breeze was given through all of the movement. Laedere could even see the exhaustion in the way that Fig's leaves were starting to wilt. Yes, this was not time to push any further. "We shalt stay here for thee next endeavour," she insists as the next task is given.

Alas, what seemed like nothing to Laedere must have been the entire world to Fig, for the next words to slip from the tree-mare's mouth was that it was impossible. "Ye will do all the ye can to assist in devising a new world for all of thee to live in." Laedere tried her best to sound hopeful, but the words seemed to have no effect upon the tree-mare who she was now beginning to call her friend.

The next words from her mouth were about a soul plant, then a panicked question about how she would find it. Carefully, Laedere reached out - to brush wing against hide in a comforting manner. "We will find whatever ye's 'Soul. Plant'. Is. I shalt do mine best to assist ye in the protection of this creation." Laedere insists, a smile upon her maw as her eyes dance with the sadness that is now also radiating from the tree-mare's entire being.

Then more come. They come in waves. This young foal comes first - saying that she will help look for the Soul Plant as she picks flowers and Laedere can only grimace. She can only grimace because it seemed as though Fig felt pain each time plants were harmed- that she had some kind of strange connection with them that no one else could really understand. But, before Laedere could try and do anything there was an explosion and a loud scream. A foal, worried about the squirrels and stuff while Laedere was far more concerned about the splintering tree that was now ricocheting through the air. Instantly, Laedere brushes forth, trying to step in front of Fig and spreads her wings out - blocking whatever debris was still flying from reaching the already exhausted mare.

And then stupidity happened. A stumbling oaf came forward, smirking and trotting on uneasy limbs saying that fighting would make it worse. Make what worse? The pain Fig no-doubt already felt for the damn tree that just got blown up? Laedere goes to speak, but before she can form the words to chew out this giant, malnourished piece of trash in front of her he is latching onto one of Fig's branches (branches Laedere had been told to be careful with early, for what she assumed was because the branches were just as much a part of Fig as her horse-self).

Okay. She was done. Did all of Helovia lack something by the title of manners?! She pins her ears, eyes narrowing as her wings rustle in anger. "Ye are marring her! Cease this forthwith!" She screams, spinning around so that her haunches faced the brute before trying to send out a wheelhouse-type kick toward his face. See ye function when ye crown is reeling moreso than it already is! she thinks before retracting her kick and trying to stumble forward. "Perhaps, henceforth, ye should focus on extracting timber from yonder in lieu of one upon mine companion's spine!" There is a break as her voice snaps - chastising the hulk before her. "She is one of us! She is still a part of thee land. Ye should show more prudence for ye brethren."

Really, she would have yelled at whatever caused a tree to blow up, but she didn't know who or what that was. So, for the moment she was content to scream at this brute who tried to hurt the one she was beginning to call a friend.

Idiots. Why were there so many idiots!

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Out from the billowing sea of hot bodies came a small voice, one that chimed brighter than the drone rising through the atmosphere. It was a child’s eyes gazing up at her, filled with ambition and bright innocence, but alas it did little to sooth the tree-girl’s frayed nerves. The small creature spoke of plucking blooms from their bodies – for what though, to look at? Or sniff?

Fig swayed wearily across her thick legs, “No, no...” she hummed as gently as she could manage, “I think they ought to keep their lives.” It seemed none realised the damage their loud, obnoxious lives had on the delicate environment around them – it became quickly obvious that parents taught their offspring nothing of respect, care, or consideration. She offered the girl a worn smile, but before she found the chance to speak further (to educate if she could) on the subject, there was a sound so horrific that she staggered backwards beneath jolting branches. Sorrowful brown eyes watched despairingly as a tree nearby exploded – astonishingly – apparently without any cause.

Another tiny horse lunged towards it, and it seemed at last another shared her grief!

“Oh,” she cried helplessly, softly, as toothpicks began to rain around the little group, but as she lunged her root-tangled mass forward she jerked back suddenly and though caught like a fly in a web. She grunted as she tried in vain to pull free of her tether, pain resonating through whirling mind, yet it puzzled her all the same that there were no friendly canopies near enough to bind her.

“I don’t... under...” she rumbled as she wrenched and shook her frame vigorously with what little energy remained; but she turned confusedly to find Laedere, and realised in that moment that a stallion was hanging from a branch swinging low behind. He was dragging her - backwards - and there was little she could do to free herself from his grip. Staggering in ungainly fashion backwards, Fig heard the rage unleased by her friend and ears wavered across her heavily maned poll erratically, panicked, and helpless.

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with cheska & auriel

When she was young, she'd been well taught never to cast the first stones in a conflict. She was a jetty, built to be battered so the more fragile, beautiful parts of the world would remain unscathed. She was a shield, an iron guard to protect the innocent, not made to wound. She bore the scars of her trouble, and then some. The injuries had left her blinded to potential nuances in conflict, like the way she blatantly ignored the wound on the white mare. But then, maybe she would have been more forgiving if the two hadn't turned so quickly on her friend. She endeavored to be a little more impartial next time.

She was jarred from her thoughts by the sound of Auriel's voice ringing delicate and clear. She softened at the apology, the irritation ebbing away and leaving no trace. "Don't you worry a thing about it, miss. You did what anybody would." She nodded firmly. "Sometimes adults behave like children. No fault of yours." The warning shots had been strongly worded enough. She was hoping the conflict wouldn't be coming to actual blows anytime soon. That was something she'd rather spare her young friend.

Instead, she was happy to change the subject. "Good idea! I'll dig one up." She glanced sideways one or twice to check on Auriel. "Make sure you get the roots or they won't last long." She hoped the message had gotten through, but she couldn't be sure. She was most of the way through digging around a small sprout of a thistle when Auriel was sprinting off again to offer assistance to someone else. She couldn't be the least bit mad at that, and she was quick to follow with her little plant, roots very much intact, carefully held between her lips.

She didn't even have time to introduce herself before everything devolved into chaos.


It started with an exploding tree and ended with an attempted kidnapping and all Cheska could do the entire time was stare, slack jawed, as the debris of an utterly annihilated tree hit her face and the tiny plant slipped from her mouth. Someone was yelling.

Finally, she was aware enough for her instincts to kick into gear. These were the two from the arch. Auriel's sister and father. He instantly endeared himself to her by ignoring his daughter, and then sealed the deal by grabbing the big painted tree mare in his teeth. She tried to hate them instantly, but with Auriel's words from the last encounter ringing in her ears, she couldn't. Instead, she decided to apply some much needed diplomacy to the issue. She approached the fray carefully. Great. More horns flying around. "Now hold on there! You picked the one tree that can walk herself to the damn boat." She was careful to stay out of goring range as she tried to reason with them. "How about extendin the same courtesy to those that can't?"

Good. Now where did the exploding girl go?

@[Auriel]; *Cheska shows up fifteen minutes late with Starbucks*

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Im so happy that Cheska forgave me. I don't know what I'd do without her. So when she agrees to even get my favorite flowers, I can help but squeal and bound around her. For some reason, even though I feel exhausted, I'm like a kid on a pixie stick. However, I'm still able to follow her instructions, because I have to be a good kid from now on. Any more outbursts, and I'm afraid Cheska might kick me out! The Tree Horse though doesn't seem to like me picking flowers, and I frown. Does she not know that they'll all die then? That all the pretty purple flowers won't be there anymore? "But Tree Horse, if I don't pick them, they'll die!" I exclaim. I don't know why she thinks I'm killing them. I have their roots like Cheska told me, so they can be replanted! Its like we have cool natural magic to revive dead plants, because all these wonderful things will grow even more on the boat!

Turning though, my attention catches at an oddly familiar sound. I flinch at the sound of splintering wood. I know instantly know it's Shida. Who else senselessly blows up trees? Or anything for that matter? Turning, I also see dad who's coming near tree horse. I'm really confused, because aren't they supposed to be collecting things to take on the boat? I can't see what Dad is doing until Cheska and the others get riled up. Trotting over to the other side of the tree, I see Dad hanging onto the branches. Hold up, he can't take her! She's getting plants with us to save! Screeching I run over to him and try to head butt him gently with my horn. I don't want to hurt him, but he sure as hell is going to listen to me, even if that means prodding him a little bit. "You can't take her!" I exclaim, shocked and also embarrassed. Im freaking related to those crazies. I swear, if I didn't know any better I would think that a stork literally dropped me off at the wrong stop. "Listen to Cheska! You need to get your own plants!" I plead. The last thing I want is a kidnapping showdown to occur. I already defended them, and I sure as hell will have no reason after this to do it again if they hurt Tree Horse. "Won't you stop for me, please?" I pout and back up a little bit. I'm not Shida, but I am going to play every child card I can. I'm doing this for you and Shida dad, so you better listen to me. Sometimes I think that maybe I should've been the Dad in this situation, even if I'm not a boy. Finishing then, I stand as tall as I can next to him. Of course he still towers over me, but I'll stand my ground. If there is one thing that kind of connects me to them is that I'm stubborn. I will get what I want even if I have to kick, scream, and tattle to Mom. Maybe she can knock some sense into them.

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