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The respite of the cave was short-lived, but Dovhakiin had asked about her home, so she may as well give her an answer. Elsa did like talking about it, made her feel like she had a bigger part of the picture there. "A while back there was a wraith infestation, forced everyone underground.." She began, trying to remember the timeline. She had arrived just before everyone was shoved underground into a cave. It wasn't the sweetest of arrivals. "I've been at the Falls ever since it was safe to come back from the caves. Always been Mason too, rocks are kind of my thing." She finished with a light laugh. It felt nice to laugh a little bit, especially with someone who was kind of getting to know her. Maybe after this, if they got through it, they could be friends? As far as Elsa could see, they got along pretty well for being complete and utter strangers. With Elsa's lack of friends lately, she'd cherish this friendship to say the least. "I do love it there. The cave is nice in summer, as well as the lakes and ponds. Winter can get kind of cold, but I relish that kind of stuff." Edgar who had flown back to greet them peeped in agreement.

Upon returning to the Earth God, for the nine millionth time, he had yet another task. Placing her vines down to be stocked, she listened to his next task which, considering his current track record, would be gathering all the animals two by two. As if on cue, that was the task. Elsa scoffed, rolling her eyes a little. Was all this really going to fit on the boat? With all the work that her and Dovahkiin had been doing they sure as hell better be setting sail.

Edgar decided he wanted to take charge. He didn't want his bird-y friends in the forest to be left out. Taking off, her beckoned them to follow. Another roll of her eyes and Elsa moved forward, hoping Dovahkiin would forgive her for her companions lack of manners. "He's pushy, but if he's gonna get the animals to come to us its worth it." True thing was, Elsa wasn't quite sure how they would wrangle anything else up. Trying to catch any animal was a feat. Not to mention, to get it on a boat.

Soon the forest was in view, and Elsa sighed. Edgar, who was perched on branch on the edge of the forest, squawked. As if on cue, a pair of red birds flew out of the woods, landing upon Elsa's back. Apparently Edgar was good with words, or bird talk or whatever. Eyeing Dovahkiin, she shifted uncomfortably. Although she did have a bird companion, the thought of carrying some on her back grossed her out. "I'm sure he can send you out a pair too." Her voice was strained as the bright red bird and pale red bird shifted on her. Well, this was going to be interesting. Edgar flew back, and quickly returned sitting on the branch. All Dovahkiin needed to do was say she wanted them and they'd be upon her like bees to a hive. Speaking of which, someone better be brining bees cause they're pretty important if flowers are expected to survive. "I can't help but ask, because it's so unique, but does all your family have the striping like you do?" She was genuinely interested in the answer. Sometimes horses from all over the place came with different patterns and colors because of where they came from.

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I smiled dreamily as I wandered through the forest. My feet moved normally but I felt like I was floating; sliding and slipping along like a blotch of ink rolling across a sleek canvas. Memories of Rei danced behind my eyes, filling my heart with a certain warmth I was unfamiliar with. Part of me wanted to run back and look for her, now that I felt this way, but I wasn't wholly sure what I would do once I got past that part. She already had a stallion helping her, what did she need me for?

Still, her whisper tickled my ears.

It was because of her that I selected the forest. Our shared butterflies had captured me, my quest set on a path in which I wanted to assure the world could share in the otherwise insignificantly whimsical creature. It meant something to me now, because in it, I saw her.

I found one easily enough, and I trailed after it with my nose bobbing in tempo with its wingbeats. I was a bit unsure how to go about actually capturing it though. It was so small, so fragile, I was terribly afraid I was going to hurt it. Having to be in charge of a plant had been stressful enough, but now this moving, breathing, animal that fluttered inside of my heart... could I be careful enough to catch it?

I glanced at @[Mirage], seeking her assistance. She was older, wiser, maybe she had caught butterflies before. Nearby birds squawked and flew off, followed by a pretty mare that reminded me of ice.

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The winged mare carefully picked up a small cage in her mouth. Penna looked at her curiously from above. 'What are we after?' She had been wondering the same thing as she trotted easily away from the Earth God hot on the trail of a great place to catch, 'Birds.' Penna screeched excitedly as he flew ahead leading the way to his favorite hunting grounds. Honey eyes glanced at Ciceron hoping he would follow her. "I figured we would catch some birds." Her voice was muffled as she picked up the pace.

Once they were in the Deep Forest the mare spoke again, "Hang on I'll fly up here and set the trap." Carefully she unfolded her cream and teal wings before fluttering up to the tree. Setting the trap open on a large branch she landed softly on the springy ground. "Now Penna will do what he does best and chase birds in there!" Smiling excitedly she watched as Penna came soaring back with a two Cardinals, a male and female. The door clanged shut and she jumped happily. "That's one more down! Let's go back love and see what else the Earth God needs!"

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The plants and water had been trifling tasks for the mare. Truly, her sceptical mind could not help but wonder why the Earth God required the mortals of the realm to gather such things, when he was the God who embodied them? But still, she and everyone else did as they were bid - she was not foolish enough to ignore a God.

Ink's company was a pleasure. He did not speak, he never had, and it was refreshing to be in the company of one who did not mind her own silent musings as they wandered through the lands. He was almost like a companion, though without a bond to keep them together. And he did not pester her with questions of her whereabouts, and so she paid him the same respect and remained silent about his. She figured he would tell her when he was ready to, in his own unique way.

The Deep Forest was like a second home to her. For months she had lived amongst its domineering shadows, relishing in the way the Sun's light could hardly penetrate the thick canopy above. It was here the Qian had been birthed, here they had met and learned and grown to a force so powerful they had conquered.

She wondered how much of the old ways were still followed.

Golden eyes trailed the path of the pale pegasus mare, silent in their observation, the mare simply assuming the other was here for the same task that they were - fauna collection.

That the stallion chose a butterfly to collect shouldn't have surprised the mare. A small, kind smile touched her lips, and she sent a mental note to Akaith which would help them in this task greatly. Approaching Ink, she touched his moist shoulder, before gesturing to the golden dragon that was her beloved, who clutched (gently) within her claws a pair of cocooned souls.

"They will emerge as wondrous as those that dance here." her low voice murmured, before she cloaked herself in her magic, and made her way back to the Meadow once again.

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Eventually, they had to leave the cave. No matter how much they'd rather stay in, they had to persist. They had to continue with whatever this competition was. Perhaps it was selfish of Dovahkiin to think that way instead of getting into whatever the Earth God had intended for this to be. But that was Dovahkiin. This was a competition. When one understands that she is new to the area and thus has no real connections with anyone here - no reason to be upset if they died. Elsa was gaining favor with the dark mare, though, and Dovahkiin didn't want to die in a flood. So she did her best with each task.

When Elsa speaks, Dovahkiin listens carefully. "A wraith infestation, huh? Sounds pretty intense." she comments, wondering how she would have reacted to that sort of situation. Would it have been any more terrifying than anything she had come across in her old home. In truth, probably not. "What I did see of it seemed quite nice. I'm more used to colder weather, myself." she adds with a smile. By then the two had arrived back in the meadow again. After adding their plants to the pile to be saved, the large one presented the next task. Save the freaking animals. Dovahkiin sighs audibly. The look on her face screams 'are you fucking kidding me?!'

Falling into step behind Elsa, they follow her bird creature to the forest. Once there, they stood waiting as Edgar disappeared into the trees. She shifts her yellow-green eyes to Elsa when she speaks. "Oh, I'm happy to let him work his magic." When the two red birds fly out and land on Elsa's back, she can't help but smile at her bird friend. "Nice. He's pretty handy to have around." impressed, she laughs softly. Elsa offers to have him send a couple out for her and she nods. "If he could, I'd appreciate it. I'm terrible with bird talk. I was better with the dragons back home." she adds with a grin and a quick wink. When Dovahkiin settles in to await her animals, she turns her attention entirely to the pale pegasus. Elsa presents a question, then, and the predominantly black unicorn merely shrugs. "I'm not sure, actually; I haven't met my family. As far as I'm aware they're all dead."

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