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Yea. She was tired. Her entire body was week and her ankles were swelling. Oh, did she mention the fact that she felt as if her appearance had turned into that of a cow's? Yea. This traveling was doing little to keep her appearance up. They got back to the Earth God just in time to get another task and she let out a small whine of exhaustion.

Tears. Tears for no reason. She loved animals, yes. They weren't hurting them, okay. But still they were trapping them and that was almost as bad! A small box - with a few minuscule holes was nearby, but Resplendence just wanted water and to collapse. Luckily, not too far off was the stream. Cumbersomely she managed to make her way over there, once again drinking to her fill before dropping at the edge of the stream - allowing her front limbs to dip into the water. Valiance, during his normal grooming times had drug the box over to her side and was beginning to pick out the ladybugs her tail had raked up during the journey over to the stream. "Just want to rest…" she huffs - eyes glazed over from the heat and exhaustion. Her body couldn't take much more, which meant the baby couldn't take much more and she wasn't about to let anything happen to their unborn child. "Just rest…." she whispered, Valiance still picking out the ladybugs and depositing them into the box he had drug over.

Well, I guess they were still completing the task the Earth God had wanted?

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Thor & Evangeline

Buckets, baskets, cages… the tools were unending and yet, the God of the Earth couldn’t gather these things with his divine power? After depositing herbs and flowers and plants of every nature at his feet, the great God related another demand- bring animals. Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, anything that looked like it might have the capability to reproduce. I was fine with leaving the wolves and the big cats that occasionally wandered through Helovia, but I still dreaded “trapping” anything and everything else. What was I supposed to do, corner some rabbit and ask him to “come with me?” I’m sure that I could just lay my trap before him and he’d throw himself inside, eager to be saved like the rest of us.

Only, that would truly never happen.

This was perhaps why I was quite bitter toward the idea of locating, planning, and trapping said animal. Not to mention, this was my third, fourth, or maybe fifth trip back to the Meadow from the Edge. How were we supposed to sleep in between so many tasks? Honestly, I think I was getting a little delirious from lack of sleep and overexertion, but exhaustion wouldn’t stop me! Hell no! Although, I did worry about Evangeline… I didn’t want her to suffer from fatigue and that was why I’d ended up in the forest just beyond the Meadow itself, head low, trying to scout out some kind of creature that would pacify our great God.

The rustling of nearby limbs caused me to look up and then I spotted it, the answer to my weary desperation. A squirrel! I reached to grab the trap that I’d dropped at my feet moments before and then ran off after the little monster in hopes of coaxing him down from the branches and into my waiting arms.

However, the more I ran, the faster that little demon darted through the branches overhead. I was about to scream at him when I broke through an overgrown thicket and into the presence of Resplendence and Quilyan. I completely blanched, at a loss for words and perhaps a little stunned that the heat and fatigue had finally made me some crazy, bumbling fool. “Are you alright?” I questioned, slightly out of breath. They didn’t have to know I’d just chased a fucking squirrel through the forest… they didn’t have to know anything.

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My pride had nearly gotten in the way of Thor's generous offer, but thinking better of the situation and heeding Suli's persistent warnings, I'd allowed the larger man to take over the pulling of the Edge's cart. With the little green's assistance, we'd adjusted the makeshift harness about him and strayed behind the cart as we made our way back to the meadow, only to be handed yet another task by the God of the Earth.

Old bones ached and tired muscles begged for rest, but I had to push through my exhaustion. There was simply no time for it, not with the coming of the flood, and this time, Earth had bestowed us with a task that had been nagging in the back of my mind since this all began, a concern that I would have addressed if the God hadn't done so himself.

The animals.

I was uncertain how we would get them all aboard, if it were even possible, for they far outnumbered the equine species and some liked to look upon us and think little more than 'dinner'. But with the help of friends, family, the Edge, strangers, I was confident the lot of us could do at least some amount of good.

As we passed the stream by, Suli swept silently over the meadow and came down upon an unsuspecting hare, but it was with one of the many cages provided to us rather than with her lethal talons. Carefully the dragoness tipped the cage back and quickly shut the door to ensure the hare wouldn't escape, then cast me a look I had grown far too familiar with in our nearly two years together. A challenging, competitive look that I received nearly every single day, or at least, it seemed that way. 'Beat you,' her words rang in my head, and with a toothy, proud looking grin sent my way, the green took flight with the cage firmly within her talons as she carried it back to the ship.

A heavy sigh passed through my lips, feeling years older than I already was. "She will be the death of me... But I'd be lost without her," I remarked to Romani, casting a fair smile to the warrior before placing my focus back on the task at hand. In the distance I could see a small group of white-tailed deer, a singular buck amongst two does from what I could see. Glancing back to see if anyone else had joined us, I spied Resplendence catching some much needed rest, a sympathetic look filtering into bister eyes before I caught sight of Thor, giving a soft nicker in hopes of attracting the Specter's attention. "Brother!" I called to him, motioning towards the deer with a gesture of my nose.

"Perhaps we could try and herd them into one of the larger cages?" I looked to Romani and Thor, and anyone else who might have decided to join, doing my best to gauge their opinions.


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But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?

Fig had to be completely exhausted and shaken after that last encounter. "Don't fret ye'self. We shalt stay in thee meadow," Laedere confirmed with her, offering a delicate bob of her head before looking over toward where the stream was and a few others pairs were. "Perhaps we might obtain a few aquatic creatures," Laedere mused, grasping a bucket with a top that clicked together so as to not crash open.

Carefully, she scooped the few tiny fish into the bucket before placing it back atop the shoreline and closing the lid, locking it gingerly. "Does ye see anything ye wants to save?" Worst case scenario, they could grasp some woodland animal in Fig's branches and then coax them into a cage - though it was far from what she actually wanted to do. She didn't think they should be trapped. And, if the Earth God could build all of this - why couldn't he just coax all of them onto the ship? Like, really? We were going to make this that difficult? "Or ye could rest next to the water like thine rose mare..."

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The orange mare had suspected that their next task would involve searching out and capturing animals to bring on board the ship. It made her wonder though, what the purpose of the flood was. All of Helovia's residents would be on board. Plants would be on board along with the animals. So what evil would the great flood be washing away? Wasn't the god essentially just moving all of Helovia onto a boat? It was a replay of the caves all over again.

Evangeline was tired, but she was trying not to show it because she didn't want Thor to worry about her on top of trying to complete their tasks. She was taken by surprise when Thor suddenly started to run through the forest, but followed after him. "What are you chasing?" She called after him only for Tallis to answer with the image of the squirrel that Thor was trying to chase down and capture.

She nearly ran into his hind end when he burst through the thicket and stopped. Sweat had begin to lather her sides and she leaned down to drop the small trap she had taken onto the ground. "A squirrel?" She asked after he asked if she was alright. A squirrel? Evangeline shook her head and wondered what Thor would have done if he'd been able to grab the squirrel. She could picture him with a very angry, furry animal latched onto her face and it made her laugh.

Even after Evangeline and Thor had given up on the squirrel chase, Tallis had continued and managed to capture the furry little creature in his clawed hands. He deposited it into the cage that Evangeline had brought which drew a smile from his bonded. "Catch one for Thor, won't you?" She asked the dragon before glancing over at Thor. The dragon was definitely more suited for catching the squirrels than either she or Thor were. While she waited for Tallis to return with another squirrel, Evangeline took the time to look at Thor, at his sweat soaked sides, and the way his sides heaved as he caught his breath after chasing the squirrel. A few minutes later Tallis returned with another squirrel and deposited it into Thor's trap.

Eva sighed, relieved that they had managed to capture their animals so quickly. She felt that it was certainly time for a little bit of a break before they headed back to the god to get another Task. She desperately wanted to cool off and get a little bit of a reprieve from the heat. She lowered her head and picked up the trap then walked forward, her tail flicking so that the silken strands brushed against Thor's chest. She paused, glanced over her shoulder to see if he was following, then continued on until she reached the stream that cut through the meadow. Evangeline set the trap down at the edge of the stream then stepped into the water, sighing at the coolness of it against her skin.



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After the wagon had been filled and no more could be saved from Resplendence's garden, he and Alysanne followed the group back to the meadow. No sooner had they arrived, the Earth God laid a new task at their hooves. Resplendence's audible whine echoed his feelings and probably the others' as well. The Tallsun heat did little to soften the blow. It merely aggravated the entire situation. It made him weary, at least. Sweat slicked his coat, darkening this golden tones in patches behind his front legs and on the sides of his neck. Even his mane and tail fell limp and stringy; his mane clinging to his neck in places. His wings hung more loosely at his sides, drooping from the exertion of all this running around. His muscles ached, begging him for a rest but he pressed on.

Knowing Alysanne, he had a hunch that she'd like to stick with Resplendence and her other friends from the Edge. So, with a tender (attempted) touch of his nose to her shoulder, he followed the same path he saw Resplendence and Quilyan wander down. By the time he arrived, several others were there as well. Pulling in near Thor and Destrier, he offered a hint of a smile. "Anything I can do to help?" he asks before he notices the deer. "If enough of us line up, we could form a barrier of sorts to corral them towards the cage." he offers, wondering how many would be needed to form a solid enough line that the deer would cooperate.

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Indeed she was rattled, shaken and disturbed. The assault on her Body Plant had been unwarranted and in whole, an utterly terrifying experience. She was so grateful the Laedere had moved so swiftly to her defence – perhaps if she had not, or if Fig had been alone at the time, a limb might have been grazed of its bark, cracked or severed.

What had started out as a mild enough task had become nothing more than a night mare for the unusual tree-girl and her expression spared no one its distress. Gentle brown eyes roved mistrustfully through the wandering crowd, suspicious and wary, and though it had been established that the native animals of the land were their new target, it offered her little in the way of comfort.

“Thank you,” Fig answered her friend feebly, relieved that there would be no extravagant journey next to struggle through. Her own blazed face dipped accordingly, formalities well matched, and gratefully received it seemed between the proper pair. She followed Laedere a small distance to the course of a babbling stream and there were many gathered by it already. A heavy sigh burst from her strained chest – she knew many of the faces before her this time – creatures from the edge that she called home. For the moment she said nothing of her relief, but the body language she offered in place of wrought tension was mellow and calm.

As the pale Pegasus suggested they collect a few lives from the water, the uncomfortable Lignea (both physically and mentally), hummed grimly, “Alright...” The bucket filled quickly, and within its prison walls fell a number of unsuspecting fish. Fig could not bear to view them contained – it was unnatural, unnecessary – and shook her thick skull lightly when asked if there were any she wished to take. She imagined that any aquatic life would ride a flood well enough and it pained her to think of souls bound up with no space to fan their delicate fins.

It became increasingly obvious too, that Laedere shared her discomfort.

“The Gods of this land are peculiar...” she mentioned humbly and softly, keen not to offend those scrabbling around at their bid. She felt inclined not to say more – who was she to question faith and tradition? Who was she to invalidate the respect Helovians so obviously felt towards this lord in particular? Fig knew little of the four, and though she was curious, there had been many terrible events in months passed that soured her confidence.

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Exhaustion, we were all feeling it with these crazy tasks that the Earth God was putting on everyone. Surely a god could snap his wings together and there would be a hoard of animals at his door step, and if he could make a boat out of living trees then what did he need us for? But I wasn't one to question a god, even if the one I was supposed to worship being a member of the Edge was some kind of dark evil who enjoyed toying with her disciples. Emeralds danced around trying to find a familiar face that he and the golden, Jahzara could partner up with in efforts to try and save the non-equine creatures.

There seemed to be a pretty decent group forming near where the swollen pink mare, Resplendence was resting. I didn't remember her being swollen with child when we first met, but there was a chance she hadn't been showing then. Unlike my mother who looked near ready to blow when we met. A snort blasted through ink stained paper thins as I looked back to Jahzara a soft smile on my face, Barnabas happily tucked in his nest of feathers. "Come on, let's go help the other Edgers...then we won't have to travel far." Tossing my star studded skull in the direction of the group of our herd mates I set out in their direction at an easy trot.

"If enough of us line up, we could form a barrier of sorts to corral them towards the cage." The painted stallion who had kept my mother away from me spoke up, even though I didn't want to agree with anything he said...I couldn't help but think that his idea was a good one. Clearing my throat I stepped up to him and the others my vocal chords preparing for words. "That's a good idea, just tell me where to stand."

"Speech here."
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The girl was frustrated, and it was an emotion that clearly displayed itself on her death-marked face.

"this makes no sense!" She murmured to herself under her breath as the duo dropped off their plants and listened for their next task. "He has the power to do all of this himself - to send warnings, to gather plants and water, and to call the animals to him. So why does he send us on fool's errands? " Huffing, the demi-child continued to think. Perhaps the difficulty was simply in completing the task ... her Father surely could not force them all to coexist happily on the boat, and so perhaps these errands were his way of ensuring a moderate amount of teamwork could be reached. "...and so if it's just about teamwork-" She murmured again, continuing her thoughts aloud, "-maybe nothing actually needs to be saved. Were we to fail to collect all the animals, or secure enough water ... surely he would provide them for us?"

But what if he didn't? What if this all really was a test? "With a grimace she looked toward her ashen sibling, her golden eyes large and unsure.


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Aithniel ignored everything else around her, focusing instead of getting her trap and doing her task with her head down. She was young, unable to do much to fight, and it made sense to have to save all the other animals. Hoever, Iso had a good point. Her hooves walked through the meadow, looking up and wondering about the birds. Would they be okay? The sun child sighed, shaking her head. "Maybe he just needs help and wants us to think that we are actually useful," she replied, speaking her thoughts. "I am sure he could do it himself, but it's more about uniting us together so we feel in control of our own fates." Were they really? So often, Aithniel felt like a puppet. The sun child, frowned again, shaking her head and jumping forward to trap a little gopher. "If it is a test, then we should show that we are willing to help everyone - mortals and gods. I think I will just do what he says and prove myself other ways. He might have something bigger in mind - something we haven't thought of."

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Archibald moved into the crowd, Loretta and Macaria in tow, eyes open to engulf the sights before him. His mind was clicking, churning, gears moving and whirling to life. His comrades seemed to want to herd the deer. So, herd the deer they would. "We can get them. Loretta and the dragons can herd. The deer will want to run away from them, they're predators." He stated simply, moving to stand tall and broad at Destrier's side. He gave each around him a nod in turn, ears flicking to hear the demi-god child speak. Archibald regarded her as the other spoke--who was she?--and he nodded. "In the aftermath of the Moon Goddess' actions, perhaps the Earth God is focusing on unity. There are not four arks, there is one. One for the whole of Helovia. Herds have been mashed together in partnerships, outcasts thrown in the mixture as well. What we do now is focus on that--unity." The Dauntless had been mulling these thoughts over since the tasks had begun.


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Alysanne &

After loading up Destrier’s wagon with herbs, the group had trekked back to the site with the ark - a little slower than they arrived the first time on account of one pregnant mare and one heavy cart - but there was no rest for them. No sooner had they arrived with their treasure of plants did the Earth God ask them to perform another task - this time traps appeared in front of them and they were asked to save the animals. “Oh Mikey! I don’t think I could trap any of them.” It seemed awfully cruel, to force them into these cages. Perhaps they were saving them but there had to be another way.

At least they were live traps!

Hemlock immediately took to the idea of catching animals but found it tricky to turn of his hunter instinct - every time he returned to the small cage Alysanne had picked up the mouse or grasshopper he had collected didn’t seem to still be breathing. Which he thought wasn't so bad because then he got a good snack for his efforts. All this flying sure used up a lot of energy!

They stuck with their friends from the Edge for this task as well, a fact that made Aly happy because she wanted to keep an eye on Resplendence. She had noticed for the first time back at the garden that her friend was quite pregnant! Thankfully, the Moon Doctor seemed to be taking it easy this round and Alysanne trotted over to check on her quickly. “Oh Valiance you’re such a good helper!” She praised the dragon with a bright grin when she noticed him picking the bugs out of Resplendence’s hair and depositing them into a small trap. Turning to her friend, she satisfied herself with a look over - Res looked weary but at least she was staying still - and offered an even brighter smile. “I didn’t get the chance to say it before but congratulations.” If anyone would be an attentive and kind mother, it was the mare before her.

Turning then, she properly joined the group talking about trapping deer. With delight she noticed Arty, a shy whicker serving as a greeting to him without distracting from the talk. “Those of us that have them could stand near by and use our wings - we can spread them out and help herd the deer towards the cages as the dragons get them moving.”
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When they return to the Meadow only to be told of yet another task, the stallion lets out a small hiss of frustration, cradling his beloved under one golden wing. He withholds his fury, though, for the sake of his mate, who he knows to be exhausted. As he well knows, being tired can negatively impact one's mentality, and he does not intend to add to her anguish. Instead, he takes a breath to focus his magic, settling a blanket of calm about her shoulders. If nothing else, he can ease her tension and her worry, allowing her to relax under his supervision.

"Don't worry, my lady. Allow us to assist." He runs his muzzle along her nape as he withdraws his wing, hoping that she has the strength to stand on her own. Zarina chuffs from his back before scurrying down his tail and going to assist Valiance in his hunt for bugs. The marmoset gathers several small creatures before returning to present them proudly to Resplendence, as though seeking her approval. As the fae is the only female the small monkey can stand, this is a particularly touching gesture.

"more words."
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