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[OPEN] creatures of the night

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The half-child is satisfied with his work thus far, and getting to spend time running around with Erebos has drawn him out of his solitude again. Though he had never stopped idolizing the prince, had forgotten how much fun it was to run and play with him. Were they getting too old for such things, or when they were grown would they still be best friends through thick and thin?

Considerations aside, there was another task to complete. Animals this time? Well, it only seemed fair that they should return to the caves. Surely there were slick creatures that lived in the stony underground, clawing their way blindly through the darkness, finding light only when they happened upon the glowing lava or the glowing moss. Grabbing one of the smaller containers, he descended once more into the earth to see what he might unearth there.

“What do you think lives down here?” he asks, for surely the prince will know.

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You can imagine how thrilling it was to find out that these tasks seemed to just keep coming and coming. Returning with the chucks of seaweed the hybrid could at least say that she had not tried throwing it at anyone yet. While the golden monstrosity had been tempting the gain just seemed far too small to waste it on one such as him. Now if it had been the Earth God standing in his place, well that would be an entirely different story. So many plots to rule the world and yet here she was playing along with this pathetic game. Why don't they all just kill the idiots in the group, comendeer the boat and only allow those with a brain to survive, that at least sounded like a plan!

Regardless of their wishes the most that they could do was continue their silent protests and finish these stupid tasks. Grabbing hold of her trap she stalked off to find some poor defenseless creature to throw into the thing. Wanting to go somewhere to cool off in the process the hybrid turned towards the caves figuring that her no name partner would follow eventually. She would never admit that she was in a odd way enjoying her company and dark sarcasm throughout this challenge. It was certainly better than being stuck with someone who was all rainbows and smiley faces. That would never have gone well for the result would likely be her "partner" just falling off the face of the world.

The coolness of the caverns was a welcome treat from the hot sun on a day like this. From the sounds of it a few others had thought of the same place as suitable. Turning to face Syrena she finally decided to say something in relation to the task. " Find whatever you can, beat it over the head, spear it, do whatever to it I don't really care. We just need to bring back something that resembles an animal." She commented with a shrug. Looking around she hadn't a clue what might live down here but there had to be something. "I guess it needs to be alive as well." She added with a disappointed sigh. "Any clue as to what's down here?"

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The pair with their flowers returned to the Thistle Meadow and then got their traps. Ophelia was a little upset about the fact that she had to catch wild animals, but she would try. The mare looked to Torleik, frowning and wincing. "This is a stressful task," she told her dear partner. She went into the caves and Tinek followed, getting the idea of the task from her mind. The dragon helped by herding some geckoes into the little trap, and they huddled in the corner. Carefully, she threw some dirt in with them from their natural habitat, not wanting them to be too distressed. Then, she walked with the cage toward the boat again, feeling the excitement fade into a sinking feeling in her gut. Everyone would be packed in. There would be no open spaces. Ophelia started breathing slowly, evenly as she attempted to control the rising panic.


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The general frowned. His touch was ignored in favor of their task, and that stung a little. He supposed they weren't given very much time to speak between the Earth God's orders, but surely this ridiculous chain of events was not so...important to her that she cared little for his attention? The Bloodskald's aura became somewhat tenebrific when they were instructed to catch small animals and Irelyn's feathers took up a position like a wolf's raised hackles. She was a small animal - and she took offense.

'Not your kind. Tiny ones. Like...a lizard, or a mouse,' he explained, to which the owl-griffin perked up. She could get a rodent. Wheeling upward into the sky and searching, Torleik was left to pay attention to the woman who was apparently caught up in these tasks now. Ophelia said this was stressful and the Bloodskald found he could not muster much compassion. "You are putting them in a small box to save them," he simply murmured. Could she not see that?

A pulse through their bond informed him that his small, predatory companion had completed her task and came flapping back with two mice, male and female, in the small little trap. There. They had done what was asked of them. What more would be necessary? This was becoming an annoyance.


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The scion was glad they remained in the caves, for one, they could rebel against those adults who told them to flee, and for two, the curious fathoms were meant to be explored. Capturing animals hadn’t been a mission in his youthful, energetic mind, but he’d readily adhere to the Gods’ plans, drumming beside Adelric in content calculating. “I found a turkey down here once,” the blue lad admitted, though whether or not they’d discover it again was unclear, and he truly didn’t yearn to cook and stuff it full of exotic food again. Maybe it was a one-shot deal, and any strange, bizarre specimens of fowl wouldn’t be seen within the halls again. He shrugged, shaking his body free of the disappointing memories (because he still had no egg, no companion – he chanced a glance at Tobias and sighed), and ventured along the cave walls, eyes carefully searching and probing the sultry apertures for signs of creatures needing to be saved, rescued, thrown onto the boat to remain alive after the impending cleanse. “Maybe lizards?” He spotted one, darting up the structure, and had to be equally swift in engaging with it, mouth closing over its lithe, wriggling frame, then depositing it in one of their containers. What else lay down here? Snakes? Spiders? Bats?

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At this point, Syrena was seriously considering just letting herself drown. It would be a lot less painful (though she was sure she’d get out unharmed in the event of a flood) than being forced to go through all of these tasks. Why did they need to save other animals? If they weren’t intelligent enough to sense that their kind God was planning on destroying their homes then they certainly weren’t worth saving. Funny, that happened to be her opinion on the last two tasks as well - no point in warning everyone about the danger because anyone who didn’t pick up on the giant ship deserved to drown and no point in saving the plants because the only ones that mattered (the aquatics) would do just fine.

Still, there was some unknown reason that pushed her to at least walk away from the ship every time and do what little she was prepared to do in order to help.

She followed her partner to the caves, welcoming the break from the heat, and flicked an ear at the words. They were going to have to catch something which was probably a lot easier said than done. Especially if it had to be alive.

Dark, sea-grey eyes scanned the caves as she tried to think of an option when she spotted a tail disappearing behind the rock. “You hold the trap, I’ll be right back.” Hurrying over to where she had seen the creature disappear, she soon spotted a group of them and with some difficulty managed to corner them before grasping one of the larger cave salamanders with her teeth.

It’s sticky feet clung to her mouth but she was able to scrape it off using the side of the trap and quickly closed the door. “That was disgusting.” She’d have chills running down her spine for seasons! “One should be enough, right?”


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