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My breath regained and my hide dried, I again had offered to take the cart from Thor to allow my brother the same needed rest he had gifted me. This time, the God had asked for materials should anything happen to the ship and require any repairs. Wood, clay, sand, mud, rocks... There were many things that would be helpful, if only they could be found.

It was to the stream I went again, rocks lining its sides in places as well as patches of sand here and there in some areas. If one looked hard enough, we might even be able to find some clay or fallen tree trunks that weren't too rotten for safe use. "Let's gather what we can and as much as we can," I spoke up as I rolled the cart to a level spot before bringing it to a halt, "We can make several trips if need be."

Oh, I prayed to my own Gods that the ship would hold up without issue... My nerves were already jittering with unease at the thought of even riding upon the thing.


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I jump along happily, pleased that I don't have anything heavy to carry this time as we go to complete the task set forth for us. I hum a little song in my head, entertaining myself as I lead Breccan through the Meadow. I don't want to travel as far this time, so I keep us nearby. I see in the distance a dark beast, and trot up toward it much more boldly than is normal for my character. I announce myself and Breccan as I have been on the other tasks. "I'm Tempe this is Breccan my brother. Can we help?" I see he has a cart with him. "Oh maybe I can help put stuff in your cart!" I start digging up dirty and clay, trying to scoop it up with my wings and I start placing it in his cart. I look over at Breccan and smile encouragingly. "C'mon let's help him!"


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To be quite honest, Res hadn't moved from the stream. Valiance had gone back toward the Earth God with the ladybugs in tow for her, and then channeled the next task to her through their bond. "Mud. Bring Mud," he tells her, but then also adds in, "You not move," when he feels her strain to get up. There is a huff as she moves closer to Destrier, pulling Milk Thistle in the process to help with his immune system as well as catnip to crush up and put on his joints. "Des, eat this - it'll help keep your immune system up and give you more strength. And I'm going to put some catnip balm on your joints - you have to be pushing yourself too much with this wagon…" she chides, pregnant belly still there, though far less exhausted then she had been earlier in the day.

Valiance - now very annoyed - crushes up the catnip for her as she goes to rub the balm against the main joints affected from the pulling. Then, he disappears to start shoveling mud onto wood planks that could be placed in the wagon by Romani and Quilyan.

Yep. They got this. Maybe. Probably. Oh, why couldn't the Earth God just magic the boat to be invincible.

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Another task and yet another thing the God of the Earth needed his disciples to gather. This time it wasn’t plants and it wasn’t animals and it wasn’t water, but instead materials. He wanted materials? Fine. I’d find him some materials… and then I’d let my knees buckle and I’d let sleep take me. Evangeline and I were wearing thin, I knew as much because my body had quietly requested for all of this to end… I knew hers was doing much the same.

I didn’t wander far for this task and instead remained in the Meadow, hoping to find some sticks for kindling. If we could build a fire once this was over, then maybe we could purify the sin that had plagued Helovia. With Eva trailing behind, I made my way toward the riverbed in hopes of finding a few sticks around the banks. Destrier was already there with his cart and I smiled at my Brother and his tiny guest before dipping my head to collect what I considered to be an integral part of my past. Romani was there alongside him and I gave the warrior a deep nod before smiling at the rest of my family an d our guests.

So many had come to the river and so many had offered help, it would have been wrong for me to deny my family my brawn… or what was left of it anyways. Once I’d gathered the sticks and placed them carefully in Destrier’s cart, I went to work prying rocks from the clay at the bottom of the river. “Multiple trips won’t be needed Brother, you and I can take turns pulling a full load.” I allowed on a sigh.

Everyone was working hard to please the great God of the Earth and it was clear to see. At least I’d been able to grab the sticks I’d wanted… That seemed to make everything worthwhile.

The fires had brought Eva and I together… it was only right that I take them aboard, if only to give her something to remember me by.

These tasks would ultimately be the death of me.

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The longer everything went on the more Evangeline wanted to stand her ground and tell the Earth God no. Was he not divine? Could he not poof everything that he needed? When she thought about it she knew that there was a purpose behind the teams and the tasks. He wanted them to work together, to get along, but he was working them all to death. She worried for Thor, constantly watched him and chided him when she felt he was overexerting himself. The last thing she wanted was for him to drop dead from being overworked in the ridiculous Tallsun heat.

Once again the Edge seemed to all gather together to do the Earth God's bidding. Evangeline had grabbed a bucket before leaving the boat and she dropped it at the edge of the stream before turning to look at everyone gathered and see what was going on. Destrier was being taken care of, Thor was offering to pull the wagon (much to Eva's dismay), and Resplendence's dragon was shoveling mud into a bucket. Upon seeing what Valiance was doing, Tallis followed suit and begin filling the bucket that Evangeline had brought with mud.

Emerald eyes traveled back to Thor, who had moved into the water to gather rocks. Eva took some time to watch him before moving into the water as well. Her shoulder brushed against his as she went to work prying rocks loose from the clay.




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They were all tired, every last one of them, and so was she but Alysanne couldn’t stop and rest yet. She was glad to see Resplendence taking it easy but the others, including the Earth God, needed her help. There was too much worry bouncing around in her mind for her to stop - the main worry being about Destrier.

He had been pulling the cart back and forth a couple times so far and that was no small feat. Luckily Resplendence’s herbs should help but maybe there was more that they could all do. Take a little bit of the strain off of him. She wondered just how many more tasks they were going to have to take part in - it looked like more and more of them were sticking to the Meadow and not travelling far for the materials.

Before Alysanne even began to start looking around for things to gather - not wanting to weigh down the cart before she had to - she trotted over towards the small group to offer some help.

With her wings, the harness wouldn’t fit very well - and she wasn’t entirely sure she was strong enough this late in the day. “Maybe we could find some vines and a bunch of us could pull the cart together like we did to get it out of the caves?”

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With our last task complete, yet another one is given to us by the Earthen God, this one much more easy than the last. His words had caused me to shudder, however, because I wasn't sure what I would do if suddenly there was a hole busted into the ship keeping us afloat; freak out, I was certain, and for my own sake and those around me, hopefully pass out.

In the not so far distance, I could see a group gathering about what appeared to be a wagon, my eyes brightening at the sight. Craning my neck to look back at Aisling, I cast the lass a smile, obviously much more tired than when we had first began these tasks. "Let's help them gather supplies," I suggested with a smile, the thought of using the cart to our advantage relieving. Surely the lot of us would be happy to collapse and sleep well into the next day...

But I was certain rest would not be had until we had completed the God's tasks and were aboard the ship.

So onward I pressed, much to my chagrin, and focused on rolling the largest rock I could towards the wagon, hoping that the winged, painted lady would find some vines like she spoke of and we would be able to lift it into the wagon.

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He hovers unhappily, praying that this will be the last quest that they will be asked to complete. He does not like the strain that this has placed on Resplendence, nor does he enjoy the way she lies near the stream, unwilling or unable to move. He watches Valiance go off and Zarina follow, presumably to gather mud or other substances with which they can bind the ship. Why can't the Earth God do this himself? If he's so bloody powerful, then it shouldn't be nearly this difficult!

But alas, here they are his puppets as they are always the gods' puppets. The prince supposes he should be happy that the Earth King is not murdering them all where they stand, given the recent events concerning the gods. He sighs, unwilling to leave Resplendence's side. But then she heaves herself to her feet to give herbs to Destrier, and he frowns. The stallion should not need the assistance of a heavily pregnant mare who is clearly quite weak at the moment. It was the steed's job to be stronger than that, to protect the mares and foals. He should not be using her like this.

Still, Resplendence is known for her stubborn streak, and he knows that there is little he can do to stop her where she sees a need. "My lady, let me -" he attempts, but she is already on her feet and away to Destrier. He feels useless, and it is horribly frustrating.

"more words."
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