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[OPEN] Sticks and Stones [Task 5]

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After the traumatizing experience with capturing all these little creatures the mare had had pretty much enough. Her demon squirrel had turned out to be rather impossible to get back to the boat without getting scratched or bitten by the thing through the bars. The handles had been designed poorly as there was nothing but mesh between the critter and its handle. With the small arms and legs her squirrel definitely had no problem telling them all how pissed off it was with being trapped in there. After getting scratched and nearly bitten on the nose by the damn thing she had managed to find a stick to place through the handles to provide a safer distance from the evil little creature. Explaining that they were trying to save them seemed to fall on deaf ears only succeeding with enraging the demon more.

Now with the task of gathering supplies to do any needed repairs to their ship she as starting to worry. Anything could happen but the thought of them all drowning sent a shudder down her spine. Choosing to busy herself to drown out these latest thoughts she eagerly set to work. Hopefully Kahlua would have ideas on what would be of asset to them all. Walking through the grasses of the meadow she began collecting anything that might be of use. It didn't take long to gather a bunch of sticks and stones now it was just a matter of getting them on the stupid boat. " Kahlua how are we going to bring them back? She asked glancing between her pile and the short distance they would need to move them.

Kahlua and Brisa
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Again to the forest, to collect useful items for maintaining the structure of yon ship.

The sound of chains rattling and booming cracks born not from a dry heaven. Mighty timber fell, strong red oak and lean pine of comfortable height. I felled them, and fashioned a temporary harness (made of metal and gold) around my shoulders to drag the wood off. The heat made this work challenging, yet I felt glad to do such base labor. The strain of muscle and stench of sweat, was there ever a sweeter aroma? Yar, I could think of but one.

Fina watched passively in a half rotted tree, her eyes scanned the felled trunks for sign of rodent -- fast food. Neve stuck her beak in the deep, old hollow, searching earnestly for a buggy treat.


On one such return trip, we came across a pair of equines. They stood over a pile of stones and bramble, breathing hard and certainly in need of even a minor break, I use their presence as an excuse to pause. The heavy load that was lashed as my temporary shadow came to a weighted stop, rolling to one side and squashing the heavy branches full of inchy needles over.

"Well met," sweat rolled off my brow, but the eyes that flashed to them are alert, strong, "A travois would serve ye," my Da had made such things. Sand pooled from the ground, a living representation of the creation seen inside my mind.
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Little chicks in tow, Cerin couldn't be happier. In fact, releasing them actually felt really sad. He opened the cage to watch the little ducklings run out. Their cute adorably baby wobble made them look a thousand times more innocent than they were. He was at least glad to see them make it through this. They were aquatic creatures, but like all babies, there was no way they could continue going and going. Swimming was still a lot of work. Looking to Myrrine, he nodded to let her chick follow. It was obvious from their little adventure that she had bonded with it. He hoped that her sadness was less than his, but would understand. That creature had seen what everyone else had missed. That little bird saw just how good she was. It was a shame that it had to be locked up with the rest of the animals.

The all too familiar voice boomed again. This time, they needed to collect things to keep the ship in one piece. How in the world were they supposed to do that? Cerin alone knew that logs (which was the obvious material) would be much too heavy for them to bring back alone. Turning, he knew they needed to stay at least near the boat. That way, whatever they decided to bring would be a quick journey there and back.

Nodding for Myrrine, he offered his shoulder should she need it. These quests just kept going and going, so it was the least he could do. Then, he moved forward, trying to look for something they could use. Suddenly, a large curved piece of bark was hanging from a tree. Walking over, he pulled it off and placed it on the ground. They could use this to carry things back. Thinking back to what they had to get, he remembered the plants. They would need dirt right? Digging then, he began to pile it up in the bark. Each hoof strike sending dirt flying. Sheepishly he looked up to Myrrine hoping he had not hit her with it. Hopefully she could deal with a dirty companion! After a few moments fresh, ripe dirt was piled on the bark. It was a good amount, so he knew he'd have to drag it by his teeth back to the boat. It would be nasty, but nonetheless helpful.

Before he left however, he looked incase Myrrine had anything she wanted to bring. He would help her collect it in a heartbeat. Those around her were collecting things, one pair looked to be taking branches, while he could not see the other. It was pleasing to know that even though horses may not get along, they were working together for a great cause. Hopefully this just paid off in the end.

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It was intoxicating to say the least.

Africa watched Midas toil with timber and gold, sampling the delicious thick stench of his labour with eager nostrils and swooning lashes; all while standing in the dappled shade of a large tree spared the grim fate of his fellows (perhaps for her benefit). The stallion was a sight to behold indeed, sweat lathered across his thin painted coat, and the hearty grunt of exertion rose to treat her addicted ears. It gave reason to forget the woes of discomfort, both of which plagued her relentlessly, and she indulged in the pleasure guiltlessly.

Around them others were busy at work, also collecting resources that might compliment the Earth’s ‘boat’ in the case of required repair-work; but none she mused with a light grin, were as striking as the golden-laced man she had fallen for. Gentle, weary eyes glanced down to a growing pile of feathers – restless in even the puny wind - which she had asked Silas to fetch while she rested her aching frame. Africa could think of no thatch stronger than those fine, weatherproof outer-quills of avian folk. They carried considerable weight in flight, were light themselves, and each was far more beautiful than leaves and bark glued together by sludge-mud.

When the time came to set off, Africa parted from her comfortable refuge with her delicate bounty stuffed clumsily into the bag by her elbow (spilling from beneath the leathery slip cover). She moved near to Midas, but not so close as to upset the clever stockpile surrounding him; all tethered to his brawny shoulders with aid of clever craft. Her expression spoke for the admiration swelling beneath the flesh of thudding breast; the humid spread of attraction right under thin layers of prickling skin.

It was a ravenous affection soon hampered by the unkind wrench of her bowels, and she groaned subtly – quite unable to mask the pain it awakened.

They drew alongside two equines, one of which drew vague recollection from the dappled mare’s preoccupied mind. She smiled thoughtfully in turn to each, feeling only briefly guilt for the sake of her very light work; but it seemed she was slick with almost as much sweat regardless.

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“Oh, thank you,” the queen said with a smile as Midas offered she and Brisa a solution to their problem. As much fun as the queen was having traipsing around the land to gather supplies, she was beginning to wonder when the rain was going to start and when the boat was going to take off. After all, time would have to be saved for getting all of Helovia loaded onto the thing before the water started to fall. Rooms would have to be decided- herd relations, friendships and enemies taken into consideration, appropriate space given between those who would want and not want to be together, and other such topics. It would surely not be so easy as just walking onto the boat. Nevertheless, the queen trusted Father Earth to know what he was doing. Bobbing her head again in thanks to Midas, she smiled to Brisa and began to help her load up the contents that she had collected for taking back to the ship.

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Looking over her shoulder she had spotted more horses gathering supplies and working themselves in sweat, which stimulated her to do her best at finding something useful for once. She already knew, though, that she wanted to bring a rock. Just so that if they did copy the Titanic, she would have a reminder of her crazy mom to look at when she would let out her last prayers. That whole idea made her currently snuff the hack out of the moss and dirt, creating a thin trail where her nose had been, just in case this special rock was half covered up. With eyes locked on the ground and wings stretched out and pointing forwards like massive ears, she saw something glimmer in between a large branch and a huddle of rotting leaves left by the previous orangemoon. In two overly excited bunny-hops she found herself shading the rock, which was perfectly shaped and the perfect size to fit in her mouth - although it would uncomfortable to hold on to it to long, but alas. One can't have everything. The thing that made her want to bring this gorgeous rock back to the boat was its shiny reflective, smooth surfaces. Yes, if the boat would indeed pull a Titanic on them, it would be great if the horsie, treading and drowning in the water, would hold this in it's mouth so that light would be absorbed on the smoothness and then reflected. Which would make them easier to spot: Yes, she was a genius. I would now like to thank the great Oak for the enormous giant brain that has grown inside my skull and for all the...- A crashing sound of a falling tree made her jump a horselength into the air, wings fluttering aimlessly in instinctive motion. When her hooves found ground once again and her head hadn't been pulled off her body with the stretching of her neck, she looked around, fury burning in her eyes. "IF SOMEONE DID JUST TRIED TO KILL ME I DEMAND AN EXTRA MESSAGE WHEN WE DO GET ON THAT FREAKING TITANIC." Her wings still fluttered like the wings of a hummingbird. "YOU HEARD ME. A MESSAGE." With the energy of a madman she snatched the reflecting rock from the rotting leaves in between her ivory teeth and trotted around with a huge jump in her steps, tail high up in the air, wings and head pitched up and ears backwards; off to rejoin her teammate.

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It seemed that many others had felt little inclined to brave the heavy humidity either – the meadow beyond the God and his boat was brimming with noise and activity. Fig regarded them quietly from afar, taking a moment with Laedere alone and revelling in the peace and (almost) quiet. There were not many things to collect for the most recent task that did not involve the mutilation of the flora. Wearily she turned a blind eye to the packs around her, stripping writhing trees of their limbs, shredding their bodies of cover, and found herself leading nearer to the water’s edge.

Long whiskers danced down to brush the babbling surface, and she glanced around the muddy embankment with a plan forming in mind. “Mud might be handy to have, do you think?” she asked smoothly, warmth spilling both vocally and in the manner of her stance as she glanced towards her friend. “Paste it over my roots – thickly so that a surface crust might protect the moisture below.” When she had been lathered thoroughly, Fig turned back to return with her pale-coated companion to deliver the material as requested.

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It was hard to say goodbye to the little one. It had fallen asleep on their journey, keeping her neck warm with each soft snore that escaped its fluffy body. The little ducklings Cerin had captured were to die for, and she was constantly crooning to them and giggling as they made their way back to the meadow. Her side was pressed against his, eyes shining with joy as she could never get enough of the warmth he brought to her, physically and metaphorically. Her mouth was tenderly tugging at his hair every so often, smiling before reluctantly nuzzling her chick in goodbye, and letting it hop off with the ducklings.

She would miss them all, and she tried to hold back the tears as their little friends boarded the ship gingerly. The touch of the boy's coat against hers calmed her slightly, before the next task was given to them. Her eyes glimmered from the tears she had brimming, but they soon faded when Cerin kept his side against hers, before encouraging them to move forward. She followed without another word, keeping pace so that they wouldn't part contact. She only stopped when he moved onward towards the bark, pulling it from the tree and beginning to work. She smiled and dipped her head politely to any equine that passed, greeting them before focusing on the boy. She was surprised when flecks of dirt were adding to her spotted coat, some landing on her lips and causing her to sputter.

She turned to see the mute digging in the dirt, pushing it onto the bark and creating quite a large pile. She only smiled, before bursting into laughter and nudging him playfully. Soon she turned, searching for rocks and branches, finding some a few minutes after. Placing them upon the bark, she looked to Cerin once more, beginning to push as he began to pull in an effort to make the load a lot less to bear.


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These tasks were getting tiring, exhausting. Could the Earth God not accomplish this himself. But still, they had decided that they would help so Fig and Laedere were still moving towars the stream and away from the others. No words slid from the mare's lips as she tried to scoop clay with her maw and pack it onto the tree-horse's roots. Yes, this wasn't stupid at all. A few minutes later, finally managing to figure out a system of scooping and applying, Laedere managed to speed up the process. Then when completed she bumped the mare's shoulder, offered a smile and carefully began to process of moving back toward the crowd of people.

Nope. She was done. She was tired of having to mess with these tasks she was certain the Earth God could do on his own. She was done with the levels of exhaustion that plauged the two mares as well.

She. Was. Done.

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"To hell with this guy!"

The brindle was enraged, ears laced back and dark tail swishing viciously with clear irritation. 'Warn everyone, gather water, dig up plants, capture the wildlife, collect materials'... What the hell could be next? Would be next? Judging by the looks of some of the others, Crowley was certain that they would begin dropping like flies by the next task to be handed out. Not that he would be too upset, save for the select few he considered worthy enough for a moment of his time, but didn't the God of Earth give a damn?

Up ahead he spied a group working hard to please the God's wishes, gathering whatever they could find that might be of use, and the sight of it caused a deep scowl to etch into the stallion's facade. Atrocities, the lot of them, winged harpies or worthless souls who possessed not a single, proud horn upon their heads, and... Was that a tree growing from that ones back?! His scowl deepened and he came to a halt. His skin was crawling.

"Mindless drones," he spat, "Don't you see you're nothing but pawns? Don't you realize he will never approach you to utter even the simplest word of thanks?" A snort. "He is destroying your homes!"

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The purple mare had wondered what might be best to gather to help save the ship if something where to happen. Alija smiled softly as she bounded along beside her orange and white tiger. Trinkets clinked merrily as Maren started rooting through the dirt. Steel blue eyes watched her curiously before beginning to look for a few sticks or rocks to take back to the God. The healer was confused as to why he really needed their help, but who was she to question the Gods? Clearly they were confusing and strange beings, using mortals to gather sticks, animals, water, and who knows what else, was defiantly better than using them to kill others though.

Pushing the thoughts away she turned back to Maren as she spoke. Laughter bubbled forth as she gathered up a few rocks and began placing them within her bags. "Come on Maren lets get back and see what else the Earth God needs us to do." Laughing softly to herself the mare swished her tail playfully towards her giddy partner.

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