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Since our departure from the ship, I had felt terribly uneasy. The undulating movement of the ship had been unsettling upon my aged being, and for days afterward I'd battled abysmal abdominal pain. Between watching myself and helping to tend to the egg, Suli was a heroine, racing off to fetch peppermint from the garden then hurrying back to reclaim her spot atop the egg. At times she would go about rolling it, shifting it so that the sun shone upon it, and at night, assuring a steady fire was always crackling.

More often than I care to admit, I would wonder if the creature inside had perished long ago as had been my fear upon finding it, but Suli was persistent in that it still lived.

And one day, just as the sun was beginning to drop beyond the horizon and darkness began to consume the Edge, she green was proven right.

He was a tiny thing, black as the night with the most piercing orange gaze, his pupils shaped curiously like an "x", and unlike Suli, he stood upon four legs instead of two. The day Suli had hatched had been one of the happiest of my life, and again I could feel that same elation leaking into and filling my chest as I watched him break away from his shell of diamond and take in the sights around him with wide, wondrous eyes, while Suli hung back several feet before slowly approaching, as though intent to check him over.

Still I felt ill, yet better than I had in days, and nothing could stop me from taking a step closer to the Edge's newest addition. A gentle smile tugged at my dark lips. "Merlin," the name slipped off of my tongue, "Welcome to the world, little one."

[For Romani! Sorry Merlin's description is vague, I haven't completely designed him as you can see >>]

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'Hurry, Roma!'

The beckoning call of the white tigress was like a physical slap inside the tiniest of crevices within the Haflinger's brain. A deeply-rooted feeling to hurry, of desperate excitement coursed from the mare's head all the way to the tips of her hooves, driven from the eagerness radiating through their bond. Romani's azure gaze narrowed as she picked up her pace, the bulk of her body sliding with surprising ease through the collection of trees within the Edge, pace set at a brisk trot.

"What is it?" The mare called out, barely keeping track of the monochromatic streak who was darting to and fro in the distance. "Kasai!" Instead of answering right away, the tigress continued her mad dash through the trees with Romani pathetically trying to keep up. What was going on? What had the large cat so excited?

'A birth! Hurry!' The answer came moments later, and honestly, it did little to answer the Haflinger's shouted question. A birth? Who? She could recall a few Edge pregnancies, but... None she was close to in order to be present at their births. Instead of calling out another inquiry, Romani decided to just bite down on her annoyance and confusion and instead placed her trust in Kasai that the tigress knew what she was doing.

The bonded pair arrived on the scene of the 'birth' just as the sun was dipping low behind the horizon and darkness encroached the land... And as sharp azure eyes took in the surroundings and who they had more or less barged in on, everything suddenly clicked into place. Destrier, Suli, and the tiny egg that Romani remembered from their time together aboard the Earth Gold's ship... Except, that egg was no longer an egg, but had hatched and produced the most curious looking creature.

"Destrier. Suli." From a short distance Romani looked on, watching as the handsome Friesian greeted the tiny bundle that was a small, black dragon. Unbidden a joyous smile spread across the mare's face, eyes brightening with joy. How wonderful! It was the same feeling that she had experienced upon finding Thor greeting Sabine into the world, and she was honored to be a part of it. How marvelous.

Hoping that she wasn't pushing any boundaries that they may have unknowingly set up, Romani dared step closer, head lowering as her eyes glanced furtively between the three bonded souls, sapphire orbs settling upon Destrier's form from beneath dark lashes and ivory locks. Feathered hooves stopped a small distance away from the threesome, joy kindling her blood and making her body warm. At her side, Kasai purred pleasantly, pleased to have brought Romani to the scene just in time, icy-blue eyes locked on the two dragons.

"Congratulations, to the both of you. He's a marvelous little thing. Hello, Merlin."

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