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Location: Secret Grove
Previous Thread: Breath of Life, before SWP: Shipping. Set in early Tallsun

The creature had told Essetia that she would not hunt the members of her herd, of her family. The curious mare seemed to have some sort of attachment to the males that resided there - why Syrena had no idea. What purpose did they serve here in Helovia? With their corruptible hearts, their deplorable minds, they were hardly suitable to keep around for anything other than mating. The gender dynamic of Helovia remained to be seen but, regardless of the twisted manner in which they lived together, there was still a purpose for the males. Her body felt weary, she was going to need to feast soon in order to recover from the length of her trip. The seaweed and fresh water plants that she had been able to find in the Falls were delicious and helped, yes, but her heart yearned for more.

She wasn’t quite sure why she had chosen to respect Essetia’s wishes but the mare had been kind enough to allow Syrena into her home and until she figured out Helovia, it seemed logical to not upset the one tie she had to a land so bountiful in water.

Syrena had no doubt that she would conquer Helovia, that she would see it as easily corruptible as the others she had travelled through - that she would leave it in shambles, the population of males drastically reduced. She was just helping natural selection - weeding out the weak that fell for her tricks, leaving the strong behind to mate and create future souls for her to harvest.

There needed to be balance, after all, and as a predator she needed to make sure the population of her prey did not extinguish too quickly.

Leaving the Falls, she headed west - keeping an eye out for a suitable spot to set up her trap and wait. The heat of Tallsun was not yet unbearable and she was able to travel in the shade of the woods for most of her journeys - until the scent of fresh water came to her. The pace of her heart and legs quickened, the fins on her cheeks and legs fluttering as she moved faster now - the anticipation getting the better of her.

Not too far ahead, she found it. A beautiful, crystal-clear lake that reflected the sky and the trees around it flawlessly. Oh! The beauty of the Falls was one thing but this spot, with the willows trailing gently in the water, was perfection. Syrena even smiled - the terrifying and haunting smile of a predator - as she waded in up to her chest. She should be setting up her trap but she could not resist the urge to let the water wash over her, the coolness of it changing the colour of her coat wherever it touched - shades of blue and teal and purple danced across that slick fur of hers as she walked slowly around. Intoxicated, she allowed herself to forget why she had come here in the first place.

If only for a moment.

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let the water take me

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