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Loneliness raided her mind and sought to keep all it ransomed; left her suspended, impoverished in the tideless thoughts. Valka lingered far too long, like the shadow of a ripple gliding slowly enough through the world to be mistakenly motionless. Barren as the cloudless sky, she possessed nothing. She could slip beneath the surface, travel down the throat of the world to dissolve away from the memories of those who still kept her alive. She was a metaphor lost from its words. Something about solitude wielded the sorcery of psychopathy in some, but Valka only felt the stinging yearn in the bottom of her chest straining for company. The world had grown bleak and hot; summertime misery climbed higher and higher over the melted mountains that were once cold enough to be home. But it was all gone now. Every last flake from winter swirled down the drain of earth, the rest consumed by the sun's dry tongue.

The rays started working their way to her sleek skin, sipping the sweat through her black coat with fictitious heat. She tipped her head, stealing a gold glimpse at afternoon hour. Her stomach churning beneath sickly ribs at the sun's seemingly fixed position. It was as though summer could suck the life straight from spring and when it licked away the last moist particle from what the heat melted, the sun started evaporating all else it could find. Valka was definitely a victim, sauntering lost with a mirage steadily humming over her withers. It was one thing to be lost in the unyielding cloak of night, but it was downright pathetic to be lost in the grasses of broad daylight. Not to mention these conditions in the presence of what used to be home. But she couldn't help but mentally spin at the unfamiliar gesture of her threadbare peaks and hideless hillsides. She once knew these bodies before they were skinned to the bare, bleached bones. Valka hesitated at the tombstone of the first snow capped peak that met her here, stifling an empathetic simper from her shallow face.

It was hard to walk into those exposed arms, but the warmth of what lay beyond them coaxed her through.

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