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But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?

Aye, we had traversed together after the ship. Both of us trekking toward the north end of the meadow that we had taken refuge on the boat inside of. Upon the movement, though, we found two eggs. Large, one was nestled between Fig's roots, and the other was clenched to my side by my wing, Fig having helped to tie the bandage to keep the egg in my wing's hold. Fig had turned to the west, though, a few days later - bidding me a fond farewell which was readily returned. "Aye, mineself shall most certainly trek across thine lands to meet ye in yours. Soon enough, mine sister." I confirmed, a gentle smile upon my lips before I started off to the North East, going back toward the border of the Falls in a short amount of time.

Upon arrival at the Falls, I could not move any further. My limbs were exhausted from the weight of the egg that was beginning to move, to crack, and then (finally) to shatter. Carefully, I lowered myself and it to the ground, before moving back to my feet. But, what broke free from the egg was most definitely a surprise. You see, I had never expected a baby dolphin to emerge from the egg. It was a short-beaked common dolphin, in fact. Native to the oceans near Pompeii. A few markings along her face were orange, glowing faintly much like the lava from a volcano did, though the three glowing cracks in her flesh (or at least I assumed they were cracks) were far from the strangest part of this dolphin. Why? Because she could float in the air and live out of the water.

There is a crackling squeak of a noise that is emitted from the baby dolphin which now is floating at my shoulder - no longer than the height of my shoulder blade before she head butts my side and squeaks again. "Ye are zealous aren't ye little one?" I inquire before giving a gentle smile and bump to the dolphin's nose. "Aye, mineself shall call thee 'Ardere', for ye's glowing lava cracks upon ye's face…" I state, bobbing my head in approval before starting toward the inside of the Falls. "Come, we must rest," I said, trying to find a safe place to curl up and allow our two souls (that were now intertwined) to rest.

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