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No good deed goes unpunished [Lotus/open]

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[time wise this is pre-invasion]

Dawn lifted into the sky with a rosy hue. It looked as though the clouds were blushing. Coris wondered if the great and almighty sun had done something unsavory moments before...

His mind drifted to Ulrik for a brief moment but he brushed it aside with a flick of his tail.

"Now we begin," Coris grumbled, though softly, to the falcon standing beside him, patiently awaiting the newest task of this newest day. Laid around them various small animal corpses, namely hares and squirrels but also some fellow birds and even a bloated bullfrog.

The light of dawn began to ebb into a golden caress as it trickled in through the forest rooftops, gilding their unlikely work with a nearly angelic tone. Coris paid the subtle atmospheric changes no mind, his eyes intent on the bodies at hand. "Let's start with the running fur," Coris motioned with his horn towards one of several rabbits. Venati stalked over towards it and gripped it around the neck with a tightly flexed talon. Large eyes rounded on the unicorn with a deeply rooted intelligence that at times made the stallion shiver.
Now was not one such time - now he relished that dead stare.

"Cut into it, there." Coris instructed with a huff as his horn guided the path of the bird's feet. In a most elegant fashion the fur began to spill away, like a zipper pulling open, and the red meat revealed itself with a wet shine below.

As the pair of them continued to sit and continued to unzip, Coris explained to the bird the anatomy of the creatures and their vital points. The falcon surely knew how to kill, but Venati needed to learn how to do it beautifully. The skins were important now, not the meat, and it was imperative that they not be ruined in the process of obtaining them.

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The stench of blood was not something I was accustomed to smelling. It drifted, much like the bad smell it is, across the lands, carried by the chilly mists and ocean breezes. It wakes me up from my slumber, though admittedly, I have not been sleeping deeply of late. There is a new life swelling my belly, causing me discomfort and frequent toilet stops - but do I regret my actions that have inevitably led me to be in this condition? Not for a second. The rounding of my barrel is subtle yet, the fresh life within me hinted at more than obviously screaming out loud to any who might glance my way. This is a discomfort I am accustomed to. The bloody mess that is strewn out before me is a strange, new discomfort.

"I hope that bird of yours cleans up this mess swiftly." My tones were rather blunt, delivered in a voice that was still waking up from a night's restless slumber. I had wandered from my sleeping place towards the scent of blood, going against what my instincts were commanding me to run away from, and instead allowing my curiosity to draw me closer. The grey stallion whose hide was draped in leather and scars seemed very intent on his work. Dirk mewed softly from my back, curious, even willing to help them in their task should meat be rewarded to him in the end. I smile at him, affectionately, tilting my tiara to allow me to view him with ease. I suppose I was growing used to meat and bloodshed of other animals, due to the hunting habits of my little feline.

The little brown cat leaps from my back and creeps closer, crouched low, his belly scraping along the ground. He is curious, and desiring to go and leap upon the fallen little creatures. I whicker a warning to him, however, not truly knowing how Coris might react to such an intrusion on his workspace. "Are you making another coat?" I ask innocently, thinking fondly of the lynx pelt that is draped across my son's shoulders, aiding to keep him protected from this chilly season. Was it selfish, or beyond my rights to think that he might be making more gifts for the King's concubine? Perhaps he was making something for the King himself. Who knew.

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[x.x Sorry!]

The voice that cuts through the air startles the stallion and falcon that are so bent over their work. A beard sways as Coris throws his head, eyes lost in white for a moment before the surprise recedes from him with each palpitation of his heart. Beside him Venati merely twists his head around, large eyes blinking with limited interest before his head sways back to the corpse he's handling. He takes his roles with a solemn seriousness.

"Ah....Louts," Coris murmurs, dragging the name up from his memories of their past encounter. "They say you should not startle a horse from sleep if he walks with eyes open, but I think it is the same for a horse bent in craft," Coris speaks gently, humor giving his tone a lightness that gives an equally slight lift to his lips.

The mewl of a cat has Venati's head twisting once more, carefully watching the slinking feline with a burrowing expression. As the cat nears a choice hare the falcon clicks his beak, wings buffeting the wind briefly before he settles down. They are all his kills he labored over collecting and he would not have the untrained paws of the cat muddling them up.

"Easy Venati, there is plenty to share and more to catch another dawn," Coris says in gentle reprimand of the possessive bird. Black eyes do no leave the cat, but the talons seem to loosen their tight grip on the neck of the rabbit he held.

"Between him and the cat I think that'll be no problem," Coris laughs in response to Lotus' first words. His eyes are inquisitive however as she lingers, even offering to engage conversation. She was a difficult mare to read, being well mannered and a bit reserved. She was prideful, it was there in the tilt of her head and the way she curled her prince to her side that other day. He supposed she had a right to be, just as he.

"No, no not today. I'm training Venati in some of my arts. I need his help while I continue to try and return the ability lost to me. By the gods' might perhaps I'll have it one day..." he trailed off with a distracted mumble, forehead creased with a distant thought and a reminder to get back to that as soon as he could. After a moment Coris seems to awaken, eyes brightening and he glances at Lotus once more, refreshed. "Why, do you need one?"

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He was a jumpy fellow, it was not as if I was attempting to push him off the Edge of our lands, or otherwise threaten his livelihood. No, rather, I admired his focus, his passion for the arts that he is obviously devoted to.

I smile at his words, before focussing upon the creatures who share links to our minds. Dirk is crouched still, the end of his dark brown tail twitching in anticipation. "Dirk," I intone, though the force of my mind against his is stronger than the words I speak. "You will wait. These kills are not yours to sully." As I speak I wave my horn towards the scattered carcasses, emphasising my words with the sweeping action.

He mews again, before rising from his crouch to simply sit, seemingly unperturbed, and watches the proceedings with a supervisory air. Amusement glitters behind my eyes, mixed with pride for the obedience of my charge.

Coris then elaborates upon his plan, mentioning the Gods. It is the Earth God that I look to, though I will admit I have not directed my thoughts to be as prayer-like as they should be recently. Too focussed upon raising my son, and carrying this new life, the matters of the Gods s of little concern to me.

As Coris' mind seemingly wanders so to does mine, but he addresses me with a query directly, referring to the coat that I previously mentioned. Another smile softens the feminine curves of my façade once again.

"While the coming winter will no doubt be trying, my hide is capable of keeping me warm enough. Thank you, though." I chew over the words he mentioned before, curiosity growing within me - I glance to my feline companion, wondering if the sensation was heightened by his natural weakness to the yearning for knowledge. "You have sought guidance from the Gods, then?" There is a small sense of wonder in my tones, as an old yearning to serve the Earth God reignites.

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I have no time, am placing Coris in absent abyss, though would like to finish his quest line first. However I am exhausted, stressed, unmotivated and museless, so was wondering if we can just assume Lotus agrees to go with him? If not I understand and will work at completing this thread.
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No problem at all Blu <3

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