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The Dauntless moved forward on the brim of the evening. The sun, brilliantly transitioning from the warmth of Tallsun to the biting of Orangemoon, was setting behind him. At his side strode Midas, or the appearance of Midas, on his other side strode his confident bitch and Kahlua. The queen pulled the cart full of items from the World’s Edge, miscellaneous items meant as an offering. The sun was setting at their backs as they moved towards the main entrance of the Hidden Falls, coming from the northern refuge of the Aurora Basin. Dew had not yet set in to the grassy knoll they strolled on, and Archibald was thankful for the excellent footing. The landscape before them was draped in the fiery hues of sunset, giving ample range of light to see, but backlighting their approach in a dramatic fashion. His face was composed as he carried himself straight and tall, head held high with all the pride and honor of being a King and muscles rippling powerfully. Loretta held herself in a similar fashion, tail curled over her back and jaw ajar with her salmon colored tongue rolling to the side.

“Ghost the Cadaverous, meet me here!” Archibald’s loud voice boomed, a deafening baritone, as he neared the entrance and called the dark hybrid out to meet him. Archibald planted his feathered hooves square and still, golden eyes moving around, scanning for the lady. He had last met the Cadaverous on the beach, and she had told him that she did not stick to confines of her territory too well. Archibald’s jaw hardened some and he hoped she would be here to meet him. The Dauntless seemed to be standing at the entrance with a peace offering, their lead stallion, his equal Queen and gifts in tow. His intention with this was to throw their trust to him, to lay their weapons and shields down in his presence. The Dauntless king nodded to Kahlua, letting her know it was time to free herself from the cart. Loretta lowered her head marginally and peered into the territory, amber eyes impassive and cold. Archibald tipped his ear to the side, watching the supposed-Midas from the corner of his eye briefly. They seemed to be alone, but their battalion lay hidden in the shadows caused by the sunset--half to right, half to the left. Their allies infiltrated from the flank, another entrance, coming in below to ribs to stab the heart. Archibald shifted his weight some, a seemingly harmless gesture, before he burst to action and became the domineering hurricane he was as a warlord.

His weight rolled forward, hind legs tucked beneath his massive frame and holding his balance. The clink of metal rang out into the eerie, evening air as his steel armor covered his frame, shifting over his scarred frame magically, erupting from the breastplate that lay so delicately on his chest. As he sent his body into a controlled canter, the stallion was transformed into what most saw him as: a hellion warlord. Loretta sprinted alongside Archibald, images flashing back and forth across their bond. Their paws and hooves moved over the ground with ease, memories of what it used to look like under the name of the Windtossed Foothills striking like a sword to whetstone in their minds. Archibald’s heart pounded in his chest as the chant of war echoed through his muscles and bounced off the walls of his mind. Today, they lay siege to offer the protection of their family. The Moon Goddess would not take anything else from them, and Archibald was the first domino in this movement to solidify his promise. I will protect you, I will guide you, I am your King.

Arching his powerful neck, Archibald’s ears pinned down behind his wolfhelm and his golden eyes narrowed. One feathered hoof struck the earth with greater force than the others, sending tremors deep into the soil that vibrated out with incredible force toward the defenders of the Falls. Moving over the trembling earth an ordeal he and his bonded were used to—and did so with no falter in their charge. When Archibald hoped he was in close enough proximity, his neck uncoiled like a deadly viper and his teeth struck out in an attempt to gain purchase on GHOST’S left-side wing joint. His massive forehooves shot out, metal-clad and dangerous as they sought to slam against her front cannons or knees in an attempt to render her legs utterly useless. Loretta snarled deep in her chest, and veered away from her bonded’s side. She curved her path some; moving up toward what she hoped was GHOST’S right side. Lunging, the red and white bitch opened her dangerous jaws wide, hoping to snap them closed on the right wing’s radius.

[INVASION OPENER. | WC: 799/800 on

- Archibald approached with the setting sun at his back to the main entrance of the Falls.

- He came appearing peaceful, with KAHLUA pulling the World’s Edge cart in tow full of miscellaneous items, and THRANDUIL disguised as MIDAS.

- Archibald is targeting GHOST.

- ARCHIBALD used his magic: :: [Magic: Earth (U) | can create earth tremors with a stomp of the hooves that unbalances and disorients the opponent] :: [Restrictions | Can only be used twice in battle, with the tremors lasting up to a full post; the tremors are strong and should cause severe disorientation] Use: 1/2

- ARCHIBALD has his ARMOR fully on, with a spark and earth amulet hidden inside.

- LAKOTA has a metal faceplate with a horn crafted by the Dragon’s Throat. HOTARU has spiked metal boots crafted by the Dragon’s Throat. KAHLUA and AVIYA have lightweight metal armor crafted by the Dragon’s Throat.

- KAJ will be a right wing with the troops: ROMANI, MURDOCK, DESTRIER, RESPLENDENCE. THOR will be a left wing with the troops: LAKOTA, CICERON, AARON, ALYSANNE.

- RESPLENDENCE and ALYSANNE will be non-fighting healers.

- DEIMOS AND OPHELIA are bringing the BASIN TROOPS and KTULU and hiding from the main force by following OXY to another entrance! ]

Only the dead have seen the end of the war.
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Ophelia the Forsaken

I build bridges with these arms
I will not build a fortress

Ophelia felt nerves tingle down her spine, her cooler breath at the advent of Orangemoon chilling her bones. The bright sky overhead glittered, and she was invisible, using the magic of her rank to ensure that she did not glow with the lights that adorned her pale frame. Side by side with Torleik, leaning against his black, muscular form, she remained grounded, heart beating hard in her chest. Born for war and raised by a warlord, she was excited, but her experience was still limited compared to the demon-horned stallion at her side. Everything had been prepared, no stone left unturned, and she briefly removed her invisibility so that her herd could see her as she turned. The pale princess smirked, the very hairs on her head vibrating with the passion of her future.

“Come. We will flank them through another entrance. Stay quiet and alert as we move from the south. There will be a contact inside who will show us the way.”

She gave the instruction to the others before turning, shifting invisible once more. Ophelia stayed close to Torleik, making sure that he knew the way to follow. Together, she and her troops shifted across the tree-lined border, looking in to the roaring falls and humid land of the God of the Earth. Once, she had ruled these grassy hills that had tumbled into water, and she was grateful for the din of the water tumbling on rocks that masked the footfalls of their steps.

Something shifted in the distance, and she inhaled sharply, gaze narrowed. “Wait here,” she whispered, trotting easily toward the source of the falling tree while invisible. There, she saw OXY based on Hotaru’s description, and Ophelia grinned widely. The pale princess returned to her troops and dropped her invisibility. “Come – our guide is here!” she said, loping easily forward and introducing her and her troops to the unicorn there.

Together, they followed, her cloven hooves depressing the watery ground as she ambled her way into the thick of the herd. Tinek stayed closed, not wanting his silver body to alert anyone to his presence; he was a very distinct dragon. Archibald’s voice echoed over the crashing falls, and she perked, ears tipping forward. “Go, guide us, Tinek,” she murmured, watching her dragon ascend into the sky. The main force was already at the swell of the entrance, and they moved from the back.

Ophelia was comforted knowing that Midas was trapped back home, but this herd was foreign to her. She stuck close to Torleik and waited for Deimos, Aviya and the others make a unified force. The pale princess took a deep breath, allowing all the rage and anger she felt toward Midas and his kin fill her to the brim. As if it was raining, crimson droplets marked her coat, red sliding down the ethereal, pale hairs of her body. The color matched her bloody, red eye, and she smirked.

“This is for their ignorance and prejudice,” she said. “This is for our friends in the Edge. This is for our pride. This is to let the world know that the Aurora Basin is not going to silently suffer fools.” Ophelia lifted her neck, her entire body nearly drenched in bloody red. The silver armor on her body protected her, and the bright light of the Sun God danced upon her brow.

The pale princess turned and took a deep breath, seeing the herd in the distance, and she nodded to Oxy, thanking him for his assistance. “For my family,” she whispered beneath her breath. Then, like a berserker, she lunged, jaws wide open from a mousy, crimson maw. A Valkyrie of power and beauty, she raced forward, throwing her body into the fray without hindrance. Ophelia crashed through the water, invisibility guarding her body for the moment. She wanted to make sure that her first attack was unnoticed, and what better way than to be invisible?

“Be safe, Torleik,” she murmured in his mind as the narrowed her two-toned gaze on ELSA. Ophelia had fought her before and won. Today, hopefully, she would experience the same. The pale princess, still invisible, lowered her neck and aimed to smash her entire right shoulder into ELSA, hoping to force the pegasus down and possibly injure a wing in the process. Seconds later, she released her invisibility magic, attempting to assault ELSA’s mind and remove as many memories as possible. She wanted her to forget even the ground on which she stood.

And the sun was setting in the west, to their back left.


--- OXY is showing them the way in

--- Ophelia uses her INVISIBILITY to stay unnoticed

--- They FLANK the Falls from the back at SUNSET with the sun setting in the west so that the sun is at their LEFT and BACK

--- Ophelia attacks ELSA while INVISIBLE by ramming her front, right shoulder into wherever she is (I guess this depends on if they notice?)

--- Ophelia tries to use her MIND ERASING magic on ELSA to get her to forget as much as possible

---- Thranduil is with ARCHI looking like Midas

All Basiners are welcome to post in OPHELIA's group now, unless you are Thranduil in which case keep being Midas. :P

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Finally, the Lord, the Reaper, was comfortable, satisfied, and content. While the world hummed around him, drowning in the murky chords of war, of pestilence, of destruction, he maneuvered and motioned through the spellbinding haze, he crooned in the deep midst of enigmas, he twisted and stoked the fibers of bedlam, of chaos, of mayhem. Vigilant violence scraped at his chords, kindled his limbs, heightened his prowess, until all he could see were the rancorous edges of abhorrence, until all he could taste were the sumptuous, delicious trials and tribulations of crusades, until every sight, every sound, registered the composition of Ares, of Mars. He belonged to battlefields, to combat zones, to theaters of war, where he could play the part he’d been born for, shoving his blade into the masses, another monster streamlined for disaster. Like a tempest, he craved anarchy, relished sedition, and coaxed the fine webs of Machiavellian interludes for the chance, for the opportunity, for the conniving aspirations of plunging his knife into another’s heart.

How lovely would it be, to watch the world of another catch on fire? How wonderful would it be to watch another kingdom crumble and fall?

It had always been them, once the Edge, then their unlucky venture through mist and sands – and this time, he yearned for the contortion of conquest, a plaque, a sculpture, an emblem, a sign, a composition he could return to his cadre, to throw across the empire, and show they’d been victorious. It threaded through his cold, callous movements, through his bold, malicious strides, through the following steps as they fixed upon an unknown path, an unfamiliar realm.

Deimos listened to OPHELIA, but his silence was its own deafening roar. He pulsed, he pervaded, he scattered the rime citizens with his own intimidating factions, urged it towards their forms so they may too grasp and clench and hold overwhelming, battle-hardy prowess and desires; his muscles undulated and rolled beneath the weight of his bone armor, taken from a seething wench who’d crossed them one too many times. Now it was the Falls’ turn.

What could they take from them?

They roamed from the south-west, barreling from the innards, entrails, and veils of shadows and sunset, bleeding ferocity and maliciousness in their feral, quiet chords. The winter sovereign didn’t have the luxury of refining himself into invisibility, besides, his power was likely too potent and sinister ministrations and movements would give himself away. Instead, he glanced towards the leading OXY (monsters escorting monsters; murderers steering murderers), opened his eyes to the flora and fauna, to the awakening grounds, to the soft earth and the trickling falls. He had every intention of ruining the utopia, the paradise, obliterating it into segments, slivers, and fragments of Midas’ golden reign. If rage didn’t fill him, fuel him, it was the mere possibility of ruin and oblivion funneling across his mind.

He unfurled, he uncoiled, he unleashed havoc, crossing away from the boundaries, from the outcrops, a shadow unraveling through the verdant plain. Swift and sure, he glanced towards an incoming ARCHIBALD, difficult to miss with his massive bulk, and his target, GHOST. While he had never had any ambitions towards teaming up with the monstrous Edge King, there was a significant opening to render an opposing leader useless, fatigued, and decimated. The wicked, the sinister, the nefarious notions spurred his motions, and he drifted towards GHOST’S right, eyeing the nearby canine snapping her jaws, the shaking tremors of the ground beneath him causing him the slightest stumble, the slightest loss of speed, (had this been caused by the mass of the titanic creature, ARCHIBALD, or something else entirely?). Snorting – for friendly fire was going to likely be a natural, obnoxious occurrence, he managed to continue on his path, streamlining and aiming for GHOST’S right haunch, lowering his skull and brandishing his long, pointed blade; running his rapier for her hind.

[OPENING ATTACK. 651 words.


- OXY is leading them in.

- They FLANK the Falls from the back at SUNSET with the sun setting in the west so that the sun is at their LEFT and BACK

- DEIMOS IS WEARING HIS BONE ARMOR. Reference from Confutatis’ profile.

- As DEIMOS nears GHOST, he feels the friendly fire of ARCHIBALD’S earth magic, causing him to stumble slightly and lose a little speed.

- Righting himself, he tries to draw close to GHOST’S RIGHT HIND, aiming to stab her right haunch.]

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 i lit a fire that wouldn't go out.</style>

Hooves and paws move swiftly. My brown eyes focus on the task at hand. I prance at times during our journey to expel both my own nerves and excitement. A long time, I had wished for the chance to take back the Foothills. It may go by another name now, but in my head it will always be just that. Mirage had denied my chance to protect this place last time... Well she wasn't here now and her beloved Moon Goddess puts our family in danger. No more. I have lost too much family to allow us to remain in a land with a murderous bitch. Lanna whines softly in my mind. She doesn't like it when I use that word. I cast a glance to her, my brown eyes meeting her icy blue. This would be the first time she would fight at my side. Before when I have fought I was on my own by either leaving her where she would be safe because I felt she was to young or she was not bonded to me. We trail behind Thor along with several others. I glance around to my family, taking each of them in. I try to figure out what they are thinking and feeling about this. I hope they know it must be done to keep us all safe.

The sunset painted the Falls with a golden and bloody light. It was as if the skies knew what was about to take place. I do not speak, not even to Alanna in my mind. As those in the lead stop, so do we. We stay in the shadows, ready to pounce on our prey when they least expect it. A small part of my mind feels guilty taking a home away from the current residents. But if they had spent any amount of time in Helovia they would know this was the way of the land. In his years here, there had been several invasions. Some had failed while others had been successful. I can only hope this will be the latter and not the former. My amulets clink softly in my long mane, there just in case.

It is not until Archibald moves forward that I move from the shadows. As one, hooves and paws we move. I am not used to us being in such unison. I do not have a target at first until I saw her. The pale princess of my past. Today, she looked nothing like a princess. She looked like a bloody mess, attacking ELSA. Without even having to say anything we changed course to join her attack. I feel my magic in my veins coming to life as I focus on ELSA. I light her on fire. Well it's not real fire but I knew enough about it that she should feel as if she was burning. I charge in on ELSA's left, seeking to slam my chest into her hips. Alanna leaps for ELSA's backside. I glance to Phi, wondering if she expected me to be among those from the Edge. I will focus on our reunion later. First, we will take the Falls.

[OPENING ATTACK. | WC: 527/800 on

Aaron arrives in the left wing following THOR with: LAKOTA, CICERON, ALYSANNE.

He stays in the shadows until ARCHIBALD moves to attack, charging forward. The sun is behind him.

AARON targets ELSA

Aaron used his magic :: [Magic: FirexLight | can set his enemy on fire with non-burning flames, but the pain will be the same as with real fire]
:: [Restrictions | Will cause the same amount of pain as if they were truly burning. Can be used once during battle and will last for the duration of 20 seconds] 1/2

Aaron has on both a Sun and Spark Amulet]

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Ktulu was silent as she moved with the Basin troops toward the Hidden Falls. She had not been included in any of the invasion planning and had only learned of it when it was time to march on the Falls. At first she had been annoyed beyond belief that she had not been included, but Eytan had soothed her by reminding her that she was supposed to be healing. Archibald probably had not included her because he did not want to add another weight to her shoulders and burden her even more. "That stupid stallion." She thought fondly as she came to a standstill and remained there per her sister's orders. "Wait." She instructed through her mental bond with Eytan. This was the second time they would be invading the Earth God's lands, but this time the terrain was different.

They were not waiting long before Ophelia returned, stating that their guide Oxy the Defector was waiting. Together they moved through the hidden entrance into a land that was as remote and foreign as the moon. Farther ahead of them she could see Archibald and the false-Midas along with several other Edge warriors, including Lakota. Ktulu's stomach lurched and she snorted, her ears falling back. "You better take care of her, Archibald." She whispered. Ktulu could not bear the loss of another, be it Lakota or her own sister and she would fight until her dying breath to make sure they were safe from harm during the invasion. She'd sooner have her heart pierced by the horn of her enemy than allow either of them to fall victim to the prejudiced, short-sighted, self-righteous, bigots that claimed the Falls as their own.

The Constrictor surged forward, then, her crimson eyes locked on TALION, the poor sod that would bear the brunt of every ounce of anger and hurt that surged in her chest. "YOU!" She roared, unleashing the power her rank magic helt, as she aimed to slam her right shoulder into the taller stallion. Eytan was not far behind his bonded and he tried his best to move to the stallion's other side with the goal of using his body to trip TALION and send him to the ground.


WC: 369

Ktulu arrives with Ophelia, Deimos and the rest of the Basin Troops.

They FLANK the Falls from the back at SUNSET with the sun setting in the west so that the sun is at their LEFT and BACK

Ktulu targets TALION and uses her BATTLE CRY rank magic as she tries to ram him with her RIGHT shoulder.

Battle Cry: Can utter a confidence-shattering cry once during battle that will shake an opponent's resolve and increase the chance/strength of one of your attacks.

Eytan tries to move to TALION'S side OPPOSITE of Ktulu where he will try to trip TALION if Ktulu's ram is successful.

Item: SPARK amulet.

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Power and control,
I’m gonna make you fall.

Aviya followed close, keeping her hoofsteps inside the steps of Ophelia, though the Lady was invisible, Aviya watched where her cloven hooves left imprints in the dirt and she pressed her own cloven hooves there as well. If they were being followed, or were to be ambushed, Aviya knew to make it appear that there were less of them then what was truth. Her skin twitched and her heart did summersaults within her breast. This was no ordinary battle, no, it was a war. Aviya had never participated in any war before, but she had been born on the first kiss of battle, when the Edge was no longer the home of the unicorns. She remembered watching and fleeing, with Momma Kou and Tamlin and finally the rest of the herd to the north, never to return to their precious, mist-filled place. Aviya had been born a true princess of the World’s Edge, her magic so reminiscent of the very lands themselves. Ice colored eyes rested on Ophelia as she shifted back into sight, giving orders and making a speech. Aviya may have wanted to slice her mudblood throat in the past, but in this moment Ophelia was her leader in arms just as Deimos was, and there was a flicker of admiration behind her eyes for the power the silver and crimson mare held. Quickly her eyes shifted to Deimos, but he was a silent vigil of malice. Nodding her crowned head to none but herself, Aviya moved forward with the rest of her regime.

Keen eyes flickered up to see the image of their spy, the stallion that was bringing them into this side entrance. Fury, white hot and overwhelming, instantly burned in her chest and washed over the rest of her smoky frame. Rage swelled in her eyes and painted her vision red, and it took every ounce of her strength not to send herself headlong at the brute. He had killed Momma Kou. He matched her child sister’s description, and Aviya only wished for his demise. His safety better be worth it, Aviya hissed in her mind, knowing full well that OPHELIA could hear her thoughts. Her shoulders began to shake and she shook her head, forelock falling across her broken horn and framing her face. She looked around for another target, and she found herself a beast of one.

Surging forward, Aviya moved her eyes over ROSTISLAV. He was bulkier, more powerful surely, but not any taller than her. She would call on the refined speed her parents had given her, and she would run circles around his fatass. Snorting, Aviya charged for ROSTISLAV’S left side. Her muscled neck arched and her head lowered, dangerous glass horn pointed for the stallion’s body. She wanted to feel her weapon dig into his skin, rip muscle from bone. She would bathe in his blood today, and she painted the image of this stallion as Oxy in her mind. All of the anger, rage, resentment, and hatred she felt towards the stallion that had defeated her mother was propelled onto this other stallion. Did he deserve it? Probably not. But he is was in her way, and this was her duty as a warrior, and she thrived in the throes of battle. Continuing her forward assault, the daughter of darkness altered her body just a hair. She turned, hoping to be somewhat parallel to the brute of a stallion. She thrust her head, moved it like a samurai sword, and aimed to slice along the stallion’s left-side ribcage. This landscape would look better with his entrails scattered on the loamy soil, she decided, with a cruel and sadistic smirk.

[WC: 611/800 on


- OXY is showing them the way in

- They FLANK the Falls from the back at SUNSET with the sun setting in the west so that the sun is at their LEFT and BACK

- AVIYA is wearing lightweight, metal armor crafted by the Dragon's Throat.

- AVIYA targets ROSTISLAV by attempting to slice her horn down his left-side rib cage.]

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All the souls that would die just to feel alive
With the sun setting at our backs, the plan forged between Basin and Edge was beginning to unfold. Words of an invasion had come quickly and unexpectantly, but at the command of our King and Queen, I forthwith their wishes.

As Archibald led our forces into the Falls, I kept to the right and back from him and his compatriots, walking quietly as heavy feet could allow amongst my brothers and sisters. The winged, pale-eyed Pegasus I knew only from meetings; Resplendence, our beloved Moon Doctor whom I could only imagine how very much she disapproved of the violence about to ensue, and whom I prayed would be untouched throughout it all; Romani, the golden lady that sent my heart aflutter and that was very much capable of handling her own despite her stature; and then there was Kaj, the giant of a King, my brother who I still thought so dearly of, that I wished to apologize and explain myself to... Hopefully I could get my chance sooner than later, after all was said and done.

Flashing before my eyes came an image of our blackened King coming to a halt ahead, garnering my feet to do the same. Suli had made perch in the cover of the trees as we awaited the signal to make our move, and with baited breath I watched as the members of the Falls herd approached one by one to see their false Czar and the equally false offers brought before them. As we waited, my attention drifted briefly to that of Romani who I stood beside, and reaching out, I pressed my nose into her neck. A simple show of encouragement to my fellow warrior, a promise that we would be the victors, perhaps something more as my heart would say... But then it came.

The slightest adjustment followed by the sudden charge of the Dauntless; the time to fight was now, and I would not let my family nor my allies down a single time more.

Charging forth, feathered feet carried my bulk through the trees and into view with the rest and I search at once for an opponent. The first to catch my eye is a pale mare with a similar build to my own, perhaps a bit heavier than myself and less lithe. What little agility I had might come to aid me in this fight, as would years of experience, though I would need to be wary of her strength should she manage to get a good hit in.

Suli came swooping down silently from the skies before me, blowing a jet of flame between myself and DECEMBER with the intentions not only to burn, but to distract and momentarily blind the mare as I made a move of my own. Shifting my weight to the right as I charged head-on, so that I may be to DECEMBER'S left, I aimed a swift kick at the mare's barrel in passing before slowing myself enough to get turned back around, intending to face DECEMBER and ready myself to either attack or defend.


Word Count - 518

-- Flanks Archibald to the right along with Kaj, Murdock, Romani and Resplendence

-- Suli is up ahead and watching Archibald and the rest from the cover of the trees

-- Destrier charges forward and picks DECEMBER as his opponent, comes at her head-on

-- Suli flies down and past Destrier, blowing a flame between him and DECEMBER in an attempt to burn/distract/momentarily blind DECEMBER

-- Destrier shifts right to come to DECEMBER's left, kicks out at her barrel

-- Destrier comes to a halt and turns in preparation to attack or defend if not stopped beforehand


"Talk talk talk"
x - x

You may attack and use magic on Des at any time for any reason.

HP: 66.5

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The weight of the cart on the queen’s shoulders was as heavy as the weight of her troubled soul. The harness around her body was loose, having been made for a body larger than her own, but Kahlua felt like she was suffocating in its grasp anyways. The leather straps wrapped themselves around her the same way that fear, anxiety, and depression had been clawing their way into her heart. She had never wanted this, but KAJ had asked her… how could she say no?

As she pulled onwards, Kahlua found herself content with something to concentrate on besides the destruction she was walking towards. The cart wheels catching on rocks distracted her from the doubts she had. Still, war was difficult to forget entirely. The metal armor she wore was foreign to her and she disliked the way it rubbed, so cold and uncomfortably, against her skin. She only had it on because KAJ and ARCHIBALD had insisted that she wear it. On a whim of her own, Kahlua had decided to cover the armor with the wolf skin cape that THRANDUIL had gifted her. Pulling trade goods to the Falls would provide little in the way of surprise if the peaceful queen showed up looking battle ready.

Within the glass cart, Kahlua had placed a wide array of objects. A glass harness DRAGOMIR had crafted, her metal music box and scorpion, her glass basket, various colored feathers, a selection of plants from RESPLENDENCE’S garden, and a few chunks of glass from the Edge’s wall all rode along. Had she actually been on a mission to trade, Kahlua would have done quite well for herself. Of course, the very thought made the painted woman frown and her eyes begin to mist.

Shaking her head to try and clear her thoughts, the queen looked left and right to see ARCHIBALD and THRANDUIL (disguised as MIDAS). It hardly helped. THRANDUIL had claimed to be her enemy, she had history with him, history with MIDAS, and not enough history with ARCHIBALD to help calm her down. Even so, it was likely better that she was with RESPLENDENCE, or ALYSANNE, or BRISA… would the queen have been able to tell them that she asking them to do was right, or would she have fallen to tears and begged for forgiveness? At least there was the small consolation that she did not have to be queen in this moment. She was simply a follower, stepping where ARCHIBALD led her.

In the end, it didn’t matter. Reservations or not, leader or follow, the queen would arrive, as she did now, at the border of the Hidden Falls. “Hello, friends!” she called out after ARCHIBALD, trying to be cheery, to forget what was going to happen, to ignore the way the scar on her left hip was twinging with memories of the last invasion she had accidentally involved herself in… but try as she liked, her efforts were in vain. Her voice had not been as steady, or loud, or natural as she hoped it would be. She just couldn’t make it so. At ARCHIBALD’S indication, the queen shook the harness from her body, stepping out and leaving the cart to stand unmanned behind her. In many ways, dropping the harness was like untying the last thread that had been holding the queen together.

Her knees began to shake, her eyes began to water, and she began pacing wildly. “Oh gods,” she whispered to herself, choking on the words as they came out of her mouth. Her mind whirled, searching for some escape from this capture. Attempting to find a better solution to this war could not stop the wheels that had already been set in motion. She was here, simply a pawn in a war caused by the Lady Moon herself. Even now, though, Kahlua could not hate the goddess that had given her so much.

ARCHIBALD’S sudden stomp nearly knocked the queen over, but at least it drew her mind back to the reality of what was happening. She had a job to do… for her herd. Reluctantly, Kahlua lit a nearby rock with her magic, using its glow to brighten the dusky sky and alert the other factions that hers was attacking. Then, with one final breath, she began to wander forward, hoping (or perhaps more accurately, dreading) to find someone that had come to greet her travelling caravan; admittedly, finding a horse would be difficult with her vision so obscured by the tears that had continued to form in her eyes. Thus, it was left for Khan to act first. Swooping low around Kahlua, the drake began to blow short bursts of ice from his mouth, daring anyone to come near his bonded, lest they suffer his wrath.

:: Word count- 798

:: Kahlua follows ARCHIBALD and THRANDUIL (disguised as MIDAS) to the Hidden Falls

:: Kahlua is wearing the following armor, covered by her wolf skin hide:
:: [Item: Armor | lightweight, full-body armor crafted by the Dragon's Throat forgers]
:: [Restrictions | Non-magical item]
:: [Item: Wolf Hide | Medium Size] (Given to her by Thranduil)
:: [Restrictions | Cannot be used in battle]

:: Kahlua pulls the World’s Edge glass cart with the World’s Edge leather harness, removing herself from the harness once she reaches the Falls border
:: The cart contains a variety of items, to appear as though the Edge has come to trade with the Falls

:: Kahlua used the following magic to create 1 large rock item, to alert all factions so that they can attack together:
:: [Magic: Earth x Shock | Can infuse rocks with electricity to create permanent light sources from them]
:: [Restrictions: Can only create 1 large item (lights to 20m), 2 medium items (lights 8-10m) or 3 small items (lights 2-3m) per season]

:: Kahlua enters the Falls but does not attack. Khan (her companion) begins to blow his frostbreath in short bursts while flying around Kahlua
the sunshower
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Permission granted to use magic or physical force with Kahlua at any time
for any reason to any degree, with the exception of killing her.

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An invasion. She could not believe the peaceful Edge was going through such a thing and on the offensive! And for what? Had the Moon Goddess even bothered them at all since her arrival? The heavy presence of the banished god had weighed on them though and Alysanne had felt it as well - feeling judgement for her unfinished quest that the Goddess had called her foolish for seeking in the first place. Perhaps she would be happy to get out of there, of course but each step between their home and this new place felt more leaden than the last.

There had to have been another way besides what was about to happen. Did ARCHIBALD want a new home or did he simply want a war? It was not fair for her to place the blame on the newly crowned king, the idea could have easily come from someone else, but she worried. The entire trip her mind was boiling over with concerns, none of which she brought forth vocally. It had been her decision to come along, after all.

The originally idea had been to linger in the Edge and protect those who were left - the children most of all - but she was still one of the Moon Doctors. She could not yet cop out on the duties involved and would not forgive herself for allowing any in her herd or their allies to suffer - even if she did not agree with what they were doing.

She tried not to converse with anyone on the way over, lingering quietly toward the back of the pack and observing the group before her. Special attention was given to RESPLENDENCE and KAHLUA - Hemlock frequently flying in loops around the group to judge how her two friends were fairing. Though, after learning how Resplendence kept poisons, she worried about the meek Moon Doctor a little less. The only real words she spoke were to DESTRIER - who asked her to take care of his newly hatched dragon while he fought. Happily she had accepted, encouraging the little dragon to nestle into her folded wings. “Stay close, little one.” Hemlock, having decided to take it upon himself to train the young black dragon to not be evil like the rest of his kind, hooted a greeting and fluttered down to keep Merlin company. Hopefully, nestled within her soft gull-wings, the pair of tiny companions would stay safe.

When they arrived, masked as a peaceful party, Alysanne stuck close to THOR, AARON and their group - memorizing the faces of those she’d be looking after. But then, everything fell apart after their entrance, it felt as though she blinked and suddenly there was chaos all around her. Green eyes widened, white rims showing as her heart beat wildly, adrenaline and fear pulsing through her and muddling her thoughts. She watched her friends and family begin to throw themselves at the members of the Falls - using magic and limbs to cause as much pain and damage as possible.

Never before had she seen anything like this, never before had she witnessed a war, and it chilled her - rooting her to her spot as those in her charge moved off to find their targets. From the moment Archibald led the attack she felt as though she could not catch her breath, deep intakes coming ragged as she tried to remember why they were here. Why she was here.

word count: 569

Alysanne follows ARCHIBALD, KAHLUA and the others into the Hidden Falls, sticking close to THOR and the rest of his group

Has her companion Hemlock and DESTRIER's Merlin with her

Stops just at the entrance, temporarily paralyzed with fear at the sight before her!

everybody heals with love
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table by Sevin <3
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I tried to sell my soul last night, it's funny he wouldn't even take a bite.

Destruction at the hands of the Basin... Where we becoming what we insisted on not being?

I follow close to the others, in fact I am in a perfect position... I am getting riled up just looking at the bitch in front of me... It helps that it happens to be Aviya, warrior bitch girl/attempted child killer. Oooooh she really got my blood boiling... And I could direct the anger towards who ever I got thrown into fighting today.

My head lifts to look at the spy that we had leading us into the Hidden Falls, Looking through what looks like air but is actually OPHELIA. While I admire him for leading us this far, I felt slight anger at him as well, for he was betraying his own herd... Why?

A snort softly, more like a soft blow, barely loud enough to hear, excitement and anger rolling through my chest, driving me forward into battle... In moments our hoofs would be tarnished with the blood of our enemies... But would the survivors be our enemies forever? Would they accept our apology's? If we do apologize?

But I am no longer left to dwindle on my thoughts, because we suddenly emerge, and now, there is battle. And just like that, it had started. My head lifts, and the royal blue orbs dance, looking for my first target. My eyes linger on Aviya as she takes on ROSTISLAV, which I felt a mild pang of sadness and regret, because to be honest, I liked that guy. But instead I turn my head, and I look towards ALLEO. You sir, will be my target today.

My haunches push forward, and I take large strides towards towards the larger painted stallion, heading towards him head on, Armor clinking and clanking... It's hard to move fast in this heavy son of a bitch... But it might save me. With powerful strides I cover the distance, and I don't dodge out of the way, in fact I sit down on my haunches just before hand, my hind end lifting up in a rear, my front legs attempting to kick out at the stallions face, attempting to hit, maim, or at least damage his pretty face.

The chaos has begun, and now, the dice lay at the hands of the gods. Who will win, who will lose, who will die.... it all depends on how the dice roll. Will I win against this particular opponent? Who knows....

"Speech here."
Tag;; @[]
Words;; 411/800 words


- OXY is showing them the way in

- They FLANK the Falls from the back at SUNSET with the sun setting in the west so that the sun is at their LEFT and BACK

- SIALIA is wearing heavy, flat black metal armor that she got with a large custom item.

- SIALIA targets ALLEO by attempting to attack head on, then rearing in front of him, her legs kicking out to attempt to hit his face.

Credits: Image by semper
[Image: 538c1505470d5]
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it's what you feel but can't articulate outloud

Now, let’s be honest. Resplendence was far from okay with this entire situation. Her limbs were moving, sure, but that was merely because KAJ and ARCHIBALD had requested she come with. Racing. Her mind was racing in fifteen different directions as Valiance worked eagerly at braiding her mane and tail tightly up against her frame – to keep her line of sight decent. Rue was safely tucked up with Apollo at home in the Edge, though that idea did little to keep her from worrying. For, what would happen if someone attacked while they were gone? What if Rue was placed in the line of fire with no one who had healing powers able to help?

Her stomach was in knots, as she made this journey back toward the Falls (once her home when it was deemed the Foothills). She stayed close to KAJ for most of the journey as Valiance began to linger around from horse to horse, offering to braid their hair and keep it out of their way during the battle. ”Please, stay safe,” she begs KAJ, golden orbs lingering up to him. Yet, she also tries to press her maw up against his shoulder, her locket close to her heart reminding her that the family was the most important. ”I know you are strong. I know you can do this. Just… please come back,” she whispered and then turned to ROMANI, DESTRIER, MURDOCK, and THOR. Her eyes lingered upon each of them, concern radiating on her features, not because she didn’t believe in them, but because they were choosing to go into harm’s way. ”All of you, do your best to stay safe… Valiance can braid your hair tight, and out of the way if you wish…” There was a tremor in her voice as her eyes continued to switch from equine to equine. ”May the Gods protect you all… You are all my family, and I may not condone the violence but I will not sit idly by and not heal you. Just… promise me you shall all come back in one piece…”

So motivational Resplendence. Well done. Round of applause. Not. Though, I suppose that it would have to do. Alas, as they pulled up closer, Resplendence fell to the back of the pack – not wanting to get stuck in the fray of battle. She could not get hurt, she needed to stay there for Rue, for Quilyan, for everyone. Watching from the shadows she could see KAHLUA getting out of the harness which attached her to the cart, she could see ARCHIBALD’S armour snapping into place, and suddenly fear struck her heart. Her chest tightened, her mind panicked. That was the ARCHIBALD she was afraid of. That was the one that had lurked in her nightmares, the power that coursed through his veins. Then the ground shook and she had to steady herself in the shadows. Her eyes darting around, catching a glimpse of ALYSANNE from her half as all of the warriors sprang into action. ALYSANNE, though, seemed to be stuck in place – frozen in time. ”Valiance, get ALYSANNE’S attention. Snap her out of it!” Resplendence commanded in her head. There was only a swift nod from her maturing dragon before he shot through the trees and the darkness toward ALYSANNE. When he was right near her, he began to puff smoke in her direction. She needed to be able to move, she had to take in what was happening before her as much as she didn’t want to. Resplendence understood the pain, the sickness that it seemed to cause. She knew it because she had lived through it twice – two invasions from her past, and then there was the torture of her nightmares.

It is only once she can hear the clashing of flesh against flesh that she allows these words to slide from her lips, ”be safe and godspeed,” even though no one could hear her. Valiance scouted the field from above – taking in all that was happening and flashing his bonded images here and there: ARCHIBALD in all his glory; KAHLUA wandering aimlessly toward whomever would end up fighting her; AARON going after a white Pegasus; the Basin, well, being the Basin and stabbing the Falls in the back; KAJ still taking on his powerful air, radiating the strength she knew to be within his soul; and fake MIDAS a decoy to all unsuspecting victims.

My dears, might I say that the knots in this mare’s stomach were only growing. Her ear pinned back to her crest, and her limbs shuffling back and forth in place as she waited to see who required healing first. Valiance would let her know who needed her, how to get there safely, and when she to go. Until then… it was a waiting game...


[800/800] -- according to Microsoft Word

Resplendence follows Kaj toward the battle field and gives mild 'pep-talk' which basically was "COME BACK IN ONE PIECE PEOPLE I LOVE YOU ALL"

Valiance braids Resplendence and anyone else's mane in her half who wants their hair braided to keep it out of their way during battle.

Resplendence hides in the shadows when the rest of the fighters spring into action.

Valiance puffs smoke at ALYSANNE to get her to snap out of it.


Credits: Image by Schwartze @ DA
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Striding confidently alongside his brethren the dappled stallion refused to let his doubts cloud his vision. Today was a day that would change them all forever giving them a place to start over. Times had changed and with it so had his loyalties. The Edge had been a chance for him to start over with his family and make things alright again. Everything had been going well until the crazy moon goddess had lost her mind and started killing random targets. Today our battalion strides forward in unison with all of our heads held high prepared to show the rest of Helovia what they were made of. We would fight for our safety and we would do what needed to be done. Pushing away the lingering unease of attacking those he had once been loyal to, he set his mind on the task ahead. With the sun to their backs each of them moved silently into position awaiting the signal to invade. Taking a deep breath to settle his thoughts his mind focuses on strategies and plans of attack that might be useful sharing them with his partner.

Kiara stood patiently at his side eagerly scanning the landscape for anything out of the ordinary. The pair of them knew this place like the back of their hoof/paw. They had trained here, fought here and grown up here. They could move through the maze of boulders and ledges with ease giving them a slight advantage over the rest of their group who were not as familiar with the landscape. “Be careful and watch out for anything out of the ordinary.” He commented silently turning his silver eyes down to his bonded protectively. If anything happened to her he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. Despite their obvious differences in species (unicorn and tiger) they were practically one well oiled machine that should not be messed with. All their practice had been paying off and this was the time they could shine. If something should happen to wound his partner he would willingly put his own life on the line to save hers.

Standing alongside LAKOTA, AARON, ALYSANNE and THOR he could feel the excitement building all around them as tensions rose. They had been instructed to fall to the left of the main group so that they might be able to take out a larger chunk of the defences. Surely not much had changed in the months he had been gone, which left only the defenders standing between themselves and victory. Each of them were skilled fighters but he felt confident that they could be overpowered and outwitted. They two Praetors wouldn’t be too hard to take out considering they were either drunk or stoned on a constant basis. A little poke here, a well placed kick there and presto down goes the Falls! Well he could only hope that it would be that easy.

As the battle cries ring out all around them the dark stallion launches himself out of the shadows and into action with his faithful tiger hot on his heels. The soft clink of metal on metal reassures him that the three amulets are still woven into his thick mane in case they should ever be of use. The moment his hooves clash against the silver stone of the embankment a smirk crosses over his features. This is where he was meant to be, right in the center of the action fighting for his family. Silver orbs lock onto the first target that comes into view just as another of his comrades, AARON and his bonded, find the same target. The pristine hybrid was no stranger to the battlefield if he recalled correctly but she was going to fall today. As AARON rushes ELSA’S left a flash of flame surrounds her momentarily slowing his advance so they would not end up roasting along with the hybrid. As the flame subsides the grey pins his harks back against his skull as he propels himself forward lowering his head in the hopes of skewering ELSA’s right side or right wing with his deadly blade. Kiara positions herself alongside him only to launch herself with teeth and claws bared aiming to dig them into the right side of ELSA’s neck and shoulder.

Opening Attack:
Word Count: 731/800

Ciceron is approaching to the left of the main entrance with THOR, ALYSANNE, AARON, LAKOTA and his companion Kiara who is a white tiger. The sun is behind them at this point.

Staying to the thicker brush and shadows CICERON only launches himself forward when ARCHIBALD sounds the attack.

Slows his attack momentarily to observe AARON's attack on ELSA before continuing forward with his own. Aims to attack ELSA's right side or right wing by slicing it with his horn. Kiara (ciceron bonded) attacks alongside CICERON aiming to sink her teeth and claws into the right side of ELSA's neck and shoulder.

CICERON has on a sun, moon and earth amulet woven into his thick mane out of immediate view.

Ciceron talks
Ciceron thinks
Kiara speaks

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Smile for your sins

There was nothing right about invading the Hidden Falls. It felt more like a dirty secret that I couldn’t keep, one that only boiled my sinner’s blood. For that… was what I’d become. I’d lost myself to the selfish greed of Kahlua and Kaj, both blood thirsty mongrels looking to savage the Falls if only for minor discomforts. Yet, it was neither here nor there… This was my family and I would follow their orders. I would dismantle an entire herd at whim. I would terrorize them, because my King and Queen desired such measures. However, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t force myself to hurt those who had lost so much before… After all, I had witnessed the invasion of the Grey and I could still remember what it had done to the former Foothills. Were we now no better than the band of misfits come together to take and steal precious moments from oblivious foes?

The sun was at our backs as we approached and the unsettling feeling of dishonor had begun to claim my heart. It was not in my nature to move so frivolously against the grain, but duty was a thing not to be ignored and further respected. ARCHIBALD had come to me knowing that I would serve him and I had pleased him in following him to the Falls... However, I hadn’t expected him to allow me the opportunity to flank him and THRNADUIL (disguised as MIDAS) as trusted guide… Again my soul was twisting with the agony of morality, of what was considered right and wrong. I prayed this would be over quickly.

The hazy rays of an evening sun welcomed us beyond foreign borders and with AARON, ALYSANNE, LAKOTA, and CICERON at my heels, I moved in behind ARCHIBALD toward his left. I had been lucky enough to receive assistance from RESPLENDENCE and Valiance in keeping the long tendrils of both my mane and tail from hindering me in battle. The red dragon had spent a great deal of time working through the knots, in order to braid and thread the long hair, and now that I was faced with war, I was definitely grateful for their help. Yet, there was still something vile about this, something cruel and uninviting about our deception…

However, I didn’t have long to pander the notion, not with KAHLUA acknowledging their arrival and ARCHIBALD summoning GHOST to the warfront. Everything was lost on me from there, because the commotion and the noise and the bitter clashing of flesh upon flesh became the only thing I could concentrate on. Beneath me the ground began to tremble with the force of ARCHIBALD’S war stomp and I was thrown off balance like any other animal in its wake. However, it caused me to glance back at my followers, taking note of their position before exacting my own attack. AARON, CICERON, and LAKOTA were all experienced with battle, but ALYSANNE appeared quite bereft by the sudden chaos. “Aly! Stay close, I would have you unharmed!” I bellowed while gesturing for her to follow just behind.

Somehow, that was all I’d needed to move forward alongside AARON, though I surpassed him in our descent into the Falls… I had a much larger prize to claim than he, a target yet untouched by our forces. All around me, Basin and Edge members alike flooded in from the sun, but my eyes had become callous and cold with only one concept in mind… fight. I had left Sabine tucked away in a quiet tree outside of the Falls to ensure her safety and I only hoped that she would remain there until I was through. The battle had only begun and I had only just donned my war paint.

My muscles began to roll and push beneath my skin as I charged toward the colored victim of my choice (BELLONA). It was a slow charge given my size, but a powerful one nonetheless. An unbroken cry sounded from my chest, an alert to my opponent, because I was not so barbaric as to take her unaware. From the left side of the Falls where the trees stood tall, I drew closer to my target, aiming to ram my shoulder into BELLONA’S left side. I was a great deal taller than she and heftier as well. I was hoping that the impact would throw her off balance if not fell her completely. I had wanted to connect at her shoulder, but I feared that her large wings would deflect such an attack and so I aimed toward her stomach. If the attack stuck like I hoped, then maybe BELLONA would also be rendered breathless. Besides, I didn’t want the multicolored mare to make an attempt on ALYSANNE. I had to protect my family… always.

Word Count |800 (per Microsoft Word)



| From the LEFT, THOR targets BELLONA and charges her LEFT side with his shoulder -- aiming to hopefully throw her off balance, make her fall, or knock the wind out of her

Thor the Gentle Heart
Bellona Alysanne -- Edited to color Ghost's name and Archibald's in the post (& Aaron's).

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Torleik the Bloodskald


Politics were best left to his brother.

Torleik's mental eyes only had a hazy view of exactly what this invasion was for and why, as if Ireyln had swooped down to and fro over a large canvas and painted broad, simple strokes with the pinions of her growing wings. But he was a warrior, and what did reasons for war concern him? His leaders had decreed it so and he was to follow.

His woman was heading off to fight, and he could not stay behind like some principled soft-spine, questioning this, that, and the other until he believed in this cause wholeheartedly. The time for blood was now - such had been impressed on him by Ophelia and Deimos, and the Bloodskald could not deny he was itching for a good battle.

Perhaps today he would fell a foe. Perhaps today he would end a life. It had been many months since he had killed any living soul and the darker part of him, the part that thrived on others' pain, on their defeat, on the knowledge that he had crushed was thirsty.

So it was the Basin General followed OPHELIA and DEIMOS into this new land, this "Hidden Falls" that he had passed so many times during his trips to the Threshold but never stepped foot inside. A glance behind him brought forth a bursting, burnished orange sphere hanging low in the sky, the unforgiving Tallsun lightbringer slowly descending on one season, the first hints of cooler, crisper air heralding the advent of Orangemoon once more.

Torleik felt...unsettled traveling alongside OPHELIA when he could not see her, and a million questioned ricocheted through his mind at once about a billion different things - when she could become invisible one of them. Now was not the time for knowledge, and he silenced his mind with a quick glance to the sky, watching Irelyn course over them, following their path from above. The leather and light metal armor he wore felt strange on his form, like a second skin he hadn't yet grown used to. A gift from the Moon Goddess, the Bloodskald had been wary of using it until necessary.

Now seemed an opportune moment.

It also seemed that the drug addled fuck OXY was to be their guide into this fray, a thought that settled ill with the rabicano stallion. To say he held a grudge against the large unicorn was a kind manner of observation. Such sacrifices had to be made in battle, and though the Bloodskald would have happily crashed into the worthless addict, he restrained himself. The mushrooms he'd deigned to consume subtly and without notice before their trip were finally kicking in and he felt his blood pumping like a stampeding herd through his veins, heart beating a magnificent drum for their invasion.

Ophelia's words brought him out of his mindspace and metal-tipped horns shifted towards his woman speaking, watching with rapt and macabre fascination as she suddenly began to turn red as if her very skin was weeping with blood. A rugged, lopsided grin curved his scarred lips as she burst forth suddenly, heralding a charge that had already, ostensibly, been started by a ginormous brute off towards the main entrance of the Falls. Torleik hadn't any idea the large one's name was ARCHIBALD and he didn't care; he knew who his allies were, and who were his foes.

'Odin keep you!' he grunted back to Ophelia when she bid him safety, breaking into a galloping, thundering charge of his own away from the main girth of the pack. The mushrooms heightened his senses in unique ways and the Bloodskald fancied he could taste fear and blood on the air already - and the cowards of the Falls should be afraid! Edges of his vision vibrating, his mind humming, he caught sight of AVIYA directing an attack towards a large, hairy-looking brute who was a unicorn but clearly not from their herd or that of the Edge.

'Irelyn, attack his face! Keep him blinded!' he boomed to his companion, watching her plummet from the sky in a tight and winding gyre, headed straight for ROSTISLAV'S face. With luck, she would land a crippling blow to the brute. As AVIYA completed her attack from the left, Torleik wound himself around to ROSTISLAV'S right flank. Digging his solid hooves into the lush earth, the Bloodskald lowered his barbed horns parallel to the ground below and sought to pierce any part of his huge opponent's body that the gods would gift him.

That the Moon Goddess might gift him.

With their favor, he would feel the flesh of this ROSTISLAV on his skull before long.


[[WC: 780]]


--- OXY is showing them the way in

--- They FLANK the Falls from the back at SUNSET with the sun setting in the west so that the sun is at their LEFT and BACK

--- TORLEIK finds AVIYA attacking ROSTISLAV from the left and attempts to double team from the RIGHT, trying to pierce ROSTISLAV'S RIGHT SIDE with his horns. Irelyn attempts to attack ROSTISLAV'S FACE simultaneously to keep him disoriented.

--- TORLEIK is wearing all of his ARMOR gifted to him by the Moon Goddess

"talk talk talk"

Art by araxel @ DA
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:: Arah ::

This was not her first invasion, she’d been apart of the attack on The Throat where she had faced Midas. With the safety of their young threatened The Basin had paid their debt in full. So long ago, so much had changed.

They left during the day, quiet footsteps put her behind DEIMOS and OPHELIA, she knew when they finally arrived upon The Falls the blood would begin pumping and her heart would beat against her ribs. Yet even just marching towards the impending battle had excitement and nervousness pounding through her veins; the battle lust stirred life back into her soul. How long had it been since she'd felt this alive?!

Shifting under her brand new armour, Arah hoped the sun would not reflect too heavily off of the silver. Still, she would not be without it offering protection her breast, shoulders, ribs, spine and croup. As a added bonus the armour also had pins to hold her mane and tail up from the ground preventing it from sweeping along the ground. The circlet protected her forehead and reached up to protect her ears, her glowing star marking shone brightly through the center, framed as if a gem. Four anklets protected her fetlocks, while silver chains wrapped around her flesh holding the armour in place. Underneath hung two moon amulets, she'd been saving them for such an event like this. Feeling like a warrior in her armour, the fae princess followed her leaders proudly.

OPHELIA's words reached her ears, the doe looked towards The Falls, a smirk painted across her delicate lips. A contact inside? Of course nothing had been left to chance. When it came to invasions was anything ever left to chance? Every tedious detail was studied and planned for, plots were made and executed with extreme precision. Their Lady turned and vanished again, if only Arah and Wynter were able to do the same. Her ivory coat reflected the colours of the sunset brightly, forcing her to stick to any shadow provided whether it be a taller herd mate's or cast by the surrounding trees, while the griffin was either walking or flying just above the knees of those around the duo.

They had arrived at The Falls; the domain of Midas and his family. Spreading out they watched and waited in silence. Once again OPHELIA spoke and the fae princess did as she was heeded, waiting quietly for either a command to continue or one to dispatch whoever had found them. Breaths caught in her throat she waited but it was just their guide OXY waiting to lead them in. The rushing waters muffled their footsteps as they slinked past the border. Heart pounding against her ribs, Arah stared across the land, watching any shadow that moved ready to spring into action at a moments notice.

Not long after ARCHIBALD's voice echoed over the land, the doe's head snapped up as OPHELIA encouraged Tinek to lead them. Wynter wanted to know if she was also free to take flight. 'Tabhair ifreann.' Spreading her wings to their full berth the griffin took off, swooping above the army checking and relaying what lay ahead to Arah. Every piece of knowledge was crucial.

Listening to OPHELIA's words Arah allowed herself to be swept up in the moment, proudly holding her head high, ready to reign over The Falls with destruction and chaos. They would colour the soil beneath their hooves with blood. "For The Basin. For my family. For our future."

By what right did the crumbling Falls judge, determine, condemn and sentence the might of Aurora Basin?
The Falls owed blood and The Basin was here to take it.

Charging across the land the doe splashed through the water and set her sights upon AFRICA. The lack of a second wing would make her an easier opponent to take down, building up speed and sparking her magic to life Arah began attempting to invade AFRICA's mind; taking over complete control of her thoughts. 'You are here to support The Basin!' The magic hypnotically floated over towards her target, 'you will not fight back.' Despite the adrenaline and excitement the voice was calm and collected. Not pausing for a moment Arah rushes towards the mare fearlessly. Slamming the brakes on at the last moment, the fae princess rears aiming to firstly pound and bruise the pegasus' leg before dragging her hooves against AFRICA's front left leg's flesh in an attempt to tear it away from the bone. Being only a head shorter, Arah can easily reach her target and still protect her soft underbelly. Wynter's blood curling screech sounded from above as she began spiralling in a dive towards AFRICA's eyes, hoping to distract the mare from Arah by injuring the pegasus’ eyes with her beak.

--- [ 798 | 800 ]
--- 'Tabhair ifreann.' - Give them hell.
--- [ Item : Silver Armor | Light Ornate silver armour. ]
--- [ Moon Amulet | When a magical ability is cast in the vicinity, the amulet is able to replicate the ability and store it to be used at a later time. ] x 2
--- [ Magic: DarkxLight | Ability to use mind control via whispers into an opponents mind]
--- [ Restrictions | Must have permission from the victim in non-battle threads. In battle this takes immense concentration and is difficult to maintain; opponent can fight against the mind control to a reasonable degree. ]

--- ARAH follows OPHELIA who is leading the Basin troops up from the SOUTH-WEST into a secret entrance.
--- OXY is leading them.
--- THRANDUIL is with ARCHIBALD looking like MIDAS
--- The Basin troops FLANK the falls from the back at SUNSET, the sun is setting in the WEST so it is at their LEFT and BACK.
--- ARAH has her LIGHTWEIGHT silver armour on and two MOON AMULETS.
--- ARAH attacks AFRICA with her MIND CONTROL MAGIC attempt to make her believe that she is here to assist The Basin.
--- ARAH next psychically attacks AFRICA hoping to bruise and tear flesh away from her front leg leg.
--- WYNTER dives towards AFRICA’s eyes, hoping to distract her and injure AFRICA’s eyes with her beak.

And I ain't afraid to die, I’m afraid of going to hell.

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He wasn’t here for them. Never would war see him as a good little soldier. He was here for her.

Wind filtered through those gold tipped wings as the sun set the dazzling cloak on his back a blaze with golden fire. At last below several figures, to fit OPHELIA’s description appear. He descends, landing and cantering down in a show of kingly grace before the towering warlord ARCHIBALD. Wicked grin was the only outlet he allowed for the tension building up in nerves. Of course he did not dare even steal a glance to her. Instead the falsified king dips and in a tone betraying the stealth speaks. “A gift from the north.”

So it had been, and yet even now as they marched, beside the towering giant and on the other side of him, her, he still dared not look. Chaos was never more clearly defined than the inward workings of that golden son. Body and mind were readying for war. Heart began to pound heavier, hooves to dance slightly, and feathers, never entirely in his control, shake. With stealth came that tell-tale wicked grin. Mind rolled through tactics, deceptions, manipulations, and machinations. For long now he had been reforging its craft in the fires of Helovia’s battlefield, and now it prepared to rain them down upon his enemies and smite them on the hillside.

And yet, like a drop of oil in water, a whole other world nestled in this. She was here. Were she not the golden would be found anywhere else but here. It was possible such a tide was turned because of some small part of that wicked soul still had the capacity to care, if not love. No warrior could have been more watchful over the damsel even without looking upon her fair features.

Stepping out of the shadows of the trees they at last arrive to the edge of the Falls. He knew it well from the guise of ROHAN. Painted coat was smooth and head carried with a swinging ease, but high like a king. Lack of MIDAS’s collar was hidden by his golden cloak, feathers were smooth by his side, and a small smile plays out his gentle grace. Only at the butch ragged speech of ARCHIBALD’s did the false king twitch. Idiot warlord. That was no way to greet friends. “Hail brothers and sisters, our kin bear ye gifts.” The tongue was ever so foreign, but well studied. “AFRICA….” A lover’s voice calls, but it dies in the sunset.

The sound of the cart arms dropping sounded the gong of war. ARCHIBALD leaned back, and the gold knew the time had come. Against all his own wishes he looks to her. The world stills, and muffles. She’s there, with watered eyes, and shaking body. Like a child in armor she betrays herself. But she wears the wolf skin. Breath escapes him, as he watches her face the doom, never looking to him. Her terror cuts deeper than any wound. The back of the giant moves forward, and the spinning mind calls the hidden gold forward to battle. Even now a gold hoof lifts to leave this frozen moment, and like a tossed cloud from the sun he tears away.

He did not get far. An echo of shaking earth breaks his gait as ARCHIBALD’s stomp rattles out the very earth before. “FUCK” Well, if the charge didn’t break the illusion of friendship that would do it. When did MIDAS ever say fuck?! So it was followed, as the painted bird recovered his balance, by a “Shit,” and sharp exhale slips out, “Anduil.” It happened all at once, like a mist the image of MIDAS fell away to reveal the golden, but only for a moment, before a metal armor wrapped over that golden body, settling heavily on his back. Charging through the ranks, but delayed by the shaking earth he follows ARCHIBALD, with sweat already wetting is neck.

There the gold betrayed his true purpose. Switching leads the silent charger rolls behind the dark creature to KAHLUA’s flank, and in her slow steps, passes her. Horns blazing, hidden spikes in his collar ready to spark out, and all daring anyone to step before the damsel. Her dragon made not a difference, even if he was to feel the creature’s icy fires. This was war, and none of his mind was left to guard his heart against judgement. Later would time to curse it for such folly, and rejection of all he felt, but now it was too late. Eyes set on LAEDERE, and shoulders angle to drive his armor and spring his spikes into her right shoulder. The well-worn smirk of devilry lights the blazing gold glory. Now was time for wrath, now for ruin. Now to war.


-WC:: 799 of 800 [per Microsoft Word]
-Bears his circlet ARMOR with a SPARK amulet inside, and over it his SATCHEL, within he carries his KNIFE and POLEARM, and over that is his GOLDEN CLOAK.

:: [Magic: Dark |Can mimic another character’s appearance and voice exactly]
:: [Restrictions | Can only remember three identities at a time, and must be within 5m of intended target to 'take' their identity. Using an identity removes it from his 'inventory'. Lasts two posts in battle.]
Appeared as MIDAS.
Remaining Identities:: Ampere, Cashmere

::Throughout, HER=KAHLUA

::THRANDUIL walks beside ARCHIBALD disguised as MIDAS.
::THRANDUIL (as MIDAS) charges after ARCHIBALD but is distracted by KAHLUA, then stumbles due to ARCHIBALD'S WAR STOMP
::THRANDUIL recovers, then moves behind ARCHIBALD to KAHLUA'S side, and then move in FRONT of KAHLUA as she hesitates.
::THRANDUIL spies and targets LAEDERE on her RIGHT shoulder. Hoping to strike her, and drive in his armor's hidden spikes.


The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout.
Down came the rain
and washed the spider out.
Image credit.

[Image: 5381546acbe33]
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There was a youthful excitement that spun through the young stallion as he moved with his herd through the dead of the night. The vigor wound and unwound him, casting his steps high and his sights higher, neck proudly arched on its mantle of muscle. This was not just about the fight though, although that certainly mattered to him, his tongue still folding on itself in memory of Saffron's red tar - this was about purpose. It didn't matter that this time Öde was just a war machine, a virgin sword ready to plunge into its first blood (so to speak), because eventually it would be him leading the charge, him taking the land, him gripping the throne.

He grinned, the malice of it glinting in the low-light of the waning darkness.

Unlike so many of those around him, Öde hadn't the emotional baggage of relationships to wear him down, like rust on a fine blade, nor personal investment in the outcome. He only marched because there was a march at all. With every thrum of his heart, so too did his hooves pass over the leaves and the dirt, singing out their promise of hurt. He was alive with the electrical pulse of their unit, pushed along by the blossoming shadows of his lord, the moon-less sky an omen of his good, albeit dark, fortune.

"Oblivion," he murmured with hushed breaths, volume unnecessary to the eternal abyss that was damnation and desecration. "This world is bathed in your color, but let me be awash in your favored; let me stand red when this dawn ends, crowned by victory in the blood of my foes." Red eyes were sealed beneath black lids as Öde whispered his prayers. "Demonking, Demonking, Demonking..." he chanted, eyes flashing open wide as a terrible sensation of hunger roves inside of him, gnawing its way forward with each haunted word Öde murmured.

He felt it now, the blood lust. It comforted him, like a pacifier, because it was family, and it was faith.

In response the Demonking walked boldly through the heavens, spilling the color of war through the horizon, just as they arrived at the rocky outcrops of their destination. Öde was so giddy his foreleg pawed restlessly at the stones, head tossed back and forth in an anxious attempt to peer at the traitor from his place in the back. There was a momentary pause, but then they were moving forward again, climbing, sneaking. Having grown well accustomed to the icy and mountainous terrain of their home, this grass-grown rubble was hardly arduous, though a leg did slip free once as footing gave way. Snorting arrogantly, Öde kicked in earnest at another rock before trekking on.

Then they waited, hushed and hung on the command that came to life in an instant which seemed to follow an eternity. The group broke, horns and cries raised to the horse flesh caught in their sights. Öde paused for a moment, bewildered by the sight of the absolute barbarism which these otherwise civilized lots unfurled at a meager signal. This was the power of war; a drum which beat inside everyone, pulling and pushing the blood which governed the bodies and the thrones.

Laughing, Öde pursued the heels of his comrades after his momentary delay, tossing out a buck in pure ecstasy and energy. He swerved past some already clashing monuments of horseflesh, opting to instead single out his own foe - he wasn't very good at sharing. Wicked gaze snapped towards DRÖM, and its taint seeped into a sneer against the boy's face. The most simple of horses around, so ordinary her coat even blended in with the dirt of her home. He would annihilate her.

Thrusting himself forward, faster, Öde galloped towards the small, plain Jane, his neck bowed with strength and three horns. Öde was poised to barrel straight into DRÖM, coming from behind on her right side, angled more perpendicular than parallel. His blades sought her hide, and with a strength he was certain her frame couldn't match, he intended to tear his head up, possibly eviscerating her from the point of her right stifle to her spine. He might slip on one of her intestines as it spilled out of her gut, but that was a risk he was willing to take.

W: 732/800

:: [Magic: DarkxLight (P) | able to live forever, though all pain is still felt and a killing blow will cause unconsciousness for several days as the body recovers]
:: [Restrictions | Wounds heal quickly if they are surface and slowly if they are deeper, and can be killed by complete decapitation only; upon recovering from an injury the scars are left and in moonlight the wounds are revealed as new; during a full and new moon they are felt as fresh.]
:: [Magic: DarkxLight | the magical abilities of characters fail to work within his vicinity.]
:: [Restrictions | Limited to a maximum radius of 30 ft; Ode cannot bond to a companion while in the possession of this magic]

--- ÖDE follows OPHELIA who is leading the Basin troops up from the SOUTH-WEST into a secret entrance. OXY is leading them.

--- THRANDUIL is with ARCHIBALD looking like MIDAS.
--- The Basin troops FLANK the falls from the back at SUNSET, the sun is setting in the WEST so it is at their LEFT and BACK.

--- ÖDE attacks DRÖM by coming behind, on her right. He aims to ram into her and use his three horns in an upward slice from her right stifle to her spine.

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Plans you’ve played a part in have been set in motion. You’ve spent months and seasons working on them. Plans that will not necessarily benefit you, but plans that will benefit her. ELSA. She will be queen. Honestly, you’re proud of yourself for having thought of it. You’ve wanted chaos now for some time, but some small sliver of honor in your soul has prevented you from needless retaliation against a man that you might slightly respect. But then you thought of this other idea and it was absolutely brilliant. If Hotaru wants to be queen, let her. Just let Elsa be queen beside her. As for you? You’re pretty content in your cushy position. You get all the perks and respect that comes with being a council member, without any of the work and responsibility that comes with being a leader. After all, you’ve successfully managed to do almost nothing as Legatus thus far. You think you’d like to keep up that impressive streak.

Munching on one of the few locoweed vines you have left, you look to the setting sun. You were told the attack would come on an evening in early orangemoon. Here it is, autumn, trees turning, air growing cooler, and so you wait. Inwardly, you itch to leave, to head to the ocean and to refill your drug stock. For once, you are able to control your urges… barely. You must be vigilant tonight, watching for the arrival of those you should call enemy but who are really your allies. You’re lucky you wait. As you look down from one of the higher vantage points in the Falls, you see a hoard of horses approaching in various battalions. Surely this must be your cue.

Wandering down towards the borders, sneaking through the forest as much as your lumbering body will allow, you arrive at one of the more secluded entrances to the Falls. Some stallion’s booming voice calls out, followed by the sounds of one or two others; it is time. You hope that the dusky air will have helped to hide your travels through the Falls, but you are not hopeful. If there is one thing your body is, it is obvious. This plan to sneak some others through a back way will only help for a minute, and in many ways you think it’s rather useless, but you didn’t do the planning. Sneaking into the open, you successfully catch the attention of OPEHLIA and her crew, leading them back through into this place that you have called home. Now it is only a target, nothing more than something to be destroyed.

You say nothing to them, caring little for what they feel or say themselves. Instead, you turn away, mind hazy with drugs and trying to process where you think ELSA might be. The possibilities are endless, but you are confident in your abilities to find her creamy white body. Perhaps you should not be. Heaving your body into a heavy canter, you lift your head high, screaming out with your gravely whinny, hoping she will hear you and come, knowing that you need her. You have to find her and tell her not to fight back, but instead to take the children and go somewhere safe. She has to let the invaders in, though it seems counter-intuitive, and let them do what they have come to do. She has to so that she can be made queen and get the recognition that she deserves.

As you search, always coming up empty hooved, you begin to grow more anxious and agitated. There are so many bodies rushing into the forest. What if they find her first? What if they attack her? What if she gets hurt, and you aren’t there to defend her like you should be? FUCK, you want to scream, but that would be energy wasted when you cannot afford it. Already, your chest heaves in and out from the effort of you moving about the forest. You have to find her before the rest of these idiots. Damnit. You should have told her about the invasion earlier, but you couldn’t. What if she had gone to MIDAS or GHOST? No, your drugged brain tells you. You did the right thing. She couldn’t know.

A flash of white seen in the corner of your eyes catches your attention and, in your agitated state, you do not hesitate. “DON’T ATTACK!” you command, bellowing as you suddenly lurch towards the creamy color that you saw to your left. Just to be on the safe side, you send out your blood magic, hoping to stop this would-be ELSA in her tracks. You just need a moment to explain. Imagine your disappointment, then, when you realize that you haven’t attacked ELSA at all.

:: Oxy shows OPHELIA and her crew in through a secret entrance in the south-west of the Falls

:: Oxy begins to search for ELSA, unsuccessfully, but thinks he sees her nearby. He lurches towards the UNSPECIFICED CHARACTER without intention to physically attack, but uses his blood magic:
:: [Magic: DarkxWater (U) | Able to burst red blood cells, causing reduced hemoglobin levels therefore signs of anemia and oxygen deprivation and also damage platelets]
:: [Restrictions | Symptoms include muscle cramping, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, disorientation and causes bruising and internal bleeding for 30 seconds]
Permission granted to use magic or physical force with Oxy at any time for any reason to any degree, with the exception of killing him.

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{the stormbringer}
every day I'm cast away, a vagabond
battle born

In the end of it all, no matter how many lives lost or families ruined, nor how guilty and riddled his conscience, Kaj would never regret his decisions. He would take upon himself the agony of knowing he's been the one to help orchestrate the invasion, had even been one of the few to come up with the idea itself. Standing in the half-dark with the dying sun warming his sinful hide from behind, he found himself grateful for there being one less witness to the sins he would soon commit. Kaj could not feel full regret for his decisions, his impending actions. His family would always come first, nothing would ever change that. It was a dog eat dog world, and Kaj would make sure his family lived even if it was at the cost of another's. His soul would merely have to bear the burden, just as Mirage's had. Kaj took in strength from the nearness of his family, drawing in their spirits and calming his own with the knowledge that they stood by him even in darkness and death. It seemed a few were reluctant to stand there, the falseness rotting even Kaj's teeth. Such behavior did not suit him, was a skin he could not comfortably fit into, but it heralded victory and survival. Thor's closed visage reminded him of his weird accusations, and Kaj's heart grew ever heavier with sorrow. It seemed his fears of always being seen as a title had been actualized. The fact that it came from one who had held the same position was still baffling, but Kaj mourned Thor's perception of him. If the Storm Bringer was a warped mirror for Thor's own psyche, then he would strive to help his kin, even if it demonized him. At least he could help one person, Kaj thought somberly, gazing out across the grounds that would soon be fed with blood. Only the knowledge that he was there to save his family kept him rooted on the spot.

Gentle voice broke him free, and Kaj glanced wearily down at his beloved sister. He knew how hard it was for her and Alysanne to be there, their natures were so vehemently oppositional to the crimes Kaj would soon order his people to commit. Her words brought him only a calm sort of hatred for himself, and he offered a dead smile that was likely achieving only the opposite of what he'd intended. "It would be better if I did not return, zus. I am destroying a family for the sake of mine," he whispered, eyes sliding to the horizon. Valiance's claws were nimble and familiar as they braided his locks, tucking them away. Kahlua's armor on his neck was heavy with the reminder that it was not just Resplendence he'd dragged into the mess. Taking a shuddering inhale the king tried to let his mind fall blank. A machine made for war. Not had done so unwillingly before, but it seemed he could not hide from his broken conscience for the duration of the invasion. Perhaps it was a fitting punishment.

All around him others went alive with the call, and as ARCHIBALD shook the earth with a cry as horrendous and imposing as his magic, the king thrust his wings. Beneath his hooves the ground had started to shake, but the Storm Bringer was already flying low across the earth, eyes darting between his fighters with fear in his heart for them. It was a weight he doubted he would be able to escape. He could find no words to shout to encourage them, instead hoping the few who believed in him would find his body in the skies skimming low over their own and take strength in him. Or perhaps whatever he seemed to symbolize.

A slim mare caught his eye, one of the cold dwellers no doubt. His heart ached to see her youth, the cold fury of her eyes as she sprang for a stallion nearby. Kaj altered his path, descending from his low altitude on the opposite side AVIYA was attacking. He did so as silently as he could manage, angling his body so he was almost perpendicular to the enemy, forehooves poised to crack down upon the brute's left shoulder should AVIYA drive ROSTISLAV towards Kaj with her own attack.

Inside, he wondered if Thor and Mirage would somehow still be able to demonize him for the agony he felt in that moment, aiming to strike his first blow.

Words: {752/800}

- Approaches the Falls to the Right of the main force, sun at their backs sinking low

- Kaj is wearing his GLASS NECK ARMOR from Kahlua


- Kaj jumps into the air as ARCHIBALD shakes the ground, flying low over everyone

- Sees AVIYA attacking ROSTISLAV and descends on the opposite side of where she's attacking to try and hit ROSTISLAV in the shoulder with his hooves

credit bronzehalo
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There was nothing glamorous or poetic about it, nothing beautiful or wonderful, despite historic songs and legends sang by bards or muttered by storytellers. They tried so hard to have ignorant individuals believe otherwise... But it was none of those things. It was gritty, ugly, and bloody, and more often than not resulted in the loss of one life, if not more. Sometimes wars were inevitable... Sometimes they had a point. A purpose. And sometimes they had no reason other than one army simply wished for violence.

Spurred by hatred, by uncertainty, sometimes fear by lack of understanding, war has, and always would be an ugly affair... And yet, here Romani stood with Kasai by her side, the sun setting and cascading the earth a brilliant shade of red, blending brilliantly with the soldier's golden-red hide. With each precious breath of slowly cooling air, the mare did her best to keep herself calm in the face of such turmoil, of such upcoming violence and chaos. Flanked on either of Romani's side was a brother or sister of the World's Edge, and no matter how often the Haflinger mare reminded herself that this was for the best, for the herd, she couldn't help but have doubts.

Was this right?

Was this good? Honorable?

... It sure as hell didn't feel like it.

Sharp azure eyes slid closed, a short breath escaping slender nostrils as Romani attempted to quell the sickening feeling in her breast. Ivory feathered feet stood stationary beside DESTRIER, RESPLENDENCE, and MURDOCK, with KAJ at their head. Up ahead, acting like a spy instead of a King and Queen, ARCHIBALD and KAHLUA with THRANDUIL were poised, awaiting the Hidden Falls herd to gather and congregate before them, preparing their deception and treachery...

It made her sick.

A sudden soothing touch to her neck brought the golden-red gypsy out of her doubtful musings, and brilliant blue eyes snapped open to regard DESTRIER with a fond look. A quirky smile upturned the mare's dark lips, grateful beyond words of his attention, humbled that he would offer her such a familiar, loving action before war. RESPLENDENCE offered Valiance's abilities to braid manes and tails from their way before the fight, and Romani immediately accepted, allowing the dragon's deft claws to braid the ivory locks of hair out of the way.

"Thank you, sister. Thank you, Valiance." Romani spoke softly, her words gentle and far more calm than the rising tremors of panic building within her breast, "Please, stay safe as well."

They had little time to delve into further conversation of moral support as ARCHIBALD soon gave the signal. It was time.

With a sharp breath Romani bolted forward with Kasai at her side, muscled legs propelling the dwarfish mare towards the assembled Falls members, her ample size and bulk hindering speed and agility. The earth was springy and solid beneath hard, rock-like hooves, and narrowed blue oculars eyed the assembled Falls members for a potential opponent. One ridiculously colorful mare caught her eye, and wasting no time, Romani veered from the others, feathered hooves striking the turf in a deadly staccato as she charged the multi-colored creature. It seemed she was not the only one to pick out the colorful lady, however, as THOR moved in to attack as well.

BELLONA was far larger than the dwarfish Haflinger, surely at least two hands taller than she, with a slimmer, more agile build. With that alone and those wings of hers, Romani knew that BELLONA would have quite a number of advantages, and each of them she would have to keep in mind. Height. Speed. Agility. The golden-red soldier would be slower, her steps bumbling and cumbersome, but hopefully, with her bulk and raw muscle, Romani would be capable of overpowering BELLONA with strength.

Azure oculars watched as THOR drew closer to BELLONA with a loud cry, the ever honorable stallion kind enough to give their opponent a warning before she fell under attack. Romani watched as THOR attempted his attack, and regardless if it hit or missed, the gypsy moved in to try an attack of her own. Slowing her pace before reaching the two taller, larger equines, Romani tucked her rear haunches and, should the multi-colored girl not have moved, attempted to slow enough to reach BELLONA'S right side, hooves sliding momentarily in the grass as she tried to stop hard. Bracing her weight upon her front two legs and her back right, the Haflinger mare tried to swing her ample rump towards the hybrid and moved to kick out with her back left leg, hoping to strike BELLONA in the midst of her barrel or her flank, or, at the very least, kick BELLONA'S back right hock joint.


Wordcount - 789 ->

- Follows KAJ, DESTRIER, MURDOCK, and RESPLENDENCE to the right, a ways behind ARCHIBALD, KAHLUA, and THRANDUIL disguised as MIDAS.

- Romani's mane is braided by Valiance.

- At ARCHIBALD'S signal, Romani charges and targets BELLONA who is also being attacked by THOR.

- Attempts to stop on BELLONA'S right side and kicks out with her back left leg, hoping to strike BELLONA'S right side.

- Kasai is hanging back until Romani tells her to attack.

- Item: Moon Amulet.

Just need a bit of luck, get 'em up
Point the gun at the eyes
Or at the knees, had to shoot, had to fight
Gonna take out the gunman

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