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[INVS] Oxy vs. OPEN

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@[Oxy] vs. OPEN
The INVADER must post before 4/10/15 @ 10:00 AM CST or the fight will result in no points for the invading team.

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So that part where you were trying to find Snowflake and figure your life out, and also convince her not to fight? Yeah… you’re not exactly sure what happened there, because the horse you found most certainly is not Snowflake. It’s Rainbow Vomit, and you’re none too pleased to see her. The last time two times you’ve run into her were on less than pleasant circumstances. She still exists? Huffing and snorting, you seriously consider chasing after her, but decide it isn’t worth it, as she begins to attack someone else. Despite your strong desire, in the heat of this testosterone driven battle, to assault her, you’ve got more important things to figure out.

You still haven’t found Snowflake, which means she still doesn’t know what’s going on. Mentally kicking yourself again for not telling her sooner, you thrust your massive body away from Bellona and once again begin your search for Snowflake. Lifting your head up high, taking note of the fact that you’re much taller than most of the participants, you try to gaze over their heads. Your head swings left and right, intoxication causing your vision to be somewhat blurry, and for a moment your search is all in vain.

Then, you see her. Whinnying out, voice straining to be heard over the din of the battlefield, you grow enraged to see that there are not one, but three bodies surrounding her. Screaming, your body surges forward almost involuntarily, horns lowered threateningly as you promise to rake them against any who get in your way. Throwing your head up and down for good measure, you continue towards her, trying your best to break through the wall of bodies that are blocking your way. Despite all of the chaos around you, you see only her. In this moment, Snowflake is all that matters. You will get to her.

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Permission granted to use magic or physical force with Oxy at any time for any reason to any degree, with the exception of killing him.

Please do not tag Oxy unless it is in an opening post

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Default to Invaders, +0.5 invasion points. No VP awarded.

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