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The INVADER must post before 4/10/15 @ 10:00 AM CST or the fight will result in no points for the invading team.
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And when my sins are just a memory...

Ophelia felt her body collide with Elsa's, but after that, the chaos of the invasion became a heated blur. The pale princess watched as pairs naturally came to a head, and though she desired nothing else, she wanted to smash her ivory fangs into a defender and rend them useless from this fight. Her heart hammered in her chest still, body pacing impotently at the fringes of aggressive fighters, ears flattened against her skull. But, she would allow her warriors and the Edge’s warriors to do their work. Until then, she would bide her time here, wondering if any miraculous helper would arrive at the eleventh hour to rend useless aide to a failing herd.

The bloody crimson raindrops continued to slide down her coat, collecting seductively in slender, lithe corners of her feminine form. Fierce and strange dual colored eyes flashed, the darkening sky overhead giving her an ethereal glow. The light upon her brow, she hoped, would provide others with the necessary sight for their footing, and she snorted through flared nostrils , flashing a glimmering tail full of sparkling stone shards. Ophelia was a star, an agent of the Sun God arrived to knit herds and start wars, but a darkness lived in her heart – the same family demon who plagued Paladin and her warlord grandsires for generations.

It ran in her veins thickly, thirsting for blood, and though her compassion usually held its greasy talons at bay, today, she let it free. Torleik, she saw, was also free from the bonds of war, and she eagerly moved to his side, using him as support as she focused on the rhythmic inhale and exhale of her bated breath. The Hidden Falls’ defenders were few and disorganized, and though victory was nearly assured, they must remain vigilant. Absently, Ophelia shoved her mousy, gray muzzle against his muscular neck, hoping that the scent of home which clung to his ebony hide would calm the thrum of her excited heart.

If anything, the scent made her more desirous for blood. She groaned. “Standing, idle, is a worse torture than losing,” she whispered quietly, remembering too the sad numbers of the former Foothills when she and her sister had invaded. This land was cursed.

Honestly cursed.

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