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[JUDGED] [INVS] Arah vs. Africa

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@[Arah] vs. @[Africa]
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:: Arah ::

Time was nonexistent. One moment she was bathed in the colours of dusk, then next midnight had taken over her senses. Within the shrouded darkness her target was a beacon of light - the beginning of a fire that would destroy The Falls. The mare was easy to keep track of, darkness did not aid her as it would Arah.

Yet Arah's magic would not assist her now. Vivid laughter brazenly burst forth from the mare as Arah's magic scrambled to find a foothold in the mare's mind and failed. Golden orbs glanced down at the sound of an (assumed) amulet shattering, concealed within a bag. A flurry of words reach the doe but she does not respond to the taunts, not wanting to waste any energy on speaking. Yet. Eyes captured the movments of the mare as she began to spin on the spot, the closer the doe came to her target the more relevant her situation became. A whispered hiss filled with a bitter poison causes Arah to stare up at Africa, grasping to recognise the mare in return...ah. The shock causes the doe to stumble, eyes wide and staring at the mare she had met long ago. They had killed her friend and captured her for trespassing, then Crash had then removed the mare's wing form her body.

It didn't appear as if the wing had grown back. Shame.

The rain began to spill out from the heavens as Africa completes her circle, the fae princess still struggling to emerge from the waters of shock does not have time to react as the mare takes off. Lunging heavily towards her body, Africa's teeth hit and then sink into Arah's stomach's flesh, an intense pain spreads over her stomach. A scream of agony and anguish escapes her, as the doe struggles to remain mentally within the battle and not focus on the pain. Blood trickles through her ivory fur, the crimson colour staining the hair as the rain mingled with the blood and spread it upon the ground. Gnashing her teeth in an effort to prevent another scream, Arah throws herself into a counter attack. Anger burns through her blood, fear now was locked away in the furthers part of her mind. It would not be allowed out until after the fighting was over.

Lightning forked it's way across the sky and down towards the earth. Thunder vibrated through to her very core. Yet a sweet satisfaction filled her as her hooves grazed down the delicate meat of Africa’s lower thigh. A mark had been found and hit.

The moment of impact sent the grey’s mare stumbling, fighting a battle to regain her balance. As a result Arah also stumbled, having shifted her weight into the attack and used Africa as a crouch; as the grey mare fell Arah had no solid surface to bounce back from. Scrabbling along the earth, the doe regained her footing with a struggle; Arah's stomach screamed in pain as movements pulled at her bite wound. Moving away Arah called out now, cheerfully as if discussing something completely different. "We killed your friend and imprisoned you for trespassing." Rain pelted around them and Arah's bite wound continue to bleed and stain the earth. "Imagine what we'll do as we invade." If this mare wanted Arah to play the bad guy, fine. It would make stealing her home and punishing her for fighting back much easier. The scream of Wynter coming to her aid caused the mare to become distracted and it was all the time Arah needed. Circling Africa the doe rushed to move behind her target.

Above another battle had begun, a battle for the sky. mythical creature versus mythical creature. The other bird swooped, aiming to defend his mistress by reaching for Wynter. The snowy griffin made a sudden turn in an attempt to advoid the attack but was not entirely successful. Feathers and flesh where torn from her body but her plan to distract Africa was not spoilt. Dark magic surrounds the griffin's claws, death is coming for the other winged creature. Soaring up Wynter aims her deadly talons at Silas' heart.

Coming up behind her target the doe coils her muscles and pauses for only a moment. The back legs were an open target and with the mare distracted by Wynter above this attack could be fatal for one winged mare. Antlers pointing at Africa’s legs, the fae princess releases her muscles and lunges forwards, this time aiming to impale the fragile mare upon her antlers. Flying through the air and over the now water soaked terrain, stomach aching and protesting with each second, Arah tucks her head to gain better aim with her antlers.

What a strange crown Africa would make.

[[ 1/3 | 793/800 ]]

Wynter uses Draining Clutch on Silas :
Draining Clutch: pools of darkness surround the talons and beak, allowing a strong grip on an opponent to drain their strength and energy, and even their magic. The longer the grip, the more is taken and for longer amounts.

Arah uses Africa's distracted state to circle behind her and then lunges towards her unprotected back legs, aiming to impale them upon her antlers.
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Flames writhed and curled madly like ravenous wildfire through the long, oil-slick grey mane cascading down the medic’s elegant, erect neck and the motionless black tail between clenched hocks – though harmless they were, entirely. The twisted, darkened time offered quite a significant disadvantage to the dapple grey’s situation in this awful invasion, but Africa figured it could only help her Hidden Falls brethren and drew what little courage she could from that confidence alone.

The inexperienced mare was terrified in truth, desperate to see her collared lover descend like an archangel to pull his clan - their family - from the pitiless jaws of the north. Not yet had the connection been made between the black Edge stallion’s arrival at the entrance to her home moments before, and this clash she now faced with Arah. The Starry-Eyed saw nothing but a personal vendetta, a cruel face born from the ugliest of days that drew nothing less than hatred from a mild, passive soul. The shining scar across the socket from which her wing should still have extended, seemed to throb like new as images of that Frostfall came to life all over again in a mind not long ago numbed. Every inch of the puddly grey canvas pulled tight around her bones, seemed to tingle with fury reborn - haunting pain.

As she fought to compose her balance, eyes slipped to the side of the silver-laden mare - her eyes, glistening in the firelight. With no trace of the malice expected, cheer lathering her tone, Arah retraced aloud the memory of Sinuhe’s traumatic passing and the Starry-Eyed felt heat pour through her face. The cold rain did little to soothe the growing anger as her sloping cheeks flushed red - always, she wore her emotions on her sleeve. Teeth ground together heavily and her long, elegant neck stiffened. ’Imagine what we’ll do as we invade you…’ the other seemed to grin. “No…” came the medic’s whispered realisation, though the intention of the north was at that point, entirely obvious. Her eyes roamed vaguely, blinded by the building sorrow in her heart.

The swift, sparkling descend of her fearless companion seemed to end almost as suddenly - appeared to collide with an invisible mass. Africa’s radiating light had not revealed the approach of the shrieking Griffin in the night. Silas’s open talons filled with the other creature’s feathers, fur, and he sank his powerful grip into whatever purchase had been found. Though his attempt to drive Arah’s companion off course had been successful, he had not anticipated the surge of magic to follow; the relentlessness of the Griffin’s attack. Violet eyes swooped to find the mares beneath - the white circling, and his beloved dithering, dragging a limb. His piercing cry rose through a drying sky, but it was further distraction neither he or his bonded could truly afford.

All in the same moment, the claws of the Griffin sank into the Roc’s feathered breast. Much like the magic used to kill long ago by Deimos, evil pooled around the joined bodies - seeped beneath skin of the mythical bird - and began quickly to sap him of energy. Silas’ powerful wingspan began to wilt, and his body grew heavy. Without the other’s grip upon him he would sink like a boulder to the churned up battle-field below.

As her companion’s strength failed above, Africa felt a wave of fatigue swell through her mind. Her bright, sandy-hued eyes fluttered exhaustedly and she failed in that moment, to notice the launch of the white Basin mare’s next assault. Perhaps even if she had realised the other’s intent, she might not have had the energy to react anyway. The blur of movement behind caught her eye as her skull swung backwards and forwards confusedly, low then to the ground. Her regal crest bent left as her long, flaming tail flicked right, and there like a devil in the night was the other mare approaching - antlers set low - intent, it seemed, on impaling her hindquarters.

Desperation reached a climax and she hurled her head back in the opposite direction, wing extended, driving her forequarters around to her right. Arah’s head-rack did not slow and every prong impaled between the stiff feathers of her open wing - the lowest on one side and perhaps the strongest of all, lancing the skin of the limb’s upper arm and tearing away both flesh and the lightweight, brittle bone.

Africa screamed agony into the night, and tears spewed from clenched eyes as she sent again her snapping jaws to find any trace of her enemy’s skin between armour. The broken wing tucked in part to her side, but it would be forevermore useless… another bloody trophy for the north.

800/800 (Apple’s Pages)

Wynter sapped Silas’ energy.
Arah’s antlers impaled Africa’s wing.
Africa responded weakly by trying again to bite.

None used…

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:: Arah ::

Wynter's claws sank into the Roc’s feathered breast, the feeling of a savage untamed pleasure leaked through the bond. The darkness that had clung to Wynter's talons now leaked into the Roc's chest, his energy began to drain away. The more she took the weaker he became until eventually she released his weak body, her powerful wings kept the injured griffin in the sky. The crimson blood of her companion began to colour the ground fuelling the rage within Arah that had been burning away at her soul.

At the fall of her companion the mare became suddenly weak and unaware of Arah's movements...perfect. When she finally did notice Arah's attack it was almost too late. Head tucked the doe charged, unforgiving in her assault, agile limbs carried her closer towards the target. For the mare it may just be too late for her. The muddy ground flicked up around Arah's pale hooves, each hoof slammed into the slippery ground as the fae princess aimed to get as much grip upon the unfamiliar territory as possible. Suddenly the mare reacted, her head hurled back in the opposite direction and her wing extended, still Arah did not slow down her charge. Africa drove her forequarters around to the a result every prong impaled themselves between the stiff feathers of her open wing.
Golden orbs grew wide as she became decorated in the colours of war, the sound she would never forget. Flesh tearing, feathers ripping, bones...bones being ripped away from under the flesh. The doe's legs faltered, shaking as she stopped her charge. The other mare screamed in agony and Arah felt her own tears begin to tip over the edge of her eyes. Utter shock and disgust rocked her body.

What had she just done?

A feather became entangled in her mane, golden orbs focused on it, not even bothering to move as Africa's teeth came snapping towards her side. Almost too easily Arah's flesh tore away again, her own cries now filled the night's air. Away came the skin, bruises already forming around the tender skin that had just been attacked. Blood dribbled over her ivory coat, marking her as guilty. Breathing heavily, she spared a moment to look upon her wounds, studying the blood and the torn skin.
Eyes darted upwards but Wynter had disappeared, the snowy creature had disappeared out of sight and out of mind for the time being. Through the bond Arah knew that she had not been abandoned, in fact the creature was just waiting for the perfect time to return to the fight.

Tears of grief, regret, agony, pain and forgiveness spilled from her eyes.

With feathers decorating her body, the silver doe moved as far away from Africa as she could manage, staring at the mare with utter horror. With each step her stomach wounds were pulled and pain ricocheted through her body. The wing had become mangled from her attack, golden orbs roamed over the damage, doubt darkened her mind. Who was she becoming? Half of her mind demanded that she finish this battle, her stomach wounds hindered her movements and the pain was threatening to take over her mind.

For The Basin. For her family. For everything that she believed in and for the future she could have within this family. That day in The Threshold she had chosen them. The doe had chosen this and there was no turning back now. Tonight she would finish this fight because it was her duty.

Magic sparked to life inside her, this time she summoned her memory altering magic. This would be tricky. Approaching Africa head on she tried to present a surrendering front, doing her best to capture the other mare's gaze. "That day when your friend died...I was helping." Slowly she began to plant a new tale in the mare's memory. "I tried to save you. Remember? I was there for you." Her hymn is calm, confident and soothing. Warmth rains through her smile, eyes bright with the magic that she was attempting to weave into her opponent's memories. "I came to The Falls to save you and to bring you to Midas. I know where he is and I've spoken to him." Truth woven into the lies made it an easier story to spin. Before they had left for war Arah paid a visit to the dragon king's prison. He was not in good spirits and honestly the doe truly was worried for Midas. Once this was over she would find a way to make it right. How? That was a problem for later.

Still approaching Africa, Arah did her best to not only capture but maintain the other mare's gaze.
It was the only way to make this right.

[[ 2/3 | 796/800 ]]

✽ Hypnosis of past or future events ✽
Magic Elements : Time x Light.
Arah can modify, fabricate, suppress, influence, repair, erase and detect memories of her opponent. She can change memories to confuse, wipe away certain memories to cause amnesia, discern and provoke nostalgia; she does this by locking eyes with her target and through the eye contact she hypnotically alters the events/memories in the targets mind.

[Restrictions | Must have permission to be used in normal threads; eye contact difficult to maintain in battle, so the effects can be shaken off within 30 seconds]
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Something peculiar happened as Africa’s trembling jaw slipped from the sleek ash pelt of her enemy’s lean belly. She jolted to a halt, shaking, stricken by the agony of the crippling blow dealt to her - by sheer confusion and the unfolding horror of the night around them. Gruesome groans, the harrowing voice of this conflict, rose through the typically tranquil ambience of Hidden Falls, her home. The humble blood of her family had been spilt, staining their beloved sanctuary, but for what? The unicorns of the north were heartless, bloodthirsty and racist - this invasion served to confirm that truth. Especially in the mind of the broken grey Pegasus.
Blood-shot eyes swerved left, right… left, rolling blindly as her pounding skull swung heavily like good weight upon a string. There was no retaliation this time, no flash of cunning white beside her - wicked, cruel. Africa barely knew what to do anymore. The lower-arm of the wing clenched against her side, throbbed and ached as its splintered, bleeding end dangled and wobbled in limbo - it was excruciating, and the medic’s head soon began to spin. Thick crimson pooled across the soil she had sworn to protect, been blessed to heal, and she swayed woozily above it, searching vaguely, numbly for the Basin creature around her.  
“Silas..” she stammered, reaching desperately through their bond for his whereabouts, but the Roc could not answer - could not save her.
Still the other mare did not return, and Africa stumbled through the darkness like a lost lamb, helpless, searching for something… “Midas!” she cried achingly, hurling bitter melancholy into the moaning night. Where was he?
Trapped… she remembered grimly, angrily, grinding together her teeth down upon her tongue. The metallic taste of blood flooded her mouth, snared her attention, and for a moment her glazed eyes cleared enough to see the retreated mare clothed in feather and thick-shadow, some distance away. What was happening? A sharp snort ripped past sooty nostrils and bloody-spittle sprayed crudely to the front. Africa’s knee flung forward belligerently, worn hoof striking harshly the muddy earth, and her long, (now) haggard face reeled through the air beneath wild, whirling flame. She wanted to scream at Arah, but only scarlet saliva foamed across her wounded tongue. Hot, burning tears spewed from her gentle doe-eyes and soon their awareness began to cloud once again.
Arah’s blurring figure crept forward then with such seemingly slow precision and care that the Starry-Eyed’s nerves began to spark vicious waves of anticipation beneath her taught, dappled coat. Filthy stockinged-forelegs thrust a few strides in reverse, but the limp half of her wing swung hideously against the right, and pain again shocked through her mind, core - soul. Though long smoky ears wavered nervously through the fire across her poll, Africa offered no hint of trust to the enemy; the other continued, gazing… confusing. Fuzzy eyes danced wearily, reluctantly, from one side of the paler mare’s face to the other - towards the bloodstained rack upon her head, and beyond, to the distant winking stars outside heaven.
So enchanting, so brilliant and beautiful were those glimmering golden eyes though - the soft melody spilling through her thoughts - that the tiring, injured medic could not avoid their hold. She sank quickly into their mellow midst, and almost felt warmth embrace her, sooth the ache in her fractured heart. “Midas…” she whispered beneath her breath, slipping trembling lips forward as though to meet his soft, familiar whiskers. “We need you, please… please help us!” her plea was low, barely a hum upon Orangemoon’s mild breath.

But she withdrew quickly, suddenly, as the piercing black pupils of another gazed earnestly back - “Imposter!” Africa choked fretfully, striking out in defence with both her chipped left hoof and once more, snapping, pearly incisors.

The magic flowing through Arah’s endearing gaze had already secured its grip however; her mind had been whispering carefully, reminding, and Africa could almost visualise that horrid scene on the Basin’s doorstep. “Yes…” she sighed, struggling to make sense of the chaos in her head - she was sure though, the white dove before her had tried to stop Deimos, all those many moons ago. “To Midas?” she asked hazily, shrinking away from the other as view of bloodied silver drew her eye. “…but I thought…” The whole time, the crippled mare had been so certain the Basin were attacking.
Another voice rose above the delicate hymn however, it was weak, stressed - ‘Lies beloved, this is a trap!’

788/800 (Apple’s pages)
Africa strikes out with hoof and teeth as Arah approaches, but ultimately she is fooled by the magic.

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:: Arah ::

Although she had her magic supporting her, the nerves were boundless. They rolled through her stomach promising her a queazy feeling for the rest of this battle. The wounds that had been inflicted upon her pulled with each step she took, one particularly bad pull causes a hiss a pain to escape through her teeth. Exhaustion flooded her body, threatening to begin overriding wit and sense. The doe fought against her body, demanding more - commanding a better performance. Africa backed away, her crippled and ruined wing swung to the right and there the mare's movement froze. Africa's eyes darted around, making her seem crazed; perhaps the mare had lost this battle already. The moment you lost focus or gave up on the personal fight with emotional and psychical exhaustion was the minute you lost the battle. No...the minute you lost the war. Arah was more focused, calm and certainly in less pain. Pity flooded her gut but the doe only saw one way forward from this point on.

It was't going to be easy.

Finally her magic began to take effect, the enchantment began to weave it's way into Africa's mind. It broke the lock on the door and accessed her memories, easily it found the one Arah wished to change. At first it was gentle prodding, then slowly - oh so slowly, she began to rewrite the events within the mare's mind. Through her hypnotic voice Arah kept the mare trapped within her gaze. The moment she had been gifted with this ability Arah knew she could change other's lives for the better and for the worse. Perhaps through editing this memory Africa may in time forgive The Basin for what unfolded on that fateful night.

Not that it really mattered to The Basin. Forgiveness was of little importance in the grand scheme of things.

Wynter watched from above as the rain still continued to pound around them, ready to dispatch the one who had dared to attack her mistress, her body was barely visible against the night's sky. The griffin is thirsty for blood, desperate to finish this battle before any more harm came to the silver doe.
Back on the ground Arah feels Wynter's concern through the bond, still feeling a drizzle of her life's blood escape through the bite wounds on her stomach. Fatigue had already crept into her limbs, her legs shock from time to time, desperate for a break.

Africa whispered Midas' name, causing Arah to frown slightly. The offer had been to take Africa to her leader... to save him so he could rescue The Falls. Was there something more going on beneath the surface? Had she just stumbled upon something the was perhaps unknown to the rest? However once the plea left the mare's tired chops Arah dropped that train of thought, she needed to remain focused! "Yes! I'm here to..."

Perhaps the fates where smiling upon her; even though her magic slipped and lost it's grip, Arah was aware of this almost straight away. In such close proximity to her opponent panic flared in her gut, Arah back peddled as fast as she possibly could, leaning away as far as gravity would allow before she tipped over. "Don't!" She screamed at the mare, wanting to keep control of the situation but she should have realised it was too late. Africa struck out in defence with both her chipped left hoof and teeth. Arah however had managed to put some space between them, Africa's hoof barely grazed down the front of Arah's right leg while her teeth snapped at the air in front of her throat. Panting, Arah continued to take more steps away continuing to watch Africa, but she will not wait for another attack. There was much to do and Arah absolutely refused to fall in battle.

In her own desperation Arah flies back into action determined to defend herself against Africa. In the moment Arah doesn't hear her spell take back over Africa's memories, it's all fallen apart. Rushing towards the mare Arah tucks her head once again, heart pounding and tears flooding her eyes she charges Africa coming at the mare from the side. This time she aim's for the grey mare's chest, hoping to only graze the flesh and not cause any serious damage. She had covered the short distance in a matter of seconds, reaching Africa quickly and effectively.

Wynter hovered for only a moment more before coming to her mistress' aid. The snowy figure dived through the night's air, the frigid night's temperature biting at her pale feathers. Wynter plummeted through the air, aiming for Africa's eyes one last time. Beak first she flew, eyes trained upon her target. The royal griffin dropped from the sky with amazing speed and precision, deadly in her assault.

[[ 3/3 | 800/800 ]]

- Springs back into action attacking Africa from the side aiming to graze Africa's chest with her antlers.
- Wynter dives from above aiming to peak Africa's eyes.

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Every inch of Africa’s bloody, puddled-grey pelt seemed to crawl above the trembling sinew beneath. It was fear that seized her focus, pain that stunned her will, and confusion rose like thickening white fog through the writhing thoughts in her mind - the surreal, strange reality unfolding around her. The enemy’s magic began to fade, its hold to deteriorate, and the dappled mare began to realise her mistake. The white fiend from the north was as evil and untrustworthy as the macabre animals she called family; as honest as the fabled nymph of the ocean - alluring, manipulative and savage.

Silas grew weary both in body and patience - though his thoughts only ripened with resolution. In a bold exercise, the Roc thrust upwards his skull with the intention of sinking his sharp raptor beak beneath the Griffin’s skin - at least, he would startle the creature’s grip and be released. Like a rock he fell indeed, but free again and without the terrible curse of those claws upon him, his strength began to return quickly. Violet eyes switched promptly to the faltering frame of his beloved. ’Recover your mind’ he hummed through their bond, ready to end this ridiculous struggle once and for all - she was no warrior (not fit for such horrid violence), and this deceitful Basiner’s spineless endeavour had long worn thin, from his perspective. She feeds lies…’ the Roc continued, night-savvy gaze sweeping from the enemy to the cat-bird in her company. His wings spread apart, glittery starlight spewing from their breadth, and he landed upon saturated, choppy loam as carefully as he could manage. He needed only a moment more to recover, and then he would turn the tide and free his beloved from this nymph’s vicious storm.

Pale, golden eyes cleared suddenly as the magic reeling through her mind became no more - the voice of her companion’s reason echoed above the hollow message of before. The white mare was coming again, and Africa fought the onslaught of bitter emotion, hurt and the agnoy of her injury to realise the other creature’s intention. There was little the dappled mare could do to avoid Arah’s next attack - she came from the side, using to her advantage apparently, the time it took for her opponent’s mind to clear - and the one-winged could really only position herself in a way that would not see her maimed further, impaled or perhaps killed. She swung around to the right, limp wing wheeling with the motion most horrendously. The flash of white antler swerving low seemed to glint in the fire-light, and Africa’s skull was hurled rapidly up as her forequarters lifted out of reach into a half rear.

Gathered haunches released their tension in the same moment propelling her awkwardly upwards (she was an agile mare), above the shorter white’s weaponry, though not all of the prongs could be cleared. One gored her exposed undercarriage, easily penetrating the twisting layer of sinew beneath the skin. The cecum concealed inside was pierced - though only a little - and again the broken mare screamed out to the tortured night sky. Front hooves fell heavily against the wet earth, near buckling as the wounded, aching, bulk plunging behind robbed her of strength. She managed though, as pain began to swamp her resolve and flapping wings breezed by her face, to tuck her chin and launch a backward assault before her hindquarters returned to the ground. In a last ditch effort and with any vigour she had left, Africa kicked out at the mare to her rear, and then she stiffened throughout and begged the magic within to consume her.

In the same moment, Silas (still standing nearby) began to flap his wings more strategically in favour of his beloved so that their enemy would have, potentially, very little time to react - both to the double barrel kick dealt, and the transformation of his bonded mare. Time seemed to pause, perhaps, though for Africa and Silas it did not. Feathers sprouted right the way across her shrinking, contorting frame and once the painful transformation was complete, she collapsed, exhausted - but not beaten. Silas gathered himself and ascended into the air quickly, releasing time as he did so. He dove intently to secure his beloved in the safe embrace of his talons and his angry screech rose through the stilling vicinity - the defenders were falling. Though he could not draw particularly high with the small recovered energy available to him, the protective Roc was able to carry her from the grisly desires of the northern beast, and away home to her tucked away den in the south.

785/800 (Apple’s pages)
attack 3/3
Africa takes a blow from Arah’s antlers to the gut, though avoids the Griffin by ducking as she executes a backward kick in response.
Silas slows time.
Africa uses her shape-shifting magic.
At the end of the fight, Silas carries Africa away.
Africa does not forfeit.

:: [Magic: Earth | Able to transform into an African Grey Parrot.]
:: [Restrictions| Transformation is painful, can only transform once in battle.]
Roc: a night-dark bird speckled with stars that is able to change the time of day and sloor speed time with its wing beats.

Note: Could I please request a rubric, even just for Africa so that I can see how I went?

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Wynter :: Royal Griffin :: Draining Clutch Frostie

:: Arah ::

Exhaustion, agony, emotions. A state she should not be in while fighting someone who probably very much wanted to end her existence. Yet this fight was something that she had signed up to with the intention of finishing, she would not stop now. The last invasion she had failed her family, guilt was something to felt once you had finished obliterating your opponent, she would not make the same mistake twice.
Above a battle still raged against their two feather companions, the Roc thrust his skull upwards, his beak sinking into Wynter's tender flesh. The snowy griffin screamed, in a desperate attempt to get away from the Roc she released him and spiralled upwards towards the sky. "Wynter!" The silver doe yelled for her companion, for her beloved. They had been bonded for so long now, the fae princess did not know what she would do without the griffin. A single call came from her bonded, letting her know that she was alright. Arah however was not. Her injuries had steadily become more unbearable as the battle had waged, her bite wounds had now soaked the surrounding fur red. Pain continued to ripple along her stomach.

They all hurt too much, it this battle was so close to reaching it's end. It was time to let the gods decide their fate.

Charging towards her target the doe lost a personal war against the tears that had flooded her eyes, they began to blur her vision, causing a few sobs to escape through her chops. Suddenly Africa swung around to the right, the movement catching Arah off guard. She had't expected the mare to shake the final grips of her magic so quickly. While Arah's head remained tucked she hardly noticed Africa’s skull being hurled rapidly, however she did notice the mare's forequarters lift. Suddenly the doe doubted her choice, but it only lasted for a mere second, she had no time left to change her attack. In the same moment Africa was propelled upwards, above her antlers...above her attack. The worst of her attack had been avoided, however one of her antler's prongs ripped a new path along Africa's flesh. The exposed undercarriage had taken more damage than what Arah had expected, the skin soft and tender.

At the mare's scream Arah knew that she had done her final duty to The Basin. Not only had she battered this mare, destroyed her wing and beaten her until she was battered and bloody, she'd caused emotional pain. Behind her the doe heard the sounds of hooves falling heavily against the wet earth. Unable to move because of the sheer exhaustion Arah remained where she was, a few feet away from her opponent. She had counted Africa out of the fight too soon. The mare launched a backwards assault, her hooves pounding Arah's rump causing the doe to stumble forwards and nearly fall into the earth. A moan of agony was exhaled through her mouth while a few sharp intakes of breaths revealed just how much pain Arah was in. The fight was over.

She hated it here.
She hated The Falls.
She hated this battle.

That's when it happened.
One minute the doe was recovering from Africa's final assault and the next she watched the Roc carrying away another that could only be her opponent. Arah now let the tears fall freely down her cheeks as she turned back to the battle that still continued around them. "Forgive me." The defenders fell one by one and by the time the morning sun rose Arah was quite sure a new King and Queen would lead this land and it's inhabitants.

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Notes: Thank you for a most awesome fight Riv!
If it's not too much trouble, could I also please request a rubric?

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✽ Force and magic permitted. ✽
✽ No fatal or permanent damage. ✽
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By my verdict: AFRICA is the winner!

Realism [+0.5]
Overall your attacks and defenses are realistic in terms of physical ability and time. What happens however, is that you take inappropriate damage for the dice roll and/or you take the damage in ways that are not feasible. For instance in your first post, you took a damage roll of 6 which is a very high, and you put all that damage into being bit on the stomach, which you continually describe as painful and bleeding all during the fight (positive points for mentioning sustained injuries each post!). Yet horse’s teeth are very blunt, and a horse’s stomach very round and tight, so it’s hard for blunt teeth to get a good and strong hold on that. Thus, I find it unrealistic that Arah was that damaged by a stomach bite. Don’t forget you do not need to take all your roll damage from your opponent’s attack! If your opponent’s attack doesn’t give you all the tools you need to take proper damage, or isn’t the method you want, you have other options such as the environment or your own actions firing back against you to take injury from.

Then in your third post you roll 0 damage, but you have Africa scrape Arah’s front legs with her attack. Follow the damage guidelines the dice provide, sometimes it is okay to take no damage from someone!

Finally, your fourth post also has some damage concerns, in that you rolled a 5, and only briefly describe being hit on the rear with little explanation or detail to the injury. Closing defense is read only for the purpose of injury/defense, so focus on that is crucial, and I didn’t see that.

With realism description is key. Something I may not think is realistic, I can be made to believe is so if you provide enough detail and explanation through your writing. A reverse example of this is power playing. Sometimes just a word or two of difference changes a power player into something acceptable. Just remember to always attempt things on other characters, and only know them with yours - this includes your position when you are comparing it to your opponent’s position.

First post:
“Coming up behind her target…”
But you cannot say for sure you are behind her, so that is small power play.

Third post:
“...she charges Africa coming at the mare from the side...” (mild PP)
“She had covered the short distance in a matter of seconds, reaching Africa quickly and effectively. “ (mild PP)

Other than that, as mentioned you did excellent continually mentioning your sustained injuries. You also made realistic attacks, and used your companion and magic very well (thank you for including the magic description and restriction at the bottom of your posts when used!). You didn't touch on breed/stat differences at all, but you did mention the weather/terrain a few times, albeit just in passing description rather than utilization of it to help and/or hinder you in some way. All in all, you have the realism, just stick to the damage the dice lay out for you and adjust your wording to avoid power play penalties.

Emotion [+2]
You had fluctuating emotion throughout the fight, with it feeling the strongest in your second post. It was always present however, and Arah’s feelings and motives were always well understood.

“Golden orbs grew wide as she became decorated in the colours of war, the sound she would never forget. Flesh tearing, feathers ripping, bones...bones being ripped away from under the flesh. The doe's legs faltered, shaking as she stopped her charge. The other mare screamed in agony and Arah felt her own tears begin to tip over the edge of her eyes. Utter shock and disgust rocked her body.

What had she just done?

A feather became entangled in her mane, golden orbs focused on it….”

Prose [+2.5]
Great flow and description all throughout the fight.

Readability [+1.5]
Although your posts were understandable, I struggled quite a bit with grammar and typos throughout each post which were distracting. Mostly you had errors within your sentences, including frequent changes in tense, and improper comma usage. I would also recommend using more names since all the “shes” and “mares” got difficult to differentiate, particularly when they’re the same gender. Finally, I would have liked to see more directional language used to help me understand her positioning, such as saying left, right, parallel, perpendicular etc. when comparing to Africa.

Post 1:
“Yet.” (fragment)
“...on the spot, the closer….” (should be a new sentence rather than a comma)
“...Africa completes her circle…” (completed)
“...waters of shock does not…” (comma needed)
“...Arah's stomach's flesh, an..” (new sentence or maybe a semicolon instead of a comma, stomach didn’t need an s/apostrophe s.)
“ the furthers part…” (furthest)
“...the grey’s mare stumbling…” (no apostrophe s needed)
“...griffin's claws, death is …” (semicolon better than a comma, also switched tenses from past to present)

Post 2: +2 lots of sentences that should be separated rather than using a comma.
“...his weak body, her powerful…” (should be different sentences, not a comma)

Post 3: +1.5 multiple tense changes all throughout post, some listed, no directional language
“... a hiss a pain…” (of)
“... to begin overriding wit and sense” (switched tenses)
“The griffin is thirsty for blood…” (switched tenses)
“...legs shock from time…” (shocked? Not sure what you were trying to say.)

Finally tally: 34+(6.5*2)= 47 HP


Realism [+1.5]
You keep a good eye on proper damage and injury, but at times you struggle with realistic defenses and loosely described attacks. For instance, taking a broken wing for your critical hit was awesome in your first post, however I didn’t understand how it was that Africa moved, placing Arah’s attack for her rump, at her wing instead. You go on to just blindly bite for an attack, which is fine, but you do similar when you just generally lash out in your second post, and somewhat again in your third post when you kick out. If you want poor aim or emotional fighting to be Africa’s theme, that’s fine, but I needed that to be described then; this method just felt like at the last second you rushed in an attack.

I was also confused about how Africa responded to Arah’s magic, which I otherwise thought you responded well to given the lack of physical attack. When you first respond to the magic, you seem to be saying Arah is appearing as Midas, or being Midas, causing Africa to later shout out “Imposter!” yet I didn’t get that feeling from Arah’s post at all. You go on to respond more in accordance with what I read Arah’s magic as doing, which was rewriting an old memory with Arah being helpful in it.

Similarly I was confused about how suddenly in your third post you write that Silas was still being held by Wynter. I got that he was in the end of your first post, after the draining clutch magic, but it seemed as if they separated then - Wynter certainly didn’t specify in any of her further posts that she still had Silas. So that threw me off, but then you go on to attack Wynter, then power play your release to use Silas later in the thread, which just made it generally unrealistic and hard to sort out.
“In a bold exercise, the Roc thrust upwards his skull with the intention of sinking his sharp raptor beak beneath the Griffin’s skin - at least, he would startle the creature’s grip and be released. Like a rock he fell indeed, but free again and without the terrible curse of those claws upon him, his strength began to return quickly.” (PP)
I did however think your usage of Silas’ time magic to assist with Africa’s bird transformation was awesome, and that using that as a way to leave the fight was all very genius!

Furthermore in your third post, although you rolled a 6, I would say having your cecum punctured, even if “just a little bit”, is still a very big deal and likely to be fatal - that should be reserved for a critical hit, if at all. I’m also not completely sold on how Africa was able to jump up and over Arah’s antlers, resulting in that injury, even with your higher agility stat and height, that you did mention in passing.

Otherwise you had some good touches on stats and breed differences, and you frequently mentioned weather/surroundings, although you mostly noticed them rather than used them to some advantage or disadvantage of yours. You have a good eye for realism and follow the dice pretty well, but either spend more time explaining your attacks/defenses to make them more realistic, or view more actual horses fighting to get a better grasp of a typical fight.

Emotion [+2]
All through the fight you had good emotion and I really felt Africa’s upset over the entire ordeal.

““Silas..” she stammered, reaching desperately through their bond for his whereabouts, but the Roc could not answer - could not save her.

Still the other mare did not return, and Africa stumbled through the darkness like a lost lamb, helpless, searching for something… “Midas!” she cried achingly, hurling bitter melancholy into the moaning night. Wherewas he?”
P3: +2.5
“The white fiend from the north was as evil and untrustworthy as the macabre animals she called family; as honest as the fabled nymph of the ocean - alluring, manipulative and savage.”

Prose [+3]
Beautifully well written with excellent flow and vocabulary in every post.

Readability [+2.5]
Generally proper grammar and spelling, but there were some confusing areas I had to re-read a few time to understand what was happening. Thank you for including magic descriptions and uses in your OOC notes when you used them!

Post 2:
“... her mind, core - soul.” (needs and or her before those words)
“Wherewas he?” (space between words)

Post 3:
“...using to her advantage apparently…” (missing a word?)

Finally tally: 39+(9*2)= 57 HP

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