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The INVADER must post before 4/10/15 @ 10:00 AM CST or the fight will result in no points for the invading team.

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The sounds of battle echoed from every corner of what used to be considered home. Hooves stampeded across the rocky terrain like thunder and every visual brought along something new. While his initial efforts had been geared towards attacking ELSA, they soon veered away to find another target not as popular. Too many bodies made for a rather confusing battle when in the heat of the moment one could not tell who was friend and who the initial target was. With his heart already feeling the guilt of attacking his prior herd mates the last thing he wanted was to injure someone allied with the Edge. With the size of his massive frame, his horn and the powerful muscles driving him forward there was a pretty good chance that he would deal some damage to whoever got in his way. Paired up with his partner there was no telling how much damage they could both deal out to one of their foes.

Pulling his feet under his body with ease he pushed himself past ELSA and up onto one of the many ledges out of the way so that he could observe the devastation. All around him Basin warriors and Edge warriors fought alongside one another trying to claim their victory. It was a strange sight to see the Basiner’s working alongside his brethren but right now it was a critical piece that would hopefully give them an advantage over the Falls. Silver eyes grazed over many figures already locked into battles leaving majority of the population accounted for as far as he could tell. Who was missing? GHOST was present but where was MIDAS? The painted figure had always been at the forefront of any commotion yet strangely he was nowhere to be found. Had he given up on his home or was this just some strange coincidence? Surely his absence had to be part of the captain’s plan, it was all just too convenient.

Tension was evident in his stance as he stood there surveying the scene before him. He was poised and ready for whatever came his way, now it was only the matter of when his chance would come. With his head tilted forward and dipped slightly towards his nape his horn stood in the way should anyone be bold enough to try a head on attack. Kiara had managed to find her way out of the ruckus to join him scanning the battlefield with bright blue eyes. Blood and death felt natural to the whole predator’s instinct thing, so it was not surprising that she was so attentive to each sight and sound. She would be sure to alert him to anything out of the ordinary that required his attention. Now it was just a matter of finding something or someone who would let him feel useful in this battle for salvation.

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Initially focusing his attack towards ELSA he finds too many others also targeting her. Turns his focus to finding someone else to battle with that may pose a greater risk to the success of the invasion. His bonded Kiara soon joins him up on the rocky ledge to survey the rest of the battle in the hopes they will find another target.

Ciceron talks
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